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RE: 87 percent file transfer

Running google but microsoft has loaded "one launch" recently which do not want at this time. As mentioned, OneLaunch is not a Microsoft product. Similar third party apps typically track your activity for marketing purposes.
1492 10/15/21 06:31am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

What graphics card are you currently running?
1492 10/07/21 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: New wireless provider??

Visible unlimited everything phone can be used as a Hotspot can be as little as $25 total per month. Is a division of Verizon so it has same coverage. Hmmmmm.....I wonder if they have plans for 5g? Visible (Verizon) 5G is included in the price so long as you use a compatible phone. I'm getting 115-140 Mbps download speeds with my iPhone 4G. BTW, it's quite easy to get the $25. month unlimited everything rate on Visible.
1492 09/28/21 08:01am Technology Corner
Protecting our pets from Covid?

Found out that 'all' the Lions and Tigers at National Zoo in DC have tested positive for Covid-19. Though its unlikely anyone here personally own lions/tigers, its serves as a reminder the need to be vigilant protecting our pets as Covid variants become increasingly virulent to not just humans. I don't know the status of vaccines available to pets, anyone invited to chime in?
1492 09/17/21 10:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

As long as you don't connect your WINXP PC to the internet, you can continue to use it with little risk. Connect to the net, then you've already been hacked regardless of what security software you have running. The question is if any of your other systems connected to the same router network have been compromised by using your WINXP machine as a gateway? We have some WIN7 machines running due to software requirements at work, but are restricted to their own DMZ network allowing only internet access while having no access to our internal network.
1492 09/15/21 11:28am Technology Corner
RE: Notify Moderator feature not working...?

Despite assurances that Good Sam IT has been notified of this issue, it appears they have not done anything to correct it. Which is dumbfounding, as its a simple and quick fix. Something anyone involved with basic server or software development should be able to do. The same that apparently has already been done on the Good Sam Club forums portal. Sorry, but there is nothing further the Mods/Admins can do?
1492 09/09/21 10:50am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: LOCAST Receives Unfavorable Court Rulling

Did you miss this part of the pertinent law? "...without charge to the recipients of the secondary transmission other than assessments necessary to defray the actual and reasonable costs of maintaining and operating the secondary transmission service." (emphasis added) Locast has dropped the 15 minute donation pleas though, at least during the legal proceedings. I think you hit on the key issue. It was not the copyright question driving the ruling, but the method Locast used to get the funds they need to support (or expand) their service. Non-profits have to be cautious not to appear operating like a for profit organization. Perhaps it would be better not to offer any free streaming version, but require all users to pay annual membership fee for access to defray their costs? Though this won't necessarily prevent filing lawsuits to kill the service.
1492 09/01/21 09:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

What's driving much of the eligible hardware requirements is to harden security. Cyber-criminals and hackers are exploiting Bios and CPU vulnerabilities that can allow injection and running malicious code, which no software based security can protect against. Thus requiring newer CPU and Bios chip systems. However, Microsoft is apparently not stopping you from 'manually' upgrading to Windows 11 with older systems. You just can't do so automatically from within Windows 10. Your system won't be as secure if you choose to do so. Not much different from installing no longer supported Windows 7, Vista, or XP now. Microsoft does not stop you from doing so. Especially, for those running software not compatible with newer Windows versions. Just allowing more pathways open to hackers.
1492 09/01/21 08:56pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T no more Wireless Home Phone

The AT&T WHP is not a 'land-line' as it is not wire connected. Ironically, I have this AT&T home phone router but never got to use it. AT&T cancelled the service to new customers shortly after I had acquired it. Bad timing? Instead, I used a VoIP provider w/E911 for a home phone which only costs a few dollars a month. However, the initial configuration involved manual setup which was not straightforward. It came with a default phone number at the plan's price, but VoIP settings allowed to configure a custom caller ID. Outbound calls displayed my home phone number, and not the actual number. Received calls would forward to the VoIP default number.
1492 09/01/21 08:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

Just checked my oldest DELL Vostro PC still being used with the latest MS PC Health Check tool, and the hardware is not eligible for Windows 11. Specifically, the Intel Core i7 processor - a 2012 biz desktop. Will just keep using WIN10, though have gotten my money's worth in any case. System processors may end up being the limiting factor for eligibility for WIN11 upgrades. My primary desktop a Dell Alienware 17" laptop w/TB Hub, and other notebooks are no older than a couple of years so should be eligible for WIN11. Though haven't run the hardware check on them yet.
1492 09/01/21 12:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

It's an optional upgrade to WIN11. Windows 10 Pro/Home will continue to be supported until Oct 14, 2025. doesn’t sound optional to me. Did you do look at Microsoft's WIN11 site? They state you can continue to use Windows 10 and "You do not have to upgrade to Windows 11. We will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025." They also state "The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems. However, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer. This end date will be no sooner than one year from general availability." Same model used by Apple? When a new MacOS version comes available for eligible hardware systems, they don't force you to upgrade.
1492 09/01/21 11:15am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T no more Wireless Home Phone

If you have home internet service, you can connect it to a Polycom adapter for unlimited calls using Google Voice. I believe you can still port your existing phone number to Google Voice if you don't want to use their number. You then just connect any cordless phone to the Polycom adapter using the standard phone jack for unlimited Free calls to U.S./Canada. Can also make/receive calls from your cell phone using the same home phone number.
1492 09/01/21 07:47am Technology Corner
RE: LOCAST Receives Unfavorable Court Rulling

Broadcasting is tied to various copyright/licensing agreements with producers/actors. Most continue to get paid %licensing or residuals each time their program airs in reruns based on specific markets. This is the reason, for instance, that each cast member of 'Friends' continue to receive a reported $20M per year, despite the last episode was in 2004. I had thought incorrectly LOCAST had some kind of license agreement with broadcasters, due to the way they were asking viewers to support them. Which appears what may end up doing them in?
1492 09/01/21 07:17am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 available on October 5

It's an optional upgrade to WIN11. Windows 10 Pro/Home will continue to be supported until Oct 14, 2025.
1492 09/01/21 06:46am Technology Corner
Windows 11 available on October 5

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be available as a FREE upgrade to WIN 10 users beginning October 5, 2021. The upgrade will be rolled out through 2022 to eligible PC hardware. Read the Microsoft blog article: Windows 11 available on October 5
1492 09/01/21 03:06am Technology Corner
RE: Does Consumer Cellular include a hot spot?

According to this article, "Although Consumer Cellular offers Wi-Fi Calling and Personal Hotspot, you have to ask the company’s customer service to enable them." "When you contact Consumer Cellular to get your SIM fully activated, I recommend requesting Wi-Fi Calling and Personal Hotspot at the same time. Not only will it save you another call, but it’ll also save a bit of hassle since you have to restart your iPhone each time a new feature is turned on. Also, when Consumer Cellular first activated Personal Hotspot, it turned off Wi-Fi Calling on my iPhone, and I had to turn it back on again in Settings."
1492 08/31/21 07:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung smart tv

I'd do what others have suggested and first swap out the cables. It could also be from a faulty tv input (HDMI?). So try switching to another available input. Did you also try unplugging the tv, not just power off/on which just puts it on standby. This should reboot the internal operating system, similar to smartphones. Has fixed many problems with my Vizio smart tv, including occasionally losing audio for no reason. Or not syncing with the correct picture format. Want's to display in Ultra Panavision now and then? :S Also, had one dead HDMI input. Not a fan of Vizio.
1492 08/30/21 09:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Crummy headlights - Can't see, need upgrade

I actually wanted to swap out the headlight housings on my SUV and downgrade to halogen instead of HIDs. Part of the reason was that my German made vehicle headlights were allowing internal moisture to accumulate, burning out more than one of the HID control modules at about $550. each. Replacing the HID headlamp housing was not a practical option as the part was $2,900. each, not including the control module. Used parts rarely appear and go fast. Part of reason for the high cost is that they're articulated lights, adjust based on turn. The HID option is one I now wish my SUV didn't have. Halogens were standard. Another problem is the onboard sensors will throw error codes if anything is modified. Not to mention requiring a different overpriced wiring harness which is difficult to access needing several panel disassembles. This is an SUV that can take 30 minutes to turn off vehicle service codes via software only, as it has too many sensors IMO. Change your tires, it throws annoying warnings until you reprogram or confirm the correct size. Low on windshield washer fluid, you get a huge annoying warning light/tone as if its about to blow up. A PITA at times. Bottom line, you need to do some research before even making what appears simple modifications, as you may not be aware how it effects other systems in your vehicle. Vehicles today have become too computer dependent making them complex for DIYer. The opening a can of worms syndrome. In my case, I ended up disassembling the factory headlamps fixing the issues, and have not had problems since.
1492 08/27/21 09:47pm Tech Issues

Not RVs, but I've bought two SUVs out of state in PA and DE, and never paid any sales taxes in those states. I paid the VA taxes once I titled the cars in my state. In general, you pay sales taxes in the state you title the vehicle. You wont be able to register to get tags until you do so. The other caveat you may have to be aware of is how long you have to register the vehicle after purchase. PA/DE provided 2-month temp tags. But VA requires vehicles to be registered in 30 days.
1492 08/27/21 08:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: photo size

The recommended forum photo posting size is up to 640x480 pix. Though a max 800x600 pix size is allowed. Here is your photo link: [img][/img] By adding width=640 after your link changes the photo display size proportionally: [img] width=640[/img] Your photo will now display like this: width=640 Note that this method only changes the display size of the photo, not the file size. It's preferred to resize the photo before posting which results in faster loading and uses less data. Many members are on limited mobile data plans.
1492 08/27/21 08:24pm Forum Posting Help and Support
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