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RE: Renogy 100ah LifePo4 Lithium - Max Surge Current

As I seem to recall reading somewhere, LiFePo4 is not intended to be used as an enginestarting battery, thus is not rated in CCA, but I can’t be certain...Just saying.
3 tons 12/04/19 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Non-renewable Lithium...Fact.

Actually, Gary, this thread actually illustrates the value of dialogue. I am a pro-EV person -- we are considering getting an EV car for DW, who does not need much range. And yes, we have solar panels on our roof at home. But I had never stopped to think about the finite nature of lithium, until the OP posted a question. And then I did a little googling and found that yes, although lithium is plentiful in the short run, there are long term concerns. So I discovered something by actually listening to someone with whom I might disagree. This is a good thing. I am confident that the market will supply an alternative, just as LED bulbs have really "outshone" incandescents. And remember that in the late 1800s, city planners were getting worried about all of the horse manure in the streets of the bigger cities, until cars came along to the rescue. So yes, some threads can turn into partisan rants, on both sides. But other threads can serve as respectful exchanges of information and opinion. It all depends on us, the forum participants! Ha, I seriously doubt we’d disagree on all that much, and due to the stated likelihood of managed grid outages in CA, were one to have rooftop solar I believe that EV’s make particularly strong case, as does a standby Li battery bank strategy, to become self-sufficient... FWIW, having gained some hands-on experience wiring an entire project camper with a sine inverter-charger, converter, main panel, sub-panel, solar, air conditioner, Danfoss dc compressor refer and Li battery - and after running this system through it’s paces (while measuring the results, air cond. ON) my next coach battery will definitely be Li... I attempt to approach this more from an objective point of view rather than a theology...
3 tons 11/24/19 01:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Non-renewable Lithium...Fact.

This entire thread should be deleted as it is based on the right wing talking point of "EVs bad!". The statement "can't be recycled" is totally false. Many companies have started successful recycling programs and here in Nevada where I live, lithium mining by evaporating salts is big business utilizing the old "poison waterholes" from old Western movies to get some use out of lifeless, desolate wasteland area. Myself, I have been driving electric over 7 years now, the last two getting fueled for free from our rooftop solar. The carbon industry is scared to death of electric vehicles wiping away their livelyhood and so are car dealers as, like I can assure you from my personal use, maintainance and repair of electric vehicles is a tiny fraction of that of petroleum cars. Most electric cars never get their brakes replaced unless parts rust off from age. “Right wing talking point”??, “delete entire thread” (thread censorship)??, “EV’s bad”??, “carbon industry scared to death”?? Sounds to me more like a response from a triggered, thread discussion Gate-Keeper, or someone who may see a ‘carbon boogieman’ behind every tree...JMO If one can skip past the virtue signaling and self-promotion, this thread has helped illuminate this important natural resource issue...No doubt the demand for Li will only increase, while it’s highly possible that newer battery technologies will eventually address this resource challenge...
3 tons 11/24/19 08:57am Tech Issues
Non-renewable Lithium...Fact.

Since EV’s are on the rise (no magic - thanks only to the invention of the high density Lithium battery), and knowing that Lithium is a limited non-renewable resource, besides wishful thinking, I wonder where this trend will eventually lead??...Surely use of Li will only increase exponentially...
3 tons 11/23/19 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging electric car

Since EV’s are on the rise (thanks only to the invention of the high density Lithium battery), and knowing that Lithium is a limited non-renewable resource, besides wishful thinking, I wonder where this trend will eventually lead??
3 tons 11/23/19 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: loosing old members

The nonsensical contortions that are required to post pics here merely drive folks to other venues...
3 tons 11/06/19 09:51am Truck Campers
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

After a long day of splicing wires I finally have the entire setup installed. The Victron inverter/charger is both inverting and charging. Thanks everyone for the help in determining the right setup. It was not without more hiccups today though. The batteries were again dropping to near zero voltage. I called Battle Born, who said the battery management system could be causing this, but they didn't know why. They suggested that the switch (Blue Sea Systems 350A on/off switch) could be bad. I completely removed the switch from the circuit, and that fixed the issue (at least for now). Maybe the switch was falsely tripping the BMS. I may experiment some more with different configurations for the switch. Nice, Looks like you’re on to something, Glad you’ve persevered (via process of elimination) and found a path forward...Please keep us posted as to the possibility of a BMS issue! 3 tons
3 tons 11/06/19 08:07am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

It is not the capacity so much as the voltage drop. The more cells the lower the voltage drop. Very true Don, thanks for the great point...
3 tons 11/05/19 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

Sorry, double post...
3 tons 11/05/19 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

I'm fine ditching the switch. You're right that Victron did not call for it. The purpose was simply to be a master battery disconnect, so I could disconnect ALL loads (not just the inverter) on the battery when the trailer is not in use. But I may have to live without the switch, and manually unhook the battery instead when the trailer is not in use. It would still be good to know what is happening though. I doubt the issue is the switch itself, as it seems to be functioning normally with only the inverter connected through it. My best guesses right now are either: a) Some sort of feature on the inverter, but I'm still not sure how the inverter could possibly be dropping the battery terminal voltage to zero B) Some sort of feature on the Battle Born batteries. They have a built-in battery management system, so maybe the batteries are shutting themselves off for some reason when the switch turns on. I have the workaround for now (only hooking one component through the switch), so I'll proceed with the installation while I'm still figuring out what was going wrong. First off I must have missed the fact that you have Li batteries (how many??), and know that the BMS can definitely be your problem... Do you have another battery which you can temporarily substitute for the Lithium ?? I recently installed a single 100a LiFePo4 Lithium in a camper conversion, and was able to see during start-ups of the Coleman Mach 1 P.S. ‘momentarily’ as high as 400 dc LRA amps via the Victron meter, thus one might assume that the BMS was tolerant of this sudden but momentary loading, though the mfg. surge specification was rated at only 200amps for 20 sec... The voltage drop you’ve described is a red flag, thus I believe your BMS might somehow be the root cause... 3 tons
3 tons 11/05/19 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

Well the switch is actually rated for 350A, there's a 300A fuse at the positive terminal, and I'm using 0000 cables that are all very short. So theoretically all these components should be able to manage the current just fine. And right now the inverter isn't even hooked up to any AC loads, so it's only idling at about 0.9A draw. In my limited world view (from the few inverters I’ve installed...) I’ve yet to install one that suggested a master switch, nor do I believe that Victron calls for one, but considering your present scenario from afar, I would proceed to ditch the switch..
3 tons 11/05/19 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

If you are saying that the battery supply to the inverter passes thru a master switch, I would suspect the switch...Leave dc loads connected to the switch (per former scheme) and connect inverter directly to battery positive terminal...The inverter needs to be connected directly to the battery with a 300a fuse in the positive cable.. Hopefully you’ve chosen cables of an adequate AWG size and a relatively short round trip cable run. It’s doubtful the switch could handle the kind of dc current the inverter will demand. I’m using 0004 aught AWG for my 2,000w ProSine with a RT cable run of about 7’.
3 tons 11/05/19 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

“My understanding is that the negative DC bus bar is connected to the chassis for grounding, and the inverter/charger is also grounded to the chassis. Maybe that common ground is causing an issue.” No, the inverter AND the dc bussbar grounds both go to the common chassis ground... Something else is amiss... If you’re empirically confident that the battery is up to snuff, and all the dc loads are easily accommodated via the battery (converter-charger OFF) when inverter is not in the loop, then I would begin to suspect (per Occum’s razor) the inverter...This assumes (??) that everything works just fine until you insert the inverter into the loop...JMWAG
3 tons 11/04/19 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

6V advantage 1) can take 500+ charge discharge cycles to under 50% (more like 25%) SOC Disadvantage: do NOT work well with high current loads, like even 1000W inverter. First ALL the current is coming from each battery vs 1/2 the current from each battery in a similar parallel 12V, Next, they have much higher internal resistance than a 12V which means more voltage drop 6V vs 12V IMHO really depends on YOUR application. If you only occasionally dry camp, or often use high inverter loads, then 12V may be a better alternative. . Note that I have for a out 6 years routinely run my Coleman Mach 1 P.S. 11kbtu air conditioner for brief periods (up to an hour or more concurrent with 440w solar) from two 6v GC’s without a hitch (via ProSine 2.0 - 04 aught cables), with locked rotor starting amps at about 140amps - now running Costco GC’s...Cables do MATTER...
3 tons 11/04/19 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

Have you replaced two 12-volt batteries in parallel with two 6-volt batteries in series to improve ampere hours? Were the results satisfactory? Please elaborate. Was the rewiring difficult? It works very well, simply connect the two 6v batteries in series to simulate one big 12v battery...A short length of cable between the neg on one battery and the pos on the other will do the trick...
3 tons 11/03/19 09:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

Well, per your previous (after hooking up the inverter dc side cabling only - ac side not yet connected) and with the battery voltage initially reading 6v then rapidly dropping to 1 or 2 volts within 10 seconds dropping, that seems like a whole bunch of current going somewhere?? How much current does the victron read when doing this, and does this only occur when you hook up to the dc bussbar ??...(just trying to isolate this a bit).
3 tons 11/03/19 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

dropping 1 or 2 volts is too much for no load. Dropping to 1 or 2 volts is a defective battery or open connection. Where exactly are you measuring the voltage? Inverter should pull no more than 2 amps at idle that might show 0.1 volt drop in battery voltage. Yes, I believe it's some sort of open connection, possibly between the ground of the inverter and the ground of the DC load bus bar. When only the inverter is hooked to the battery, the battery stays at ~13 volts and 0.7 amps are drawn by the inverter at idle. The problem is only when I hook up both the inverter and the normal DC loads -- then the voltage essentially drops to 0. I'm measuring voltage between the positive and negative terminal of the battery. As soon as I hook all the cables up, the multimeter actually shows about 6 volts, but then a second later drops to 5 volts, and continues dropping to 4 volts, 3 volts... and settles at 1 or 2 volts after about 10 seconds. If I disconnect the inverter or disconnect the DC loads, the battery voltage jumps back up to 13 volts and everything functions normally. How are you measuring the voltage, via victron meter??...Have you installed a shunt (in neg cable), and if so is it wired correctly?? On edit I believe your battery is toast... The auto parts store can do a carbon pile-load test to verify...
3 tons 11/03/19 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Kirkland battery question (amp hours)

I agree 208 is the realistic number. X2, 208a/hr per 6volt battery, with a 208a/hr combined total when two are wired in series to arrive at 12v.
3 tons 10/24/19 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Capri Campers

If you scroll down on their site theres lots of reviews
3 tons 10/11/19 09:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

Appendix B diagram is to ground the neutral as required by the NEC is correct. That changes it from a floating neutral to one that is grounded. The transfer relay still opens the neutral. I’m confused, I see no other relay in the block diagram - what am I missing?
3 tons 10/11/19 03:29pm Tech Issues
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