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RV parks around Chattanooga and Vicksburg

Hopefully DH and I will make our long put-off trip to explore the "Western Theater" of the Civil War this Fall, maybe next Spring. Starting near Fredricksburg, Va. Want to go to Shiloh, Vicksburg, and then follow Sherman as he went East. Also want to explore Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain. Anyone done this? If so, any suggestions as to roads to take, where to stay? State parks OK. No boondocking wanted. Plan on making it a month long experience. Any other 'don't miss', 'don't bother' or 'must sees'? Hoping to pick your brains! We also have access to military campgrounds, and are Passport America members. Whatever info you share will be greatly appreciated. Traveling in a 33' Class A, with toad. We're both almost 70 and not really into a lot of physical activity, but love to wander!
2 Retired 04/15/21 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Is a toad necessary with a small motor home?

Another thought - our toads have always been 4 on the ground vehicles. Right now it's a 2012 Ford Fiesta (automatic transmission). It is much easier to do it this way than to deal with a tow dolly - for so many reasons. We got one several years ago, DH used it once! Just too much of an effort! It has never really been hard to find a vehicle that can be towed this way, and it takes us less than 5 minutes to hook up or to unhook.
2 Retired 03/13/21 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is a toad necessary with a small motor home?

Back to the original question! I think the 'need' for a toad depends on your plans while on the road. If you are one who goes to a CG as a destination, content to mostly take advantage of what it has to offer, no toad is fine. If, like us, we travel to explore, wander and enjoy other parts of the country, a toad is essential. We love being in a CG, but almost every day we leave it and discover what else is around where we are. I'm a retired history teacher and use our RV as a 'base' for seeing America as much as we can. We have been RVing for over 45 years and have had almost every kind of RV made. When we 'moved up' to a Class C,and now to our Class A, a toad was always part of our rig. We're happiest that way. As DH tells everyone - we get between 7-8 MPG with our rig, toad or no toad. He so often says he doesn't even notice if it's there - just remember you can't back up with it attached! The only major concern we address is the process of getting gas. Mostly we use Flying J/Pilot (great discounts!) or other travel centers where its not a problem. We have never encountered a real problem with that. Again, I think it all depends on what you want to do once you reach your destination.
2 Retired 03/13/21 08:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: from I 295 S to I 95 S Richmond/Petersburg area in Va

2 Retired 03/11/21 10:49am Roads and Routes
from I 295 S to I 95 S Richmond/Petersburg area in Va

DH and I are setting out tomorrow. We generally hook up to I 95 S via I 295 S in Virginia, missing Richmond/Petersburg Traffic. This trip need to take I 85 South from that area instead of staying on I 95. Any experience on how to best get from I 295 S to I 85 S in that area? in a car, not the RV this time. Thanks.
2 Retired 01/31/21 11:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Key West or Out West

We've been to the Outer Banks numerous times, but never with the RV. There are numerous options on what to do if your family likes the water, fishing, water sports, etc. Even a great kite ship (Kligs) near Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head - its the biggest natural sand dune in the world! Get an awesome kite at Kligs and climb the dune to use it! You'll find out why the Wright Brothers picked here to experiment with flying! Interesting things to see as well - several great lighthouses to visit, (Hatteras is the most well known, but several others) Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers' Museum (If you go there, make it a point to visit this!) and so many really great places to eat - most of them affordable! We love Mama Kwan's, The Black Pelican, Blue Moon (gets really crowded fast!), Red Drum, and for breakfast, Sam & Omie's! All of these places are within a dozen or so miles of Nags Head. If you're adventurous and particularly if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you can go north to Corolla and drive on the beach for miles - there are houses up there! Just be certain to let some air out of your tires and be alert for really soft sand - costs a fortune to be towed out!! South of Hatteras is Avon and Frisco - beautiful wind-swept area. There's a ferry across to Ocracoke but I know it was severely damaged during one recent storm. Might need to check if it's open for operation. That could be a good day trip for the family. OBX is a great place to just relax as well. Just one thing to remember - it is ALWAYS WINDY in OBX! Whatever you decide to do, might want to check out for information from other RVers about campgrounds in the areas you wish to visit. I have used this site for years and have found it to be very useful. Enjoy, be safe, and create many great 'forever' memories!
2 Retired 01/29/21 09:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Key West or Out West

I just finished planning our month-long 'voyage' South from Va yesterday. We have a 35'Class A. We start out from home (north of Richmond) and will be going to SC (Myrtle Beach to visit friends) then to Savannah (because we love it) then to Florida - both coasts- to visit with more friends. Back to Charleston, then home. Originally I wasn't looking into many reservations - like the ability to easily change plans. While checking on CGs in Florida, I discovered so many of them have absolutely nothing available for the time-frame of our trip (winter, so snow-birds!) or they had 2 week or 1 month minimum stays! Even the state parks (which we prefer) were full, only partially open, or sites were too small for our RV. It took me several days to even find a park that had a site available and that would allow a short-term stay! Each of them 'strongly suggested' a reservation - could not promise a site without one -. Fortunately, several of these had changed to a 'no penalty' policy for cancellations! We prefer state, federal or county parks, but none I looked at had anything at all - several were closed due to Covid. Our trip will now be a bit more 'planned' than we generally like, with the reservations, but at least I know we won't be boondocking! Not my favorite way to travel! Enjoy your trip and create some great all-time experiences for your children!!
2 Retired 01/27/21 07:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Key West or Out West

I second the idea that Key West is far more for adults than kids. We've been there twice, love it for a couple of days, but definitely would choose another destination if we had our grandkids with us. The town is all about bar-hopping, food and night-time fun. Yes, there are some things for a family to enjoy, and a trip to the Dry Tortugas would be a definite "must do" for the whole family, but Key West from our experience is a Mecca for party-seekers. The trip to get there is exhausting! Single-lane drive for the length of the keys (which is much longer than it looks on a map!) - both times we went with heavy, heavy traffic! Not enjoyable or relaxing at all! Seeing the ages of your children, I would "go West, young man!" You live on the East Coast, and can always enjoy that, but a trip West with the kids should create some "forever memories"! Just my thoughts.
2 Retired 01/27/21 06:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mass Pike Boston to Venice FL

Do not know how you are planning to avoid 95 through NYC and North Jersey, but IF you find yourself crossing over the Delaware Memorial Bridge into Delaware, there is an excellent opportunity to totally avoid Baltimore, Washington DC and Richmond traffic. Once you cross the bridge, Its I 295, which merges into I 95 S for a very short while. Just stay right after the toll and pick up Delaware Rt 1 to US Rt 301 (It's a toll road for a short while - the new section which bypasses a lot of local traffic -f or us its worth every penny). Stay on US 301 South through Delaware and Maryland. You'll cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (NOT the Bridge Tunnel) Continue onto 301. It will merge with U S 50. When they split, stay on US 301 South. You will cross into Va on the "Nice Bridge" (not really so nice in an RV, but we've done it numerous times in our Class A!) Continue on 301 South to Bowling Green, Va - You'll pick up Va RT 207 there (a sign for I 95 is visible). Follow that for about 10 miles to I 95 South around exit 104 (Reuther Glen). Take that to I 295 S, exit 84 towards Mechanicsville. That will take you around both Richmond and Petersburg. Driving through Richmond on I95 in an RV is not something I would ever suggest! 295 merges back into 95 S around exit 46. Don't know if this is helpful, but it's the way we always went when we lived on the Jersey Shore. You miss all of the Baltimore/DC/Richmond/Petersburg traffic.
2 Retired 01/21/21 11:41am Roads and Routes
RE: RVing with a parrot

Cannot testify as to the quality of any of these options, but they are all free from toxic chemicals: \
2 Retired 01/20/21 01:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Suggestions for rest of Florida trip in Feb

Thanks everyone!
2 Retired 01/19/21 11:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Suggestions for rest of Florida trip in Feb

DH and I are basically touring Florida in February. So far so good with reservations! Will be in J'Ville, St Augustine, Stuart, over to FT Myers and then to Tampa/ST Pete - mostly using the RV to visit friends all over the state. Where to next? We have at least 3 more weeks to wander! Have been to Pensacola area (open to any other suggestions on the panhandle) and don't want to do Disney at this time. I am a history buff and DH goes along with almost anything. We are NOT into a lot of outdoors activities, but will walk for a purpose! Will be wandering in a 34'Class A with toad. Would like to make a 'loop' that will take us back towards home in Virginia . Thought about going up into Georgia, but not sure where to go there. Wondered about Atlanta, but many have suggested it's too congested and not worth a visit. Open to any places you may have gone along the way that you found worth a stop. Campground suggestions also welcome. Thanks in advance. Pam Hyatt
2 Retired 01/14/21 01:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: St Augustine Campgrounds

Thanks everyone. Made our reservations at Compass RV Resort. A little out of the way, but that's to our liking. Appreciate the quick responses and suggestions.
2 Retired 01/14/21 01:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
St Augustine Campgrounds

DH and I have a 2006 Class A in good shape. Looking for a spot for several nights in St Augustine area. Anastasia SP has nothing available. Most CGs are pricy. Looking at Stagecoach, but their website seems to be anxious about any RV over 10 years old. Am I reading something into this, or do they actually enforce this policy (know some places do). There is nothing at all unattractive or "grody" about our RV. It was simply made in 2006! It's clean, well kept and acceptable to everyone who sees it. Please advise if you know about their policy, and if you can suggest another park. Thanks.
2 Retired 01/13/21 07:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: February trip south on the East Coast

Ken56 is absolutely right! Angelos in Montross is about the only good choice. There is a place called Yesterdays (we don't enjoy it) and a small Mexican Restaurant that has some good choices, but Angelo's is honestly the only place in Montross I could recommend. Colonial Beach has several, including Suki's, a great Thai place with awesome Pad Tai! January 6th - an area update. Covid is running wild in our county, particularly in Colonial Beach. Would suggest not visiting now if that's possible.
2 Retired 12/22/20 11:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
February trip south on the East Coast

DH and I are planning a trip this February from Virginia down to SC (Myrtle Beach), then Savannah to St Augustine. We have not planned after that. Welcoming suggestions where to go next! Thinking of Florida West Coast, maybe Atlanta. Any other suggestions? Traveling in a 34'Class A with toad. Love history, not into anything physically demanding. Thanks for your help!
2 Retired 12/15/20 07:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When a sale is not a sale

Very sorry for your loss. Tell the buyer not to contact you again. The deal is off - because there was no $ exchanged, never a promise you would bring the rig to him, or deny him the opportunity to see it. He's either lying or just plain wrong about the credit union!
2 Retired 12/13/20 12:19pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Reservations

In response to making multiple-reservations for the same night's stay - that's the problem. It's hard enough to find a spot when traveling now, with so many newbies finding RV travel preferable to staying in hotels. Campgrounds are overcrowded, and many have a 'reservation only' policy. Empty sites are a challenge to find. When one RVer makes several different reservations for the same night, other's are denied the opportunity. Decide ahead how far you want to go, how many hours you want to drive, and stay near there! Planning works wonders! Of course situations may change (bad weather, heavy traffic, etc) and cancelling a planned reservation in that instance is necessary. We would never make several reservations for the same night at different campgrounds. We feel it is selfish.
2 Retired 11/18/20 11:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Reservations

strongly agree with those who make reservations, particularly in light of today's reality. So many CGs are using "reservation only" policies. Most we have contacted have significantly reduced cancellation fees, or eliminated them alltogether as well. Safe travels.
2 Retired 11/18/20 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

We winter camped in the Poconos for a number of years. Had our RV on a permanent site. The water at the site was turned off, so no water ran through out water pipes, which we had drained before the cold weather hit. We also made certain all plugs were left open. We did use the drains of the sinks, and also the toilet (used gallon bottles of water to flush). At the end of each weekend, we would dump at our sewered site, and after closing the levers drop a gallon of cheap windshield washer fluid down each drain and the toilet to protect the levers from freezing shut. It worked perfectly. We would never leave any chance for water to freeze in the pipes. We used a large 60 cup coffee maker for our hot water and a 2.5 gallon plastic jug with a petcock on it for our cold water needs. Worked like a charm.
2 Retired 11/14/20 04:05pm General RVing Issues
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