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RE: TS-30 transfer switch failure.

How do I bypass? The power cord goes directly to the main breaker and then to the transfer switch. I'm not sure what to do with the wires to the transfer switch. You shouldn’t attempt this unless you know exactly what you are doing…There could be unintended adverse consequences - just saying… 3 tons
3 tons 07/26/21 01:01am Tech Issues
RE: TS-30 transfer switch failure.

Can’t say I’m too familiar with the switch monikers that you site (other than the 30a part), but by bypassing the ATS switch you might run the risk of a short circuit or fire if inadvertently attempting two competing power sources (shore and genny) simultaneously…FWIW, ATS switches typically have inputs for two power sources (and one output to the main panel), and are designed to keep the two sources sequestered… 3 tons
3 tons 07/25/21 05:18pm Tech Issues
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

Per BFL, “PT why are you still looking at LFP’s??” Though LFP’s are not for everyone, my sense is that PT has had a bit more time to weigh his options and consider their advantages against their potential cold weather disadvantages… I did the same (i.e. during neighbors camper LFP build and testing…), and is always what one needs to do - no harm in this whatsoever, JMHO 3 tons
3 tons 07/24/21 07:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

With advice like “two times yada, yada” Sounds to me like the phone answering guy at the Maagnum is passing the buck… My ProSine inverter is 2000w (4500 surge for 5 sec), and my genny is 2200w, but either on their own (including genny in Eco mode) will start and run an 11kbtu Coleman Mach1 p.s.without a hitch… Note, the problem I WAS having only occurred when genny was in Eco mode while passing thru the smart inverter (whether inverter was in standby mode or off)…Regardless of programming the inverter was not happy…Thus the added ATS solution that ends all nuances and provides even greater operating latitude - the simultaneous use of air conditioner, microwave, etc….. Either way (regardless how one might look at it…), the generator is on-line and assigned the same tasking (or LESS if operable in Eco), but with the added ATS, neutered of unnecessary proprietary software glitches… At least from an experienced process point of view, that’s how I see it… 3 tons
3 tons 07/23/21 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical layout in fifthwheel

I was playing around with my breakers and using a treble light to see which breaker fed which circuit. I was slightly confused by one circuit named 6FT…but apparently it runs most of the outdoor plugs and kitchen plugs. I counted 6 receptacles on this circuit. Another circuit named Slide has 7 on it total. Which were scattered throughout the trailer . Lastly I had one circuit called Bedroom. And it only had one plug on it which was for a wall mounted TV. The plug was beside the cable connection. The bedroom actually has 3 other plugs in there all wired to Slide circuit.. My questions are, what does 6FT mean? And who the hell at Heartland RV wired this trailer so oddly? Everything works but it’s just bizarre the way they ran the wires in my opinion. Anyone else gave issues like this? They could’ve spread the power out a little better Sounds as if the wiring job overlapped shift change… 3 tons
3 tons 07/22/21 05:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

“ I don't even try eco mode not worth the hassle. Full fuel tank on the eu2200i lasts exactly 4 hours running the A/C, can put a stop watch to it.” Eco-mode option is available only on ‘inverter type generators’ (meaning flywheel-alternator based…), otherwise, a conventional low-tech generator (i.e. alternator separate from motor) will suffice but at W.O.T. (wide open throttle). 3 tons
3 tons 07/21/21 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

From some ‘dogged experience’ ($$), I can now surmise little practical justification in attempting to run an air conditioner-generator combination through a fussy ‘pass-thru’ type inverter - Though I can well appreciate the Holy Grail of load sharing (e.g. more fuel efficient generator), this supposed benefit can become somewhat theoretical when it comes to managing (or transitioning to and from) a highly inductive-reactive compressor type load (a virtual ‘push-back’ on the power source), most likely an iffy ‘not one size fits all’ software situational issue that might vary per scenario (considering a variety of variables) ….Short of some on-site, dicey over-writing of the inverter’s fussy programming sensitivities, adding a stand alone ATS Switch (a bypass affair) begins to make sense, and can readily overcome this malady while providing some additional benefits (aforementioned) as well…JMHO, 3 tons, at 4800’ elv…
3 tons 07/21/21 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

I’d tried a ton of steps too, starting with adding a soft-start, then switching out my Honda 2000 for a 2200, then had some limited success by adding a Hughs autoformer (though not it’s intended purpose…), but uber hot weather was the variable that seemed to always kill the Eco-mode deal…But as I recalled long ago with our previous camper using the same air conditioner (no soft-start), the Honda 2000 would run it while in Eco-mode, so the more and more I thought about it, what came into my field of view was the fussy pass-thru inverter…Sure enough, it turned out that was the problem all along…Either way, I prefer the slightly larger genny for the additional head room, and with the new strategy we can run the microwave or coffee pot (via inverter) and air conditioner at the same time, so in the end I’m truly more than pleased :) 3 tons
3 tons 07/21/21 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

FWIW, I’ve been struggling along for several years with a closely similar problem but with different branded components but getting about the exact same results…My frustrations finally hit critical mass this summer due to the unusually hot weather…Scenario: Honda 2200i Generator and Xantrax ProSine 2.0 pass-thru inverter, 11k btu Coleman Mach 1 PS with soft-start…My goal all along was to be able to run the air conditioner (low fan) while the genny is in the ‘Eco’ mode, and the inverter in the standby mode, but a dreaded oscillation between standby and invert would shortly after develop, and ultimately the inverter would not successfully pass the load back to the generator…I’d already tried monkeying extensively with the inverter programming, but to no avail… Finally, using an extension cord I decided to bypass the inverter completely and try again with the Honda set to Eco mode connected directly to the Coleman and it worked flawlessly every time the compressor kicked on…Though as to be expected it rose a bit above idle speed, the little Honda purred like a kitten never once failing to pick up the heavy compressor start load… So my ultimate solution was then to install a new dedicated ATS Switch between the inverter and the air conditioner, with it’s own genny power cord…This has proven to work perfectly and when generator power is not present, the inverter (via ATS) will power up the air conditioner as per past practice…In this way the air cond and inverter can be run simultaneously because the new ATS’s dominate position defaults to the generator… I used a Go Power 30a ATS (a rebranded Progressive Dynamics unit), and to make things work, connected the inverter output to the normally shore power input terminals, and the new genny cord to the generator input terminals….This arraignment may seem odd, but after much trial and error, I then acted upon a tip from a knowledgeable EE whereby the ATS sees the generator terminals as the dominate power source (e.g. perhaps their diagram is printed in error??)…. Problem SOLVED !! 3 tons Upon edit, I should add that this problem persisted whether the inverter was in standby mode OR set to OFF…
3 tons 07/20/21 11:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Walmart selling LiFePo4 batteries $539

Ebay’s alleged ‘Money Back Guarantee’ exist but is patterned after another infamous program that claimed folks would be purchasing a popular form of insurance but ended up without coverage… Because of finding this out the hard way (twice!), I never again use Ebay… 3 tons
3 tons 07/20/21 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Coverter/ GFCI problems

Checked continuity between ground and hot on the outside entrance plug. Continuity between GROUND and HOT would be a dead short circuit and would trip the circuit breaker. What you need to check for is continuity between the NEUTRAL and GROUND. Make this check with the converter/charger breaker turned on since that is when you are seeing the problem. Continuity between NEUTRAL and GROUND would not trip a breaker, but it would trip a GFCI circuit. Exactly, Agree Completely… 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Coverter/ GFCI problems

wa8yxm and 3 tons. Thanks. Please reread my OP. No hot water heater. (on demand propane only) Only with the converter breaker on doe it trip. Checked continuity between ground and hot on the outside entrance plug. No onboard generator. Refer on caused no problem. Only when the converter breaker is on. And please don't get upset with "please reread the post" it wasn't intended like you thought it was. Thanks Jeff Ok, got it…so assuming no inverter or generator (i.e. no floating ground), unplug shore power and with converter breaker switched to ON, check for unwanted continuity between the neutral and ground bars at the main…There should be no continuity (unless you have a floating ground at a genny or inverter) - neutral and ground bars should NOT have continuity…. 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 06:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Coverter/ GFCI problems

Using a continuity meter, I would first confirm (with camper unplugged from shore) that there exist NO continuity between neutrals and grounds at campers main panel, meaning, no undesirable ‘eddy currents’ causing the shore GFI tripping… Note however, that IF you have an onboard genny or inverter, bonding of neutral to ground may be happening passively at either device via a ‘floating ground’… Outside of that, it could be a defective leakage within the hot water heater or refer (an electrode element, neutral to ground affair…), or (since it is a new rig) more likely, it could simply be that this fussy home GFI is ‘daisy chained’ (to save builder moola) into far too many receptacles - try dedicating this home GFI circuit to strictly just the camper by temporarily UNPLUGGING all relevant home appliances on that particular GFI circuit, then try again.. 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

BTW upon re-read, 6000 watts is ample surge wattage, but 8ms is equivalent to about only 1/2 of a half of a full sinewave cycle (i.e. 1/4 of a full cycle), meaning that the surge rating is relatively meager, which is a reflection of the inverters inner-workings…Per my previous (bargain inverters…) recall that ‘advertised wattage ratings’ is only part of the story, and when it comes to ‘heavily reactive’ loads (e.g. compressors and microwaves), surge ratings and duration matters most because these loads tend to ‘push back’ against the power source (your Samlex)…I would also consider running a second set of cables (in parallel) to your existing 02’s to help minimize voltage sag (say, under heavy loading), and for possible future use - FWIW, to my ProSine 2.0 I’m running 0004 AWG cabling, 6’ roundtrip… JMO… For example the ProSine 2.0 (2000w) has a surge rating of 4500w and a duration for 5 seconds (does run my 11kbtu air cond without a hitch…), while even 20 seconds in not uncommon on say a heavy, old school copper-transformer based ‘Low frequency’ inverter… Just a heads up: Considering your desired usage, for your next inverter you might keep in mind a true load sharing type, combination inverter-charger…Personally (in this regard…), my next ‘someday’ inverter will likely be a Victron multiplus hybrid (true load sharing type) inverter-charger… 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 04:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Yours is not a surge problem - inverter and generator output decreases with higher ambient temps, while Air cond begins to present an even larger load… Attempting to run a microwave (or air cond) and charger at the same time overwhelms the 20a circuit…A hybrid type (load sharing) inverter may make the difference…Another tip, get rid of power sucking stick house microwave or consider a stay at Embassy Suites… 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart selling LiFePo4 batteries $539

A powerful proposition (pun intended :) lol)…at these prices LFP will surely start making a dent in the wet cell market.. 3 tons
3 tons 07/19/21 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic AC Issues

Freeze sensor defective/intermittant/installed wrong. Doug Sage advice from a knowledgable Tech….
3 tons 07/19/21 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: power issue

'07,Itasca Sunrise. Returned home from camping last Sunday, everything was working good. At home plugged into house to run fridge only, as going again soon. Fridge has been working fine for 5 days. !! Today fridge reads no AC. Tried to restart on AC no go. Switched to propane. Running fine on propane. I pushed test on ground fault. !! Now it will not reset, no power at outlets. Microwave no power. any help? thx Not all of your home circuits are fussy GFI protected…Find a circuit that is not GFI protected and using an extension cord, connect to the RV and see what happens… 3 tons
3 tons 07/17/21 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: 100 amp @ 12 volts charge controller.

From my neighbors experience: a) EPEver terminals strip-out easy - Caution, DO NOT over tighten…Had to repurchase because manufacturer denied warranty claim. b) Customer support ranks poor if not non-existent. c) from my own perspective, initial programming seemed to be an exercise in utter frustration. Just saying as a neighbor-observer… 3 tons
3 tons 07/15/21 10:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Chasing the green monster away

Hey Mex, that was a great tutorial!, I was just thinking, how about a little baking soda mixed in with the grease?? 3 tons
3 tons 07/15/21 10:25pm Tech Issues
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