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RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

How could DISH be able to do what Direct TV cannot if it relies on a federal law to be able to do it? I'm very confused by all of this.
2 Retired 08/07/20 11:52am Technology Corner
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

Doubt you will find any campground that will allow you to leave any dog unattended outside - simply not accepted (potential for problems is just too high). Most do not allow any dog left unattended at any time - even inside. That's because too many, unbeknown to the owner) DO bark! They are not in their normal habitat, surrounded by the unknown, experiencing different sensory elements than they are used to. It is far too common for 'dogs that don't bark' to be overwhelmed when in a campground. We have been RVing for over 45 years and far too often walk by a camper with a dog left inside (safely) and the poor thing is clearly overwhelmed.The barking, whining, crying is constant and sad. We were in a CG outside of Savannah with a very nice Motorhome next door. They had 2 dogs. When the couple left, the air conditioning was on, we could hear a radio/tv playing, and all the blinds were drawn. It took less than 2 minutes for the smaller dog to begin frantically running in laps around the windshield, behind the curtain covering the windows, looking terrified. It was barking, panting with it's tongue hanging out, desperately trying to find a way out. The larger dog was barking loudly as well - as if trying to tell the small one to 'chill', or because it too was becoming frightened. This continued for over 4 hours until the couple returned. We told them what had happened, and they proceeded to tell us we were 'wrong', that their dogs were 'used to being left alone in the rig' and that we had completely overreacted to the situation. The next day, right after they left, the exact same thing happened. This time, we contacted the CG management and asked them to witness what we were observing. When the couple returned, they again denied reality. Their dogs 'were good dogs who had no problem being alone'. The couple was told that was not the case and were warned not to leave them alone again or they would be asked/told to leave. Yep, day 3, same as days 1 & 2. This time, the management checked on their own when they realized the couple's toad was not at the site. The poor dogs were again agitated. When the couple returned, they were told to leave. They were very, very angry at us for 'lying' and continued to deny the truth. I cannot imagine this exact scenario did not repeat itself elsewhere! Very few dog owners are so arrogant, so ignorant or so rude. Most care deeply for the welfare of their beloved pets and we have never experienced any like this couple at any other time. Many ask if their pets barked while they were away. If we heard them do so, we were honest. No one else has ever had a problem with that. I might suggest that you do a 'trial run' with your dog if possible. Open up the camper, go inside with him/her, and then leave the dog there. Be out of sight, or maybe ask a neighbor to check after you actually leave. Sitting outside the RV with the dog inside may not be enough of a test. If the dog reacts positively, doesn't bark, seem agitated or upset, you could well be fine. He will be in a different environment, and you can determine how he will react. Just a thought.
2 Retired 07/28/20 10:26am Beginning RVing
RE: 100 days till snowbirding........ maybe not

Tequila, very, very sorry for the loss of your friend. Covid-19 is so unpredictable, apparently very contagious, and, in far too many cases, too dangerous to not take seriously. Thank you for sharing your heartbreak. A word of reality helps us all proceed with the utmost awareness and caution.
2 Retired 07/28/20 10:04am Snowbirds
RE: Savannah, GA or lower SC along I-95

Stopping to check out Savannah or just for an overnight? If just overnight, very close to I 95 is this: If you're planning on going into Savannah, try Red Gate Campground, just outside the city. We always UBER in and out, only about $12 each way. Sites are level (not paved) and access is great.
2 Retired 07/21/20 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

We have one and use it often. DH says it makes the whole process of unhooking much easier, and as others have said, more and more CGs have raised the sewer piping. It's very simple to use and have never had a problem. It takes up so little room don't know why it would be trouble to have.
2 Retired 07/15/20 06:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Are campgrounds more crowded or is it just me?

Its always been like that in most state parks in SC, particularly in the ones near any body of water! "Peak time" is even more PEAK than ever! We now live in Va, and almost nothing anywhere, public or private CG, is available on weekends. Fortunately, we are retired and can enjoy better chances for a site during the week. As land values rise along with property taxes (particularly in the Midwest and Northeast) maintaining a campground is getting too costly for many owners. Fewer parks, fewer sites. Combine that with the current interest in privacy while traveling, the RV industry is in boom! More rigs, less site availability. Yes, it is almost everywhere.
2 Retired 07/07/20 10:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you keep in your camper.

Agree with regular bedding instead of bags. Too bulky and too hard to clean. We have been RVing for over 45 years, and I am certain I keep far more than I need in our RV. Eating utensils for all who would normally be there - You can decide if you want to keep washable versions or rely solely on paper for this; One each - frying pan (lg & sm), big pot, small pot; zip lock bags for everything; if you have one, cooking vessels for a microwave; coffee cup for each who would usually camp in rig; plastic glasses for drinks; paper products (T paper, paper towels, paper plates, paper bowls); a colander; if needed, a cork screw; plastic wrap & aluminum foil; a fire extinguisher; one-cup coffee pot; spatula, long fork,small whisk,slotted and large spoon (typical starter set for a kitchen); larger bowl for mixing things; Trying to think of what I always use. I cook often in my RV, but many people don't. If you aren't planning to cook most meals, you may not need what I have listed. Store as many things inside other things as possible. A sharp knife; a cutting board; a portable grill; collapsible chairs for the campfire; a tool box with basic tools (if you're able to actually do repairs beyond the simple things, this would obviously contain far more than screwdriver, hammer, plyers! You'll figure you what the basics are for an RV as you borrow from others as you need them!); Outdoor extension cord; lights for the awning (if you want); mat for under the awning (wouldn't go anywhere w/o one); small table for outdoors(not all RV parks have decent tables, some none at all); I keep basic spices/seasonings in the RV (salt, pepper, etc); a few basic foodstuffs (can of soup, pasta,sauce, etc) for those overnight stops on the way to destination). We also keep basic clothing in the rig. Hoodie, rain poncho, underwear for 2 days, shorts/jeans/shirts for several days. Every trip we pack more. Also keep sandals/sneakers in RV. We both also have warm jackets for those chilly nights by the fire. Over the years I have determined that it is just easier for me to go food shopping after we reach our destination, right after we finish hooking up.That way, I only buy what we will use for that particular trip. Far less to move in and out of the RV. I do usually take condiments from home, placing them in smaller containers with tight lids. Don't want small bottles taking up space in my fridge at home when we're back! You'll find that you will begin to accumulate things, or find out you do or don't need items as you use your RV more. It's a never ending life experience! DH and I absolutely travel with far more than we need. Every once in a while we go through everything, make changes, and start the whole process all over again! Part of the game! Trial and error, and no two RVs are packed the same! Whatever works for you depending on how you will be using it. Hope this gives you some ideas.
2 Retired 07/07/20 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

Yes, they always have rattles. Generally, you can dissipate the noise level by making sure everything is as secure as possible (windows totally closed, pots & pans not touching, etc). The better one stores things, the less noise. It takes time to figure the source of each sound, but then it's relatively easy to find a solution. Yes, RVs are big metal boxes filled with so many different things! The quality of the road, the quality of the materials used to make the RV, the way one drives it, so many different reasons for noises. We have been RVing for over 45 years, and have never had a ride in our RVs anywhere near as quiet as in our cars - the nature of the beast. BUT - we've always been able to have a conversation while driving!
2 Retired 07/07/20 09:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: shower head

Oxygenics X5 So much more water pressure and so much less water used! we have used electrical tape wrapped around our propane hoses. Seems to help.
2 Retired 06/30/20 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Should I connect my sewer line when camping?

We've been RVing for over 40 years and never gave much thought to your question! If we are stopping for just 1 night, we rarely hook up the sewer, unless we needed to dump, of course. Any longer than 2 nights, it's always hooked up in the beginning and we leave the grey water open - until the night before we are leaving so there is some water to help clean the black tank excess in the hose.
2 Retired 06/30/20 11:54am Beginning RVing
RE: slide vs no slide

Have been RVing for over 45 years, and once we got one with a slide, I understood the appeal. We will NEVER get another rig without at least one! Even had a pop-up with a slide out kitchen area! Other suggestions are spot on about being certain you can access everywhere when slide is in! Some rigs close up and bathroom/bedroom/fridge are no longer in play. We have only twice had a problem with slide not working properly in over 20 years and several different RVs. The extra interior room is wonderful - and would be great for extended family or friends. Very easy to operate, just be certain rig is level before opening or closing.
2 Retired 06/27/20 08:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Campground recommendations for the FL panhandle

try for campers' opinions and experiences in the area you're looking at. We use it whenever we are going to an area we have never been before.
2 Retired 06/27/20 07:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Toll roads or not

Lived in the NE for many years. For the type of travel you are planning, would definitely "bite the bullet" and get an EZ Pass for the Interstates and bridges. There are discounts for using it, and the time and traffic you will save makes it a far less stressful. The earlier suggestion for fueling is also significant. Too many fuel stations along the 'back roads' are not accessible for our 34'MH, towing our car. If you enjoy meandering, and don't mind heavy traffic, with many stop and go situations, by all means stay on local roads. If you are planning to deal with any of the many major cities, definitely pay the tolls. Just our experience
2 Retired 06/26/20 08:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Parking RV at home

All above advice is what I would suggest. In addition, check with local ordinances or HMO rules (if applicable) to find out any restrictions/rules on RV parking at home. Some towns require RV's and boats if stored at home meet existing setbacks, others don't care. Some communities require them to be stored on concrete, asphalt, brick driveways, etc. while some don't allow it at all. Just a phone call usually needed if you haven't already done that. Enjoy RVing!
2 Retired 06/14/20 11:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Where to RV on East Coast

The Pocono Mt. REgion of Pa might be interesting to you. I know one large CG, Otter Lake CG in the Stroudsburg area is literally on a huge lake with swimming, fishing, etc. available. There are other options as well. The Northwest region of NJ is also possible, with lakefront Campgrounds in the area as well. Might want to check out the Lancaster County, Pa region too. The area has numerous campgrounds, unique communities and attractions (it "Amish Country", and Hershey Park is nearby). None of those areas is very far from you at all, I don't think. You can look at for info on campgrounds and descriptions so you might find something enjoyable. I would agree with others who suggest not going too far from home. Sounds like this will be a 'first time' adventure for the family and it may turn out to be too different for some! Also suggest you take notes, literally, when given instructions when renting the RV, and absolutely don't hesitate to seek help when you set up or take down the rig at the CG! Campers are generally very helpful people!
2 Retired 06/14/20 10:02am Beginning RVing
RE: Traveling substitute teacher in retirement?

Cost of living while full timing varies greatly, as others have explained. Monthly site costs differ from daily ones, but you would have to plan ahead for that as not all CGs offer monthly site,and costs for electricity, (often separate fee for monthlys), dependable Internet, etc can or can't be included. Being certified to substitute varies greatly from state to state, even district to district. All require background checks, and it costs separately for each district - can't just get it done once,I don't think. Often this job is no longer done by schools but subcontracted out to private companies, district by district, so you would need to get on each list. Pay varies GREATLY district by district as well. The better the pay, the less likely you could get called - everyone wants to work there! Don't know if you have ever done sub work before, but it is NOTHING as ALL like having your own class. I taught for almost 30 years (high school) and took 5 years off in the middle to 'play mommy'. I then subbed for almost 2 years before I could get a permanent position - mostly in the same school system I had previously taught in. Students do not respond to a temporary teacher the way they do to 'their own'. It's natural. You aren't expected (and often not allowed) to actually teach. Do what the teacher left for you! You often do not get the kind of support concerning necessary discipline you would if the kids were 'yours'. You don't have a reputation - administrators don't know how you actually deal with kids. I was a known commodity, and generally had few problems, but I was still seen as 'just filling in' until the 'real teacher' came back. Add to that the idea that you want to keep on traveling every 3 or 4 months - each time you would have to start over. Bottom line, from my experience, not something I could recommend.
2 Retired 06/07/20 02:15pm Full-time RVing
RE: North thru/around Wasington DC

Agree with Ford Truck Guy. We made the trek from Florida to NJ many times and ALWAYS avoided 95 between Petersburg, Va and the Philly area. Pick up I295 near Petersburg, then hook back up with I 95 for a short time, exiting at # 104 (Rt. 207) Takes you to US 301 North. Ride that to Delaware Rt 1 (NOT US 1) which will connect you to I 95 and the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Have not taken the RV beyond the Jersey Shore, so others may have a better route once in NJ. Be safe! You will DEFINITELY benefit from using an EZ Pass once you enter the Northeast (Virginia and up).
2 Retired 06/03/20 12:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Why are people not opening new campgrounds/RV parks?

Don't forget the taxes - property, income, capital gains, etc. Land values in many parts of the U S A are skyrocketing, and the 'highest and best use' of land is almost never an RV Park! In the Myrtle Beach area, where it seems everyone goes for vacation and many in RVs, parks are packed - but as far as I know only 1 new one in many years - and it's almost in North Carolina! The land is just too useful for new housing projects and commercial use.
2 Retired 06/03/20 11:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
need new tires

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30081376
2 Retired 05/11/20 11:23am Class C Motorhomes
need new tires

Dry rot has forced us to accept the need for new tires. Class A, 32' 2006 Georgie Boy Pursuit. Current have R245/70R19.5 (H) on it. Lasted only less than 6 years with less than 20,000 miles on them. They sat too long in the sun, for sure. Suggestions on which tires to buy w/o breaking the bank. Looking at some brands in the $180-225 per tire range Several J, 18 ply, most, like what we have now, H with 16 Ply. Costs quotes is just per tire, not mounted, aligned, etc. Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
2 Retired 05/11/20 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
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