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Topic: Propane Noise Question

Posted By: wolf_rver on 09/19/09 07:18pm

So, I had my PDI yesterday and all went well. Towed the new trailer home with the equalizer and was more than impressed. The pathfinder pulled the 183 like an absolute champ!!!

I have been in my driveway all day today playing around, figuring more of the systems out and just enjoying looking at it sitting in my driveway.

I will post pics soon, but ...

There was something that I didn't catch on the PDI last night, but noticed today while playing around. Whenever there is a draw on the propane (water heater, furnace, stove), I get this higher pitched, sort of squeal noise that is emitted from near the tanks. It only happens when there is a draw. It is only coming from the tank that the gas is being drawn from, and when I switch to the other tank, it will begin to happen on that one and will stop on the other one. There is no noticeable odor of propane, and everything looks pretty secure.

The type of sound gives me the impression that the the gas is being pushed through a smaller opening. Now I know that there is a pressure regulator valve, which does just that, and suspect that may be the cause, but I was not expecting this noise. I imagine that it can become annoying, especially for the people in the bunk above the tanks.

In addition to being annoying, I want to confirm that my regulator is not malfunctioning and very dangerous right now!



Thanks for any feedback.

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Posted By: dbbls on 09/19/09 07:43pm

I think they all do that.

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Posted By: Mike_LA on 09/19/09 08:24pm

Not saying this is your problem, but some trailers had defective LP hoses installed. If so, dealer should replace.

Other than the defective hose problem, An important point to note is that under normal operation, a propane regulator will make a "humming" or "chirping" noise. This is normal and should not be construed as a problem or regulator malfunction.

Posted By: Chuck_S on 09/20/09 07:16am

My propane tanks have been silent all their lives including two campers using a half dozen different tanks that also see service on my gas grill so I Googled it. From the number of hits the noise is common but solutions aren't consistent. Seems to be the regulator or OFP valve(s).

My usual knee jerk reaction to LP issues is.

1. Ensure all LP appliances are OFF. Don't forget the water heater and refrigerator.
2. Turn off both tanks.
3. Disconnect both tank hoses.
4. Wait. A minute is probably enough. This ensures the OFP valves are reset.
5. Power back up in reverse order. Open the tank valves slooooooooowly and open all the way. Check that the auto changeover valve points to the tank you want to drain first. Either way, but not up.

-- Chuck

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Posted By: bladder1 on 09/20/09 05:10pm

Had weird noises coming from propane tank area also after taking delivery. Stopped at a Keystone dealer for help, the tech changed tanks, regulator and finally hoses. The hose needed to be replaced, all was warranty. Good Luck

Posted By: sjones6335 on 09/20/09 05:44pm

My Roo's have made the same noise since delivery.

Eric are you planning to give rvdirect a call? If so let us k is what they say.
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Posted By: sayby1campers on 09/20/09 06:44pm

I'm surprised no one mentioned this... Are the connections tight? That's the ONLY time I've heard any noises from my tanks.

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Posted By: JimQPublic2 on 09/22/09 12:13pm

I suspect that you're hearing vibration from the excess flow check valves in the Acme connectors that attach the hoses to the tanks. Do you have the problem at all flow rates?

The excess flow check valve is a small ball bearing with a small spring.

Of the 4 Acme connectors that I have- 2 green and 2 black, one of the black ones makes the sort of noise you're talking about. Green have a max flow rate of 200,000 BTU/hr while Black are 100,000 BTU/hr.

You might try replacing one Acme connector- or the whole hose with a different brand. If that solves the problem then replace then replace the other too.

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Posted By: 123sand on 09/22/09 04:40pm

Ours was making the same noise took back to dealer and it was the first they thought it was the regulator changed that still did it then changed the tank still did it finally changed the hose.

Posted By: wolf_rver on 09/22/09 07:42pm


What camper do you have/where did you buy?

This post made me think of a question. Are the regulators and hoses supplied by Forest River in my case, and the tanks from RVDirect? Or does RVDirect supply the regulator and hoses as well.

They are sending me out a new regulator, just curious if there was a bad batch, since some other '10 roo's out there have had a similar problem that was fixed.

If this regulator doesn't do the trick, I'll request new hoses.

Posted By: I am still wayne_tw on 09/22/09 07:51pm

OH gees, such answers. The noise you are hearing is from the regulator. There is a spring under the access plug on top of the regulator. Unscrew the access plug, tighten the screw under the plug- a clockwise turn about 1/4 turn- and replace the plug.

Posted By: Steveo35 on 09/23/09 06:44am

My tanks sometimes "grunt", but mostly are quiet. I have the same noise on my propane grill at home, but again, it's mostly silent.

Chuck made a good point, open the valve s l o w l y. That may help

I know what you mean by being happy looking at it in the driveway. I can out and see ours in the side yard and it's always a good feeling. I start thinking about the next trip and next summer.

Posted By: Forellan on 09/23/09 10:38pm

My new Shamrock does the exact same thing - whistles whenever propane is flowing. I tried all the things Chuck suggested and a few others, but the whistle never went away. Today I called the dealer where I purchased the unit and they stated that this is a somewhat common issue with some forest river products, the issue is with the pigtails from the propane tanks to the regulator, and that FR is aware of the issue. According to the dealer, FR's position is that they can only use RVIA compliant pigtails, and until the manufacture fixes the issue FR is unwilling to do anything. I'm tempted to contact FR directly to see what answer I may get from them....

Posted By: Rockymtn on 09/24/09 02:01pm

I had the same issue with my 233S Roo, took it to the dealer after they switched the regulator we still had the problem. Turned out to be the hose, I would start with that.

Posted By: westcoast on 10/21/09 12:26pm

We have the same problem with our new Roo 19 delivered to us from Terrytown RV a couple of weeks ago. I have a call into their service department and will keep you posted.

Posted By: sjones6335 on 10/24/09 05:08pm

Well just installed the new pigtails & that fixed the problem for me too.

Posted By: pixleys on 09/24/09 04:17pm

FR said a fix is on the way and I would get the new pigtails when they came out. I will post when (if?) they show up. Till then just try to sing along ;-)

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Posted By: 4Jeeperz on 09/24/09 04:41pm

Our 2010 Roo 19 was making a very loud squeak, squeak, squeak with high propane use. We could feel the vibration in the pigtails. It was embarrassingly loud. Sounded like something was going on.[emoticon] We skipped going through the dealer and replaced both hoses from the RV supply store. No more squeak, only a faint hushed sound when pulling heavy propane use.

Steve in L.A.
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Posted By: sjones6335 on 09/28/09 11:07am

I just called RVDirect regarding the noise thats been coming from the tanks since day one. They are sending a new regulator. I have to say I'm pleasently surprised how easy that was to get their help.

Posted By: wolf_rver on 10/21/09 04:15pm

*** UPDATE ***

I got a new regulator from RVDIRECT and installed it. There were 2 problems, first, the noise wasn't completely eliminated, second, it was a different style of regulator, and the mounting bracket didn't match.

I emailed them back and requested 2 new pigtail hoses and a compatible mounting bracket.

Got the two new hoses but no mounting bracket. Since most people here said that it ended up being the hoses, I put the old regulator back on and also put on the two new hoses. SUCCESS. Quiet as can be. Camped for 3 nights, running propane for furnace, stove, and fridge, and not a single noise.

I would recommend to all to check with hoses first. Though the RVDirect lady did tell me that 9/10 times it is the regulator.

Good Luck.


Posted By: sjones6335 on 10/21/09 06:30pm

Eric thanks for the update. I'm waiting For ups to drop off my new pigtails hopefully have them tomorrow. I hope to have the same result as you.

Posted By: westcoast on 10/25/09 11:02am

A followup: we called our dealer (Terrytown RV) and they are sending the new pigtails to us. They said that Forest River had told them this problem was fixed on their new models. I guess with their funky definition of "new" (they're at the end of the 2010 model year), this probably means it's been fixed for 2011 models.

Posted By: westcoast on 11/10/09 11:40am

The new pigtails worked! No more noise - yeah! Another example of the value of this forum ... we would never have known the cause of the noise or the solution without it.

Thank you everyone and a big thanks to Terrytown RV (aka RV World) for making obtaining the fix so easy.

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