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RE: De winterize ?

That's a tough one this spring. This March has been COLD - this morning it's 25F. In most years, I'd say no problem, dewinterize.... but you might want to wait until just before you go to check the weather. Safest bet is to "dry camp" as you say. I would think you could still use the toilet, just pour in water from jugs or buckets to flush it - as long as you have somewhere to dump the tanks.
Tvov 03/20/18 04:59am Travel Trailers
RE: My fingers are crossed

Deciding to shower daily is a good one. “What is dewinterize?” That’s when you wishes it weren’t winter, Area. Duh.
Lwiddis 03/15/18 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: My fingers are crossed

What is dewinterize? :) Good luck OP, sure you'll be good. Seriously though, love that I live in a mild area where I don't winterize and get to use my boat and RV's 12 months a year. We rarely get below 25-30. Last month was the first calendar month I missed using my boat in 5 years, got out March 3rd.
Area13 03/15/18 04:41pm Truck Campers
My fingers are crossed

Im taking a short trip up to Oneonta, New York tomorrow and I decided to take the TC as opposed to staying in a motel. So I decided to dewinterize the water system so I can shower in the morning and also just to do it, I mean using all the systems in the cold weather. I dont know how cold it will be up there but what the hell,around 2005 I had two jobs and would stay in tc in all weather during the week with no problems. Its been a long time and Im hoping I didnt forget any of the steps of dewinterizing. Wish me luck and if anybody has any tips or advise Im all ears , Thanks Lou
mattyj 03/15/18 03:20pm Truck Campers
1800 RPMs ...Coast To Coast...My Trip

February 1....Retired! February 5...Hit the road from Massachusetts to SanFrancisco This is just a quick bullet pointbreview of my trip so far...The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY I left Mohegan Sun Casino in CT after watching the Patriots lose to the Eagles...UGH! Uneventful travel to Harrisburg PA. I joined the Pilot/FlyingJ PLUS club and stayed at P/FJ truck stops until Dallas. Discount on Diesel, easy in and out. Great RV parking. Great APP on your phone to find P/FJ with RV parking. Second night, Memphis P/FJ. Trailer is still not dewinterized so eating in restaurants and using restrooms there. Cold nights and the trailers furnace is very loud turning on every 20 minutes. Stopped at Campers World and bought a Olympian WAVE 6 catalytic heater. They didn't have and accessories to actually use it so next stop was Cabelas and found Heater Buddy parts that would let me hook it to a 20g propane tank. Off to Lowes to purchase 20# propane tank on sale for $15! Love the WAVE 6. One of the best things I've added to the camping experience in years! Third night...Texarkana AR.....Once again, P/FJ...Sleep/Eat/Drive Fourth/Fifth night...Lavonia Lake army corp of engineers campground just north of Dallas. Excellent place to camp near dallas. Stayed two nights so I could dewinterize camper and get ready for more leisure travel. Sixth / Seventh night...KOA in Abiline TX. Wanted to spend some time in Abiline area. The "Fromtier Texas" museum is an absolute must visit. Easily the best representation of the history of texas during the Indian wars and the Buffalo harvest. Amazing! Eighth night....Van Horn TX...P/FJ...Sleep, eat, drive....Now that the camper is dewinterized I'm easting and showering in camper..Nice! Tenth through 17th night....Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park, Deming NM...Visiting friends that winter here. Quail Hunting, target shooting, exploring. Great park and crazy inexpensive. Seven nights with WiFi was only $88! Drove back to ElPaso to pick up my wife to join me for 12 days (she's still working) 18th to 28th night....Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix. My wife and I shoot Cowboy Action and the largest shoot in the world is hosted here. Over 800 shooters and hundreds of spectators. Great time. The RV facilities at the range are first class. FHU at many sites if you reserve early enough. Love it here! Karen flys home from Phoenix and I stay an extra day to install and Easy Start on a friend camper 29th to 32nd night....Off to Quartzsite...Always wanted to experience this whole scene. Camping for free at Hi Jolly 14 day area. Very easy, pull in, sign up with very friendly host, find a spot, set up, camp! Tons and tons of room. HUGE area and this is just one of many free camping sites. Great fun going through the fea markets and then a trip to Parker and across the Colorado River to CA. Today I head to Anza Borrego desert for more boondocking.... Observations.... Desert Camping is very inexpensive but DUSTY! Love the CAT Heater. Quiet, sips propane, even heat, no dust blowing around My solar is working fantastic. Nothing like southern sun! Have not touched generator yet. Running Kureg, making toast, TV and hotspots on every night for hours, charging cell phones, digital cameras, laptops etc...two group 31 AGM batteries are back to 100% by 1PM.....Only time I needed to plug into shore power was for wife's hair dryer. The BD Diesel exhaust brake I installed on my truck last year is fantastic. A few mountain roads from Prescott AZ to Yarnell AZ really gave it a test. Can't imagine what my brakes would be like without it! The road was so steep and winding that my Garmin RV GPS would not route me over it. It decided heading through two track dirt roads would be safer. After being lost on dirt roads for a couple hours I exited at the Bill Ruger Ranch and found my way back to Rt 89. Adventurous day to say the least! So far, have had great cell service everywhere. Either AT&T or T-Mobile hotspots have worked great . In Deming I needed to use my 16' Painters Pole with a Yagi antenna hooked up to my WeBoost cell booster to get over the mountains...But I had DirecTV Now! Otherwise just the HotSpot or the WeBoost with its little mag mount antenna have given me full service everywhere. My truck has Air Bags and a leak developed during the trip. Truck really doesn't need them with this trailer, but it is sooo much better with 40 pounds of air in them. The leak required that I inflate with onboard compressor every 15 to twenty minutes. Yesterday I put on my Big Boy pants and decided to find the leak. Got some cardboard so I could get under the truck. Inflated to 70 pounds so I could hear the leak.....Got lucky, leak was in tubing that ran under the drivers side door sill. Easy fix with some "Rescue Tape" (BTW, Rescue Tape is a sometimes trip saver...Get Some!) So, that's the trio so far.... After Borrego I'm off to Malibu to visit daughter and family and then to San Jose area to visit son and family. Not sure where I'll go after that. Need to be in Missouri the third week of March and home by April 1 to deal with the Tax man..... Safe Travels! You can read all about the tons of modifications I've done to the truck and trailer here:
Rbertalotto 03/02/18 07:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Ohio to Florida

We have used a lot of KOAs, on our trips up and down the I75. Most have pull through sites, so you you don’t have to unhook, if only staying the night. We’ve never had a bad experience at a KOA. Depending on time of day and weather, we usually use the most southern one in KY to dewinterize. Ken
Beverley&Ken 02/26/18 06:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fresh Water Holding Tank - Do I need to keep water in it?

I fill ours when I dewinterize, and empty whats left when I winterize. We have had the park turn off the water to fix a water leak, wife was in the shower when it was turned off, glad we had the tank full.
eHoefler 02/21/18 05:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVing in cold weather

X2 for DutchmenSport. We use pink stuff to flush the toilet and bottled water. Try not to get them mixed up! Doing that right now in our class B. Tomorrow we hit Tennessee and can finally dewinterize. One thing I miss about my previous DP is the heated basement tanks and plumbing. Dave
magicbus 02/04/18 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finding Water

When we leave in the winter, travel with the RV winterized for the first night and second day of travel, just using bottled or jug water. We would then spend the 2nd night in a campground and dewinterize. The second night for use is usually in southern TN or GA. Ken
Beverley&Ken 02/03/18 05:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Winter camping

Thanks everyone, we won't dewinterize camper yet. Would take water with us to flush toilet and if need to use sink and will have antifreeze to put back in tanks. The more I read on here the more I want to go. Where would you be camping, in Illinois or somewheres south? Do you have a maceration pump to dump your tank, or are Illinois dump stations open year round? All the ones near my winter camping spots in Northern Michigan are locked out or plowed shut right now.
GordonThree 01/25/18 12:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter camping

Thanks everyone, we won't dewinterize camper yet. Would take water with us to flush toilet and if need to use sink and will have antifreeze to put back in tanks. The more I read on here the more I want to go.
kay-shane 01/25/18 11:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Campgrounds between Knoxville and Chatanooga

"We use the Sweet water kOA often. Good for a overnight" Same here, It is usually where we dewinterize when southbound in February, They have full hookup pull through sites and not far off the I75. Sweetwater KOA Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/01/17 08:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying a Winterized Trailer

That is all I can think of. You can always insist they dewinterize the trailer so you can test all the water systems. Be sure they fill the water heater so you can be sure it heats. If they want to make a sale, that is not a time consuming task for them. I agree with Bobbo. They may be a bit reluctant to dewinterize if they don't know how to do it themselves, but I'd want to make sure all systems work unless I got a discount for the unknown.
jfkmk 10/24/17 03:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a Winterized Trailer

That is all I can think of. You can always insist they dewinterize the trailer so you can test all the water systems. Be sure they fill the water heater so you can be sure it heats. If they want to make a sale, that is not a time consuming task for them.
Bobbo 10/23/17 08:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon monoxide/propane alarm

Here is something else to try. I was having trouble with mine as well. The classic alarm going off at 2 AM. I don't know how these things can tell when it is the middle of the night. I read the literature and mine says to press the "test" button regularly. I did this and haven't had a problem since. I test it when I dewinterize just once a season. The tech guy said that dust can build up, along with spider webs and other outside nasty things and the test sequence can clear these things out. If you have power to it you might want to at least give this a try before you replace it.
aftermath 09/23/17 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Eastern Ontario, Canada, to Arizona in January

Why are you worried about dewinterizing? Just carry some jugs of water. 5-6 gallons should be plenty. You can always refill them at FlyingJ for free. I would head for Nashville, TN then to I55 at Memphis and if the weather permits dewinterize at the FlyingJ north of Nashville. If you cannot dewinterize at the Nashville FlyingJ then head toward Memphis and dewinterize at the FlyingJ there. Before you dewinterize you can still use the toilet and If you need a shower buy one at FlyingJ/Pilot. Two of you can fit in the shower area nicely. Refill water as needed My route would be I81 to Bnghamton and then I86 to I90. I90 to I271/71 t Louisville and then I65 to Nashville. You could actually spend a day or 2 at a Nashville CG and dewinterize and see the Grand Ol Opry or a lot of other things January through Pennsylvania, Virginia do not thrill me at all. Add the mountains. I would not be happy
darsben1 08/28/17 08:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water Pump - Advice Needed for Winter Travel

Don't dewinterize, use a couple gal jugs of water to wash, flush toilet, and make coffee. If it's too cold the first night get two more jugs of water for the next day, if it's warm enough hook up and fill the water.
K Charles 08/27/17 03:15pm Snowbirds
RE: Winterizing with Air this time

Somewhat the same as dfletch and greende, although I don't blow out the traps, only used the pink stuff in the traps with enough that goes into the gray and black tanks after those have been emptied as best I can get them. Also as pointed out, do not forget to start with emptying the fresh tank, then run your onboard water pump until no more water. Also, if you have that clear strainer on the water pump, open that and get the water out. Black flush, outside shower, water heater cutoff are all easily forgotten. I actually just got back from a trip and have no plans to take our TT out again this year. Since my TT is at a storage facility over 30 minutes away, I'm going to winterize today also just so I don't have to stress about getting it done later. Since I only use air in the water pipes and if I need to use the trailer again, it is easy and don't have to dewinterize to get that nasty pink stuff out of the pipes. Blowing out the pipes is actually pretty quick.
RedRocket204 08/24/17 07:13am Travel Trailers
Arkansas: Get RV delivered in September or Early spring??

This will be our first RV. We've just about decided on a Thor Vegas, but also one Forest River might be an option, but hope to decide in the next week or so. I plan to order one from a local dealer, and want a 2018, so it looks like I wouldn't get it until mid to late September. We will be using it mostly for weekend/long weekend trips at state parks, places like Branson, etc. So, what I don't know if it's a mistake to take delivery in late September with cold weather only a month or two away. I'm not sure how much past October we can go in Arkansas without winterizing, and am I then just blowing off 5 months of warranty? Or, is Arkansas mild enough to use much of the winter (I imagine it would take multiple winterize/dewinterize cycles through the winter)? Or, do I look at the time before cold weather as the time to do shake downs and then deal with the dealer for fixing likely new RV issues over the winter months. We aren't retired, hence the reason it will only be weekend/long weekend trips with the occasional week long trip thrown in now and again.
tnedator 06/25/17 05:35pm General RVing Issues
2014 Coachmen Freelander 29QB Winterization

Hello, I am trying to see who here has a coachmen freelander that knows how to winterize and dewinterize. I have been through most of the forums but still cannot wrap my head around how to do it. I had it winterized and do not have the time to take it back to another shop before I have to use it. Any help would be appreciated. There is anti-freeze running throughout. A drain plug is removed for the water heater. I do not see a low water drain point outside of the RV. Under the sink, where the hot water valves are located, I do see a T connection that has the cold and hot water per pipes connected. Along with about 4 other valves. The water pump does not have any single pet coming off of it like I had in my travel trailer to hook up a fresh water hose to it. It also has three valves located there, they seem to drop off into the middle of the RV. Pictures to follow if that will help. Thank you!
Torrance2607 05/14/17 08:20pm Class C Motorhomes
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