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Topic: Torklift stable load?

Posted By: Tops on 08/16/10 03:58pm

Who uses them and were they worth it? How about the good, the bad and the ugly?


2008 Chevy 2500HD D/A SB 6" lift
35" load E tires on 20" wheels
Stable Loads / Air Bags
Hellwig rear Sway Bar
Super Springs

2011 Arctic Fox 811 camper loaded!

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 08/16/10 04:05pm

I just put them on my Dodge. They come with a thread about 2 1/2" long. I didn't want to jack my truck up and they would not go into the holes for the mounting so I cut about 1" off. They went right on and took about 20 minutes to install. I haven't put the TC on the truck yet so I can't tell you how much difference they make. But I expect them to work well.

2011 Palomino Maverick 1000SLLB on a 2004 Dodge Quadcab CTD Ram3500 SRW long bed equipped with Timbren springs, Stable Load bump stops, Rickson 19.5" wheels/"G" range tires and a Helwig "Big Wig" rear anti sway bar.

Posted By: trvsdad1 on 08/16/10 04:09pm

Have them on my F350, used to have to pump up air bags to 100lbs now 65lbs. Also we no longer have to drop the jacks down while camping to stop the rocking. Stable Loads bring in the overload springs earlier than stock.I love them.


Posted By: trail-explorer on 08/16/10 04:28pm

Yes, I use them on my 2008 SIlverado Dually, but empty they ride even stiffer than before, because of the way the rear springs and the stableloads are for a GM truck.

They are a total different design for GM vs Ford/Dodge trucks


Posted By: Tops on 08/16/10 04:33pm

Thanks for the replies. I will be installing them on a 08' Chevy 2500hd. I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row before I pick up my new camper. So far I have the air bags ordered and the rear sway bar ordered. I was thinking about odering the stable load as well.

Posted By: bedrocker on 08/17/10 09:51am

Tops sounds like all your duck
are in a row [emoticon]

Posted By: saltamontes on 08/17/10 01:17pm

here is my take:

07 f350 srw shortbed 4x4
06 Northern-Lite 8'11" Q

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 08/17/10 03:30pm

I made NO difference in the empty ride of my truck. The space between them and the overload springs is about the same as the space that is between my Timbrens and the frame. I want them to make contact about the same time so the real weight is on the Stable Loads because I want the most stability to be on the outside of the truck frame.

Posted By: Tops on 08/17/10 04:44pm

I just ordered a set.... So I have air bags, hellwig sway bar and stable loads coming. I already have 20" wheels and load E tires. I should be good to go now!

Posted By: jimh425 on 08/17/10 04:51pm

Maybe, but what camper are you getting. [emoticon] FWIW, I'm another one with energy suspension bump stops. StabiLoads didn't exist when I put mine on 4 years ago.

'10 Ford F-450, 6.4, 4.30, 4x4, 14,500 GVWR, '06 Host Rainer 950 Dbl Slide, Torklift Talon tiedowns, Glow Steps, and Fastguns. Bilstein 4600s, Firestone Air Bags, Hankook DH-01 225/19.5 Fs, Curt front hitch, Energy Suspension bump stops.

Posted By: woodhog on 08/17/10 07:00pm

I put a set on my Dodge 3500 and with about 3/4 cord of green hardwood piled on the truck only sagged the inch left when it was empty, at a casual glance it looked level.

The empty ride is the same as without the Stable loads, installation is simple.

Looks like a good product.

2004.5 Dodge 4x4 SRW Diesel, 245/70R19.5 Michelin XDS2, Bilstein Shocks
Torklift Stable loads, BD Steering Stabilizer Bar, Superchips "TOW" Programed,Rickson 19.5 wheels

2006 8.5 Northstar Arrow, 3 Batteries 200 Watts Solar,
12 Volt DC Fridge.

Posted By: sukrfish on 08/17/10 07:20pm

Tops wrote:

I just ordered a set.... So I have air bags, hellwig sway bar and stable loads coming. I already have 20" wheels and load E tires. I should be good to go now!

You will notice a very stiff ride when empty.
The stable loads are meant to be adjustable so you can adjust how much space is left between the main spring packs and the overloads. The point is to adjust them so you close that gap and engage the overloads sooner.

The problem is that there is too little space between the main spring pack and the overload spring on the GM's. Adding the stable loads essentially engages your overload spring right away, even when riding empty.

So when the camper is on, they are great. When you take the TC off, it's annoying.

The solution for me was to simply take them off when riding empty. It doesn't take long to do so, but it is one more thing to have to deal with when loading/unloading.

Post back what you think of them when you put them on. I have been surprised at how much praise they get from GM owners...I would have thought there would be more negative feedback about the EMPTY ride quality. Maybe I am just a stickler!


Posted By: IdaDave on 09/13/10 05:17pm

I have a '99 Dodge 2500. I called and talked to Stable Load and they don't make or carry any thing that will fit or work for my '99. Does any one else have a '99 Dodge 2500 with a spacer that will fit? I have air bags and when I put the TC on I am about 2" from making contact with my over loads

Posted By: Dome on 09/13/10 05:20pm

answer, yes. I use them with air bags. together they are great.

Posted By: DonCurley on 10/16/10 10:02am

I must be the odd man out in all of this, but on balance, I don't like the Stable Loads. I recently put a set on my '07 Dodge 3500 (which already had Firestone Ride-Rite air bags on it), and the downsides exceeded the benefits IMO.

The good news ... when off-road and getting into a typical camper side-to-side rocking oscillation, the Stable Loads help dampen that motion.

The bad news ... when my overload springs contact the Stable Loads, I get a fairly loud slapping sound, which is no doubt due to their harder polyurethane material (as compared to rubber). This surprisingly even occurs at slower speeds. When unloaded, I also find that when contact happens, I get the same slapping sound and the ride is momentarily harsher.

While I acknowledge that polyurethane is a tougher material and will take quite a bit more abuse, I feel that the use of rubber in place of polyurethane would probably provide the benefit of the Stable Load concept, but without the harshness of the harder material. I may go the route of coming up with my own custom fabricated version using rubber as some others have, as I am not really happy with Torklift's version.

-'07 Dodge 3500/QC/SB/SRW/4x4/6.7L CTD/6-spd auto/35" Toyo MT's/Ride-Rite air bags/RS9000XL shocks
-'07 Apex 8 fully optioned w/220W solar/2 T-145's/2KW Prosine/Honda EU2000i/Tundra fridge/AC/etc
-'00 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4x4, highly modified w/5.9L Magnum V8

Posted By: kerry4951 on 09/13/10 06:11pm

By adding Superspings on my 3500 dually Chevy, I was able to obtain the stable load "gap" between the lower overload spring and the main spring pack. Without the Supersprings on a GM, the stable loads are tight and will give you a rough ride when empty. I also installed air bags but never use them. If I had to do it again, I would save the money that I spent on the air bags. With SS's, stable loads, and a Helwig sway bar, I haul a 5000 lb TC and dont know its back there.

2009 Silverado 3500 dually D/A, Supersprings, Stable Loads, Bilsteins, Hellwig Sway Bar.
2010 Arctic Fox 1140 DB, 220 watts solar, custom 4 in 1 "U" shaped dinette/couch, baseboard and Cat 3 heat, 2nd dinette TV, cabover headboard storage, 67 TC mods

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 09/13/10 10:45pm

I went 628 miles with the TC. In winds and without, they DID make a difference in the ride. I am glad I put them on. I DID use the TC for a very short ride when I got it and did not have the Stable Loads then. So I do know they made a difference.

Posted By: EricCO on 09/14/10 08:38am

Those and 80 psi tires made the biggest difference in my truck.

They do engage a bit when empty but the ride wasn't like a cadilac to begin with.

2002 Ford F-350 CC LB PSD
2007 Travel Lite 960rx Ultra
2009 Lund 208 Pro-V GL with 250 hp Verado

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 09/14/10 10:52am

One of the reasons I wanted Stable Loads was to move the "sway moments" to the outside of the truck frame. When I was in the wind with ONLY the Timbrens, I felt the rock & roll side to side. I added the Stable Loads and the wind was felt LESS severely due to the load now being carried outside the frame. I felt the wind but far less than when the load was carried by the Timbrens INSIDE the frame. Having the load carried another 18 inches or so farther apart does reduce the swaying. Sharing the total load between the Timbrens AND the Stable Loads makes the ride more comfortable as well.

Posted By: Snow River TC on 09/14/10 11:31am

They work great, but you cannot use them with some 3rd party overload springs on the Ford or Dodge, they are OK with Airbags. On my Chev i use them with supersprings. That is OK since on the GM they are on the bottom overload spring. They help side to side movement during cornering.

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 09/14/10 03:59pm

The Tork Lift site will tell you what set can and cannot be used with other air bags or springs. Mine are okay with the Timbrens. I have them set to hit about the same time so the load is shared.

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