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RE: Tell us where to go for our fulltime takeoff!

Leaving Wisconsin late Jan/early February can be tricky. Unless you are able to keep your water & tanks warm you may want to dewinterize south of Nashville. Our first Florida trip in 2013, leaving on February 1st from SW Michigan, was very cold and we ran into snow in Nashville the 2nd day out. Around Troy, AL along US231 is a nice spot to stop for a short stay, Deer Run RV Park. It's got FHUs and cable for under $30/night with Good Sam. We've stayed there a couple of times on our way to/from FL. The owner, originally from MI, said that he gets a lot of folks from the Great Lakes area, some staying for the winter. It's a bit chilly there for me though. If going to FL and trying to watch your pennies you should stay north of the Tampa/Orlando line, or I-4. The temps can get cool, but after February 1st the temps will be warmer, especially during the daytime. Use RV Park as a search tool to look for potential RV parks that fit your budget and amenity needs. There are plenty slightly north of I-4 that will do the job. The site allows you to check out the geographic location as well as the website for the park. From there you can check the rates, pool info, hookups, and whether they are a 55+ campground. We'll be in Crystal River, FL for much of our winter trip and while some think that's too far north we like the climate there in addition to very little traffic which you usually find further south. Good luck on your plans!
Parrothead Mike 08/25/14 03:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Odor coming from behind washer

X3 I run mine on a rinse cycle when I winterize with antifreeze and again with fresh water when i dewinterize.
cmarq 07/19/14 06:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: a follow up to "service disaster at Coburg Camping World"

Hmm, I paid $229.99 for the inspection I had as well as $50 for a walk through. But I was never offered, nor was I aware of, a written copy of the inspection. The only info I got was a phone call that I needed some caulking done and the city water inlet replumbed for an additional $465.33. And the city water inlet doesn't work now, because, according to Brad at Coburg, sometimes when they re-plumb these things, if they don't pay attention a piece can be knocked loose and act as a valve to keep water from coming in. Guess they weren't paying attention. Oh, and I paid for them to dewinterize, another $40, which is apparently when they turned off the valves to the hot water heater and forgot to turn them back, so it was fired up without water in it until I fixed that. Makes me kind of wonder how they checked the hot water heater. Also makes me wonder if that was the reason it blew the second day of our trip. Sorry, I am ranting again.
larihack 06/29/14 03:08pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: How often should I sanitize?

Pretty much the same as wmoses. Sanitize in the spring when we dewinterize. We rarely carry more water in the FW tank than to allow for a bathroom/handwashing break. If you know that you're TT is going to be sitting in the hot weather for a while, suggest you drain the FW tank....we didn't - as we usually do - and after a few weeks we started getting a funky odor. Finally tracked it down to the water left in the tank. Had to re-sanitize and we were good. We always camp with at least water/electric and when we can FHU. We use the hookup water for dishwashing and showers, but we installed a PUR faucet mount filter for drinking/cooking. We don't like the idea of a zillion empty plastic bottles in the landfills, so this works best for us.
dadmomh 06/16/14 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: purchase advise: used Jayco x213 or new Jayco x213?

don't know if outdoors shower will be welcome wherever you park it. I had these showers in most of my motor homes. used them twice a year. once to winterize, once to dewinterize. learn Navy showers. bumpy
Bumpyroad 06/13/14 03:54pm Travel Trailers
Service disaster at Coburg CW

I have been told by experienced RVers that this is the way to contact someone who cares at Camping World. It is pretty clear to me that the folks in Coburg do not. We purchased a 2001 26'RSB Born Free B+ this spring. She has 75,000 miles on her and looked to be in good shape. We bought her at what we now realize was a less than reputable dealer, RV Wholesaler, in Portland, OR. Because we are completely new to the RV world and were planning a big trip, driving our son from WA after graduating from college to Oklahoma City for a teaching job, and then traveling on to NM where I will be working as a physician on the reservation for a few months, we scheduled and paid for a complete inspection and orientation at the about CW at the same time we scheduled to have a back up camera installed. I was particularly concerned about some water stained wood by the toilet and asked them to check that out. We also paid to have her dewinterized. We never received a written report of the inspection but were called and told there were some issues with battery and she needed some caulking on the roof but that all else, including the plumbing around the toilet seemed okay. All told, we spent close to $1300 for this 4 day stay at Cw. We did get a very thorough orientation when we picked her up, which was a good thing, because when he tried to show us how to open the awning, he discovered a loose connection at the top front bolts that had apparently been missed in our 49 point inspection. So we waited around while they took her back to the shop and "fixed it." We then took her in to our mechanic and had some work done. It was there that it was discovered that our generator didn't work. Another oversight, apparently. So we went back to CW and had the generator "diagnosed" for more $$ and serviced for more $$. Whilst getting her set up and loaded for our trip I went through and looked at what I could to make sure we were set. Hmmm, no hot water. Was it the hot water heater that was also overlooked in the inspection? No the light was burning. Back to my best source of info so far, the Born Free discussion group, to find out that when they de winterized they apparently hadn't turn the valves right so no water was actually flowing into the hot water heater. With their help, I turned the valves on, got hot water and turned it off. Figuring we had done our homework, having had the "experts" check everything out and assure us all was right, well except for those few things, we loaded her up, disconnected the power and got ready to hit the road for the first 350 mile trip to our son's graduation. Then we heard the beeping from the refrigerator and saw the blinking "no fuel" lights. Which struck me funny since the monitor said the LP tank was full and the cook top worked. Called 5 times to CW before we finally got hold of a person. This was over an hour's worth of time, just to talk to a service rep. Were told that "these older units" sometimes have rust in the flue that drops onto the flame and we needed to bring her back in to get it looked at......AGAIN. We explained that we were hitting the road an hour ago and were now under a time crunch, and we needed to get it done ASAP, so we drove back up, met the service manager who took her in back and blew the rust off and it worked. For a while. We finally get going, arriving in Walla Walla only 4 hours later than anticipated, and to the tune of the fridge beeping again. Blow off the rust and she works again. After a great weekend watching our son accept his college diploma, we prepare to hit the road on Tuesday, and more beeping, more blowing and decide to use a cooler until we can spend time on it as we have to be in Boise to get our son's car loaded onto a transport unit to be shipped to OK. In Boise I find a compressed air can in Fred Meyer, dismantle the flue, blow out all kinds of gunk and debris, and haven't had a problem since. With the fridge. Camp outside of Boise, 70 miles short of our planned destination due to the fridge issues, try to hook up to city water but only get a trickle of water with that so fill the tank and go to bed. Turn on hot water heater in AM to wash dishes and water only gets lukewarm. Go out to check HWH to find water flowing out the pop off valve, thus extinguishing the flame. Another hour long call to CW to be told what to do to try to fix it, but "sometimes these older units get calcium in the valve and need to be replaced." I guess that wasn't part of the inspection either. Nothing we do stops the flow of water, so we turn it off and start heating water on the stove for dishes and abandon the idea of using our shower. The next day we notice water dripping out from under the left rear tire to find that the toilet had been leaking after all, right where I had asked them to check. Can't tighten the connections enough to stem the flow of water, so now we have no toilet. And the final, hopefully, and most dangerous consequence of CW's apparent lack of competency happened on the final day of the first leg of our trip. Driving along at highway speeds and hear a loud crash outside. Pull off the road as quickly as possible to find the awning in the middle of the highway and the metal support brackets banging up against the rig. The whole thing had pulled free from the side, leaving us on a very narrow should of a high way in KS, with cars whizzing by at 80 MPH (we were going 65 when this happened), trying to get the rest of the brackets off so we could get off the road and remove the rest of the awing cover. The state trooper that pulled over was not happy that we were there or we would have taken pictures. It clearly separated from the bolt that was supposedly fixed by CW. We never even got a chance to use it. Needless to say we are disgusted. We paid the "experts" to tell us what needed to be done to be road worthy and this is what we got. They missed the generator, didn't dewinterize completely, missed the hot water heater malfunction, missed the fridge and when they "fixed" did a poor job of it, missed the leaking toilet, and improperly fixed the awning, which could have caused a serious accident. I am left to wonder what exactly they did inspect and how they train their service folks if this is the best they can do. And they don't seem to care.
larihack 06/04/14 07:11am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Summerizing my Rv?

Are you referring to dewinterize? Tell us what you did to winterize. As to a book I recommend you read RV Electric. Also, ask as many questions as you want to get answers to. You will also need to tell us what MH you have. For help with systems/appliance, you need to be able to tell us what make and model.
Kiwi_too 05/26/14 10:43pm Class A Motorhomes
dewinterize water heater

I can't find my water valves for my water heater on my Kodiak 291RESL with an Atwood water heater. On the WH panel it looks just as if there is only LP lines, but I don't see any water lines. I know they're there, just no idea where or where the valve is to flush the system. I didn't winterize my TT as I had the shop do it since it was in there for warranty work anyways. Any suggestions or starting points?
wkandxj 05/25/14 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where you going for Memorial Day weekend?

Staying home as I have been busy traveling for work and expanding my deck so need some quiet time. Have not even touched trailer since last fall so will bring it home Saturday and dewinterize/clean up in prep for a long vacation in two weeks to Moab.
BBFD 05/22/14 08:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where you going for Memorial Day weekend?

No where. I didn't dewinterize the Southwind or get it ready to roll.
gbopp 05/19/14 09:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I learned my first two lessons as a new TT owner tonight.

When you winterized, use the bypass so antifreeze doesn't get in the water heater then remove the plug for the winter. I'm a fanatic about flushing the black tank when I camp and still get a little residue when I dewinterize. I'm prepared with a bucket! I once had a cheap hose let loose while emptying the tank.....nowTHAT was fun!
jfkmk 05/17/14 07:51am Beginning RVing
RE: 2014 Wisconsin spring rally, May 9th-11th.

A week and hours until we pull out to head to Montello . I am hoping for a little time and decent weather between now and then so I can dewinterize and pack a few things in the trailer( including the two nescos). Still haven't decided on a dish to pass yet though. See yall soon!
luckyscroller788 04/30/14 09:24pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Please help me figure out my Pop-up!

Thank you donn0128 for the detailed info on the dewinterize the pop-up! - I do have a deep cycle battery on the Pop-up, and it is charged, but no power in the RV... could it be a switch or something that I need to turn on? - I think that the black pipe IS the drain hose! THANKS! - Also, we do a lot of camping in my family (my father and my two big brothers), they just don't like the RV idea so much... maybe they don't understand how hard it is for a girl to camp or maybe I am just a spoiled girl after all... but even if I do, I just want to have some fun too when I am in the outdoor! why I should suffer? :) Thank you popeyemth for your concern, The previous owner of the Pop-up did demonstrate that all systems in the Pop-up works, I was just too overwhelmed and excited to memorized it all...
Dream Girl 04/29/14 09:36am Folding Trailers
RE: Please help me figure out my Pop-up!

Winrerize and dewinterize is fairly simple task. Find the water tank drain qnd open it. Once it is empty close the valve. Add about 1/4cup of bleach qnd fill with water. Turn on the water pump and run a gallon or so thru the lines until the water comes out clearand you have a strong clorene smell. Turn pump off and forgetitfor about 30 minutes. Drain tank, refil with clean water. Repeat as necessary to get good smelling water. Yes, you need a battery to power everything inside the trailer. A good deep cycle battery. Be sure it is a deep cycle and not a starting battery. There is a difference. You may need help hooking it up if there is not one there already. Tent trailers do not generally have holding tanks. There should be a cap outside near the sink, unscrew that and connect a drain hose to it. Be awareyou will need a storage tank to hold the waste water to be disposed of properly later. What the big black hose is? Go0d question. Maybe post a picture. Gelerally speaking a single propane tank will probsbly last you all season. Cooking takes very littlegas. Furnace will take a lot. Even my 7 gllon tanks dont have gages. Have fun,practice at home first and dont worry about the family. They will either get on board or sit on their butts at home missing the fun. Their choice
donn0128 04/29/14 08:54am Folding Trailers
RE: Beginner - about to pull the plug on new TT

Nothing wrong with too much just means you have the right truck for when you are ready to upgrade to something bigger:B. Yes, forest river bought out Coachman. Forest river is a large company and they make lots of nice trailers from entry level to high end. That said, every brand has good trailers and lemons (even the really expensive high end ones) and most new trailers will have a couple little issues to fix. What is more important than the tt you buy is how well the company stands behind their tt and how good the service department is at your dealership after the sale. If you buy your tt tomorrow, inform your dealership you plan to do a very thorough pdi. Videotape your pdi. If it opens, closes, turns on or off etc you want to test it. This means all cabinets, drawers, awning, heat, AC fridge etc. Know where your tank handles are and where your low point drains are. Have them open up and show you the water pump and water heater and how to winterize and dewinterize. If you got a wdh and sway var (not sure if you will actually need these with your tv and tt), have them show you how to hook it up and disconnect it. Do not hand over any money until the pdi and any repairs have been completed to your satisfaction. Enjoy.
anaro 04/24/14 10:57pm Travel Trailers
Picked up new (to me) Host Everest

My tow vehicle is a F350 DRW 4x4 Crewcab Lariat w/ 6.2 gasoline engine with a payload rating of 5000+ lbs. With the exception of upper (a7200) Torklift Stabeloads, my suspension is stock. I previously had a Host Tahoe 1050 DS on there which clocked in at approximately 4000 lbs. and it handled great so I was comfortable with moving up to a larger camper. One thing I am grateful for is that the two primary campgrounds I use throughout the year offer fresh water fill up as you pull into the campground loops so I can make the drive down with the tanks empty which saves a ton of weight. I was actually going to order a new Host Mammoth or a Chalet TS116 but I had some gentlemen locally back out on buying my camper at the last second and he royally screwed up the deal I had set in place to purchase a new one. So after a delay in selling my Host Tahoe, there was a pre-owned Everest for sale here in Alaska that I jumped on. I had to drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks (400 miles) to pick it up but it is *EXTREMELY* difficult to find a quality pre-owned truck camper here in Alaska so I bit the bullet and committed to drive down and purchase. The exterior looks very similar to my Tahoe (which was an 07, this Everest is an 08). When I stepped inside I was blown away by how absolutely massive it is. It is more like a class C RV than a truck camper. Love the side entry door. My first TC was a Lance 1161 with the side door and then I went to the Tahoe which had the traditional rear door which I did not like. I was very impressed by the basement storage. With my Tahoe when I went camping the back seat of my truck was full with extra gas cans, my Yamaha generator and miscellaneous fishing supplies. Now, I can put it all inside the sliding basement storage compartment and keep my leather interior clean. The one thing I did not like was discovering the black locking latches on the basement storage compartments use the evil CH751 lock (whoever invented the CH751 needs to die a slow and painful death). Any Host owners out there replaced these locks? I am going to try and swing by a locksmith and see if I can get these re-keyed just to have a bit more security. I drove 400 miles back home with the camper and it handled fine. Was able to put the cruise control at 65 mph, lock out 6th gear and drive home comfortably. Left to right it is level, but front to back it does have some squat. Local shop quoted me 810 bucks for a complete air bag system inclusive of parts and labor. I am thinking of doing the Timbren SES and Torklift lower stableloads first before bagging the suspension. Like I say, it handles fine, all I'm looking for is maybe a reduction of 2-3 inches in the rear sag and I'd be happy. From what I've read the Timbren SES will do this. Will probably order this week. One more thing, the guy I bought it from was carrying the camper on.......... a SRW........ F250!!!!!!! He had about every suspension mod imaginable but I still found the fact that he had it on a 3/4 ton amazing (he told me he didn't feel comfortable going more than 35 mph down the road though....) I guess he bought the camper intending to upgrade to a one-ton DRW down the road, but circumstances forced the sale of the camper. He sold it to me below low-book value so I was appreciative of the deal he gave me since it was barely used and is as-new on the inside and out. Still need to dewinterize it (you can see a bit of anti-freeze in the shower there) I can't wait to Memorial Day to go out King Salmon fishing and break her in. Hopefully I'll have the suspension dialed in by then. Here is a picture on the road home from Fairbanks to Anchorage Here she is at home parked in the driveway.
thejustin 04/24/14 02:09am Truck Campers

When I dewinterize I have to fill the fresh water tank a couple of times and run it through all the plumbing to get rid of any smell/taste. As a rule we rarely drink the water , we use bottled water for drinking.
usmc616 04/23/14 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Busy with springtime house & yard chores. Also getting ready for first overnight in the Tiger at the private mountaintop observatory north of town, coming up this weekend (Yay!). And planning a week at the Outer Banks in May if all goes well. Then there's overnighting at the NPS stargaze at Purchase Knob in the GSMNP on May 30th, if the clouds stay away. Weather today is clear & coolish, with a chance of frost tonight. Guess I'll wait a day to dewinterize. Doubt anything would be hurt, but I have no reason not to wait. Need to fill LP before the weekend, too. The best LP distributor in the area just opened a new branch on my side of town, so I'll be trying them out. Y'all take care and have fun! Jim, "Mo' coffee!"
Handbasket 04/23/14 07:46am Around the Campfire
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Pulled the cover off, and I was very happy to see there was no mold this year. The new ADCO cover worked great. Now to dewinterize and get ready for the first trip of the year in two weeks. Headed to Big Lava Lake Oregon for five days of fishing with my son and son in-law.
gearhead143 04/21/14 11:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dewinterizing too early

It's a little early for here in Texas Panhandle. I have dewinterize as were staying at local lake for a couple weeks. Got down to 23 last night. Some people in a Redwood had lines freeze the night before and it was only about 29. Kicker was the 40 MPH wind. When we get back to town I will put it in a storage building. When its going to get below freezing I will turn heat on at about 45 degrees. I have an on board generator so can charge battery every few days.
kennethwooster 04/15/14 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels
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