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RE: Finding a TT that does not have Bunkhouse

Thanks all for the comments and suggestions. Some I have tried, some I did not think about. Will keep looking.
2halfs 12/23/21 04:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Finding a TT that does not have Bunkhouse

We found a lightly used (and probably stored indoors) 2014 Evergreen Ascend 231RKB. It gives us just enough room for 2 grandkids. We love it. If you find an older TT check it carefully and often. It had no delam when we purchased it, but showed delam after 6 months outside in the weather of WNY! I had to remove and reseal the clearance lights. I had to laugh when I read your comment. We own a 2004 R-Vision Trail Bay 27DS. I absolutely love this floor plan. I adore the counter space, large area for TV (if you want a TV). The ease of getting to the refrigerator and bathroom when closed up. I love that we can have dinnett and couch made into beds and you lose no floor space. Honestly this trailer has fit our needs for 17 years....I hate to give it up, but we want to be updated with the today markets luxuries. Plus the other hard part is the trailer has held up through the problems. Thanks for the advice.
2halfs 12/23/21 04:39pm Travel Trailers
Finding a TT that does not have Bunkhouse

Anyone else experiencing this? My husband and I are looking to purchase a used Travel Trailer in the years of 2016-2021. 32ft. in length (with slide out) that does not have a Bunkhouse. I have only done online searching and it seems that 95% of the trailers I find in the years and foot range are all models with a bunkhouse. We don't want a bunk house model......anyone else having this same experience? We have not bought a TT since 2004, which we still own that has held up well, but it is time for us to upgrade. I just did not realize the floor plans with bunkhouse became so dominating. Open to anyone's suggestions of models to look for that are in the used year and length range I mentioned above.
2halfs 12/23/21 12:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

campersam9, I am betting most of us share your thoughts. You are right, living is for now. For some it is a good idea to think/ plan ahead. Some of us function better that way. Others not. I am happy to hear that you made your choices by what makes you most happy. Missing grandkids....thank goodness for today's technology, it makes it much easier for all of us to stay in touch. I hope you are loaded with video conversations and photos. Love your spirit and keep on RVing. Denise
2halfs 09/19/21 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

I think my wife would simply tie me to the roof and carry on with her vacation. I love a sense of humor to make light of serious talk. Denise
2halfs 09/19/21 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

Prepared for....or not prepared for, It really doesn't matter,the fact is if a spouse dies while out RVing you will not emotionally be able to rely on your own abilities to get back to where home is. You will need support of family and or friends. Even if you are able to set up a rig, break it down and drive you are not going to be able to do this in the urgent presents of a emergency medical issue or death. Now for a minor emergency as some have mentioned in this posting, yes it is reasonable to have knowledge and the ability to pack and leave the location. Our situation....upon a death, we would rely on family help. For a medical situation.....I may not be able to do the physical work of preparing the rig to drive home but I can talk anybody else through it. Family and friends are very important support people and can get you through anything. This was a good question, a time to think, yet a time to realize yes life is short but we should not stop living for fears. Denise
2halfs 09/18/21 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

We have a Grand Design Solitude 369RL with island and pantry and can get to the refrigerator with the slides in. In addition, this is the best trailer and Grand Design offers the best service we have ever had. Good luck. Hope you find a good one. Thank you for sharing your information. I am quickly learning that with the Island Kitchen, the link anger the 5th Wheel the easier the access to the refrigerator. We would like to stay in the 34 ft. range, so if correct we will probably end up where you can only access 1/2 the fridge. This will be fine. I have been hearing a lot of positive with the Grand Design.
2halfs 08/26/21 11:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

WHEW!! Lots of "discussion" here. When we started looking in 2005, we set requirements that we wanted. A sofa. Large, enclosed, heated tanks. Nice bathing area (not in the hallway). Small enough to park anywhere. Affordable. Well, in 2018, we moved into our perfect tow behind. Finally. This is our 4th unit. Looong story. The moral here is that the first trailer you decide upon might soon be replaced by a "better" one. Have fun looking. Have to add to your comment....guess my husband and I did right. We bought in 2004 brand new unit and we still have the TT. We are now looking into buying a 5th Wheel, which is hard to decide as we have been very comfortable with our floor plan. Although it may have been more fun to update sooner;)
2halfs 08/26/21 09:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

As you look at floor plans....some of the features I feel most important: Not listed in order..... -Make sure you can access the bathroom with slides in ( if you have slides). - You may want to access the refrigerator if slides are in. This is helpful if you stop and buy food items while on your travels. Some units are hard to access the refrigerator but make sure you can at least pull the slide out a little to get to the refrigerator. -This one you may laugh at but is an important feature as you will discover later.....when looking, sit on the toilet. Sit as if you are reading a book or paper. Does your legs have room. Believe me you will want this comfort. - Vision your floor plan. Will you be having the extra sleeping beds out. Can you pull it out and still move around the unit at night. Exciting times....enjoy!
2halfs 08/26/21 09:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: New 5er coming

Agree with all the suggestions of staying near the dealer until you have used all equipment and are satisfied. My sister and brother-in-law had purchased a motor home ( huge unit). They bought from out of State and paid to have it delivered. All promises were made. Two weeks later on their first trip the gone board generator did not work, although it fired up at the drop off and signing. It was then fired up again before their trip. Two weeks later.....nope. They had a he'll of a time getting the dealer to comply with finding the problem and fixing it. Because the dealer was out of State they ended up paying out of pocket and then threatening the dealer to get any money back. End result, they lost $'s on the deal and have said they will never do that again. Stay in the area :)
2halfs 08/26/21 09:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flag pole buddy

We have the pole. No we do not travel with it. Sometimes my husband will mount the flagpole to the front of the trailer. It all depends on the wind. Our bedroom is in the back and if it is really windy night then the flagpole bumping around against the ladder is too noisy for us. He likes the option of deciding where to place the flagpole, so each trip it comes down and gets packed away.
2halfs 08/26/21 08:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

Ours has a side by side Whirlpool fridge. We can't access the freezer side with the slide in but no problem with the fridge side. The bathroom was more important to us especially with the current state of affairs. Most everything we looked at had total access without opening any slides so I think that part is fairly common. Thank you. I am beginning to see that this is common. This appears to be the case for units at 34ft or shorter, which is what we would like to stay at.
2halfs 08/26/21 08:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

Ours has a side by side Whirlpool fridge. We can't access the freezer side with the slide in but no problem with the fridge side. The bathroom was more important to us especially with the current state of affairs. Most everything we looked at had total access without opening any slides so I think that part is fairly common. Agreed the bathroom access is the most important feature.....even before the current state of affairs ;) I have to tell you that my husband and I had our TT for about 3 years, when we always stopped at rest stops....then one day we said this is ridiculous. Why have a toilet following us and we did not use it except for being in a campsite....that was 13 years ago. We now travel and keep a gallon bottle of water in the bathroom and use the toilet when ever. We now only stop at a rest stop to stretch the legs, walk the dog or to make a lunch.
2halfs 08/26/21 08:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

We have a 2019 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27RLTS with a kitchen island. Unfortunately, we cannot access the refrigerator without opening the slide. If only they had made the island about 4 inches shorter... This seems to be a common problem. Someone had suggested that they bought their unit with no island kitchen and added their own little island with one of the movable units you can buy :C
2halfs 08/26/21 08:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

Love having the island in the in our CC 29RW. We have a 2 door residential fridge and the island inhibits the left side and the bottom drawer freezer from being opened with the slide in. However, we can open the right side door to the fridge and get to most of what we need without putting out the slide. Sandwiches, drinks etc, We put in the right side and grab them at a rest stop with no issues. Thank you for sharing this information. All we want to do is to be able to grab a snack or put a few items in that we have stopped to purchase for the drive.
2halfs 08/26/21 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

Also with the GD 303RLS you can access the bathroom without opening any slides. Important for some folks. No doubt this is one of the most important features ;)
2halfs 08/26/21 08:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 16 years with no blowouts, now two in a month.

After reading and since I know everything turned out fine for you....I have to share with you my story of our first long trip in 2007 returning from Texas to California. We learned a few things....first off, just because Semi's speed limit is 75mph does not mean a pick up towing a 30ft TT can do the same. When tempts outside are 107+ degrees....the asphalt is much hotter. We believe these two factors is what caused our original flat tire. Long story short, we had our first blow out. Did not even know this. We discovered the flat tire when we pulled off the freeway into a town, rolled down the windows and heard this dragging noise. My husband was actually asleep when I was driving and the sound woke him up. He said "Denise are the breaks out?" I gently tap the breaks and said "Nope". When we came to a stop we discovered, not only did we have a flat but we were riding on the rim. We changed to the spare, which was in excellent shape. Next day we traveled to the next big city and had a rim and tire replaced. Drove less than 100 miles and had another flat on the same side. Well everyone that knew better said to always expect the other tire on the other side to go soon, because it takes the pressure of the first blown tire. It happened. So next stop, husband decided to not play around and chance anything, to make the rest of the trip worry free....we put on four brand new tires. Up the road less than 20 miles, ANOTHER flat on the opposite side of the trailer. Changed again with the spare, drove up the road and stopped at a Good Year. They told us that the new tire and all our tires that were replaced from the Good Year in the other city where we bought all four tires did not change the value stems and this is what had given out on the new tire to blow out. We had that fixed..... When returning home we had contacted the original Good Year and explained to them what had happened....they agreed to reimburse us for charges we encountered (for new value stems, a new tire and labor) Yet they insisted we mail them the flat tire....huh! I asked how in the world do you do that...The manager said "it's easy, you just put a label on the tire and take it to the post office". We laughed at this idea, we could not even vision my husband or I standing at the local post office with a tire in our hands. Good Year stores are all independently owned so we could not turn the tire into our local Good Year and get a credit. We had to mail it. No Thanks. We called our credit card company and explained...they reversed the charges. At first the bank was willing to reverse our whole bill....but my husband asked for them to just reverse the charges for one tire, values and part of the labor cost. That was 2007, we have only had one other time when we found a tire going and caught it before we drove any further. Now we look back at that 2007 trip with humor. No one hurt and lots of stories. Got to love those RVing stories :)
2halfs 08/19/21 12:06am Travel Trailers
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

This one you can access the fridge. Thank you for letting me know. The floor plan of your unit is one that I really like. This floor plan is also offered in the Grand Design manufactures. I will keep in mind what you have said.
2halfs 08/18/21 11:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

We have a Grand Design Momentum 351M, with the kitchen island. We like it very much, enough that we put up with the inconvenience of not being able to get to the fridge with the slides in. But that happens rarely, and if necessary we put the slide out and get what we need. Not a big deal. The slide isn't deep so no problem. More important to us was being able to get to the bedroom and bathroom with the slides in. No doubt Grand Design makes some very nice units. I can see where your floor plan has a lot of pluses.
2halfs 08/18/21 10:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016-2021 with Island Kitchen floor plans

We have a Grand Design Reflection 303RLS with kitchen island and we can access one side of the two door fridge with the slides in. This is one of the units I like the most. Thank you for sharing.
2halfs 08/18/21 10:56pm Fifth-Wheels
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