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Topic: fogged window repair

Posted By: dianne50 on 07/09/10 09:35am

I am having a hard time finding someone to repair/replace a fogged window. I do not want to spend $2,000.00 per side to replace a whole window assembly. I only need one section of the glass repaired/replaced. Local glass shops are afraid to tackle it. Does anyone in or around Oakland County Michigan do this?

Posted By: rk911 on 07/09/10 10:43am

we had our fogged windows cleaned and re-sealed at Suncoast RV Designers in Hudson, FL last year. very happy with their work...we had 6-windows done for around $800. they even have 10-12 complimentary overnite parking spots with 50-amp electric. Suncoast Designers

as i said we had a very good experience but you should do a search in these forums or on google. there was a post the other day on RV.NET from a fellow that did not have a good experience.
if you can't get to florida and can uninstall your windows you can ship them for cleaning and re-sealing.

Dave Root RV Glass Repair in oregon is another shop that does the same thing. Dave Root

RV Glass Solutions in eugene, or appears to do the work as well. RV Glass Solutions

i found the last two places by doing a google search on 'rv fogged windows,repair.

Google Search

good luck.

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Posted By: M GO BLUE on 07/09/10 10:53am

wagonbanda wrote:

OK, sorry I cannot be of help but this is a new one on me...what is fogged windows? How does it happen? Just one thing that has not happened to us yet although we are experiencing alot of things.

Good luck with finding a good solution.

If you have double pane windows and an air leak develops between the panes then the window may tend to fog up between the panes...

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Posted By: rk911 on 07/09/10 10:53am

a fogged window is a double-pane window where the seal between the panes has broken allowing moisture to enter. when that moisture dries up it leaves a film or 'fog'.

Posted By: livingaboard on 07/09/10 10:44am

just order the window from atwood and replace it yourself

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Posted By: wagonbanda on 07/09/10 10:50am

OK, sorry I cannot be of help but this is a new one on me...what is fogged windows? How does it happen? Just one thing that has not happened to us yet although we are experiencing alot of things.

Good luck with finding a good solution.

Posted By: FeeLine on 07/09/10 11:10am

Have not been there myself, but several friends have used Suncoast RV Designers in Hudson, FL. and I have not heard anyone complain about the work. As a matter of fact one guy had a few windows done last year and was heading there again this past spring to have some other windows repaired. He was happy with their work.

Posted By: M GO BLUE on 07/09/10 11:13am

I believe she was asking for a location in or near Oakland County in Michigan...Hudson, FL is not exactly close

I have good luck on the few times I have been too A & S RV Center in Auburn Hills...might be worth a call to their service department to see if they can recommend anyone...

Posted By: Triker33 on 07/09/10 01:53pm

M GO BLUE wrote:

I believe she was asking for a location in or near Oakland County in Michigan...Hudson, FL is not exactly close

He can ship his window to Hudson. they will fix it and send it back to him. So he is as close as the nearest UPS store. [emoticon]

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Posted By: darealmccoy on 07/09/10 04:29pm

I just had one replaced. Contact Atwood, order the window you need replaced and almost any glass shop that repairs residential aluinum framed windows can replace it. You will need to remove the entire window frame and take it to them. Cost was $140 including shipping for the new window and $60 for the glass shop. Took about an hour to remove the frame. Be careful, it is heavy and requires 2 people outside to hold and lower the window after you remove the 50 or so screws.


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Posted By: rayhough on 07/09/10 05:04pm

Don't know how far you are from Elkhart, IN but RV Surplus and Salvage has a HUGE assortment of new and used windows. You may have todrive down there for a mach up. Or ship the window to Sun Coast in Hudson FL as suggested.

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Posted By: virginiarebel on 07/09/10 07:25pm

Sun Coast Designers , Hudson, Fl.

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Posted By: moisheh on 07/09/10 07:33pm

How do some of the posters know that this fellow has Atwood windows. The Atwoods will not fit other mfrs. windows!!!


Posted By: racerchaser on 07/09/10 10:12pm

In the latest issue of the FMCA magazine was an ad from RVFogDR. I know nothing about the company which is located in Searcy, Arkansas. You might look at their web site ( and/or give them a call (501-278-3015).


Posted By: namvet on 08/22/10 02:33pm

Sorry for the late response but I would advise being very careful with Atwood. I ordered two replacements from them for my 2001 Itasca, one fit perfectly and the other was not the window I ordered and did not fit. I had the part numbers from Winnebago (Itasca) and the non-fitting window did not match, however they refused to take it back, although it was their mistake. It is their policy not to accept ANY returns period!

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Posted By: lennyjudym on 08/22/10 08:16pm

Side windows or front if it is the side I would use Plexiglas 1/2 inch thick same color and do it myself .Not that hard.Mine have been in for a few years and you cant see the difference.lenny

Posted By: supergroomer on 08/01/11 08:37am

I got 2 windows from atwood that I have to replace on my MH. My question is, do I put silicone seal around the window itself (inside the frame) or do I just seal the frame when I replace it.



Posted By: philandterri on 08/01/11 08:53am

I replaced two of my windows and used butyl tape between the window and the motorhome.

Posted By: supergroomer on 08/01/11 09:01am

That it for the frame. I have 2 panes of glass that have to be put in the frame then mount the entire frame to the MH. What should I use to seal the window within the frame?


Posted By: bsinmich on 08/01/11 09:56am

If you want to make a trip to Holland, MI. we have Glass Enterprise that does make those repairs. They are very dependable and thorough and also reasonable. I have had a couple of MH windows done there and also a few cars windows. They also do the thermopane glass for our condos. Their phone # is (616) 396-3487. 175 miles from my home to Oakland County.

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