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RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

What I've learned (correct me if I'm wrong Bill): My 322 receiver is a Dish Pro Plus (DPP) compatible receiver. DPP allows me to feed 2 receivers with a single cable coming from the dish. However, the dish LNB must be DPP compatible as well. Mine is not :( I'll need a second cable going into the camper if I want to watch 2 TVs using the dish and receiver I have. If I'm pulling a second cable, using the existing cable as a pull cord, I might as well pull RG-6. I need to buy some to run to the dish anyway. It seems my options are: 1) Buy a DPP LNB and mast for my old dish and hope I can get it to work 2) Buy a new dish with the proper DPP LNB 3) Run a second cable into the camper to connect to the TV2 input on the receiver. Connect a second cable from the dish to this new cable. 4) Replace receiver with Hopper/Joey (Don't know if my dish is compatible) 5) Do nothing and be happy with sat on 1 TV I'm OK with #5 but I'm going to try #3
2112 08/16/20 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

Thanks for everyone's help with this. I had an Aha! moment yesterday evening. I think I can use the RG-59 cable currently installed to pull 2 RG-6 cables to the back of my receiver. It's about a 15' pull. I removed the covers on both ends of the cable and can pull the cable without much resistance. I'm going to try this 1st. It might be better to tie my fish tape onto the RG-59, pull that through. And then use the fish tape to pull through the RG-6.
2112 08/16/20 06:11am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

Only a home style antenna with the Pro Plus LNB can feed the 2 signals via a single coax to the DISH splitter and feed tuner 1 and 2.Thank You This Dish 1000.2 claims to be DPP. Will this work with my 322? Would you recommend something different? What is the likelihood of finding a known functioning DPP LNB for my old dish I posted? I have found some used, condition unknown, on the internet but I really don't want to roll the dice on them.
2112 08/15/20 12:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

No such thing as mirror feed. The Winegard GM-MP1, from info on the web, I see that it supports 2 receivers. You will need a 2nd reciever.Would you know if the MP1 is capable of providing a proper signal from a single cable to a dual tuner receiver through a DPP triplexer or diplexer? This is what Dish Network is telling me it can't do.
2112 08/14/20 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

My receiver is a dual tuner 322that sounds like one of my receivers. one remote is operated line of sight and the other side is IR or UF or magic. don't remember how many leads there are from the dish however. bumpyYou are correct sir. The remote for TV2 is UHF. There is an antenna on the back of the receiver for this remote. I've learned a lot in the past 12 hours. I didn't realize what I have was new technology in 2004. This is really old stuff. There are 3 ports on the the LNBF I'm looking at for the dish. I now realize that both 110 and 119 can be received from either of 2 of those ports. I thought 1 was 110 and the other was 119 and I needed to somehow tie them together. I still have not determined if the Dish 1000.2 will work with my 322 receiver.
2112 08/14/20 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

My receiver is a dual tuner 322. I discovered I have a Dish Pro Plus system. I suspect that my DPP triplexer has failed on the SAT 2 Output, and then I used an incompatible triplexer from the house to test it. I ordered a new DPP triplexer. I found a Dish Pro Plus Twin LNBF head to mount on my old dish, but I haven't figured out how to combine the 3 outputs from it into a single cable. There is a part I haven't identified yet. This LNBF is $160. If I have to go there, I might as well just start over with a new system
2112 08/13/20 10:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

Maybe I'm using the term mirroring wrong. The dish tech kept referring to it as mirroring. I have 1 cable connected to the dish. It goes into the camper and connects to a triplexer behind the receiver. There are 3 cables coming out of the triplexer. One goes into SAT 1 Input and the other cable goes into SAT 2 Input on the receiver. I understood him as referring to that as mirroring. One dish cable feeding two receiver inputs. I do not use the 3rd cable on the triplexer. I have TV 2 connected directly to the receiver TV 2 output. I can't get any signal out of SAT 2 of the triplexer. I can adjust the dish to get a signal strength of 50+ on SAT 1 but SAT 2 doesn't even recognize the dish is connected. I changed triplexers with a newer style from the house system and had no joy. He was saying my MP1 dish will not feed both outputs of the triplexer. I question that being accurate. How does the triplexer know what dish is connected to it? His next sentence was "We can upgrade you to Hopper". Throughout the whole conversation, all he wanted to do is upgrade me to Hopper. This use to work in my house, but with a different dish.
2112 08/13/20 06:03pm Tech Issues
Dish Network Satellite Question

I have an old Dish SD 322 receiver and Winegard GM-MP1 satellite for my camper. The SD 322 was the original receiver in our home prior to upgrading to HD. At that point, I moved the 322 to the camper to watch sat TV on 1 TV. Works great, looks great. I recently installed a second TV in the bedroom, but am unable to mirror feed the second TV with this system. Dish is telling me the MP1 in unable to mirror feed. Is this true? Dish is telling me there are not any dishes available that will allow me to mirror feed. I need a receiver in each room. Is this true? They are pushing the hopper and joey. I have the original SD Dish 1000 used to mirror feed my home, but without the LNBs. Dish took them back Are LNBs available for this? Is there a way to resurrect this old dish? Is the Dish HD 1000.2 compatible with my SD 322 receiver? I really don't want to change my whole system, everything has been working. It would be great if I can get satellite on the second TV just by changing the dish, if possible. I'm fine with SD in the camper. Thank you in advance for any advice provided and helping me through this.
2112 08/13/20 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire help

Are your current tires ST205/75R15?225/75/R15 I plan on going to 16” rim.I was exactly where you are last year. I upgraded to Endurance 225/75/R15 load rate E and love them. Weigh your camper loaded and adjust air pressure to the chart. I air mine to 68lbs. No need to change rims unless you just want to.
2112 08/13/20 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire help

Are your current tires ST205/75R15?
2112 08/13/20 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinion on model of TT

Keystone Outback 277RL fits your description. It's a bit long and heavy. Verify your truck is up for it.
2112 08/07/20 06:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Covid 19 warning

I know the actual number of cases and deaths. It's shown on that website.No, you do not know the actual number of cases. I know of at least 10 coworkers that have mild symptoms but have not been tested. That's just the 10 or so I know about. They are young and otherwise healthy.
2112 08/04/20 12:55pm Snowbirds
RE: What ga wire do I need ?

I have to ask, what is the total Ah of the batteries you wanting to charge? Do most typical battery banks demand more than 30A charge when depleted? And if it does, how long will the current be above 30A? Mods may not be needed.
2112 08/02/20 06:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Well I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Pretty sure anyone w a dually knows about a drop hitch. Perhaps there is a decent explanation. Does buying a dually impart some kind of special knowledge, or a dually owners just naturally smarter than us mere single wheel owners?This reminds me of my rich lawyer cousin. For graduation, he buys his 18yr old son the most expensive F350 DRW money could buy. His son never used it for what it was designed for. Never hauled or towed a thing with it. He chipped, re-programmed, deleted, boasted about HP, etc., and tore it up. That truck didn't last 2 years. He had zero respect for that machine. It was nothing more that a rich kids toy to him.
2112 08/01/20 10:00am Towing
RE: Shifting An Automatic when towing.

The 'L' is for going up and down steep grades at very slow speeds. Put it in 'D' and let the transmission do its job. Engage the tow/haul if you have it. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to lock out the highest gear if the transmission is 'searching' going down the highway.
2112 08/01/20 04:49am Towing
RE: truck/trailer sway

FIRST thing to do is dump the soft stock tires and buy quality "E" rated tires for the truck.This made a BIG difference for me when towing a TT. I will add once again, Timbrens helped a lot as well. You towed to the scale and back. Did you increase tire pressure to max on all 8 tires? If so, did that make a difference?
2112 07/30/20 08:20am Towing
RE: Bumper pull versus fifth wheel

This is just my opinion, but I just can't wrap by brain around pulling a 5er with a 1/2-ton, 6-cylinder (269 lb. ft. of torque) truck. Plus (and maybe this is just me) I always like to see dual rear wheels under a 5th wheel. Personally, I'd stick with a bumper pull. Agree or get the bigger truck as mentioned.Oh come on guys, stop fear mongering the new guy. The OP would be looking at a Scamp or Escape, 5500lb GVWR, 850lb pin, to make it work. Hardly DRW territory. There are a few that are a little heavier, but I think his 3900lb rear axle would put them out of reach. He would have to do the numbers.
2112 07/27/20 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bumper pull versus fifth wheel

Depends on your trucks available payload, rear axle rating and the pin weight of the trailer. There are a few small, light weight FWs out there that "MIGHT" work for you.
2112 07/27/20 06:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: truck/trailer sway

Getting truck and camper weights with and without the camper connected is the first step. You may have removed weight from the front axles with improper WDH adjustments. Unloading the front causes an unstable feel in the steering wheel. Verify your truck front axle weighs close to the same with and without the trailer connected. Air up your truck tires to max pressure as stated on the tire sidewall will help. Timbrens will help. Unfortunately, I don't think you can ever totally eliminate the push/pull feel you get when passing large trucks or the effect of crosswind.
2112 07/26/20 04:59am Towing
RE: Hello all

Perhaps the bypass valve is open. Different builders use different valves but this pic may help. Assure the center valve is closed
2112 07/26/20 03:53am Family Camping
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