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Topic: How much weight can a popup camper bed hold?

Posted By: komodo on 08/25/12 09:12pm

Looking at what is holding up the two beds in my tent camper, I can’t help but wonder how much weight they can hold. I weigh 255 pounds and my wife weighs 165 pounds. I sure hope they can hold us. Does anyone know how much weight they can hold? I have a Rockwood HW 277.

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Posted By: Jeremy626 on 08/25/12 09:21pm

usually they're rated about 1000lbs carrying capacity


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Posted By: keatonb16 on 08/25/12 09:21pm


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Posted By: bondebond on 08/25/12 09:54pm

Unless you pull the transmission in with you, you'll be just fine. Real-world tests show that we're able to put 475 pounds, static weight. Then, get the little ones giggling and bouncing and that bunk-end handles even more force.

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Posted By: phillyg on 08/25/12 11:13pm

I think they can hold more than they look like they will. Back in the days when I was plus 250 and DW was plus 200, and a couple of young kids came bouncing on top of us, I have to say I was a bit concerned. But, I don't think we ever came close to exceeding design limitations.

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Posted By: byrdr1 on 08/26/12 05:53am

They will hold a lot... [emoticon]
at least 11 years ago they did..

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Posted By: RoyB on 08/26/12 06:44am

My OFF-ROAD POPUP manuals states 1000lbs for each tent bed.

My Starcraft model uses the large HD slide rail attached to the tent bed floor and many aluminum poles that setup under the bed floor for support.

I suspect my front tent bed setup is stronger than the rear bed as it has a "U" bed support directly installed under the bed floor and attached to the trailer tongue area.

Once installed we fell very well supported and don't notice any problems.

My POPUP trailer comes with the front deck so we like using the front front tent bed that extends out over the front deck. Makes us feel better knowing four legged critters will probably not be hanging out under the tent floor whe we are sleeping...

I have some great pictures of the starcraft bed support setup method used but they are in the manual and not separately posted on any public URL web page that I can find.

My POPUP manual can be found here...

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Posted By: keatonb16 on 08/26/12 09:57am

he has a rockwood tho roy..Your starcraft manual likely wouldn't help his question much. His just has the standard pole on each side of the slideout going into the bumper and front frame

Posted By: fla-gypsy on 08/26/12 08:13pm

Haven't had a Pop Up in a long time but my 86 Jayco 1008 could hold 1000# according to Jayco and I never busted it

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Posted By: Serenlyretired on 08/26/12 09:56pm

A safety factor of 1.65 is the norm. So 1,000#s should not fail until 1650#s

Posted By: drae0814 on 08/27/12 05:09pm

They hold more then i could ever fit in the little space when down that is the only problem with the pups

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Posted By: komodo on 09/05/12 09:11am

Thank you all for your contribution to my question.

Posted By: jeeplj8 on 09/05/12 11:59am

I recall reading somewhere in the Flagstaff website - or in a online review - that the slides Forrest River uses were rated at 500 lbs. If that is each, then technically it owuld by 1000 lbs, but that seams like an awful lot to me.

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Posted By: mobeewan on 09/06/12 12:44am

My coleman fleetwood will support 1000 lbs, however, make sure you put down the rear stabilizers before climbing on the rear bed. It gets a little scarry when the tongue jack comes off the ground. I didn't know I could get off the rear bunk that fast.

Posted By: RoyB on 09/06/12 09:25am

Mobeewan wrote:

It gets a little scarry when the tongue jack comes off the ground

My Starcraft trailer is also 1000lbs for each bed end according to the manual. That would get a bit scary haha... I haven't got caught in that situation yet. As soon as I park I do my leveling thing which includes setting the tongue jack to get my door centered so I can open it and then my side to side is usually done with the stabilizer jacks so that the trailer roof will drain the air conditioner run-off to the back side. I wont lift very much with the stabilizer jacks but do use them to tilt the trailer to the back side 1/2-inch or so...

Of course if I am on an incline side-to-side I place some plastic blocks under the one side to get it close.

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