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RE: Fiberglass Roof

Just sold our 2007 (received it late 2006) Rockwood TT with a vinyl roof. It lived in the FL sun the entire time. Roof was washed about once a year. I replaced the LAP sealant a couple of times. Roof still looked good. Bought our current RV. Fiberglass roof has cracks where it meets the sidewalls. Too sharp of a radius. Contacted Lazy Days a week after purchase, they were no help. Their 30 day warranty means nothing. Contacted the manufacturer, though it was only 3 years old at the time, they said they wouldn't cover it. But the year newer model, they have a TSB to fix it. Well, not really fix it. Cover the area with an extruded piece of aluminum, then seal it with a roll of Eternabond. Forest River dropped the ball on this one. So don't get too excited about a 1 piece fiberglass roof. In theory, they should last longer than vinyl or EPDM... but poor engineering can directly affect that! width=640 Video of the issue with ours: Already had some water damage to a cabinet. I've since sealed the area with RTV. When it cools off, I will fix the fiberglass area properly myself, building up and smoothing the affected areas. It's not complicated to repair, but it's also ridiculous that I have to on something so new. Even Ford still has a chassis warranty on this vehicle!
2manytoyz 09/19/19 01:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: For Standard Gear, What's your ladder of choice?

I bought an Xtend & Climb Ladder in 2004 for use with my first Class A. Truth is, I use it at home a LOT more than with the RV. 12.5' of ladder folds up to 2.5', and only weighs 25lbs. You can extend only as much as you need. width=640 width=640 There are many brands of these now, but I can only give feedback on the brand I have, which is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Even though it's 15 years old, and has been used a lot, it still works perfectly. Link to the equivalent to what I have:
2manytoyz 09/19/19 01:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A stuck next to house!

Some post event pics. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 It was almost setting on the stabilizer jacks. Those would likely be damaged during the tow if stuck in the ground. Until we have a fix, I'm leaving it on the driveway (mostly). The two wheels on the grass have 3/4" plywood under them. If I park completely on the driveway, makes getting the vehicles in the garage too tight. We have a trip planned in a couple of weeks. I'll start contacting local contractors for ideas and price quotes. Might replace the driveway at the same time. It's 30 years old, and is cracked. Might have to sell a kidney to pay for it all though...
2manytoyz 09/10/19 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

Of course it's been done successfully. Here's a link to the related Google images on this topic. Click any of them for more details. Whether it can be done to YOUR camper, is another story. My last camper was a 25' Rockwood Ultralite. I could have added one to the back of mine. Here's how... This is the frame of that TT: height=480 I'm not sure who's camper has a frame and/or rear bumper made as thinly as pop cans, but I've never seen one. The square tube on the back is actually welded to the I-beam frame. I can stand on the middle of it, doesn't flex. height=480 I would simply add a piece of angle iron under the square tube, and weld it along the tube, and to the frame rails. This way the weight can be supported, and more importantly, stop the twisting action of having a generator hanging off the back. You can weigh your camper, then the tongue weight, then have someone stand on the rear bumper to see how it affects the tongue weight. If you're still in the 10% range, good to go. The rear axle is not halfway between the tongue, and the rear bumper. 200 lbs on the back doesn't equal 200 lbs less on the tongue. Some states allow triple towing. People add hitches to the back of their rigs. Same idea... YMMV, but it has been done successfully with other rigs.
2manytoyz 09/09/19 01:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can you recommend me a high temperature tape?

Another vote for edge trim. This is intended for use on metal or fiberglass edges. Very tough stuff. Won't come off until you remove it. No heat issue, no adhesive residue, looks professional. This is the product I've used on my projects: height=480 height=480 height=480
2manytoyz 09/09/19 12:39pm Tech Issues
Class A stuck next to house!

Our previous rig was a 25' travel trailer. We kept it parked next to the house since 2011, when we moved in. Zero issues moving it. Late last year, we bought a used 35' Class A. It fits nicely next to the house too. When I had the fence installed, I specified a 14' wide RV gate with a welded aluminum frame on the back to help with sagging. All was well for months. Last week I went to gas it up prior to Hurricane Dorian approaching our area. I made it about 20', and the rear axle sank. We're in FL. Our property has about a foot of topsoil on sand. Drainage is usually pretty good. There was no visible standing water that day. Once it dug a hole, there was no getting it out. I jacked it up, put pavers and wood under the rear tires. I could get it to move forward some, but never get up out of the trench it had created. We have Progressive RV insurance. After a couple of hours of effort, I called them. This was covered under our policy since it was within a 100' of pavement. They sent a big tow truck, pulled us to dry land. Now I have to contact a paving company for ideas. We have buried utilities in that area, so I don't want a solid concrete pad. Maybe crushed rock with pavers on top, or two 4' wide concrete strips for the tires, the rest filled in with gravel. Still researching this. I'll be a lot more cautious where I travel off road after this experience. width=640
2manytoyz 09/09/19 12:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: LED's for marker lights

I replaced all the marker lights on our Class A. I bought two sets of 10 from Amazon for $7.99/10ea. Source: width=640 These received a 4.5/5 rating from customers. I really like them!
2manytoyz 08/23/19 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone looked at the Jeep Gladiator?

I saw them at the Jeep Beach event this year (Daytona Beach). They offered a ride-along on a small hilly course they built. It looks neat, but if they want to be a contender, they need to offer a V8 version. I'd consider a hemi version, but V6, no thanks!
2manytoyz 08/23/19 09:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

I've had the converter fail while camping. Back then, I didn't bring a stand-alone charger with me. But I did have my jump pack, which had a sealed lead acid battery inside. I only needed power for one more night, and this worked fine, though looked a little odd. width=640 Now I carry my old Diehard (Sears) 12V automatic battery charger. I used this to keep batteries fully charged for several years in my garage. width=640 While on another camping trip, someone with a new 5th wheel asked if I could help troubleshoot their battery issue. Dead converter. I loaned him our charger for the several days we were in the same park. Turned out he was one of the folks that reviews campgrounds for Woodalls. Gave me the latest campground guide when he returned the charger. That said, yes, a stand-alone charger will keep your camper going. Mine will only supply up to 10A continuously. But with it charging all day, with little 12V usage, any spikes at night will be supplied by the charger AND the recharged battery bank. The jump pack lasted for years. Every few years I had to replace the internal battery. The case eventually started cracking. Finally threw it away. I now carry a DBPower lithium jump pack in each of my vehicles.
2manytoyz 08/15/19 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: AC question

Is your fridge a residential style, or an absorption style (uses propane)? The reason I ask is the residential style tends to have a built-in defrost mode, the absorption ones don't (that I've ever seen). Consequently, when I lived in my first Class A for a year, I'd have to manually defrost the freezer about once a month. With the residential style, no such issues. I had my first Class A for 1.5 years. It was always powered up. My last Travel Trailer was parked in storage for part of its life, the rest at our current home, which I've added a 30A connection. It has been powered up since 2006. I sold it last week. It does NOT harm an A/C to leave it running. Seals tend to fail from lack of use, rather than overuse. The humidity and heat will destroy the inside of a camper here in FL. But setting the thermostat to 80F, will keep it pristine inside. Our current Class A was purchased last November, and has one A/C running the entire time. I'll soon be changing my RV outlet on the house to a 50A, so both units can cycle as needed.
2manytoyz 08/09/19 01:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not forget holding tanks and just use portable tanks?

Most pop ups don't have holding tanks. We had one for 9 years, and used a 5 gallon aqua-tainer to catch our gray water. Never had an issue in state parks. I think you might have some issues in some of the private campgrounds. I've seen many of those that don't allow converted trailers or buses, it has to be a factory built RV. When I had a pop-up camper, here's what we were dealing with at St. Andrews SP in FL. Look at the lower right of the bulletin board on the bath house. But, this was the ONLY campground I've ever noticed this. We've had to use our blue tote many times at campgrounds that lacked full hookups. It's a PITA. Our tote is only 10 gallons. But that's still 83.4 pounds, plus the weight of the tote. Too heavy to pull by hand very far, too heavy to lift safely into the bed of my truck, and the wheels are sketchy behind a vehicle... but I have towed it with my truck. I just kept the speed down, and sprayed the wheels/axles with lube before rolling.
2manytoyz 08/09/19 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: ONAN 5500 Grand Marquis fuel pump & filter

I posted a video on YouTube where I replaced the fuel pump and filter on mine. I bought the replacement pump ($34.95) and fuel filter ($17.48) on Amazon. Fuel pump: Fuel filter: Pretty easy job. Watch the video first if you're unsure.
2manytoyz 08/09/19 09:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sub flooring question

You can use CDX plywood, then paint it the faces, and make sure to seal ALL the edges. It has a water resistant adhesive. I would get about 10 years from a plywood bed on a utility trailer, with the bed fully exposed to the weather in FL. Certainly would last a lot longer without rain hitting the topside. My friend refurbished an Airstream. Used Starboard flooring. Expensive, but will last forever... Good luck on your project.
2manytoyz 08/07/19 11:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Disconnect switch

Leave it on when using the camper, connected to shore power, or while towing. When storing the camper, turn the switch off. This will prevent parasitic (phantom) loads from draining your battery. It's nice yours came with one. Just sold our TT to our niece this week. I added one of these switches to the battery box since it didn't have one. I also added a solar panel, and charge controller, to the setup. This connects to directly to the battery, which allows charging even when the switch is off.
2manytoyz 08/07/19 11:30am Travel Trailers
Went to the darkside... TT to MH

In truth, not our first Class A. But life got in the way, had to downsize to a 25' TT for a few years, paid off the house, got another (nicer) Class A. We were going to trade in the 2007 Rockwood 2502 TT. We ordered it new in 2006, and it's been a great camper. It's seen a lot of gentle use, and it has plenty of life left in it. When our niece found out what we were doing, she claimed "DIBS". Her family has camped with us over the years, and she's now a young adult. Newly married, just bought their first home. We made them a really good deal, and I spent a while getting it ready, despite the nasty weather daily. width=640 I replaced the wheel bearings, rather than repack the old ones. The price for 4 grease seals isn't much different than simply ordering 4 sets of bearings, with grease seals, for $45. I also removed the old roof lap sealant, and applied the new stuff. PITA removing the old stuff, but definitely a DIY job. Used a dozen tubes before I was done. Gave it a good clean and shine, and away she went... width=640 They've already booked a camping trip close by. We'll meet up with them, and show them how to set it up, and use everything. We are retiring in a couple of years (or less). Going to spend some time getting the Class A modified and dialed in. Lots of short trips planned. Cross country trips after we retire. Probably won't go the TT route again. It served us well, but really like the room and comforts of traveling in a bus. We have officially transitioned over to the dark side. No turning back now!
2manytoyz 08/07/19 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Gauge

Got mine from Amazon. Fits the valve stems on the Class A nicely, and gives very consistent readings. The display is also easy to read in full sunlight, and has a backlight for all other conditions. width=640 Got mine here: "AstroAI ATG230 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 230 PSI RV Heavy Duty Dual Head Stainless Steel Made for Truck Car with Larger Backlit LCD and Flashlight"
2manytoyz 08/02/19 07:43am Tech Issues
RE: How to store the camper in Florida

Moisture/humidity is the enemy of campers. Can cause mold issues. I've had campers in Fl since the mid 80s. Pop-ups, travel trailers, Class As. Doesn't matter, all closed up. It's only been in recent years that I had power where I stored my campers. I go one step further, and set the A/C to 80F, with the vents closed. Keeps them really dry inside, and greatly limits the heat build up.
2manytoyz 08/02/19 07:35am Truck Campers
RE: Parasitic draw

The sound you described sounds a lot like when my TT power converter was failing. With all loads switched off, the converter would "hiss". Tun on any light, it would immediately go away. A couple of months later, it died during a camping trip. I replaced it with an Iota 55W converter, never had another issue. When you hear the noise, try turning on a load, see if it goes away. Easy enough to troubleshoot if this is the problem. Good luck, I hate chasing gremlins!
2manytoyz 08/01/19 06:33pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Weather Station

I've owned two AcuRite weather stations. Both failed about 1.5 years in the Florida weather. Won't buy a third. We use Davis weather equipment at work. Professional grade, priced accordingly. Get what you pay for. My next one is Arduino based. Already ordered it, haven't had a chance to build it yet. I can add more hardware, and replace sensors when/if they fail. If you like to tinker with sparky stuff:
2manytoyz 07/30/19 10:38am Technology Corner
RE: ONAN—again!

I replaced the fuel pump (common failure item), and the filter. Seemed to help for a bit. I tried the high concentration SeaFoam mix. Didn't help. I ultimately replaced the carburetor, which has it running like new. Shame they don't sell rebuild kits for their carburetors.
2manytoyz 07/30/19 09:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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