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RE: Program requiring activation on a new computer

Moving the drive likely won’t help as the key is probably locked to a specific computer. Similar to the way Windows keys used a combination of the hard drive serial number, motherboard and network card. You could change out one of those but more than that required a reauthorization. That’s why remote servers are used. If we knew the name we may be of more help.Maybe - maybe not. Authentication is performed once - not every time the program is launched.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 11:55am Technology Corner
RE: building new campground

So to those who won't drive 8 miles to an out of the way CG after driving hundreds of miles that day, what's your next move - driving 25+ miles to the next Walmart? To the OP - sounds like you've got a great plan to me - and maybe some can't fathom starting up a CG from scratch. Your Harvest Host guests don't seem to mind the drive, and what you are planning is way better than some dive on the side of the freeway where they pack them in like sardines. You already have the brewery as an attraction - that should be a great incentive to campers - at least to those who really have campers and just don't troll RV forums. There have been others who post on here with the same questions - and always get the same responses - the trolls who post under numerous handles that know how to use google to look up regulations in your area, the ones who say they wouldn't travel X miles to your CG, the current CG owners who will tell you that it's not a vacation and that the CG business is a rough road to travel because gee, you have to figure out how to advertise and then tell you how much income you can expect to make, and that your not going to get rich, and the ones who will tell you what king of facilities to have and basically design your layout for you because gee, you couldn't have done or thought of any of that before posting. Do yourself a favor and ignore those posts. You and your family are Dairy Farmers which is a business that rivals any CG ownership and are most likely already aware of the legalities/zoning/costs/advertising - as you stated. Build your CG because you already have the right stuff to pull it off - and it sounds like you in a good position to do so. BTW - great dig on FORD tractors!
2012Coleman 09/06/19 11:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort and Marina

Maybe give this a try: (843) 681-3256 We stayed there - awesome place.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 06:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: OTA television while traveling?

I searched for digital antenna. Apparently, not everyone squawks at the term.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 05:58am Technology Corner
RE: Program requiring activation on a new computer

Maybe try removing the old computer hard drive and either install it in the new computer case or get one of those cases and use it as an external hard drive connected via USB. The drive won't be called C anymore, but you can still run programs that reside on it - just find the program and create a desktop shortcut. If you don't know where it is, right click the current shortcut and select properties.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 05:54am Technology Corner
RE: Late check out

We are a bit more liberal on arrivals in that if the site has been cleared and checked off the list we will accommodate that arrival, but that is something we would never agree to during the reservation process or prior to actual arrival via a phone call, email or text from the guest. If you truly need to extend your stay past checkout time, book the extra day. And this is all you should ever expect out of any CG, and has been my experience. When traveling on the arrival day, we leave at the best time for us - I don't calculate the arrival time to the minute as travel time is affected by many unknowns. We usually arrive within an hour to 30 minutes of official check in time and if the site is available, they have let us in. Had to wait in the staging area of a state park one time because they were short staffed that day. didn't bother me at all. We wake up early on departure day so we can have coffee and breakfast - then we pack up and leave. And if the CG let the previous person stay in my spot then told me to go to an alternate site to wait, I'd be po'd at both the CG owner and the person still in my site. The OP states that they wanted to do more trail riding before checking out? Then get it done before time to go, otherwise book an additional day. Of course the person who has the valid reservation for a specific data and time is going to be mad - DUH! Doesn't matter - your responsibility is to leave on time.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 05:25am RV Lifestyle
RE: Full timers warning

Reminds me of a joke - An IRS agent and a Worcamper walk into a bar...
2012Coleman 09/06/19 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with a batch file not concatinating it's logs

I'm not great at batch files either - but it seems like your using a timestamp in the name of the log file, then checking to see if the name exists when writing a log - time marches on and therefore, the log file name you created a minute ago using date time minutes, seconds, milliseconds? will never exist again. Try leaving out the timestamp in the name - the OS will tell you when it was created in the properties if that info matters. Maybe I read your logic wrong - but the advice to go to is solid. You will have to create an account, and the crowd there can be tough sometimes. And shame on those who feel the need to knock a question that isn't in their wheelhouse and therefore need to scold - humor aside. You just asking a question in a place your comfortable doing so.
2012Coleman 09/06/19 04:54am Technology Corner
RE: Safe to tow ? Mercedes GLS with a 4500 lb travel trailer

Skip the Mercedes and look into a Nissan NV 2500 or 3500.
2012Coleman 09/05/19 04:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Lippert auto leveling question

Thanks everyone. I hear what you’re all saying, but my question is more conceptual. With the unit unhitched and supported by the landing gear, how does the lippert system level the camper without bending or breaking the landing gear? I’m not grasping how it can pitch the rig forward without causing damage.It levels front to back and side to side. The tires don't necessarily come off the ground - mine never have. There should be a step by step instruction sticker by the keypad - follow the instructions - that's it. But do yourself a favor and download the manual to your phone - we have had to use it when there is an unexpected error.
2012Coleman 09/05/19 04:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I didn't buy an RV

Here is a link that may be of some use to you... Happy sailing
2012Coleman 08/30/19 08:22am Beginning RVing
RE: 2007 Holiday Rambler Alumascape 32SKT

Looks like a nice unit: Look up the value on the link the ReneeG provided making sure you take off an amount for the scratch the son put in it. I would also Google it and look at the ones currently for sale to get a range of what they are selling for. I did - saw lats of listings. One thing to take into account is the tires. Check the date codes on them as you most likely will need new. Although one ad I saw stated that it came with "radial" tires - whatever that means - LT? Post some pics if you end of buying it. Good luck!
2012Coleman 08/30/19 07:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I’ve discovered why there aren’t many 80 year old RV Techs

So if your still RV'ing, why are you leaving the forum?
2012Coleman 08/29/19 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: My first post - I'm new to trailers and need some input

Buy a used trailer and start camping close to home for the first year. Work out all the bugs. You'll be glad you did. You're right...lots of the answers you'll get will be "It depends".This is the best response you can hope to get - because it's true - no one can give you the answers to all these questions - and you can't email ice cream or beer. One area you could put more beans into is your tow vehicle. Or - put more in your budget for repairs. Minivans are grocery getters - not tow vehicles. That caravan is going to severely limit the size of the trailer which will in turn limit your planned use of living in it full time. Plans for the winter? Didn't see a line item in there for propane. Stick to the advice I quoted - buy the trailer, tow it to a spot and camp in it. Learn from those shorter experiences. You can't expect to succeed by going at it full throttle by asking 20 plus questions that have too many variable answers for anyone to consider trying to cover in a reply. Good luck - and feel free to ask about a specific situation as they come up. Start with your Caravan - that's the most limiting factor in your entire plan.
2012Coleman 08/29/19 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Removing debris from slide out

A leaf blower works great if you're into lugging one with you. Just as long as you're not the guy who wants to hit the road at 7AM and fires the thing up at 6, right before running the stab jacks up with the impact gun, but after taking down the bug zapper that buzzed and popped the entire night. I was beside that guy last October. He also had to blow the falling leaves off every sq. ft. of his site onto the road and adjacent sites every 2 hours for the entire weekend. Kind of a losing battle in the middle of a state forest in October. Serves to remind one of why they like boondocking, so it can be a good thing.They do that to give people like you something to gripe about on RV forums - as opposed to having something useful to contribute. And as someone mentioned, they bring a battery powered leaf blower so maybe you can try boating.
2012Coleman 08/28/19 04:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Prepping for sale

IMHO, you need to not be living in it when it is time to sell it. The person who may be interested in buying it may not plan on living in it. Maybe find some rental property where you could live and park your camper, then unload everything, clean it top to bottom, and organize your RV stuff in bins as stated and make it available with the sale if wanted. Maybe do this at the indoor storage? I've sold a used camper before and overheard the woman saying how she planned on using the various storage cabinets in the bathroom. It's kind of hard to see what kind of storage there is available when it is all filled up. All your extras will most likely not be as meaningful to others - lug nuts? If something happens, it's not a boat - you can get out and go someplace else. Then as others have stated, sell or give away the left overs . I did read your post - and I don't think your going to pull off living in it until the day before the eventual buyer takes possession. That may be what you want, and maybe I'm wrong, but you need to have a plan B. Good luck.
2012Coleman 08/27/19 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Australian making up for lack of 5th Wheelers in Australia

So is there a website you use over there to reserve space in a field to camp on with this monster? Impressive. Truck is 500hp Diesel Mercedes
2012Coleman 08/27/19 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Removing debris from slide out

Collapsible ladder and a leaf blower. Follow up with a big towel if wet.
2012Coleman 08/26/19 12:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is unusual/ wrong with these Pickup Trucks?

^ very cool - wish I could get one of those. Well - we used my Ram 3500 CTD to go out for sushi Friday evening, and then stopped at Publix on the way home....
2012Coleman 08/26/19 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to make photo digital

Looks like a spam post to me - pretty obvious with the link included - which brings of the point of how a new member can post links?. I can't remember the last time I took a picture with a film camera...
2012Coleman 08/26/19 05:01am Around the Campfire
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