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RE: No power to center pin of 7 pin trailer connector on Winne

Thanks Scottg-- After more looking, I found a breakout of the trailer connector. Yes the center pin is labeled for backup lights. Guess if I want a charge line, I will have to install one. Thanks for your help. -- Mick
23hotrodr 03/12/20 08:18pm Class A Motorhomes
No power to center pin of 7 pin trailer connector on Winne

I have a 2007 Itasca SunCruiser 35L. There is no power to the center pin of the 7 pin trailer connector, but does have a 14 ga wire connected to that pin. I have never tested this pin previously for power since I did not need it before now. I now would like to have a charge line go to our new dinghy and have everything in the dinghy and cord from the MH set up for this power. Does anyone know where Winnebago typically picks up the feed for this 12 volt wire to the trailer connector? Fuse? relay? I assume it is meant to be supplied at all times so the engine does not have to be running for power to be transmitted to the center pin of the trailer connector. If anyone can steer me toward the origin of this 12 volt power via fuse, etc-- I would be very greatful. I have looked at the 2 12 volt fuse panels I know of and have not found it. Thanks for any help you can offer. I do have the wiring diagrams and such, but they have proven to be more confusing than helpful so far. Thanks-- Mick
23hotrodr 03/12/20 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone successfully towing 2019 or 2020 Jeep Cherokee?

Bought a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with active drive 2 a week ago. Brought it home. Decided to go grab a bite for dinner and drive the new car about 15 miles each way to one of our favorite spots. Wife was driving around 5 miles from home and a damned suicidal deer jumped out in front of her from the ditch. Screeeeech!! - Bam! Wiped out front of brand new car with 57 miles on it. Not a great day. Car is in shop being repaired, but is only new once. We have never had a major collision or claim. This really sucks!
23hotrodr 01/16/20 04:57am Dinghy Towing
RE: Battery charger

I suggest you disconnect your MH from shore power. Then, clean and tighten all connections from converter to batteries. Pay special attention to battery terminals. There is most likely a circuit breaker just before the charge wire gets to the batteries. Check this circuit breaker closely for no resistance, or replace it. Also make sure minus (ground) battery cables to frame connections are clean. If there is corrosion at the end of the battery cables inside the connection terminals, it will cause high resistance and should be replaced with new cables. If you have a battery that is bad, you could get a low reading at the battery. If you still have the original Magnetek converter your MH came with, it should be replaced with a modern multi-stage charger like the Progressive Dynamic models. The Magnetek converters are prone to overcharging the batteries and having bad filter capacitors in them. Make sure your batteries are always topped off with distilled water. The Magnetek converters are notorious for boiling out the water and making dry batteries that then kils them. Good luck-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/13/20 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone successfully towing 2019 or 2020 Jeep Cherokee?

We looked at a new Cherokee Trailhawk. Height to center of base plate attachment point is 19". This is the same as what we now have on our 2000 Wrangler and would work fine. We were very impressed with the ride and handling of the Trailhawk. Wife thinks she would like it as a daily driver and it would work as a dinghy. We are thinking on it. Wife does not think she could live with a 4 door Wrangler as a daily driver. We will see what we decide to do. There are just a lot fewer options out there for us. Thanks for the replies. -- Mick
23hotrodr 01/07/20 05:12am Dinghy Towing
RE: Anyone towing the new Chevy Blazer?

Yes, we have looked at the new Wrangler. Wife does not think she could live with it as a daily driver. We test drove a new Cherokee Trailhawk and were impressed. We think it might be a good option. We will have to think on it. Thanks-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/07/20 05:04am Dinghy Towing
RE: Anyone successfully towing 2019 or 2020 Jeep Cherokee?

My research so far, indicates that any Cherokee with the 2 speed transfer case is towable. Looks like easiest to set up is the Trailhawk and that is the only model we have found in our area with the 2 speed transfer case. Going to go look at the new Jeep Trailhawk. Will have to measure for tow point attachment off the ground and see if wife likes it for daily driver. The Wrangler Unlimited is the easiest to set up to tow, but wife really does not want it for daily driver. Just not many vehicles that would work for us in dual purpose roll and match up to our MH. Thanks for your responses.-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/06/20 04:59am Dinghy Towing
RE: Anyone towing the new Chevy Blazer?

I went and looked at this new Blazer. Looks like the place where the base plate would come out of the front is about 13-1/2" off the ground. Hitch height on my MH is at 24". So, it would take a very long drop adapter to make this Blazer able for me to tow. We'd be dragging the tow bar on the ground whenever we drive over hills and bumps. I need the hitch attachment point to be around 19" for us to use any vehicle as a toad. We currently tow a 2000 Wrangler, but it is not a good daily driver. Very hard to find a good toad that will doo dual purpose and have an attachment point high enough for our MH. Thanks for your responses.-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/06/20 04:50am Dinghy Towing
Anyone towing the new Chevy Blazer?

Looking for a dual purpose daily driver/toad and considering the new Chevy Blazer AWD. Anyone with good success with the Blazer AWD? Thanks-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/05/20 07:25am Dinghy Towing
Anyone successfully towing 2019 or 2020 Jeep Cherokee?

We are considering a 2019 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee as a toad. Anyone with success on this one? Still some confusion as to whether a Mopar special wiring harness is required on these to prevent wobble. Dealer not much help. Anyone know for sure if it is needed on 2019 and newer Cherokee? Thanks-- Mick
23hotrodr 01/04/20 12:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Dash AC blows out of the defrost vents

You should make sure there is a check valve installed between the vacuum reservoir and the port it is connected to on the engine. This will hold vacuum in the system when engine vacuum is low. You can purchase one at any parts store. The vacuum line that goes to the vacuum servo on the HVAC box under the hood and controls the outside/inside air door at the passenger footwell is prone to cracks and pinholes. It is easily replaced. You definitely have a vacuum leak somewhere. Good luck.
23hotrodr 09/30/19 04:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DC Power Issue

Be sure to clean and retighten your negative cables. Especially take care with the frame connection. Generally, make sure all connections are clean and tight including terminal to wire connections. Good luck!
23hotrodr 09/23/19 04:33am Tech Issues
RE: annoying bird problem

Thanks for the responses. I thought about trying a scare owl, but have heard they don't work very well. Might give it a try anyway. I'm leary about hanging netting around the MH since it might give other critters an easy way to climb aboard.
23hotrodr 08/07/19 04:31am Class A Motorhomes
annoying bird problem

We have some birds at home that love our motorhome. They insist they want to find spots under the MH to build their nests. We've blocked off some places they like to build nests, but they just find another nook that they like. Has anyone found a way to keep these pesky birds away? Thanks for any suggestions-- Mick
23hotrodr 08/05/19 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can’t turn house battery on after using generator

Sure sounds like the house batteries are turned off. Most Winnis have the battery disconnect switch near the entrance steps. It is easy to bump and accidently turn the house batteries off. Another possibility is a bad connection at the batteries. (eg.- corroded terminals, bad ground wire connection to chasis, bad house battery solenoid, etc.) Good luck
23hotrodr 07/24/19 05:05am Tech Issues
RE: Video Distribution Switch (Winegard 0604/6412)

Had it previously been working and then quit? Or, are you new to this RV and trying to get it to work? You need to be careful and make sure the amplifier in the switch for the antenna is working. Second, if you have an older RV the tv may require a digital tv converter to tune in over the air channels. Rv tv's started the digital tuner installs around 2008 or so. You need to be careful where you install the converter boxes if they are needed in combination with the switch. For satellite, it depends greatly on the sat receiver whether or not you can use the switch at all. Many sat receivers will need to be installed with other than coax connections directly to the tv. Good luck-- Mick
23hotrodr 07/24/19 04:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Caulking Roof to gutter

Winnebago uses caulk called "Manus Bond". You can get it from Winne, Or the proper caulk from a Winne dealer. It is not at all like Dicor. I do think a 2" wide strip installed over this seam keeps the UV light off this seam and greatly prolongs it's life. It does, however, make working on it a lot more difficult in the future, if ever necessary. There are seams at the front and rear of the roof panel that are caulked with this same "Manus Bond" and can be serviced in the same way. Good Luck-- Mick
23hotrodr 06/14/19 04:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: glass trim install help needed

Help-- really! I'm not sure of the right thing to do.
23hotrodr 06/03/19 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Charger/Converter questions...

Have you checked to see if both are actually connected and functioning? Personally, I would use only a PD converter instead of a Magnetek. I have had to replace every Magnetek I have ever owned because they were "cooking" the batteries and/or had terrible ripple current. Good luck-- Mick
23hotrodr 06/03/19 09:48am Tech Issues
glass trim install help needed

I have a 2007 Itasca Suncruiser that has 2 windows on the driver's side that aren't like most RV windows. They are a custom made glass panel set into a metal frame and then edged with a rubber molding that is about 5/8" wide and is slightly convex with a "lock" profile along one edge. The glass is either installed in the frame with RTV silicone or butyl tape. Then the edge lock rubber molding slips into the gap around the window and the frame and lies flat on the surface of the glass. I need to replace the deteriorated rubber molding with new. I have the new rubber molding from Winnebago, but it will not stay in place when the edge lock is slipped into the gap between the glass and frame. It seems like I should use some sort of adhesive to fill the gap and then install the rubber molding and tape it in place until the sealant cures. What sealant should I use? My experience with RTV silicone is that it does not adhere well to rubber/vinyl. Should I use Urethane windshield adhesive? I could put a small bead into the groove, install the molding and tape it in place until the Urethane cures. Or, I could just run a bead of urethane into the groove and onto the glass about 1/4" and smooth it out. What is the correct way for me to do this project? -- Thanks-- Mick
23hotrodr 06/03/19 09:41am Tech Issues
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