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RE: Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO with Auto Shutoff

I have their 30amp Autoformer with surge protection - enables me to run my air conditioner with Honda 2200i while in the Eco mode* * Note, Honda must be grounded to campers neutral 3tons
3 tons 06/19/21 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: 2012 Arctic Fox 990S

Scrap the cheapo monitor and switch to a reliable and accurate SeeLevel monitor made by Garnet…sensors are external self-stick…
3 tons 06/19/21 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: TCM (Truck Camper Magazine)

I quit TCM altogether some time ago when they switched to their new format - I found their new format to be frustrating and uber user non-intuitive with newly released articles buried in banners, but thats just me - I avoid it altogether but I guess it works for them and others JMO :)
3 tons 06/18/21 10:18pm Truck Campers
RE: why i call Li fussy

You Sir are seemingly arguing with a Straw man - For the record, I never once objected to any of your post, nor do I intend to now (folks are quite free to draw their own independent conclusions)…Nor have I ever once advocated against your’s (or anyone else’s) battery of choice…I wish you well with your own battery of choice (SiO2 - purported ideal in colder conditions - I might have chosen the same…), as I look forward to the eventual arrival of even better technologies… 3 tons
3 tons 06/18/21 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Your response and “disappointment” are mis-assigned Sir (I would refrain from playing the “dog ate my homework card’’), I’ve only pointed out tactics and words (not individuals…), and have been moved to tire of this serial mischief…In my view, a ‘cloaked in plausible denial’ burden to fair-minded discourse that should be admonished…Other’s are free to arrive at their own conclusions, but in doing so one should consider how many threads over time have been choreographed and compromised by all this silliness…However, I’m still curious about the unresolved edit… 3 tons
3 tons 06/18/21 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Amen to you Sir…. BTW, I just noticed that one of these mischievous players just recently attempted to bury his tracks by editing (at 6/17/21, 10:57) out his previous closing statement of, “Till next time”….(possibly a ‘Freudian slip’ Warning??)…Question: Why was he driven to do this edit?? Quantification of these types of activities can be most difficult (this is how they prosper…), though NOT impossible… 3 tons - (retired, but still on watch….)
3 tons 06/18/21 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

I will only add that Forum rules prevent me from precisely identifying these ‘Players’…I would suggest no engagement… One need exercise discernment…. 3 tons
3 tons 06/18/21 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Sadly, a trend seems to have developed whereby certain keyboard interlopers (of the SiO2 persuasion) have found a creative way to corrupt sentient dialogue (easily evidenced in numerous threads…) by purposefully conjuring up a dogged stream of seemingly plausible (actually, implausible…) ‘Gotcha’s’!!, as well as easily demonstrable intentional misrepresentations - Unfortunately, some extreme discernment is required as this tactic continues unhindered….Note that no LFP thread has been exempted from this type of information corruption… 3 tons
3 tons 06/18/21 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

I take no comfort in saying I told you so…On a brighter note, it seems that folks are beginning to see this pattern emerge…JMHO 3 tons
3 tons 06/17/21 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Whack-a-mole… 3 tons
3 tons 06/17/21 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

With such a dependable stream of mental gobbledegook, I stand by my previous - lol !! 3 tons
3 tons 06/17/21 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

I will predict that upon the next LFP thread these detailed explanations will all have been in vain - Calling it a form of ‘thread Alzheimer’s’ (Groundhog day 9.0) eems to be appropriate… 3 tons
3 tons 06/17/21 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Per FWC: “ For some reason there seems to be a great effort to pick this apart without really understanding how it works. The funny thing is, the sky is not falling and there are people actually out there using these. If you are actually interested in how LiFePO4 batteries work, buy one and play around with it. Or even better, build your own.” …BINGO!! Maybe the forum operator should charge per number of bit wasting keystrokes… 3 tons
3 tons 06/17/21 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

PT, As have these many LFP threads have tracked, I can’t recall anyone ever discouraging the use of Sio2’s in extreme weather conditions, particularly in (per your concern…) a ‘cold start up’ scenario - thus it seems like there’s a battery type to fit a whole wide variety of needs…Lithium (of some chemistry?) works well on the Mars Rover - I’d read too it has a built-in heater and is uber well insulated… 3 tons
3 tons 06/15/21 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

With all those extreme limiters in mind, sounds like a lifestyle change may be in order??…Either way, it would seem that extended periods at -30 degs does help to rationalize your inclination towards Sio2 (this, supposing they’ll do the job adequately?)…FWIW, I view this as an outlier scenario… 3 tons
3 tons 06/15/21 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

3 tons, really only one thing keeps me from Li. PT, Due to the recent innovation of passive ‘pre-charge’ heating elements available in many of today’s LFP offerings, this below 0deg C charging concern (where a heated space is not possible) has been overcome - I would think that this should satisfy a wide majority of these outlier scenarios…As per the advent of dishwashers, I can sense that the paradigm is in the midst of another shift… 3 tons
3 tons 06/15/21 10:08am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

…For those who may have missed it, be advised that the LFP boat has done left the dock - lol
3 tons 06/14/21 10:28pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Tom, Show me a bms that allows a draw of 240 amps from a 100 amp-hour battery? My future bank will allow 9600 amps. Not that I'll ever use that amount of current.Your needs certainly are out of the ordinary. I have a 170ah Renogy drop-in lithium with built in BMS that I purchased two years ago from Walmart for $970 plus tax. I'm never in a situation where the battery temp will drop below 32F. I have 400 watts of solar and in two years may have run my generator 6 times to charge my battery after a couple of cloudy days. This does not include times that I run the generator to use my microwave or A/C. I don't have to do anything to the system. About the only thing I have to do is turn my inverter on when needing 120 volt power. One who’s on a mission to find anomalies, tends to be able to find one behind every tree. 3 tons
3 tons 06/14/21 01:14pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

Who the heck is Will Prouse??…Whether he’s correct or not (??), can anybody please tell me who Will Prouse is, and how he might be credentialed??…I cant fault his entrepreneurship, but from my perspective his evaluations and conclusions, many of which often seem half-baked (in the end leaving me more puzzled than when I started…) are superficial…Not my source of choice. 3 tons
3 tons 06/14/21 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter/12volt-24 volt question

Thanks for your responses. My original intent was to utilize what I already have to both keep the cost down and investigate a design a system for a future RV. The Tundra is a 2000 watt inverter. Not sure but I think it is a modified wave. My friend did all the wiring and set up for this system. He did so using the 2-6 volt Trojan batteries and it didn't work. I replaced all the electrical outlets on the 20 amp circuit thinking that I had a short. Didn't work. I installed switches to isolate the inverter from the shore power. You most likely saw in my signature the I have a 100 watt solar on my rig. I don't think that I used it maybe more than a few times. It doesn't put out enough energy with the 2 50 watt panels. I would like to learn more on what I can do with my 2 6 volt batteries even if I have to get another inverter. For the time being, I don't need the solar. I would like to be able to run 2 CPAP machines at night. I want to run the refrigerator while driving instead of using the propane. Most likely I could charge the batteries while driving from place to place. Is a 2000 watt inverter large enough to run that 20 amp circuit? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Well, you’d have to do somewhat of a redesign just to be able to utilize the 24v inverter, so if it were me I’d simply stick with the two 6v batteries (in series to arrive at 12v) and get a decent pure sine wave inverter…A 2000w inverter could provide approximately 16 or so amps, so if wired into an existing circuit you’d want to avoid exceeding that amount (e.g. by avoiding simultaneous multiple large appliances…). I doubt your CPAC approaches that amount, but your refer may well (??)…One other thing to remember with 12v dc is to make sure your inverter cables are sized correctly for the particular load (AWG Gauge and round trip to inverter cable lengths) - this should not be assumed or overlooked… 3 tons
3 tons 06/12/21 01:27pm Tech Issues
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