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RE: Dewinterizing too early

It's a little early for here in Texas Panhandle. I have dewinterize as were staying at local lake for a couple weeks. Got down to 23 last night. Some people in a Redwood had lines freeze the night before and it was only about 29. Kicker was the 40 MPH wind. When we get back to town I will put it in a storage building. When its going to get below freezing I will turn heat on at about 45 degrees. I have an on board generator so can charge battery every few days.
kennethwooster 04/15/14 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold Snap

Like others have said.You are fine..I wouldnt even run furnace.Unless your below 25 all day.Your prolly talking a few hours at night at 25 then sun comes out and warms above 32 quickly.It needs to freeze solid .. Dont worry.Run furnace if it makes you feel better. This happens to me every yr at least once after I dewinterize.Never a problem yet.I open all faucets and lower drain points.Throw some antifreeze in the traps for further piece of mind.
rtazz17 04/14/14 09:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: dewinterized, Got down to 22 degrees, Problems?

The only problem I see is that it was 75 and it is now 22!!! seriously, if you were/are running the heat you should have no issues. pressurize the water system and see if it holds pressure! if it makes you feel any better it was 80 here on Saturday and today we got 2 inches of snow!!!!! :M although I didn`t dewinterize yet. probably first week of May.
dodge guy 04/14/14 08:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dewinterization

yup. What CloudDriver said. You can also google How To Dewinterize Your RV. Lots of videos on dewinterizing. it's easy
camper19709 04/10/14 02:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dewinterization

Easy job. Dewinterize just means flushing the antifreeze out of the piping. I also test all of the propane fired appliances to make sure everything is OK for each upcoming trip. To sanitize use 1.4 cup of regular household bleach for each 15 gallons in your fresh water tank plus the volume of the water heater. If you don't have a gravity fill for the fresh water, just pour the bleach into the hose before hooking up to the water source. Fill the water tank and then use the on board pump to fill the water heater and transfer the dilute bleach solution to each faucet, shower head, toilet, etc. Let sit for 4 hours, then drain the water tank and water heater, refill both with fresh water and pump through the system again to clear the bleach solution.
CloudDriver 04/10/14 02:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I've Got DUST

Well, im hoping it was dust. Whole camper is covered in it. Needs the exterrior cleaned again actually. I went after it with a hose, bucket of suds and a brush. Basically knocked off the first layer. Proceeded to dewinterize, and start on the inside. Most of it had simply setteled, and cleaned it up with a dry cloth. Pretty clean now, but has a bad dryer sheet smell that i cant stand. Likely get it to the park tomorrow, and finish the dirty work in a camping process this weekend. Just went outside to pull my slides in, in the dark and under my exterrior house lights it looks awesome, shiny. A beer, dimmed lights, the radio, and a final interior cleanng inventory is a good time.
thirtydaZe 04/09/14 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: de-winterizing

A 6-12 gallon water heater takes a long time to fill. I usually dewinterize the lines while the water heater is still in bypass. Then once that is done, I hope the pressure relief valve and switch from WH bypass to normal and let it fill till the water somes out of the pressure relief. Then run the hot water faucets again to remove the remaining air in the tank.
JamesBr 04/09/14 08:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: dewinterize or not?

One way to think about it: It is safe to dewinterize when the seasonal campgrounds turn their water on. They have more at stake with 200 water lines sticking out of the ground two feet. If they were going to freeze, that would be an easier target then your insulated underbelly of your 5er. Our campground turned on the water 4/1. We went camping on the 4th and dewinterized. I'm in southern Ohio so YMMV.
jeff h 04/08/14 01:50pm General RVing Issues
dewinterize or not?

We are putting our 5th wheel on our seasonal site Saturday April 12th. We are in South Western Michigan. The weather forecast is for highs in the 50's and low 60's but there are a couple of days in the 10 day forecast where the low temps will be as low as 26 degrees. My question is do I do I dewinterize or not?
Buckeye Chuck 04/07/14 09:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Dewinterizing - first trip without sewer

I don't understand why you can't just dewinterize and sanitize at home before you leave. What do you need to dump the tanks on the way in? Why not put bleach in your FW tank, pump in to lines, let sit, drain and be done with it all before you leave home? This is what I plan to do also. No different than washing a car at home. Very diluted bleach and rv antifreeze should harm nothing when draining.
tbred 04/07/14 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Dewinterizing - first trip without sewer

I don't understand why you can't just dewinterize and sanitize at home before you leave. What do you need to dump the tanks on the way in? Why not put bleach in your FW tank, pump in to lines, let sit, drain and be done with it all before you leave home?
robsouth 04/07/14 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: De winterize?

I think you'll be fine dewinterizing now. I've camped in colder weather than we're now getting. Don't worry about the "feel like" temperature, that doesn't apply. I haven't dewinterized yet, but probably will next week. I'll do the other springtime stuff and dewinterize last.
jfkmk 04/06/14 10:41am Class C Motorhomes
Great service in the Statesville store AGAIN

Thought I would go off the other posting and relay my positive experience this week. Started off by emailing my service writer and telling her he things I needed done (dewinterize, tv mount mounted, free 22 point inspection, check latch on sliding pantry and check water pump system). Told me I could bring it in anytime. I delayed it a couple times because we were still having freezing weather. Finally took it in late Friday afternoon. Told her there was no rush but would like to have it back before this weekend as we wanted to go camping. Wife talked to me on Tuesday about going camping. So I emailed Sandra Tibbs (service writer) and asked about the RV and when it would be ready. She told me they were ordering new water pump and wouldn't be in before Friday, but was ready other than that. Went in to get it and she further told me that the low point drain had a very slow leak and that they were replacing it and the water pump also for good measure. Went to pull my bank card out to pay her and she said not to worry about it right now and that we would settle up when the pump got put in. She had them retrieve the motorhome and away I went. The only thing I am having to pay for is the dewinterizing and the tv mount. The other are manufacturer warranty items.
wbwood 04/02/14 02:24pm Camping World Service and Installation
Water pump

I had posted last year about the water pump in our Class C making a noise in the middle of the night when not using it, but it was on. Took the motorhome in Friday evening to drop off right before they (CW) closed. Was having them dewinterize, mount a tv, do my free 21 point inspection, check the water system because of the pump noise and adjust a latch on our sliding pantry. Talked to my favorite service person today and she said they were having to order a new water pump. So, it must of been bad or have an issue with it. It's all still under manufacturers warranty. I went ahead and had them check this before it ends in a couple months. So if you have a similar issue, it may be the pump.
wbwood 04/01/14 10:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: De-Winterize?

This was my first winter with a travel trailer, but I wanted to get the family out in it often through the winter so I learned to dewinterize and winterize relatively quickly. My winterizing takes about 15-20 minutes is primarily Draining the lines/tanks: I try to empty grey and black before I head home from a trip so I just need to drain the fresh water tank and water heater--which I allow to drain directly onto the ground below the trailer Draining and blowing the water out of the lines: open the low point drains and faucets until the water stops flowing; when the fresh water tank is done draining, turn on the pump for a few seconds to get the last of it out. Pour RV antifreeze into the P-traps and a little into the toilet to keep the seal moist I was fearful of winterizing when I first did it, but I winterized and dewinterized about 6 times this past winter and now it's not so bad.
campin_in_the_rain 04/01/14 08:03am Travel Trailers
RE: De-Winterize?

Everybody I know is jumping up and down ready for spring, and threatening to take out a contract on Old Man Winter. (It is worth noting that ONLY in northeast North America has this winter been colder than normal, everyplace else in the Northern Hemisphere, this winter has been particularly mild.) The reason you winterize, of course, is to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. This only happens if the temperature drops below freezing for enough hours that the pipes freeze. Frost overnight doesn't usually cause a problem, but like Reader1 said, if you dewinterize during the iffy season, you have to be vigilant and ready to re-winterize or do the furnace bit. We're just ahead of you on the warming trend here in Virginia, and I've been threatening the DW with a weekend camping trip for a couple weeks. I've returned the water heater bypass to normal, but have not put any water in the TT. But this weekend looks to me like a prime opportunity. I'm READY to go CAMPING!!!
naturist 04/01/14 06:39am Travel Trailers
stating MH after winter

this will be the second year with our motor home. Hoping winter will be over soon! and I will need to get the slides out to dewinterize and stock for the season. is it OK (diesel) to just start it up after winter and run the slides out and then shut down or should it idle for a little while- I know that it won't warm up- or even just take it for a drive. last year I started the genny and ran the heat pumps and 2 space heaters for a few hours while I dewinterized and stocked. thanks
rav 03/31/14 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disposing of winter anti-freeze ??

I use it again, simply because the AF is much more expensive here since it's imported from the US. I first blow out the lines so I don't dilute it, pump the AF through the lines and blow the lines empty again right away. This way I can dewinterize pretty fast when needed.
mark_be 03/29/14 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: What Did You Do For Your Travel Trailer Recently?

I plugged it in today, charged battery, afraid to dewinterize yet
rode2nowhere 03/28/14 03:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring is coming.....

We happened to make it out last weekend for a spur of the moment opener to our camping season. I didn't have time nor desire to properly dewinterize it so we did without the water system. I'm actually glad as it helped to push out outside more often anyway. I called up some friends on Friday morning and invited them to come along. They made it to the campsite on Saturday but we had a great time. Nothing like spontaneous surprise camping to get the season off to a good start. Now I just have to go back and take care of all those maintenance items and projects on the camper I've neglected all winter long.
bondebond 03/27/14 12:31pm Folding Trailers
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