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RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

Very Nice work!! Could you provide a source for the several components??
3 tons 10/23/21 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: RuggedFlex solar panels -- a significant new product??

I wonder how they’d hold up in a hail storm?? 3 tons
3 tons 10/23/21 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Parking camper on sloped driveway

When unloading the camper, be advised that as you pull the truck forward the trailing edge of the bed often makes arc, so have someone monitor the read of the bed as you pull forward…You may have to lower the rear jacks more than you first realize… 3 tons
3 tons 10/21/21 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Magnum MS 2812 Charger/Inverter Issue

“ Power comes thru for non-inverter circuits every time on shore power. No issues with that. ” What are your inverter circuits?…Maybe it’s the pass-thru ATS switch that’s built into the inverter? 3 tons
3 tons 10/20/21 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Magnum MS 2812 Charger/Inverter Issue

Using a volt-ohm meter, check for continuity issues between the cord’s male end (4 post) and at the surge-guards input side with cord unplugged…Then, if cord proves ok, plug in cord (pedestal breakers ON), and verify surge-guard input taps, i.e. 120v to neutral, and 120v to neutral, then compare this finding with the output taps… 3 tons
3 tons 10/20/21 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Magnum MS 2812 Charger/Inverter Issue

When using the genny, the inverter also goes into the pass-thru mode (as it does with shore power), but if I understand correctly, there appears to be no problem with the generator as the power source…IF so, then the problem seems related only to the shore power source…Note that both the surge guard and/or the inverter have the ability to either qualify OR reject the incoming AC power, and for some reason (possibly the shore power cord??) your set-up is qualifying only the generator..My guess is that the generator does not pass-thru the surge guard, which may point to the surge guard… I had a similar problem whereby my pass-thru Prosine 2.0 would reject Genny power when I tried to run the Honda in the eco mode, however, the Inverter would qualify the generator when not in the eco mode…Pass-thru inverters can sometimes be fussy in this way… 3 tons
3 tons 10/19/21 07:10pm Tech Issues
Never saw this before!

Now driving thru north east corner of Mississippi to Memphis and saw this sign before the weight station that states,”All Vehicles over 10,000 pounds must exit” (into weigh station)….Never heard of this before, but luckily for me at 14k, the weigh station was closed! 3 tons
3 tons 10/19/21 11:22am Truck Campers
RE: I want to run a microwave on an inverter

Ran our Panasonic 850w (cooking watts only) conventional MW from two GC’s and a 2000w ProSine Xantrex (0004 cabling) for over a decade without a single glitch (typically up to a minute or two at a time), but a less demanding inverter MW would now be my choice…Robust cabling prevents excessive voltage sag… 3 tons
3 tons 10/19/21 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

3 Tons, The incredible, ridiculous and insane amount of debt has many unintended consequences; including hamstringing the next generation of leaders (our children) to just one single task: paying the debt's interest. There won't be any extra funds to implement their great ideas--cuz it was used to implement "our" grand ideas. Will they cancel the debt? Why not, their argument is clear, "we didn't do it, so why should we pay for someone else's foolish folly?". Remember, this next generation is all about being "woke", and "woke" they will be. I agree Sir, I believe that some of my positions fall in the round receptacle of ‘ALL Knowing’ wokeness - Sun Tsu’s genius was to understand how to achieve victory without the danger of bloodshed… Our younger generation(s) often tend to exploit their inheritance (unrealized without sacrifice or awareness…) without a sufficient world view, these are the social warriors that have cogitated MMT (modern monetary theory) etc, yet are devoid of the Socratic Method (e.g. Critical Thinking skills)… 3 tons - self reliant, and minus any ‘empirical evidence’ very much against imposing my personal activism of choice (I.e. popularized mandates) upon others - this, in the interest of the fading of personal Freedom…JMHO… 3 tons
3 tons 10/14/21 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

And BTW, I wouldn’t dare take a ‘Freedom lesson’ from arm chair ‘Experts’ who are functionally ill-informed- kinda makes me laugh if it weren’t so sad…(see my previous on the sad state of education affairs in academia…) 3 tons
3 tons 10/14/21 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

“How many trilions $ in debt is US now ? Printing money and or stealing other countries riches is ending.” Be nice, I spent 20 hrs providing safety and security to Kanucks…. It pays to be a bit introspective… 3 tons
3 tons 10/14/21 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

“But keep up on those conspiracy theories. That foil hat should continue to protect you from progress.” Lol on that Sir, Your personalized pejoratives are no substitute for intelligent discourse (R.I.P) - But I suggest that there’s a significant logic gap between ‘smarts’ and ‘wisdom’…Note that it’s often the ‘Smartest folks’ (fully immersed in idealism rather than vocational wisdom gained from experience…) that have guided us to near-endless and unfolding policy precipices across the realm…(simply review Western History). Either way, you might consider a cursory review of my previous…Note, that I have absolutely zero dislikes whatsoever for either BEV’s, battery tools or solar…My points have only to do with: (disparage or deflect as you choose) … 1) No objective science exist to support the suggestion of a lowered carbon production (e.g. the policy lurch towards BEV’s). 2) ‘Forced’ neighbor-to-neighbor purchase subsidies (minus supporting science) equates to vote harvesting). 3) An already overly taxed grid that likely cannot sustain a ‘rapid’ mass transition to BEV’s….Solar-wind is Great as long as it happens, but now (per the OP’s original post) add EV trucks to the mix! 4) No public dissemination of or review of the supporting carbon reduction science - no scientific peer review of such equates to a Rasputin-like practice of scientism… 5) Policy by unilateral edicts rather than by input from an informed public - should not the public be informed ?? (this is not how a democracy is designed to work) - Hey, what could possibly go wrong - lol… What I find ‘generationally alarming’ is a general lack of policy curiosity enquiry, maturity and engagement, and a near complete and willing submission to unfounded green mandates - While (I’ve read here…) there are those here who seek to impose forfeiture of one’s Individual Rights upon others for the ‘perceived greater good’ of the collective…Sadly, Skepticism (aka, ‘the Socratic method’ - seemingly displaced by the inertia of popular narratives (aka, Group-think)…Skepticism is no longer deemed fashionable or even permitted…It’s unclear what this wholesale trend of “my way or the highway” will mean for or dear progeny - will they also not be inquisitive??… From my perspective, this type of ‘new think’ is a particularly poor, results based example of our uber costly, post-modernist curricula investment…A study of western history will verify my concerns, but then again who’s much concerned about history anywaywhen it’s far easier to outsource one’s own critical thinking skills… 3 tons - currently ‘off-grid’ enjoying self-reliance and the solid benefits of 200a/hr LFP, 440w of Solar, and very capable Li leaf blower :)
3 tons 10/12/21 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

You think I'm exaggerating about the impact of new green laws? health issue than green. In reality it has very little to do with health, and much more to do with the Orwellian impulse to constrict individual rights ….In this particular incarnation, the leveraging of one’s ‘eco-guilt’ (a reactive impulse) equates to open acceptance and conformity of what is the official disseminated narrative (minus supporting science)…This is why there’s little to no public interest to determine and demand the ‘supporting science’…Nothing whatsoever new here, historically a well practiced tactic that’s been devised in various forms to achieve otherwise unachievable agendas, but to the subsequent regrets of the many…”Where’s the call for the supporting Science?? - Subsidies are the paths necessary to quell these demands - incentives today, edicts tomorrow… 3 tons
3 tons 10/11/21 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Xantrez ProSine 2.0 Inverter Charger 2000W

Theres a switch on the face of the unit - set it to OFF for about 15 sec then return it to remote.
3 tons 10/11/21 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Homey, could not verify what they have personally, but I bet they recycle their empty White Claw cans. It does not surprise met that a hoity toity ivy league university that churns generations of pontificators that speak about all things woke (aka elites), has such a teensy weensy solar footprint. Why spend their endowment bucks to go 100% solar, just wait and pretty soon the Feds will start giving them away. Right?Fair enough. My local university has similar size system. Although it is all on top of the buildings and parking structures. ZERO additional land use. Not saying this is the end all solution.... however as more people and businesses participate it will go a long way with NO additional land use, NO additional transmission lines. Enough Santa Claus with incentives... need more Grinch with mandates. One watt per square foot required for all new residential and all additions is my suggestion. Similar for business. “I’m from the Gov’t and I’’m here to help (minus their gifted subsidies??)”… We’ll, with this current incarnation of overly pedigreed (pampered) guru’’s - are these the same Wizards of Smarts that have created 90% of our current maladies (incl. forest management, ‘theories’ et al) based on faux promises??…With a demise of Adults in the room, it’s kinda difficult for me to see how any real solutions (devoid of their Purple Unicorn ‘Scientism’) might materialize, especially since they’re not interested in objective findings - JMO, but based on aged results based real world observation… 3 tons
3 tons 10/10/21 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Wiring Question

Congrats for using 0004 to satisfy the inverter… 2 AWG is good for the inverter ground.. 3 tons
3 tons 10/10/21 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Fyi 80% of forest fires are started by humans. The rest by lightning. Powerlines are nowhere near as dangerous. Some might disagree: The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California's history, and the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses....Ignited by a faulty electric transmission line. Camp Fire - California In last years annual Calif forest fires, it was reported that PG&E still had transformers in use that dated to 1929, and that the reason their grid system was in considerable need of upgrade was because the State had previously forced PG&E to redirect sizable amounts of their resources to fund so called ‘Green initiatives’, forcing grid maintenance to be deferred…On the eastern Sierra slope (near my Nevada residence) Calif no longer maintains it’s fire trails (now mostly impassable) nor do they clear up decaying forest debris, while heavy dense smoke and ash drifts into neighboring States (impacting other’s health) and million of acres of Calif forest land are thoroughly immolated - an annual reoccurrence …These months long fires are likely the #1 source of Calif carbon production, yet, their carbon production is conveniently ignored and exempted from Calif’s own industry regulated carbon calculations, a fee based carbon trading and credit gambit that entirely dismisses forest fire carbon emissions… One dimensional Policy makers try to conceal actual fire causes (conveniently pointing to the Global warming boogyman) while pre-occupied with solar and wind activism.. Still no empirical science exist (or has been publicly disseminated) to support their tenured Bureaucratic activism, and no accountability exist whatsoever for their intransigence or forest management malfeasance … 3 tons
3 tons 10/10/21 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

You Buying at the beer summit ?? 3 tons Upon edit, “ Ya need a pair of chest waders to negotiate this thread lol.” What do you think the implications of ‘chest waders means’??
3 tons 10/09/21 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Ya need a pair of chest waders to negotiate this thread lol. This ‘outta sight, outta mind ‘lack of consensus… I would submit this is the result of a lack of objective scientific review, thus a woefully disengaged citizenry… 3 tons
3 tons 10/09/21 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

“EV opponents dont realize or cant comprehend how eficient electric cars,motors are.” Who are these people?…Maybe this a phantom war??…FWIW, I only know folks who question the ‘imposed mysticism’ surrounding claims of a ‘net carbon reduction’ (“my way or the highway” inquisitors), shameful neighbor-to-neighbor wealth transfer (‘votes for subsidies’ scamming * ), long term grid capabilities (those who regularly live with blackouts), and juvenile ‘virtue signaling’….Other than that (in which opponent's are often viewed as neanderthal eco-Terrorist for their questioning of mass group-think), EV’s are surely fun to drive engineering marvels, but exist without any independent proof of a net carbon reduction… Having said that, my guess is that folks who generate their own power independent of the grid may be over a time significantly closer to achieving a ‘net carbon’ reality :) * (while accepting of other fuzzy theories - what could go wrong, eh?? 3 tons
3 tons 10/09/21 07:20am Tech Issues
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