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RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

Hello I have a 100W Renogy solar suitcase charging two AutoZone Duralast lead acid Marine deep cycle group 24 batteries. Batteries are 3 years old. Lately I have noticed the charging cycle time drastically increasing especially during the absorption phase of the charge cycle. Charging is now nearly twice as long as before. I have cleaned and inspected the terminals and connections. I have checked individual cell fluid levels as well. These batteries have been babied and never taken below 12.3V. My power usage requirements are minimal and have not increased. I am wondering if these batteries are just getting long in the tooth as far as charging cycles? Would investing in a good specific gravity battery tester be the next step? Thanks, Ken Sounds like your batteries may need to be equalized (cells restored to equal) as the plates may be sulfated. This is normally done every month or two by a controlled over charge of about 14.8-15.1v for about 20 minutes or so which returns the sulfate back into it’s chemical soup...This should help to reduce the battery’s internal resistance... 3 tons
3 tons 02/27/21 02:51pm Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

“ 3 tons the quote from the article qualifies itself:” “Qualifies itself” how so?? BattleBorn (and every other LFP offering I’ve seen), clearly state that LiFePo4’s can be discharged to -4f, with no suggestion or implication otherwise - are we to dismiss this?? In proper context, ALL chemistries tend to get sluggish in *below freezing temps (a no brainer), so this is precisely why context matters!! *with the possible exception of SiO2, though curiously, I’ve not found an independent (i.e. non-vendor) white paper on SiO2.batteries... 3 tons
3 tons 02/27/21 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

“Should not charge/discharge below 32F”. Wrong, in most cases LiFePo4’s can be discharged to about -4f, (e.g. BB, et al) and can be charged below 32f, but at a much reduced amperage. Though my LFP is interior mounted (by a repurposed battery box), in many cases one should be able to do this passively via solar due to seasonally reduced winter harvest. 3 tons
3 tons 02/26/21 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Confusion

3 tons I'll be in the same boat after the summer--batteries that outlive me. Agreed ol’ pal, nowadays I find myself thinking more and more about such lofty matters as expiration dates! - lol BTW, good luck with your new batts, I think with SiO2’s you’re making a wise choice... 3 tons
3 tons 02/25/21 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Confusion

Well since this thread was titled ‘Lithium confusion’ I believe that reports of this nature coming from authentic users with actual ‘in the field’ LFP experience are what provides the most value, and most practical importance. Interesting that you have a hybrid (i.e. genny load assist) type inverter and an impressive battery bank!! Due to a sufficient amount solar and LFP’s faster recovery rate, I simply neutered the charge wire from the truck and so far have relied strictly upon solar. I came from having only two FLA sixers (due to space limitations) which for the most part served me reasonably well, except for their shallower DOD (depth of discharge, with associated voltage sag), and the occasional angst of trying to harvest as much as possible before sunset - depending on local, season and shading, sometimes a narrow comfort zone. With a few workarounds in mind, I still see FLA’s as a good overall value $$, though after having camped with the benefits of LFP’s (usable DOD, faster charge recovery, stable voltage, longevity), I’m now a “there ain’t no going back” convert, but that’s just me, and this quite naturally can be situation dependent. My only grief now is that the dang battery will most likely outlast me : ( lol 3 tons
3 tons 02/25/21 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Confusion

“ No issues at running it from just the batteries with little assist from solar and will like it for brief cooldowns, maybe lunch breaks during a move that some cool air can be produced. The microair upgrade on the AC unit well worth it.” Thanks for sharing your real-world experience, which ‘stats alone’ cannot quantify. Here in the high Nevada desert I can only echo your account. One nice thing about LiFePo4 is that for short durations (typically an hour or two), and thanks to only minor voltage sag, the a/c compressor start-ups are non-laborious, as if on grid power...We also run the keurig and the 900w microwave without a hitch, while the Honda 2200i stays put in its compartment... With 200a LFP I seem to have stumbled across the sweet spot that compliments 11k Mach1 P.S. AC (with soft start), Xantrex ProSine 2.0 (4,500a surge for 5sec) and 440w of concurrent solar, Victron BMV-12 smart phone metering in a truck camper...All things considered (including latitude, and off-grid usages) power concerns have now been subordinated to more important OHV excursions. 3 tons
3 tons 02/25/21 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

“ There are somethings with lfp a person should be aware of and if proper homework is done and common sense is used a person should be able to enjoy the benifit of lfp, they are not faberge eggs some make them out to be.” Well said Sir, a timely bit of ‘reasoned truth’ that would make even Diogenes Proud !! 3 tons
3 tons 02/23/21 10:38am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

“Would you be able to do the exact same thing with a lead bank as far as shown in the daily recordings and still get back to full daily and get the longevity from them?” I could only speculate a guesstimate here, but from the little bit I know about SiO2’s, I believe that since they’re used (as reported) in long term telecom and especially cold weather applications, I’d think they should score quite well in this regard... Though their tech approach and operating characteristics somewhat different, it’s yet another approach worthy of one’s consideration - score one for the consumers... 3 tons
3 tons 02/22/21 03:44pm Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

“ --3 tons, do you have measurements of your solar harvest from before you got LFPs and from afterwards, with same conditions, so we can "see your work" and do a peer review on that? ” Many Thanks, but I have no interest in traveling down this ‘discredit the opposition’ rabbit-hole (a common tactic) with our Canuck friends, but since you seem to have a keen fascination with the shortcomings of LiFePo4, please take a moment to share with us your ‘actual experiences’ with LiFePo4 - FWIW, I have no interest in discrediting any competing battery technology, and in fact tend to view it as a fools-game, but thats just me.... 3 tons
3 tons 02/22/21 10:57am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

All Manufacturer’s all make marketing claims...Though I believe that SiO2 are a viable competing alternative (as I’ve elsewhere stated...), I doubt that SiO2 vendor’s enjoy an exemption... 3 tons
3 tons 02/22/21 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

From my perspective I found that the test was interesting though not surprising since (for those who have ‘actually’ switched from wet-cell to LiFePo4) it merely validates our real-world, non-theoretical experiences with now some actual empirical data - ‘Shoot the messenger’ comes to mind (let the ‘battery wars’ begin!!”) - it seems that thread after thread the LiFePo4 deniers (ATTACKS) are limited to the SiO2 camp, who have even denied LiFePo4’s lower internal resistance (thus, optimizing solar peak period harvest)...I can’t help but find this theme (abject bias) curious? 3 tons
3 tons 02/22/21 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: DC-DC Charging ?

There’s more than one way to configure it, but for the most part it’s a parallel scenario, and often* necessary to protect the alternator when using LiFePo4 batteries - Why?? Because of (if one dare believe Victron, et al...) LFP’s high current receptivity...Also, for newer vehicles, the dc to dc converter needs to be ‘Smart Alternator’ or Euro 5&6 compatible... *depending on components and load Here’s an interesting primer on the subject: 3 tons
3 tons 02/20/21 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: 170VAC coming from my Onan generator

Note that 170v is standard AC sinusoidal ‘peak’ voltage that relates to 120v which is RMS... Perhaps check your instrument settings... 3 tons
3 tons 02/20/21 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: Solar with Lithium Battery

The PD Lithium option just sets and holds the output voltage at constant voltage, constant current 14.4v which works well, but not advised for a storage scenario...Their ubiquitous 9245 (or 92xx series) will do the same thing by switching into the Boost mode via the optional Charge Wizard pendant... 3 tons
3 tons 02/17/21 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: Solar with Lithium Battery

For estimation purposes, I would assume about 5 amps of solar harvest where conditions are ideal, but the nice thing about LFP is that it has a higher charge receptivity rate (compared to wet cell) due to low internal resistance...This means that you’ll get better results with just your one panel, though solar is so inexpensive nowadays (often only about 0.85 cents per watt) I’d recommend at least another panel - but if you do so, try to keep the panel voltages approximately the same, else the higher voltage panel will default to that of the lower one (first, confirm the amp capacity of your charge controller)...The other thing to consider with LFP (LiFePo4) is your factory converter-chargers output voltage...always feel free to PM me if needed. 3 tons Sounds other thing is
3 tons 02/16/21 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: FOB keys and theft

We wrap ours in aluminum foil in the evenings... 3 tons
3 tons 02/16/21 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Upon context re-read (then edit): “If you can't restore the AH needed because of low amp charging restrictions, you can't go. So it would be nice to know that for sure. Trilliums say up front they would not be suitable for that job.” Well, I can’t comment on trillium brand’s outlier specs - but I’m quite happy to save that one for those wise gurus over at Trojan Inc... I do feel however that ‘context matters’ and for the most part your criticism here (the ghost from X-mas past - lol) has been addressed (per topic re-read), at least to the larger majority of prospective LFP users (e.g. those more moderate climate folks with an occasional excursion into below freezing temps)... But where one’s concern does in fact manifest (as with an extended period in below freezing climate), those seeking the advantages of LiFePo4 might simply do as I’ve done and find a workaround (say, heating pad, or interior batt placement-repurposed batt box) or, simply choose the SiO2 option. Either way, I kinda see SiO2’s as a technology that’s been ‘primarily’ adopted for below freezing weather conditions (though performance overlap exist - thus, this thread’s committed SiO2 acolytes), though I recount this at the risk of having further nuanced this topic which has already been aired, tortured (insatiably so.......) and then recycled for yet another round of talking points....MO 3 tons
3 tons 02/15/21 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Though not necessarily of the OP’s original “LFP Charging Performance” question, much of this thread has been devoted to pontifications about the perceived benefits of one battery technology over another (SiO2 vs LFP), merits which have been mostly centered around a limited criteria of an unheated battery box (or with no heated battery blanket) while in below freezing weather... In the context of what (from my view...) is ‘mostly’ this one specific constraint, I believe SiO2 is a overwhelming alternative (AFAIK) to nearly all other battery types... However, in the interest of objectivity (and to a less extreme weather criteria audience), I’ve also listed (on pg 8 of this thread) my own admittedly subjective opinion (due to geo-region) regarding my consideration of SiO2 batteries (Note that I have a heated interior battery compartment). A conscious effort seems to have been made here (including my own real world experience) to provide some clarity regarding LFP’s, so it would seem that most of the aspects of LiFePo4 types (whether attributes or disadvantages, whether actual or even perceived...) have mostly been discussed. Consensus is not always possible, but at this lengthy juncture, hopefully a cogent case has now been made for either battery type.... 3 tons
3 tons 02/15/21 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

“ Beware of your solar amps, might have to switch off solar.” True enough (i.e. unheated batt compartment), but bear in mind a ‘sweet spot’... Let’s assume a real-world correlation regarding inclement weather and reduced harvest amps - for the broader audience, lets say somewhere within the vicinity of the 40th’ish parallel... My sweet spot experience having 200a/hrs of LFP and 440w (Max rated) of solar, I’ve yet to see a single episode when solar amperage neared an unacceptable level - often where even a much reduced harvest-charge rate might be acceptable (or easy to manage) to as low as even 25f. With appropriate component sizing (batts, and solar) this consideration can often be a relatively self-tending matter, or at least relatively easy to manage... Having a parallel solar set-up (panel count roughly divided between two separate switchable controllers), can also help. 3 tons
3 tons 02/15/21 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

“That's why I said awhile ago here that when talking about Lifepo4 in post and you don't want to type that out use lfp. But it seems the those 3 letters are too hard to type and li is still used. If you can get past that how serious is a person to truly learn.” Agreed, due to the various Li chemistries, a common convention designator of LFP for LiFePo4 types makes perfect sense, and would help avoid dreaded confusion (as well as some occasional frustration for some - lol).. So LFP for LiFePo4 it is! 3 tons
3 tons 02/14/21 09:21am Tech Issues
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