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RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

I drained the tank (fortunately the RV upgrade tank had a drain plug at the bottom) last week. Just dropped the tank to the ground today. Easy Peazy if you've got a pneumatic impact wrench (finally broke down and bought one this morning), and a bunch of jacks to lower it. Two of the three fuel fittings on the fuel pump are fighting me now. Extraordinarily difficult to get two hands in there at the same time. Sprayed penetrant on those and the bolts securing the fuel pump and will let that work until tomorrow. Everything I read said I would find two fittings coming out of the fuel pump. Of course there are three. Reminder never to order/buy anything until you've got the old part off and in your hands.
211Racing 03/23/22 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

AAA did finally go outside their contracted tow services and send a "Medium" size truck (Huge vehicle). Lifted the front wheels. Disconnected the drive train. Towed it 23 miles without incident. Final cost: $850 of which AAA paid the first $500.
211Racing 03/19/22 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

Drained the tank. There was a very convenient plug on the bottom of the tank. Magnetic. Did have a fair amount of rust/debris on it. I've seen worse on oil plugs for old motorcycles. Gas was brown for the first several seconds. Will drop the tank whenever it stops dripping.
211Racing 03/16/22 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

I run gas. 2002 E350 v8 Triton 5.4
211Racing 03/14/22 07:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

My E350 based motorhome has a lift pump in the tank and a fuel pump mounted on the frame just behind the front wheel. If yours the same check electrical connection. That's very interesting. I replaced the fuel filter just behind/below the driver's seat. Didn't see a pump. What year is yours? I assume you mean the left front wheel? I'm not seeing that set-up for a 2002.
211Racing 03/14/22 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

Found the Problem! Jacked up the wheels one at a time. First three were reluctant to move, but after a few rotations all spun easily. Did the left front last. Very little movement initially. I worked it back and forth until I heard something break free. Looked, and found the friction pad had snapped off the rest of the brake pad and was stuck to the rotor. I'd post images but I haven't figured out yet how to do that on here. Fascinating that the adhesive between the friction pad and the rest of the brake pad gave way before the rust-adhesion to the rotor. Definitely the first time I've seen that.
211Racing 03/14/22 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

Here is where we see who has been to sensitivity training and been schooled on always telling the truth, no matter how unpleasant (didn't help ... got divorced just the same). In truth, I was thumping on the black water tank, not the fuel tank. Fuel tank is mid coach. Water tank is far aft. Fuel tank is considerably smaller and thicker walled. I've got all kinds of jacks and lumber to put into play. If I can figure out how to jack up one set of rear wheels at a time and place a pair of plastic ramps under them, this fuel pump replacement business will be much easier. As it is there is very little room.
211Racing 03/13/22 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

soDid the truck get it to the shop? Unfortunately, no. Dude rolled up with a 20' flatbed. Took pictures. Called his boss. Said "Sorry man, boss said no." and turned around and left.
211Racing 03/13/22 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

Question(s) for all: Towing. 1. Does any part of the drive train need to be disconnected to tow this with two wheels on the road? Four wheels? Why would I ask? The fine folks at AAA have been unable to connect me with a tow service that is capable/willing to move this 24' vehicle. (Save one, that wanted $1000 for the 23 mile trip.) Which leads us to question 2. Am I limited to semi-truck heavy-haul tow trucks to get this tow done? Pardon the rookie questions, but at 24' and 11,000 lbs a mega-tow-truck hardly seems warranted.
211Racing 03/13/22 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

There is zero -0- fuel pressure in the fuel rail. I'd be delighted if it was old gas, but I think its worse than that. I have no history of the vehicle before 2018. From 2018-2021 it was used to attend music festivals. No shore trips reported. Caliper pins ... I'll try to give those a closer look. I crawled underneath today and did see rust on the rotors. Gave them a good spray of CLP (works on rusted firearms). Will clean those rotors once the wheels move freely and the pads give them a little polish. I intend to jack it up tomorrow and try to move individual wheels so as to narrow my focus.
211Racing 03/13/22 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

Thank you to all. I do have a motorcycle jack and will see how to work it under the tank. Challenge is that the tank is 55 gallon and seems quite flexible when pushed on (thumped) from the bottom. It appears flush-mounted to the underside of the RV, so there's no peeking up there with a cell phone camera to get familiar with the layout/pump/lines. I have cleaned and/or replaced both of the frame to body grounds, but will look today if there is a specific ground on the tank.
211Racing 03/13/22 07:43am Tech Issues
Expert Fuel Pump Opinions Needed!

Just got a 2002 Tioga 24D. Base is a Ford e350 Super Duty van. Will turn over strong, but starts for only an instant. With the help of Starting Fluid, will run for several instants. Zero pressure at the fuel rail. Tightened the gas cap. Replaced the Fuel Pump Relay. Replaced the Fuel Pump Fuse. Replaced the Fuel Pump Filter. Checked and cleaned the Inertia Switch (button is down). Thumped the bottom of the tank several dozen times. Absolutely zero effect. I am reluctantly moving ahead to draining the 40+ gallons of fuel and dropping the fuel tank to replace the Fuel Pump. Can you think of anything that I have missed before I commit to this job? Thank you for your help. (And ... I checked to see if I could access the Fuel Pump through the floor in the back of the RV. Lovely thought, but not possible).
211Racing 03/12/22 06:11pm Tech Issues
Tioga Won't Budge after long neglect. Help, please.

Wife did something sweet but silly to help out a friend. Bought her 2002 Tioga 24d. Base is a Ford e350 Super Duty van. Apparently it has not been started or moved in over a year. (I'll post about my starting questions in another post.) Here I'd like to know why it won't budge. It will run for a few brief seconds on starting fluid, when I get it into neutral. Today I did put a tow strap between the RV and my 4Runner to try to move the RV a little before the tow truck comes tomorrow. Pulled gently until the T4R wheels spun. RV was unmoved. What am I looking at? The parking brake did not seem to be engaged, but was very stiff until I worked the pedal and then the release several dozen times. Do the brakes rust/freeze-shut on these things? Do I need to get it running somehow (fuel directly into fuel rail) to bring it to life? Would really like to have a game plan before the tow shows up. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.
211Racing 03/12/22 06:02pm Tech Issues
$1000 for a 23 mile tow?

Total Newbie here. Just bought a 2002 Tioga 24D. After many DIY tests and replacing Fuel Pump Fuse, Relay and Fuel Filter, I have concluded that my RV isn't starting due to a Fuel Pump gone bad. It sat unattended for over a year. We've had AAA forever. Upgraded to their RV package. They'll cover the first $500 of a tow, but the service that they contract with (or at least the one that could do a tow today) wanted $1000. As in $500 from me too. Is there a trick to getting a decent priced tow? Thanks.
211Racing 03/12/22 05:47pm Tow Vehicles
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