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RE: Campgrounds between Knoxville and Chatanooga

"We use the Sweet water kOA often. Good for a overnight" Same here, It is usually where we dewinterize when southbound in February, They have full hookup pull through sites and not far off the I75. Sweetwater KOA Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/01/17 08:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying a Winterized Trailer

That is all I can think of. You can always insist they dewinterize the trailer so you can test all the water systems. Be sure they fill the water heater so you can be sure it heats. If they want to make a sale, that is not a time consuming task for them. I agree with Bobbo. They may be a bit reluctant to dewinterize if they don't know how to do it themselves, but I'd want to make sure all systems work unless I got a discount for the unknown.
jfkmk 10/24/17 03:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a Winterized Trailer

That is all I can think of. You can always insist they dewinterize the trailer so you can test all the water systems. Be sure they fill the water heater so you can be sure it heats. If they want to make a sale, that is not a time consuming task for them.
Bobbo 10/23/17 08:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon monoxide/propane alarm

Here is something else to try. I was having trouble with mine as well. The classic alarm going off at 2 AM. I don't know how these things can tell when it is the middle of the night. I read the literature and mine says to press the "test" button regularly. I did this and haven't had a problem since. I test it when I dewinterize just once a season. The tech guy said that dust can build up, along with spider webs and other outside nasty things and the test sequence can clear these things out. If you have power to it you might want to at least give this a try before you replace it.
aftermath 09/23/17 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Eastern Ontario, Canada, to Arizona in January

Why are you worried about dewinterizing? Just carry some jugs of water. 5-6 gallons should be plenty. You can always refill them at FlyingJ for free. I would head for Nashville, TN then to I55 at Memphis and if the weather permits dewinterize at the FlyingJ north of Nashville. If you cannot dewinterize at the Nashville FlyingJ then head toward Memphis and dewinterize at the FlyingJ there. Before you dewinterize you can still use the toilet and If you need a shower buy one at FlyingJ/Pilot. Two of you can fit in the shower area nicely. Refill water as needed My route would be I81 to Bnghamton and then I86 to I90. I90 to I271/71 t Louisville and then I65 to Nashville. You could actually spend a day or 2 at a Nashville CG and dewinterize and see the Grand Ol Opry or a lot of other things January through Pennsylvania, Virginia do not thrill me at all. Add the mountains. I would not be happy
darsben1 08/28/17 08:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water Pump - Advice Needed for Winter Travel

Don't dewinterize, use a couple gal jugs of water to wash, flush toilet, and make coffee. If it's too cold the first night get two more jugs of water for the next day, if it's warm enough hook up and fill the water.
K Charles 08/27/17 03:15pm Snowbirds
RE: Winterizing with Air this time

Somewhat the same as dfletch and greende, although I don't blow out the traps, only used the pink stuff in the traps with enough that goes into the gray and black tanks after those have been emptied as best I can get them. Also as pointed out, do not forget to start with emptying the fresh tank, then run your onboard water pump until no more water. Also, if you have that clear strainer on the water pump, open that and get the water out. Black flush, outside shower, water heater cutoff are all easily forgotten. I actually just got back from a trip and have no plans to take our TT out again this year. Since my TT is at a storage facility over 30 minutes away, I'm going to winterize today also just so I don't have to stress about getting it done later. Since I only use air in the water pipes and if I need to use the trailer again, it is easy and don't have to dewinterize to get that nasty pink stuff out of the pipes. Blowing out the pipes is actually pretty quick.
RedRocket204 08/24/17 07:13am Travel Trailers
Arkansas: Get RV delivered in September or Early spring??

This will be our first RV. We've just about decided on a Thor Vegas, but also one Forest River might be an option, but hope to decide in the next week or so. I plan to order one from a local dealer, and want a 2018, so it looks like I wouldn't get it until mid to late September. We will be using it mostly for weekend/long weekend trips at state parks, places like Branson, etc. So, what I don't know if it's a mistake to take delivery in late September with cold weather only a month or two away. I'm not sure how much past October we can go in Arkansas without winterizing, and am I then just blowing off 5 months of warranty? Or, is Arkansas mild enough to use much of the winter (I imagine it would take multiple winterize/dewinterize cycles through the winter)? Or, do I look at the time before cold weather as the time to do shake downs and then deal with the dealer for fixing likely new RV issues over the winter months. We aren't retired, hence the reason it will only be weekend/long weekend trips with the occasional week long trip thrown in now and again.
tnedator 06/25/17 05:35pm General RVing Issues
2014 Coachmen Freelander 29QB Winterization

Hello, I am trying to see who here has a coachmen freelander that knows how to winterize and dewinterize. I have been through most of the forums but still cannot wrap my head around how to do it. I had it winterized and do not have the time to take it back to another shop before I have to use it. Any help would be appreciated. There is anti-freeze running throughout. A drain plug is removed for the water heater. I do not see a low water drain point outside of the RV. Under the sink, where the hot water valves are located, I do see a T connection that has the cold and hot water per pipes connected. Along with about 4 other valves. The water pump does not have any single pet coming off of it like I had in my travel trailer to hook up a fresh water hose to it. It also has three valves located there, they seem to drop off into the middle of the RV. Pictures to follow if that will help. Thank you!
Torrance2607 05/14/17 08:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 11 months in shop and still no ready

I'm assuming that you have a gas chassis and that these "air bags" are an add-on? (i.e. Firestone Ride-Rite or Air Lift Suspension System, etc.?) It would be a little easier to understand if you would at least have included the Make/Model/Chassis of your unit. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would simply leave their rig at a repair facility for months on end, "waiting for parts"? In this instance, the OP clearly indicates that the rig is in fact drivable with the new "air bag" system disconnected. So, then why not let Camping World order the parts that they need to correct the problem (supposedly), and in the meantime, continue to use the rig? When the parts come in (supposedly), take it in, have them make the repair (within a day or two - not weeks!!) and you're done? I have a 36' Class A Pace Arrow which was purchased in Fall of 2014. Shortly after purchase I took it to Camping World to have Air Bags installed. After installation, I took Motorhome to my house, winterized it and covered for winter storage. In Spring, I had local RV repair dewinterize and under warranty, replace my water heater with an on demand unit. I prepared it for Trip to Louisiana for Military Reunion. Outside Jackpot Nevada as we went around a curve, the RV started bouncing and was extremely hard to handle. We bounced from 55mph to 35mph with towbar bending and Toad clevis breaking a bolt. Rather than turn around we continued to Wells then Ely to get help. In Ely, we fixed clevis and straightened Towbar. Next stop was Las Vegas and we stopped at Camping World but could not get into shop as they were booked and did not handle RVs without an appointment. Albuquerque, Las Cruzes, El Paso and Hammond LA. All with same "no appointment, no service. A Truck repair in Hammond spent over half a day trying to fix problem which is when I was told "compressors were not in sync and no way to adjust (one 80# other 100#). They did numerous test runs with same results,; uncontrollable bouncing. He finally disconnected power to compressors and also said that it appeared that the wrong type or size of airbags had been installed. He recommended taking to Camping World for removal and either get proper air bags or money back (a few thousand). I paid $545 and headed off with no problem. In Gulf Port, our slideout wouldn't retract put paid $272.15 for lesson in manual retraction Also found generator switch inside didn't work (first time using) but could turn on at generator. Then Nashville Tennessee was my last attempt at a Camping World; My insta-Brake, also installed by Camping World was not working. Nashville Camping World would repair it but not look at RV. Good News ... Insta Brake works and is properly adjusted; bad news ... not covered by warranty. $162.07 I paid. Eventually back to Idaho and Camping World could not work on it for a Month. As airbags were disconnected, it was considered not an emergency ... they also said they did not know how long it would take to remove airbags, compressors or if it was allowed if they could be fixed. I had a trip in September to the Seattle VA and as VA could not provide housing, I planned on staying at Ft. Lewis. Before that trip, I took the RV to the local shop and they traced the line from generator to inside and found that the line to generator had been cut and line was next to air bag tubing. They could not remove air bags as they were under a "Camping World Warranty" but were able to repair a number of other problems that had developed with RV. After my return, I called CW a number of times to get an appointment. Again, I heard the excuses of only the installing Tech could remove them and he was booked, they would call when he would be free (never called) ... then winter arrived, winterized and stored. Spring I took RV to Colorado for another reunion and stopped at CW on our return. The on-demand water heater was not working properly, back up camera and speedometer display also were out and icemaker also stopped working. All these items were/are covered by the extended warranty. RV was taken in for repair immediately (May 28, 2016) and parts were to be ordered, repairs made, and I should have RV back in two weeks. The rest of the story I provided above.
11dZippo 05/03/17 05:48pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Happy day.

Woohoo! Lucky you...we still have a few weeks before we have time to dewinterize the rig but definitely looking forward to the start of a new season. We camp a lot in Twisp and travel the North Cascades highway to get there. Just read in a newsletter snow is still 55 feet deep in some areas. Could be the latest opening in the highways history. :( that a Mustang I see behind your rig? :)
SH 04/30/17 05:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Deep Cycle Battery Question

I bought a 2002 Sunnybrook Fifthwheel with a AGM battery in it and have NEVER changed it out, have NEVER TAKEN IT OUT in the winters and in Spring, it works fine. It is still there, and I expect when I dewinterize it will be again fine. I love it. With my Class A I just put in new 6 volt wet batteries so will see how they work for me but AGM are GREAT!!
RVER 04/23/17 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Things I'm starting to notice / hate about camping In a TT

The way i see need to switch up your beverages. Forgive me if you dont drink alcohol, but i find a couple quick arrival bubblies help set the tone for the stay. There ive said, i own the phrase "arrival bubblies" ;) we are pretty pumped to dewinterize and get roling...sorry for the possible hijack.
MudChucker 04/17/17 10:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you bleach / santize your hot water tank?

Always. Do it in the spring when I dewinterize. Then once in the middle of summer. I run the sanitized freshwater tank through the entire trailer. It may not need it in the summer. But it gives me a reason to have a beer or 2 while I'm messing with the trailer!
dodge guy 04/08/17 12:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: help with famly bunkhouse choice please KZ jayco others

We love our KZ. Bought a 2015 in 2014. Part of the reason we bought the KZ was that the dealer near us was great and I can store the TT there. We have had no major issues, a couple of trim pieces came loose that I reattached. We have used the TT for three seasons and everytime we use it we feel just as good about it. I winterize it myself and I have the dealer dewinterize and inspect the roof every spring only because it is handy. IMO, the find the layout you like .. that is one of the main criteria. Good Luck and enjoy what you end up getting.
Rustycamperpants 04/01/17 07:12pm Travel Trailers
Where's the water?

Hey everyone, Need your help. I just brought my Trailer our of storage to dewinterize. All is working great...last step is to add water and pressurize lines with pump to make sure all is good, not leaks, etc. I add water to the tank, turn of pump and first thing is notice is that pump sounds different. I can't explain it, but it sounds different and definitely louder. After a few minutes of waiting for the lines to pressurize with water, nothing. No water anywhere. I open the faucet and air is coming out, which eventually stops. I close the faucet for a minute and re-open and again air. I look at the pump expecting to see water or somthing around it, nothing - dry! No water anywhere. What am I missing? Any other tests I can do. Am I forgetting something silly? Ahh...the joys of Rv's :) p.s. it doesn't get too cold where I am - Tacoma WA (area). I did blow out lines in October and added winterizer fluid down the drains, etc. Matt Matt
Rainier 04/01/17 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ice maker line leaking

This is a major problem waiting to happen on these trailers. Like you, we have a residential fridge in our Cardinal with icemaker, and through the door water. Love it. But....I can see that a lot of people will have problems with that thin waterline freezing. That line goes out of the heated basement, into the outside to re-enter the slide with the rest of the electric, gas, and tv coax. If you do not winterize it correctly, or dewinterize before freezing season if over, with the assumption that you'll just run a heater to keep the trailer above freezing, that approx. 6' of thin line is subject to the elements and splitting if it freezes. I'll be dewinterizing our's next week in preparation for spring break trip, but I'll not flush the antifreeze out of this line until May/June time frame. I may need to come up with some sort of low-pressure pump that I can plumb onto that line to be able to winterize just that line as needed. The shutoff valve in our cardinal is in the water bay, and is a simple push/pull valve.
djousma 03/20/17 05:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: When to take out of storage, IL/WI border area?

Gotcha. Our first trip isn't until Memorial Day weekend. But I dewinterize when we get it out of storage in April, this gives me time to go through he trailer and make sure everything is in working order. The hard freezes are done by early march. So even if it does hit 30, that's not enough of a freeze to do damage.
dodge guy 03/18/17 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: When to take out of storage, IL/WI border area?

You would be safe by the end of march. But even if you take it out you don't need to dewinterize till your ready.
dodge guy 03/17/17 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: De-Winterize then heat till depart OK?

No problem with doing what your saying. Open the cabinet doors so the heat will get in them. But I would just leave it winterized until you get to your first stay and then dewinterize it. It doesn't take long to do. I've winterized and dewinterized 4 or 5 times this season. Thought we were good to go from our last trip (last weekend) until our next trip (this weekend), but we have several nights dipping to the low 20's. I normally would just plug in the electric heater, but it only takes one jug of antifreeze to winterize ours and 15 minutes (I don't blow the lines, I run antifreeze through them). The more you do it, the easier it gets.
wbwood 03/14/17 11:34am Class C Motorhomes
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