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RE: My Anger Meltdown over Service Dept.

I'd suggest to hire a mobile tech to reroute the tank drain so it is easily accesible. Also, take notes and have him explain how to winterize the plumbing. Print those notes on a single sheet, encapsulate it, and hang it close to the pump. Forever after, you should be able to winterize and dewinterize your RV at your leisure without having to bring your trailer to the dealer.
westend 05/16/18 05:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Anger Meltdown over Service Dept.

FWIW, leaving the pump on with water in the fresh tank will not ruin the pump. It has built up pressure and shuts off. Emptying a fresh water tank is easy. Mine is very accessible. All you would need to do is sit down and unscrew a drain cap. However I leave approx 7gallons in my fresh tank. For when we need to stop and we have the only bathroom available. With that said, yes I think you should learn how to winterize and dewinterize. It’s very easy. Shouldn’t take more than an hour and that’s taking your sweet time.
dodge guy 05/16/18 10:36am General RVing Issues
Do Not Shift

Just and informational post about this problem so it shows up in future searches. I was moving the Sahara to the airport where I work part time so I could dewinterize and get her cleaned up for the season. I had just had a 6 pole plug installed for the toad along with a charging line to the toad battery. It looks like 14 ga. wire, which I think is undersized, but that's a topic for another post. The charge line goes from the coach chassis battery directly to the battery on the Equinox and I'm getting 13.3 volts at the toad. Anyway about a half hour into drive, the shift pad blinks, the DO NOT SHIFT light comes on and the tranny (Allison 3000) downshifts. Things go back to normal, I upshift into 6th and a few minutes later it happens again. Back into 6th, but the third time's the charm, the shift panel goes dark, the tranny goes down to overdrive lockout. Also, the speedo goes to zero. I'm about 10 minutes from the airport and a half hour from the shop, so I pull over and think things out. I can't shift at all, no neutral or reverse, and I'm in some higher gear. I decided to turn around and limp back to the shop. Getting going in a higher gear really brings the tranny temp up, but it leveled off below red line so I'm happy. I tried to get codes from the shift pad, but it's completely dead. Meanwhile, I'm a half hour late for work at the airport. I did some research overnight (Thanks Brett Wolfe for your insight on this) and decide that it must be a wiring issue. I started at the 2 ECM fuses in the front of the coach where the fuses are good and I'm getting chassis voltage. Next to the ECU under the shift pad and sure enough one of the plugs is loose. I plugged it back in and turn on the ignition and now I'm getting codes blinks from the dash. Progress, but still no start and no power to the ECU. I teach my flying students many things I learned over the years, and one of them is if you do something in a plane and something bad happens right after, undo the last thing you did. I looked at the area around the chassis batteries where the tech hooked up the toad charge wire and there it was; the power to the ECM just sitting there, sometimes making contact but now not. Usually 2 simultaneous electrical issues will run up the repair bill in a hurry. The online research I did pointed out several areas to check and help me to avoid a big bill. Also kudos to Allison for just going into safe mode and not stranding me on the road. The tranny protected itself but didn't quit completely.
jplante4 05/07/18 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: Where should you dewinterize?

I winterize with the RV antifreeze method. The antifreeze stays in the piping all winter. This coming week I plan to dewinterize at home by partially filling the onboard water tank then use the water pump to run water through the piping. I open the faucets, inside and outside shower one at a time and collect the antifreeze until the water runs clear. I dump the antifreeze, which is non toxic, down a sink in the house. The little bit of antifreeze in the section of piping to the toilet winds up in the black tank. I then sanitize the entire fresh water piping system with the standard dilute bleach solution (1/4 cup of bleach for each 15 gallons of water system capacity). I let the solution sit for a few hours then drain and refill the water tank and water heater and flush the dilute bleach solution out of the piping system. The dilute bleach solution gets drained onto the driveway and winds up in the street storm drains.
CloudDriver 04/21/18 07:16pm Travel Trailers
Where should you dewinterize?

Newbi here...should I dewinterize at home and have flushed water drain into both black and gray tanks? Or....should I wait until first camping trip of Spring season and just hook up city line at campground and drain tanks to sites sewer hookup?
JerseyB1G 04/21/18 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winter Travel

We have done Calgary to Arizona quite a few times since 2001. In January you need 3 days of clear weather. I15 is well maintained. If there is snow they generally have it cleared within a couple days. We always leave I15 at Boulder MT and do highways 69 & 41 to Dillon, Mt. This lets you miss 2 of the passes on I15, near Butte. This route is good 2 lane highway, used by lots of semis. We have always stayed in the RV. There are a few RV parks that stay open year round - Great Falls, MT (Dicks), Dillon, MT (Countryside), Nephi, UT (High Country). You mentioned 89 - it is a nice 2 lane highway. You would leave I15 at Nephi to go south on 89. Definitely do not do highway 14 from I15 to 89 - it gets up to about 9000+ft - not good in January. If you decide to do 89 make sure the weather in southern Utah is clear of snowstorms. When we did it - Calgary to Dillon is about 9 hours. Our second day would be Dillon to St. George - about 11 hours. We did 89 from Nephi once - it took about 12 hours from Dillon to Page, AZ. We pulled into Page after dark and just stayed in the Walmart parking lot. We had filled our fresh water tank at the Flying J in Nephi, so we were okay with dry camping for the night. The water system was winterized when we left Calgary, but DH had blown the RV antifreeze out of the system so it was easier to dewinterize once we got far enough south. We used rv antifreeze for the toilet and carried a 5 gallon container of water. As others have said, monitor the weather forecast closely and be prepared to delay leaving for a couple days until you have a clear weather window. Travel safe and enjoy snowbirding.
cmsm 04/17/18 09:00pm Snowbirds
New Coachmen Leprechaun

Got rid of the Lance TC and the Coachmen TT-picked up our new Coachmen Leprechaun 270QB Thursday at the dealer. Getting ready to do a different type of rving this spring and summer. DW is pretty excited about being able to just turn around and sit on the couch or go to the bathroom without getting out of the vehicle! Had the dealer dewinterize it to check the water system then I had to winterize it again as last night was in the high 20s. Planning some mods-little ones for now-then when the warranty is up want to take the dinette out for a couple recliners. Oh the fun!! Gary
routeforty 04/07/18 07:53am Class C Motorhomes
Who is ready to go?

I am so tired of the winter that will never end. I want to dewinterize the camper but I think it is a bit too early yet here in central Pa. Spring has to be coming soon.right? I sure hope so our first trip is planed for the last weekend this month. I can't wait come on spring.
hondapro 04/01/18 05:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Will this winter end...

I'm debating to dewinterize. I am in northeast PA, on the brink of winter/spring mode. One county south divided by interstate 80 opened for trout season, 2 weeks later for rest of the state. Goes in line with ice age glaciers ending just above route 80. 4 inches of snow is expected on Monday and weeks temps flip flopping 20 to 55 lol.
PAThwacker 03/31/18 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will this winter end...

Amen, had trips planned mid April locally but almost no hope of getting the rig out. Too cold at night to dewinterize and not keen on first trip being a "survival" event. Even my diesel truck was stubborn firing up this am at -16c. Had to go up behind the bumper and find my block heater cord and cut the tie wrap that's been holding it up there since 2012. Truck has only ever been a tow rig in summer till I sold my van so its a daily driver from here on out. Cmon spring....were all ready for the big thaw Daryll
FLY 4 FUN 03/31/18 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water pump runs when not using water

You could try putting a cap on the output of the pump. If it still cycles then the pump diaphragm could have some debris in it. Good idea. I will try that if my pump continues to have this issue when I dewinterize it this year.
esox07 03/31/18 10:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Four Season TT

I really like the wood framing in my Nash 25c. I had an Arctic Fox camper that was aluminum framed and even though it was well insulated it showed moisture on the inside walls where the frame was. This was the only place you could see moisture, weird phenomenon that does not happen in my wooden framed trailer i now have. Im guessing it was transferring the cold from the outside through the aluminum into the inside wall. You could see a grid pattern if u looked closely in the right light, or u could feel the moisture with your hand. The Nash models have heated enclosed tanks and valves, thermal windows, and a good R value. I have camped for 1 week using furnace nightly boondocking and my 2 6volt batteries will go down to about 70% in one night with some tv use, and the furnace set at 21deg Celsius. I would say it cycles on about once every 45min and runs for about 10min at about -3 Celsius. Nothing has ever frozen on me. No valves etc. The weakest link on these trailers is the outside shower, they are suseptable to freezing and i would recommend leaving them winterized with antifreeze. (dont flush them out when u dewinterize when winter camping). I am very pleased with the winter performance of the trailer, and in summer the sun doesnt make the trailer an oven. Holds the same temp as the outside air temp. My best friend has a ORV Creekside 23BHS and it also performs well in sub zero temps and he is also happy with his choice. Nash 17k is a nice little trailer with no slide and large rear window.
Dirtpig 03/29/18 05:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Outside Shower

Another advantage had by having a steel pressure tank, I can connect a hose to the tank drain and have pressurized flow. Initially, I had reservations about the steel tank putting out a lot of rust into the supply side but that hasn't been an issue. Yes, I get a small amount of rust when dewinterizing but it isn't enough to worry about. When I dewinterize and fill the tank, I've got a hose from the house onto the tank inlet and a hose on the drain outlet. The flow from the hose eliminates most of any rust, along with bleach in the tank for santizing.
westend 03/27/18 10:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Going south IN the winter...

We've found it's a matter of throwing everything in the camper and not fussing about with it, as the cold weather means everythings goes in slow motion and stuff breaks. Just go, and organize later. As for departure, watch the weather and be ready to go early or depart late. We use an app called Weather Route to spec out the weather all along our planned route, plan our departure time and to know if we need to adjust our speed, etc. We make our first night's stop a campground 6-7 hours south where there may be a lot of snow but it isn't as cold and there are full hookups. That's where we start to organize things a bit and to dewinterize the camper. For us, the next day of driving gets us inyo above freezing temps. And if you hit bad weather, which happens despite all the best planning, all you can do is go really slow and pull over and stop if you need to. We always carry a generator in the event we're forced to stop.
Geodude 03/27/18 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: De winterize ?

That's a tough one this spring. This March has been COLD - this morning it's 25F. In most years, I'd say no problem, dewinterize.... but you might want to wait until just before you go to check the weather. Safest bet is to "dry camp" as you say. I would think you could still use the toilet, just pour in water from jugs or buckets to flush it - as long as you have somewhere to dump the tanks.
Tvov 03/20/18 04:59am Travel Trailers
RE: My fingers are crossed

Deciding to shower daily is a good one. “What is dewinterize?” That’s when you wishes it weren’t winter, Area. Duh.
Lwiddis 03/15/18 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: My fingers are crossed

What is dewinterize? :) Good luck OP, sure you'll be good. Seriously though, love that I live in a mild area where I don't winterize and get to use my boat and RV's 12 months a year. We rarely get below 25-30. Last month was the first calendar month I missed using my boat in 5 years, got out March 3rd.
Area13 03/15/18 04:41pm Truck Campers
My fingers are crossed

Im taking a short trip up to Oneonta, New York tomorrow and I decided to take the TC as opposed to staying in a motel. So I decided to dewinterize the water system so I can shower in the morning and also just to do it, I mean using all the systems in the cold weather. I dont know how cold it will be up there but what the hell,around 2005 I had two jobs and would stay in tc in all weather during the week with no problems. Its been a long time and Im hoping I didnt forget any of the steps of dewinterizing. Wish me luck and if anybody has any tips or advise Im all ears , Thanks Lou
mattyj 03/15/18 03:20pm Truck Campers
1800 RPMs ...Coast To Coast...My Trip

February 1....Retired! February 5...Hit the road from Massachusetts to SanFrancisco This is just a quick bullet pointbreview of my trip so far...The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY I left Mohegan Sun Casino in CT after watching the Patriots lose to the Eagles...UGH! Uneventful travel to Harrisburg PA. I joined the Pilot/FlyingJ PLUS club and stayed at P/FJ truck stops until Dallas. Discount on Diesel, easy in and out. Great RV parking. Great APP on your phone to find P/FJ with RV parking. Second night, Memphis P/FJ. Trailer is still not dewinterized so eating in restaurants and using restrooms there. Cold nights and the trailers furnace is very loud turning on every 20 minutes. Stopped at Campers World and bought a Olympian WAVE 6 catalytic heater. They didn't have and accessories to actually use it so next stop was Cabelas and found Heater Buddy parts that would let me hook it to a 20g propane tank. Off to Lowes to purchase 20# propane tank on sale for $15! Love the WAVE 6. One of the best things I've added to the camping experience in years! Third night...Texarkana AR.....Once again, P/FJ...Sleep/Eat/Drive Fourth/Fifth night...Lavonia Lake army corp of engineers campground just north of Dallas. Excellent place to camp near dallas. Stayed two nights so I could dewinterize camper and get ready for more leisure travel. Sixth / Seventh night...KOA in Abiline TX. Wanted to spend some time in Abiline area. The "Fromtier Texas" museum is an absolute must visit. Easily the best representation of the history of texas during the Indian wars and the Buffalo harvest. Amazing! Eighth night....Van Horn TX...P/FJ...Sleep, eat, drive....Now that the camper is dewinterized I'm easting and showering in camper..Nice! Tenth through 17th night....Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park, Deming NM...Visiting friends that winter here. Quail Hunting, target shooting, exploring. Great park and crazy inexpensive. Seven nights with WiFi was only $88! Drove back to ElPaso to pick up my wife to join me for 12 days (she's still working) 18th to 28th night....Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix. My wife and I shoot Cowboy Action and the largest shoot in the world is hosted here. Over 800 shooters and hundreds of spectators. Great time. The RV facilities at the range are first class. FHU at many sites if you reserve early enough. Love it here! Karen flys home from Phoenix and I stay an extra day to install and Easy Start on a friend camper 29th to 32nd night....Off to Quartzsite...Always wanted to experience this whole scene. Camping for free at Hi Jolly 14 day area. Very easy, pull in, sign up with very friendly host, find a spot, set up, camp! Tons and tons of room. HUGE area and this is just one of many free camping sites. Great fun going through the fea markets and then a trip to Parker and across the Colorado River to CA. Today I head to Anza Borrego desert for more boondocking.... Observations.... Desert Camping is very inexpensive but DUSTY! Love the CAT Heater. Quiet, sips propane, even heat, no dust blowing around My solar is working fantastic. Nothing like southern sun! Have not touched generator yet. Running Kureg, making toast, TV and hotspots on every night for hours, charging cell phones, digital cameras, laptops etc...two group 31 AGM batteries are back to 100% by 1PM.....Only time I needed to plug into shore power was for wife's hair dryer. The BD Diesel exhaust brake I installed on my truck last year is fantastic. A few mountain roads from Prescott AZ to Yarnell AZ really gave it a test. Can't imagine what my brakes would be like without it! The road was so steep and winding that my Garmin RV GPS would not route me over it. It decided heading through two track dirt roads would be safer. After being lost on dirt roads for a couple hours I exited at the Bill Ruger Ranch and found my way back to Rt 89. Adventurous day to say the least! So far, have had great cell service everywhere. Either AT&T or T-Mobile hotspots have worked great . In Deming I needed to use my 16' Painters Pole with a Yagi antenna hooked up to my WeBoost cell booster to get over the mountains...But I had DirecTV Now! Otherwise just the HotSpot or the WeBoost with its little mag mount antenna have given me full service everywhere. My truck has Air Bags and a leak developed during the trip. Truck really doesn't need them with this trailer, but it is sooo much better with 40 pounds of air in them. The leak required that I inflate with onboard compressor every 15 to twenty minutes. Yesterday I put on my Big Boy pants and decided to find the leak. Got some cardboard so I could get under the truck. Inflated to 70 pounds so I could hear the leak.....Got lucky, leak was in tubing that ran under the drivers side door sill. Easy fix with some "Rescue Tape" (BTW, Rescue Tape is a sometimes trip saver...Get Some!) So, that's the trio so far.... After Borrego I'm off to Malibu to visit daughter and family and then to San Jose area to visit son and family. Not sure where I'll go after that. Need to be in Missouri the third week of March and home by April 1 to deal with the Tax man..... Safe Travels! You can read all about the tons of modifications I've done to the truck and trailer here:
Rbertalotto 03/02/18 07:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Ohio to Florida

We have used a lot of KOAs, on our trips up and down the I75. Most have pull through sites, so you you don’t have to unhook, if only staying the night. We’ve never had a bad experience at a KOA. Depending on time of day and weather, we usually use the most southern one in KY to dewinterize. Ken
Beverley&Ken 02/26/18 06:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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