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RE: Strange sounds from the kitchen sink

Welcome back OB, glad to see you are on a roll again :B
2 many 2 08/05/20 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

How are you doing, Richard? We haven't had an update in a bit. I hope things are improving and you are doing well. I continue to include you in my prayers. Dale X2
2 many 2 08/02/20 05:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

"Maybe I should go into RV sales. Then there would be at least one honest, knowledgeable salesman in the business" My wife told me I should do this as well. I told her I would not last a week :B
2 many 2 07/30/20 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

The description "Liar" is okay with me :B
2 many 2 07/30/20 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I hope the grand opening ceremony for the animal shelter includes some pictures of the Old Fella statue and all the bricks. That would be really neat :C So would the picture of Old Fella looking up at Richard. That picture says it all. That picture should be the first thing shown and presented. Wasn't that picture made into a T-Shirt once?
2 many 2 07/28/20 05:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I hope the grand opening ceremony for the animal shelter includes some pictures of the Old Fella statue and all the bricks. That would be really neat :C
2 many 2 07/27/20 06:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

If the OP is hooked up to city water and the water hose is in the sun, that sun heated water could be getting to the toilet. OP would have to pump allot of water into that black tank to get it up to "steaming". All of the reply's that are picking on me are correct, I was just throwing out another idea that had not been mentioned, just in case the OP was confused with warmer water in the bowl instead of the tank. I have heard of people that thought their faucet water was hooked up to hot water instead of cold, just to find out that it was hot or warmer water coming from the fresh water hose in the sun. :E I am still anxiously awaiting the final outcome. Very interesting Best of luck to everyone :B
2 many 2 07/23/20 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

No city water, out in the bush. Not tank heaters, 65 degrees outside, no furnace on inside. Will go underneath soon, just need time to do it Wow, This is a good one. I can't wait to hear the outcome. Best of luck............
2 many 2 07/22/20 07:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper black water tank fluid heats up

If the OP is hooked up to city water and the water hose is in the sun, that sun heated water could be getting to the toilet.
2 many 2 07/22/20 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

I think you answered your question. I don’t believe there is a better hitch available for sway control than the Equalizer 4 point. X2 been very pleased with mine X3 :B
2 many 2 07/10/20 07:56am Towing
RE: Buying RV that's been stored

Expecting to jump in and drive a twenty year old RV with complete reliability regardless of storage or use history is not a working concept. Sorry. :(
2 many 2 07/03/20 11:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed new kitchen faucet.. success

"I took the rest of the day off to celebrate" :B
2 many 2 06/28/20 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ideal hitch weight for 2020 RAM

The GVWR on that TT is 8K which will put your hitch weight around 1040 lbs - 8000 * 13%. The brochure weight is fiction. Tour tow vehicle's payload is going to really limit you. My experience is that it will be closer to 1100 or more :E Check your hitch, it may not be rated for that much weight.
2 many 2 06/16/20 07:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Bathroom floor discoloring

I have seen this appearance on some vinyl flooring that had a reaction from the adhesive that was used to glue it down. If this is the case, it is a darn shame, but at least it is better than water damage.
2 many 2 06/07/20 04:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We have had three reservations canceled, this is the longest our trailer had ever been parked :(
2 many 2 06/03/20 10:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Should I carry a spare tire?

Personally I carry a spare tire, on a wheel, mounted and inflated, and I also carry the USA made jack/wrench/breaker bar to replace it in an emergency. My 2019 rig did not come with a space, jack or wrench. It was expensive to add and it sucked to spend the money on that. In my opinion it was required so there was no debate. I'm maybe $1k into an OEM Ford wheel, a tire to match the others, a USA valve stem, mount/blanace, a bottle jack, a 36" breaker bar, and a USA made 6 pt socket. I am 16". In a real emergency I feel like I could change a tire and get us back on the road. If it weren't a real eemergency or I was in cell phone range, I would call a service truck and let them wrestle the tire in. But in a punch I feel like I could do it, and I sleep better because of that. Either way, no one is going to tell me they are out of stock because I have it. It is $1300, suck it up and do it. What did your rig cost? Just do it. That is my opinion. This is what I have been doing for fifty years. I do not want to be at the mercy of anyone else unless I absolutely have to. With today's modern technology, I do not know why anyone would pay an annual fee to an ERS just for the opportunity to argue with a middle man.
2 many 2 05/22/20 01:27am Tech Issues
RE: Rear Window Pass Through Boot

Could you get a big old inner tube, carefully position it and inflate it? Years ago this is what I did to get some A/C back to my dogs in a truck shell. The space was very narrow so I used a bicycle inner tube. I just carried it behind the seat with a very small bike hand pump and put it in when I needed it. Cracking a window in the camper shell seemed to help draw the cold air back there. It was waterproof and did not wear the paint off of the truck or shell.
2 many 2 04/30/20 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: Atwood hot water heater -- Too darn hot

Mike134 wrote: Maybe you mis-read my post. What you describe is exactly what I had - a shower head with an on/off button. Despite this, when turned back on it was all hot for a few seconds. So it wasn't that I had to readjust the valves - they were already adjusted. I am just thankful it wasn't my son that got burned. My shower head with the push button does the same thing. Not sure how the water remains circulating but it's just a straight hot water blast till the tempered water mixes in a few seconds later. Must be a design flaw since we both have had that happen ______________________________________________________________________ When you stop/limit flow thru shower head using the on/off button/lever on the handle the shower faucet acts like a mixing chamber..... Hot water typically is at a higher pressure then the cold water due to pressure increase in WH tank from heating the water (it swells when heated/pressure increases from the swelling) So when you turn shower head back water flows first until mixing of hot/cold in faucet catches back up with previous adjustment of knobs. Simple thermal dynamics ....... Simple 'cure' ---- turn shower head away from you when first turning it back on via shutoff on handle. Slow learners may require getting hit with that hot water a couple of times but should come to remember to turn head away initially. I appreciate the explanation about the thermal dynamics makes sense. To bad the rest of your answer shows you to be an a**h**e Tisk tisk....not nice to call people names But if you are one of those slow learners I guess it is the best you can do :B I was one of those slow learners almost twenty years ago. It took me about three times to get the idea!
2 many 2 04/25/20 10:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Mexican gell for the cabin fever

Thank you for the reminder, it has been a few years since I made these HIGH POWER Jello Shots :B I just ordered six boxes of Lime Jello so I can start my recovery ASAP :B :B :B :B I make mine with 1/2 water and 1/2 Tequila, it sets up fine and tastes great........... :E
2 many 2 04/14/20 04:15pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Taking RV to FLA (west cost) to pick up mother in law

2 many 2 04/03/20 05:48pm Roads and Routes
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