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RE: VA and Social Security Advice.

Sorry to hear of your loss. At least you were successful in getting an appointment with your SSA office. My local office doesn't answer their phone, or take call back messages. They are prioritizing specific in person services while under pandemic shutdown. SSA prefers people to use their web services. This can take weeks to setup if you don't have an online account, as they would only send out an initial pin access code by snail mail in my case.
1492 01/23/21 04:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Requiring a permit to do video in Federal Lands struck down

You seem to be thinking in the old style of making and selling video tapes or DVDs. That's a dying method of delivering commercial videos. They are a commercial operation. - They have 2 million subscribers. Their videos often have several million views. That does translate into substantial direct Youtube income. - One of their early videos specifically talked about them turning on the monetization options on youtube. - They have product tie ins (essentially short commercials) in most of their videos. - They have a Patron account which is another way to monatize the channel. - They openly admit this is their primary source of income. Keep in mind, they are normally do not primarily focus RVs and on national parks. They more typically travel internationally and a large percentage of their videos include reviews of commercial activities in the area. You missed the streaming part? Disc sales may be dying, though still a viable revenue generator. There are still many who don't have adequate broadband access. Otherwise, Red Box would pull all kiosks, and focus purely on their streaming services. I never looked closely at their operation. The point is one needs to be informed when monetizing original content. Or pay a price for not doing so.
1492 01/23/21 03:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Changing password

It's under My Forums > My Profile > General Information. After you change your password, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Submit Changes.
1492 01/23/21 03:30pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Office 2016 - Outlook??

Outlook 2019 and Thunderbird (TB) work fine together with both running on my home Dell desktop. TB set as default client for personnel email accounts, and Outlook for work.
1492 01/23/21 12:07am Technology Corner
RE: Requiring a permit to do video in Federal Lands struck down

Watched most of WHY WE DON’T VISIT NATIONAL PARKS, though haven't seen the referenced video that caused their issue. Based on their RV Vblogs, I think it's a stretch to consider their videos as primarily commercial, and not more toward journalism or travel documentary in the public interest supported by monetizing open access to their channel. Even if they didn't monetize their channel, YT possibly could do so themselves. Would it still be considered commercial? On the other hand, if they charged for streaming access or for DVDs of their episodes, then I could see it focused more for commercial purposes. A single hand-held camera should not have attracted unwanted attention. Using a drone was the likely culprit that triggered the accusation of commercial photography. There are vocal opponents of drone use especially in public spaces. And FAA has stringent requirements and rules for flying over the general public. In this case, it would have been prudent to apply for a permit. Not if just using hand-held or GoPro cameras. Also, don't act like a commercial shoot and keep low key is usually the best path to take. I never had issues obtaining a permit to video in U.S. Parks. Actually, they were always helpful in the whole process. Just faxed in the application, and received the permit by return fax in a few days. I don't recall any fees for a single camera/tripod.
1492 01/22/21 06:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Requiring a permit to do video in Federal Lands struck down

Cannot emphasize enough to do your homework! Ages ago, I was camera operator for a news segment, in a well known U.S. historic building and property. We had advance required permission from the building's director to do so. However, what we didn't realize was that technically we were on a military base after hours. An angry superintendent was more than happy to point that out, and also said we could be arrested. No mention of a fine in this case. Luckily, he let us finish once he calmed down. I don't recall how many times I've been threatened with arrest for video photography, both in U.S. and oversees. Luckily, never been fined or arrested. More concerned that my personal camera gear would get confiscated. Can't say I miss working as a camera operator. :B
1492 01/22/21 02:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Requiring a permit to do video in Federal Lands struck down

Forgot to mention that a fine for not having a required shooting permit is one option. You can also be arrested, as one ranger once told us.
1492 01/22/21 01:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Requiring a permit to do video in Federal Lands struck down

I've shot pro video in U.S. Parks in the past, and it "did" require a permit. Though had a broadcast setup, so obvious it was not a personal video. You'll need this permit should federal law enforcement, such as U.S. Park police inquire about your activities. Not having one could result in a hefty fine, though they can also give you a warning and ask you to leave. None ever checked on us. I don't recall if a permit fee was required, though don't think so in our case. You basically assume any liability or damage to the park, and cannot restrict access to the public. So have to work around them. Asking politely for cooperation usually works. For some, it doesn't. CA is notorious for requiring permits to shoot pro video in public. I once did a promo video for an actor, which I told the producer to get a permit to shoot in an LA area state park. Even I knew this, though traveling from the east coast. He didn't, and a park ranger asked us to leave. He could have fined us, though after he calmed down was very helpful. He told us how to get a reduced $130. half-day permit, instead of the usual $500. day fee at the time. We didn't mention that one crew member was an LAPD officer. Back the following day, permit in hand, though had to rent our grip gear once again. Commercial video can be tricky in that there may be releases, permits, and trademark issue you need to be aware. Best to do your homework.
1492 01/22/21 01:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Apocalypse almost

Yes, you can buy beer from vending machines in Japan. I've even bought Ramen from one outdoor vending machine. Public phones are still available, especially around markets and convenience stores like 7-11s in Japan Through crime may not be as prevalent as here, it does exist especially around commercial or tourist districts.
1492 01/19/21 10:42am Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

You mean the same folks that awarded PC Matic AV-TEST Award earlier last year? Past ratings are irrelevant? What matters is how effective is it in today's threat environment? Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), the predecessor to Defender used to be rated at the very bottom of AV software protection by, for which I would not consider using it. When Defender achieved top rating, I switched from BitDefender and Avira. I wonder if Defender tracks users...hmmm. Defender is not an add-on AV product. It's integrated in Windows OS. Just as Mac OSX has its own integrated AV. You disable user activity tracking for Windows, not Defender? Without independent verification, I would take anything a company claims about their product or practices with a grain of salt. You really don't know? About user tracking? Your internet service provider is already tracking your Net activity? So are your browsers? As is your email providers, unless you are running your own servers?
1492 01/18/21 01:23am Technology Corner
RE: Can't Print from MS Word, Excel etc.

Are you connected to the printer via USB cable or wireless?
1492 01/17/21 11:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

Let's just say, PCMatic has caught more "bad internet pages" (preventing my access) than Norton/McAffe and from reviews and independent tests, PC Matic bested other non US commie based malware/ransomware software companies. From which independent testing organizations? The only 'independent' security testing of PCMatic that I've been able to locate, found PCMatic scored well below industry average for 'real-world' threats than virtually all the top AV software including free MS Defender? Any AV software can and should score top ratings against known threats, the challenge being zero-day malware. I would never rely on commercial magazine reviews or commissioned expert testing as they have a vested interest in the results. False positives are not necessarily a bad thing. Better than AV software not finding an actual threat. It tells you should confirm with secondary security scanning. There is no such thing as one all encompassing security app. Especially, these days.
1492 01/17/21 10:28am Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

The IT security pros i know say use 3rd party AV. Norton has bailed me out several times! In my organization, all staff are allowed free 3rd party AV software for personal devices, which is included in our enterprise license. However, everyone in my IT office including myself all use MS Defender on our personal PCs. Based on our own office experience, and concerns about our AI based AV app. What's funny was when I first installed Office 365 (v19) suite on my personal desktop, we're allowed 10 free licenses on personal devices, I forgot to uncheck "apply my organization policy to this computer". I didn't realize that this included installing my company AV software. I quickly found out I couldn't uninstall it. So ended up re-imaging my desktop PC, so I could re-enable Defender.
1492 01/17/21 09:34am Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

Sorry, but this sounds very hopeless You're best protection is to be vigilant, and practice layered security approach.
1492 01/17/21 09:16am Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

I also use the free built-in MS Defender in WIN 10, which is now among the top rated AV software. Was not always the case in the past. I'd also recommend installing separate on-demand scanning software for secondary checks. You also need to promptly keep your OS, browsers, and apps updated with latest security updates as AV software won't necessarily protect you against these vulnerabilities. A layered approach to security is always advisable. I'd don't pay for AV software, as many of the top rated security apps have have had instances of serious vulnerabilities. This can be a problem, as AV software require elevated privileges to run on your system, which can allow a hacker exploiting a vulnerability to act as an admin, and potentially remote access, install malware, or keyloggers on your system.
1492 01/15/21 11:55am Technology Corner
RE: Apocalypse almost

OP brings up an interesting issue of alternative phone access should cell service not be available? Personally, I'm a stickler for backups, and use Verizon mobile as primary, and keep a minimal account on different smartphone with AT&T. If you can find internet access for laptop or tablet, you can use Google Voice account to make and receive free calls (VoIP) in U.S. This is what I do when teleworking, in that I make or take my calls from my computer when I'm working. Call my office or cell phone number, and it conveniently rings on my PC.
1492 01/15/21 11:05am Technology Corner
RE: I Was Stimulated Today

Are these stimulus payments still considered tax rebates? I have a feeling we are going to have to pay these back at some point in the future? :E During the first stimulus payments, I remember a line of people buying large HDTVs at super stores. Technically, I guess it is stimulating the economy, though not necessarily where its needed? I try to use my stimulus to focus on small or family businesses struggling as result of closure mandates.
1492 01/09/21 04:08pm Around the Campfire

I just updated my DW's computer to Microsoft Office Pro 2016. It works fine except that we cannot get Thunderbird to be our Default email client. If this were me, I'd backup my Thunderbird (TB) profile files and uninstall TB completely including existing profiles. Make sure to restart WIN 10. Re-install TB with the latest version, but "don't" setup any email accounts. Go back into WIN 10 default apps, and set TB as default email client. Click on any "mailto:" link and check if it brings up TB client? There won't be any accounts, so TB will ask you to set one up? You can then transfer your saved TB profile files and modify .ini file if necessary, which will restore your email accounts. Or set them up again following TB prompts. TB profile instructions on Mozilla's site.
1492 01/07/21 11:23am Technology Corner

OP said he did try to do so in Office 2016, but didn't work. Did work for me in 2019. Clicking mailto: links, or directly emailing an MS Word 2019 open file sends it to TB as default client.
1492 01/07/21 10:52am Technology Corner

I have no issue having both MS Outlook 2019 and Mozilla Thunderbird in WIN 10. I use TB for personal accounts, including some legacy email on AOL and GMail. Can't really say if the issue is with earlier versions, though working for me in Office 2019. I did have to go to Default apps in WIN 10, and select Thunderbird as default Email application which did work for me. "border='1'"
1492 01/07/21 10:09am Technology Corner
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