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RE: Looking into getting first TT

We, a family of 5, had some of our best camping fun in a popup when the kids were young. The girls loved sleeping in tents with their friends, my youngest son not so much. He's 32 now and still calls camping 'crapping'. If you want to experience sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows, many campgrounds also have cabins. Rent a cabin and a camping spot. Hang out at the campsite with your lawn chairs, cooler and firewood. Head back to the cabin to sleep. Or pitch a tent there. That's certainly cheaper than a new truck and trailer.
2112 09/22/21 04:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's in your tool kit? What about other must-haves?

Disposable plastic gloves and a bar of soap in the wet bay for dump duty. I agree with don't get too carried away with tools. A reliable volt meter and a #2 square driver is a must have.
2112 09/20/21 02:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

I'll share my experience with the remote on my Champion 3400W inverter generator. It's a joke! Sure, I can start and stop it remotely. First I have to go to the generator to enable it to start. Why not just start it? When I turn it off with the remote I have to go back to the generator to disable it or it will drain the start battery down. Why not just turn it off while I'm there? I bought it so we can run it just before bed time. Hop in bed, turn it off from bed and call it a night. The start battery is dead the next morning. Then it's very difficult to start using the pull cord while the generator is in my truck bed between the cab and the FW hitch. YMMV
2112 09/20/21 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

I'm not finding anything with a remote in that size. This is 2500W Peak on propane but only 1665 running watts.
2112 09/20/21 04:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Group 24 Flooded to Group 31 AGM

I misinterpreted your original post. I thought the whole upgrade was $250.All said it was close to $800 total and that was just for regular flooded, not even AGM. That's crazy
2112 09/18/21 05:02am Tech Issues
RE: Group 24 Flooded to Group 31 AGM

I believe swapping 2 cheap group 24 FLAs for 2 group 31 AGMs and making them fit would be worth $250 to me. Their explanation for the additional charge seems fishy though.
2112 09/17/21 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Having Difficulty Finding Replacement Roof Vent Covers

I recently replaced 3 just like yours. It was impossible for me to reinstall the metal clips in the center. I eventually gave up and left them off.
2112 09/14/21 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dirty Electric

$50 says you are wrong.Close. This scope has 50V pk input. You would either need a 10X probe or a step down transformer.....That was a quick "sample" of what is available now days, there ARE other portable versions out there that can easily handle higher input voltages.. You simply have to do some looking ....... Fair enough, but be aware the person asking the question doesn't know what he's looking for. I use This DSO188. 1Mhz, 12 bit ADC, USB rechargeable. It has an auto feature. You don't have to know anything about setting up a scope. Just connect it and press AUTO. It samples the signal and makes the proper adjustments to properly display the signal. My Siglent has this same feature and I paid over 10X $ for that scope. A strange thing is when I bought my DSO188 Amazon had mostly negative reviews on it. Mostly from people that didn't understand how this little thing worked and had unrealistic expectations. Now most of the Amazon listings doesn't have any reviews. It's like they pressed a reset button on these.
2112 09/12/21 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Dirty Electric

$50 says you are wrong.Close. This scope has 50V pk input. You would either need a 10X probe or a step down transformer such as THIS to protect the input. That will cost you another $10. I use the transformer for isolation as well. I just wanted readers to be aware another component would be required. 120V RMS is about 170V pk so you would expect to measure 17V pk using this transformer. 60Hz would be 16.66 mS pk to pk.
2112 09/12/21 05:46am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device. I had a coupler lock similar to this on my TT. It didn't even slow them down. My TT was stolen from my driveway in broad daylight in about 45 seconds.
2112 09/10/21 12:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help buying a small travel trailer

It doesn't meet all your check boxes but a Sportsmen 180BH or181BH may work for you. The 190BH may be pushing it. I wouldn't buy anything new right now. I spoke to a Forest River rep a few weeks ago and she even admitted their quality has suffered due to COVID. Look for something 2 years old. When a manufacturer's parts rep says don't buy new I take note.
2112 09/08/21 01:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacement Shower Head

I found something similar to THIS at Home Depot. Works great I mounted it at the valve base, not on the shower head.
2112 09/06/21 05:50am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Need help - Weight distribution hitch installation pics

I installed Bilstein 5100s on my rear a few years ago because my axle started bumping the Timbrens while unloaded. They solved that problem but at a price of a stiffer ride unloaded.
2112 09/04/21 05:11am Towing
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

I'm a very courteous driver and never make eye contact with my fellow commuters. Everyone here is packing iron and road rage has become rampant.
2112 09/03/21 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need help - Weight distribution hitch installation pics

Heard back from the manufacturer of the WDH, the impression he got is the rare axles seem squat too much(not lifted up due to insufficient weight distributed).  Here are his suggestions.  - The hitch ball needs 7 degree towards the trailer - Hanger needs to be 1 hole up - The hanger's direction needs a bit adjustment(to allow the spring bar resting on both end of the hanger) Will give it a try soon. Did you try these adjustments and take measurements again? I find it hard to believe your front struts are bad after only 37000 miles in 4 years. I'm still on my original fronts after 135,000 miles and almost 11 years. I replaced my rears about 2 years ago. Taking weight off the front wheels will give it that driving on ice feeling.
2112 09/03/21 08:07am Towing
RE: Dometic Awning LED strip very very dim.

Is it common for led strips to become dimmer with age rather than individual leds completely fail? It's common for the material the LEDs are encased in to fade and become discolored with age. This can cause them to emit less light. Does your strip look old, cloudy and discolored compared to new? The problem could be low voltage caused by a poor connection. You could measure the voltage across the two exposed wires. It should measure close to battery voltage. New Dometic brand strip is $99 on Amazon but I see numerous odd brand strips for as little as $20. Any of the cheap strips good?I recently installed THIS STRIP. They are encased in silicone, which should help prevent age discoloration. They were easy to install and look great, but maybe a bit too bright.
2112 09/03/21 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Wanted - Fresh Water Hose for "Olds"

I leave THIS on my male end and hold onto it while connecting to the camper. My female end already has a large grip on it.
2112 09/03/21 03:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Are Ground Bonding Plugs required for Each Inverter/Genny?

In the link for the Link it shows the yellow wires going to each gen's chassis ground lug. How does the chassis ground for the gen connect to the gen's receptacles' neutrals by using the bonding plug unless the gen's chassis is connected to the receptacles' grounds? Is that what wnjj meant above? Yes, the ground pins on the 20A receptacle are connected internally to the ground lug, which is where you attach the parallel kit ground.I just verified this on all four of my Champions, one being an inverter model. The receptacle ground prong is tied to the external ground lug on all of them. He will connect the yellow/green striped ground wire to the ground lug and plug a bonding plug into any receptacle on either generator. This will bond ground to neutral on all receptacles. You want to bond at only 1 point.
2112 09/01/21 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: Are Ground Bonding Plugs required for Each Inverter/Genny?

You need only 1 plugged into either genny. This will bond the yellow/green wires to either the red or black wires on both gennys. I don't know which is neutral. You can verify this by plugging your bonding plug into either genny and measure resistance from the ground to neutral on either receptacle on the paralink. It should measure close to 0. Unplug your bonding plug and resistance should go high. All this with it powered Off of course.
2112 09/01/21 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Need help - Weight distribution hitch installation pics

It looks like you have the 600Lb kit. The trunnion bars may be maxed out. A trip to the CAT Scale loaded ready to camp is in order
2112 08/31/21 04:26pm Towing
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