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Topic: Squeaking noise from regulator or propane tanks?

Posted By: 4Jeeperz on 07/23/09 08:25pm

When we are using propane we hear (and can feel in flex line to tank) a rhythmic squeaking noise. The more propane use, burners or furnace, the faster frequency and louder the squeak, squeak, squeak. We replaced the regulator with a new Marshall brass auto changeover unit and the noise is slightly less loud but certainly still there. It is annoying and embarrassing! I don't know what people will think when they hear the squeak, squeak, squeak at night![emoticon]
Trailer is a new 2010 Roo. Any ideas?
Our previous trailer w/o an auto changeover never made noise. Never heard any other trailer squeaking in a campground.
Any help appreciated.

Steve in L.A.
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Posted By: DutchmenSport on 07/23/09 08:30pm

Our Springdale makes this high pitched humming sound when the propane is in use. At first it really bothered me. But after a year I just accepted it. Actually, now I listen for it, especially when outside the camper. When I hear it making that "humming" sound, I know the refrigerator is running on gas, or it's running somewhere! I certainly hope its an appliance and not a gas leak! Every time it is an appliance. So I think there's some value now when I hear the noise. And I personally do not care what anyone else thinks.


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Posted By: SooperDaddy on 07/23/09 08:42pm

From a prior post...From the National LP Gas Association-"Not all applications are similar to that of residential use and will therefore utilize regulators for higher and lower pressures as required by the appliance(s). In summary, the purpose of a propane regulator is to "bottleneck" the propane down to a safe and usable pressure. An important point to note is that under normal operation, a propane regulator will make a "humming" noise. This is normal and should not be construed as a problem or regulator malfunction.

The regulator on my propane barbecue is occasionally humming. What could cause this?
Most propane appliance regulators use a rubber diaphragm to control the amount of fuel allowed to the control valves. If the propane tank has been overfilled, or it is a hot day outside, it is possible for this rubber diaphragm to vibrate. As it vibrates, it creates a humming noise. This noise, although annoying, is perfectly safe, and will go away in time." Can also sound like a rattlesnake, buzz, ringing, humming, "sizzle", etc.

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Posted By: Rollincool on 07/23/09 09:07pm

Mice? [image]

Sorry, I just had to. [emoticon]

Posted By: marvmarcy on 07/23/09 10:00pm

Normal! Don't worry about it.


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Posted By: rvsatek on 07/23/09 10:35pm

Yep, it is common. People don't like though.

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Posted By: Kamphiker on 07/24/09 04:57am

If it would hum in another key it might keep me from going nuts.[emoticon]

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Posted By: 4Jeeperz on 07/24/09 12:15pm

Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately it isn't a is a squeak, squeak, squeak. Slower frequency with low propane usage and very fast, loud squeak, squeak, squeak with heavy propane usage! We can feel the vibration in the flex hose going to the regulator. Maybe the hoses are bent too sharply. We will continue to explore and see if we can solve the mystery.
Thanks again.

Posted By: carp65 on 07/24/09 05:41pm

We hear this "squeaking" only when the water heater is heating the water.
After it is up to temperature, the squeaking is gone. Squeaking and humming
are two different things. Are either of these a serious problem with the
propane system and why does it only do it with the hot water heater and
not the furnace or stove?

Posted By: 4Jeeperz on 08/02/09 01:08pm

A final follow up on the squeaking problem...
We borrowed another propane tank to eliminate that possibility, still squeaked.
We decided to replace the flexible propane pigtails to the regulator...
Drum roll please...No more squeaking or vibration. No more noise.
Must have had defective hoses. The change in sound is unbelievable. Now all we can hear is the slightest hum you all wrote about. Can't hear anything inside the trailer now.
Thanks again for the replies.

Posted By: tajones828 on 08/26/09 09:47am

We have a 2010 Roo which did the exact same thing. Not normal at all, despite what people have been telling us. I was also embarassed at night because we had to run the furnace while we were sleeping and was afraid I'd get in trouble at the campground. I replaced the regulator and it was good for a couple of days then started up again so after reading your post i replaced the hoses and regulator and so far that seems to have fixed it. According to the tech guy, there is a plastic ball in the hose leading from the tank to the regulator and that can jam. to avoid this happening again, you have to make sure that when you turn on your propane from the tank, that you do it very slowly to allow the hose to fill and pressure to build up. once the hiss stops then you can open them up faster. it is the quick injection of propane that damages the hose. I am on regulator 3 and hoses #2 so here's hoping!!

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