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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

WOW! WOW! Great Picture! Winter came with a flurry last night and today. It dropped about 10 inches and we will get more tonight.
2 many 2 12/01/20 05:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Water pressure regulator question (yet another)

NEVER use more than 1 pressure regulator at a time. Adding an extra will indeed diminish flow and pressure. I have a hook up at work to demonstrate this. I connect a standard in line RV regulator to the end of the shop hose(shop about 65 psi). I then add the 2nd and then 3rd Regulator and the customer sees that the volume pressure is almost none. MY preference is to have the Water Regulator(adjustable) at the CG faucet to help protect my potable feed hose from the sun and excess pressure. Doug This is the correct answer, unfortunately, if you do a search with that regulator for leaks, you will find that it is a plastic Chinese multi piece assembly that is notorious for leaking at the seams. This happened to me as well as many others, the best solution is to gut the face plate, install a solid metal inlet fitting in the original faceplate and start using a pressure regulator at the supply faucet as suggested.
2 many 2 11/02/20 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Temporary "driveway" over grass?

I agree with jrobert, I use to drive across the grass at my old place all the time, no problem unless there is a lot of rain. Another idea there is a grid you can lay do and fill with dirt and plant grass and mow as part of your yard. The grid supports the weight of the vehicle even when it is wet. Here is an Amazon link with several designs to pick from. This was the first thing I thought of, I knew someone that did it and it worked.
2 many 2 11/02/20 05:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Christmas where???

STAY HOME! Tell everyone you are going to be gone on vacation! Have a great time, Barbecue, Grill, Go out to Dinner, Drink everything you want! Order Pizza everyday :B Do not answer the phone and enjoy yourself! Family and relatives have a place and a time.....:E
2 many 2 08/31/20 04:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Advice needed -90s Tioga

Chum Lee Said: "In 9 years, now at 90,000 miles I've spent more on it (maintenance/repairs) than the purchase price and I do most of the work/repairs myself. No fantasy, just reality." This is a very intelligent statement, my experience was exactly the same. I had a great time, learned a lot too, but you have to be prepared for "reality" Best of luck!
2 many 2 08/26/20 09:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Advice needed -90s Tioga

I owned that era RV for ten years when it was between twenty and thirty years old. I am positive it's actual market value is about $4000 max, probably more like $2500. You will never get the dash A/C to work properly unless you replace the entire setup with new components for around 3-5K depending on who does it. Simply converting to the new chemical is a band-aid fix at best. The only place to get parts for the steering will be a junk yard. It also probably burns twice that amount of oil, I personally would not take that RV for free. Sorry for the bad news, just being honest, I hope I am wrong and others will chime in with a more positive outlook. Best of luck
2 many 2 08/26/20 05:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I need some advise. My 16 year old Shih Tzu Cookie was having s a few months ago so I took her to the Vet. She was prescribed some meds, Pimobendan and Furosemide which stopped the seizures until last Thursday evening when she had another seizure, it didn't last as long as the previous ones. Friday morning before I could call our Vet she fell over on her side and had another one and this time she also peed. I called the Vet and took her right in where she was examined, had blood work and Xrays. Her heart was enlarged which started a few years ago and she takes Enalapril twice a day for that. The Xrays show that her Kidney is also enlarging and her Liver is also enlarging. For this she is now taking Denamarin 1/4 tab once a day. The Vet says she may have Liver Cancer starting also. Her Furosemide was reduced to only 1/2 pill a day. Here's my questions, I don't think she is in pain but she is slow moving and sleeps all day. I don't want her to suffer, should I have her put down now or just wait until I can see if she is in pain and then have it done. When I do this I am thinking of cremation and having her Urn in my living room, but my Wife doesn't want that as it would bother her to see it every day. I could have her ashes placed with other pets and disbursed in an Orchard. I don't know what to do when the time comes, keep the Urn or let them disburse her ashes? I have never been this close to any of the pets I've had over the years. What would you all do? What ever you decide I know it will be in your pets best interest. We had a small-dog, 15 years old, that started having seizures. After having dogs of all sizes for over thirty years that was the hardest thing I ever had to watch. You are pretty helpless watching the episode. Best of luck, it is a bad deal all around but I know you will do your best.
2 many 2 08/24/20 07:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Atwood thermal cut-off issue

Wow Doug! The Electrode is the load to the circuit and can easily cause a fuse to blow. I NEVER said there was a short. You did. I have worked in electronics for 35 years. I do not confess to being an expert but I have seen some odd issues that could not be completely explained without the proper testing equipment. This was one of those. It was a "Best Guess". Except the fact that it is working. The control module may have an under lying issue but until it goes out completely I will except what I have. You should too and quit being so negative. :E
2 many 2 08/22/20 05:20am Tech Issues
RE: Strange sounds from the kitchen sink

Welcome back OB, glad to see you are on a roll again :B
2 many 2 08/05/20 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

How are you doing, Richard? We haven't had an update in a bit. I hope things are improving and you are doing well. I continue to include you in my prayers. Dale X2
2 many 2 08/02/20 05:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

"Maybe I should go into RV sales. Then there would be at least one honest, knowledgeable salesman in the business" My wife told me I should do this as well. I told her I would not last a week :B
2 many 2 07/30/20 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

The description "Liar" is okay with me :B
2 many 2 07/30/20 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I hope the grand opening ceremony for the animal shelter includes some pictures of the Old Fella statue and all the bricks. That would be really neat :C So would the picture of Old Fella looking up at Richard. That picture says it all. That picture should be the first thing shown and presented. Wasn't that picture made into a T-Shirt once?
2 many 2 07/28/20 05:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I hope the grand opening ceremony for the animal shelter includes some pictures of the Old Fella statue and all the bricks. That would be really neat :C
2 many 2 07/27/20 06:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

If the OP is hooked up to city water and the water hose is in the sun, that sun heated water could be getting to the toilet. OP would have to pump allot of water into that black tank to get it up to "steaming". All of the reply's that are picking on me are correct, I was just throwing out another idea that had not been mentioned, just in case the OP was confused with warmer water in the bowl instead of the tank. I have heard of people that thought their faucet water was hooked up to hot water instead of cold, just to find out that it was hot or warmer water coming from the fresh water hose in the sun. :E I am still anxiously awaiting the final outcome. Very interesting Best of luck to everyone :B
2 many 2 07/23/20 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

No city water, out in the bush. Not tank heaters, 65 degrees outside, no furnace on inside. Will go underneath soon, just need time to do it Wow, This is a good one. I can't wait to hear the outcome. Best of luck............
2 many 2 07/22/20 07:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

If the OP is hooked up to city water and the water hose is in the sun, that sun heated water could be getting to the toilet.
2 many 2 07/22/20 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

I think you answered your question. I don’t believe there is a better hitch available for sway control than the Equalizer 4 point. X2 been very pleased with mine X3 :B
2 many 2 07/10/20 07:56am Towing
RE: Buying RV that's been stored

Expecting to jump in and drive a twenty year old RV with complete reliability regardless of storage or use history is not a working concept. Sorry. :(
2 many 2 07/03/20 11:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed new kitchen faucet.. success

"I took the rest of the day off to celebrate" :B
2 many 2 06/28/20 01:58pm General RVing Issues
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