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RE: Arctic Fox 1163 TRUCK CAMPER Full Tour video !

A 100% Eagle Cap Knock-off, minus over the rail construction...
3 tons 06/25/20 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Fridge won't fit

FWIW, How wide is the door opening??
3 tons 06/24/20 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: Question for Super Duty Owners with Jump Seat

FWIW, My previous 07 Ram Only had a lap belt in the center seat.
3 tons 06/12/20 09:42am Truck Campers
RE: New a/c unit problem

In military terms, “Improvise, adapt and overcome” comes to mind - Good Job Sir!!
3 tons 06/09/20 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Confusion

Well my Best ‘informed via real world experience’ guess is that there’s far less of a voltage sag issue when using the LiFePo4’s than with either shore or genny power, meaning easier on motor windings...JMO 3 tons
3 tons 06/09/20 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: 'Question About LEAD LEAD LEAD Acid Batteries

What does all this have to do with Lithium?? ?? - lol
3 tons 06/07/20 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Security Bar over RV entrance door??

Look up "shed security bar" it's not pretty but something like that might accomplish what you want for the door. I installed a some home made ones for a Y's storage shed which has a bunch of sports equipment. I used galvanized struts and parts to hold it in place. Not attractive but they've seen a couple guys check out the sheds and walk away. Sure they could cut through it but they don't have the equipment or time. Good deterrent. Thanks for the idea :) !!
3 tons 06/01/20 06:35pm Toy Haulers
RE: Security Bar over RV entrance door??

A $50 lock on a 50 cent frame though. And a 99 cent Large FLat Screw Driver from the bargin bin will OPEN any RV entry, compartment etc. Ha, in light of that fact Sir, $50 bucks is cheap - a potential deterrent to a novice...It’s a numbers game - Nothing will stop a Pro (thats why I have insurance) but then AGAIN that’s not my intent...
3 tons 05/31/20 09:59pm Toy Haulers
RE: Security Bar over RV entrance door??

Are you putting bars across the windows too? If I was robbing trailers in remote areas, that would clue me in that something good must be in there and I should break out a window to see what I can find. Of course, you also have the problem that the walls of RVs aren't that strong. I'm betting any kind of bar could be removed in under 30sec with a crow bar or battery operated angle grinder. Just had to remove a padlock because I lost the key. Took me about 10min to find the angle grinder and hook up the cord. Grinder went thru the padlock like a knife thru hot butter. Well that’s all quite true, in fact a determined person can break into almost anything - ones stick built house’s Front Door can be defeated with just a mere solid kick, but my intent has to do with ‘hardening a soft target’ as a deterrent... looking here for ideas of interest..I do like the robust lock idea that was mentioned above :)
3 tons 05/31/20 08:09pm Toy Haulers
RE: Security Bar over RV entrance door??

We camp and ride our OHV’s in remote areas, and RV entrance door locks are very easily defeated...Just wondering if someone has made a locking security bar to help with securing the entrance door - any ideas or photos are much appreciated !! 3 tons With today's battery operated handsaws anything can be defeated. A garage door hasp would slow them down but it would look like hell with through bolts. Thanks, Very Creative Sir :)
3 tons 05/31/20 08:00pm Toy Haulers
Security Bar over RV entrance door??

We camp and ride our OHV’s in remote areas, and RV entrance door locks are very easily defeated...Just wondering if someone has made a locking security bar to help with securing the entrance door - any ideas or photos are much appreciated !! 3 tons
3 tons 05/31/20 04:25pm Toy Haulers
RE: Looking into a Truck Camper

Years ago someone made an aluminum skinned camper with a pop-up sky porch, though I’m not sure if it had an elevator - Good Luck.
3 tons 05/18/20 11:27am Truck Campers
RE: Need help shedding 3/4 ton - Lithium Battery project

Follow-up: Thinking a bit more about the SOC meter approximation (as to my previous), I’ve now discovered that the meter’s set-up voltage and current programming are part of the meters ‘auto-sync’ parameters, thus need to be re-programmed for LiFePO4...This is some good news, sorry for my confusion.
3 tons 05/13/20 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium Battery Question

Curious about this issue, I just checked out the Victron’s manual. In section 4.2.1. one can note that the meter’s charging voltage is programmable - I’m not sure, but this parameter may contain the answer... After a re-check of the Linklite set-up manual, it turns out that both float voltage and float current programmable and are part of the meters ‘auto-sync’ parameters - this is good news!
3 tons 05/13/20 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question

3tons, I know that the smartgauge will not work with LI chemistries and it checks voltage many times per second (1500 iirc). Well, as I previously stated, I have no ‘first hand’ knowledge with Victron’s SOC Meter...However, my neighbor has a Victron meter on his LiFePO4, and I questioned him about this very issue just this afternoon, in which he stated that his meter seems to not need these routine re-synchronizations since it typically restores itself to 100% SOC upon each recharge!!... My guess is this may just point to a difference in the way the Victron arrives at SOC...I do plan to follow up on this... 3 tons (in the High Desert)
3 tons 05/13/20 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help shedding 3/4 ton - Lithium Battery project

I recently switched to a single 200a/h LiFePO4 drop-in (cylindrical cell type) with internal BMS... Other (typically less costly) drop-in type cell choices are Pouch and Prismatic (an encased variation of pouch), or build your own via a bundle of single cell prismatic and a stand alone BMS...For charger I’m still using the PD 9245 (with Charge Wizard in 14.4v boost mode) and actually prefer it over the current one size fits all Li spec’d chargers being marketed at present - each having it’s own unique shortcomings... Voltage based ‘Dead On’ SOC readout has been a new ball of wax due to the uber wide breadth of the voltage plateau, though with a short bit of hands-on experience this should not present a problem, due to the aforementioned wide voltage plateau and an occasional top end-of-charge meter re-synchronization - in this way, you’ll always have a fairly close approximation of SOC (off by only a couple percent), and due to near stable voltage characteristics of Li, a ‘dead on’ SOC determination is of far less importance...Coulomb counting may yet be another option, though I’ve not pursued this possibility... Understand too that to adequately provide for BMS cell balancing the battery will have to periodically be brought up to a full charge and held for a brief period (say a half hour or so - Note, once balanced, an ‘extended charge period is not recommended)... I have found that at the completion of ‘regular charging’ (thus, the beginning of cell balancing...) the end of cell balancing’ phase can be ascertained by monitoring the periodic inrush amps ‘vs’ voltage (via shunt based SOC meter display) - kind of an ‘on and off again’ affair going on here, the brief cycling of amps up/down while voltage drops/rises...Once balancing completed, the ideal time for a meter re-sync... Hope this helps! 3 tons Upon edit, I seen no appreciable batt temp rises beyond ambient...As to FLA usable amps vs LiFePO4 goes, with my former two 210a/hr GC’s, I would normally only have available roughly 50% DOD or say 105a/hrs, but with 200a/h of lithium, I’d say that due to the near flat voltage curve, there’s roughly 90% capacity safely available, or 180a/hrs without issues...When off-grid I handle single-stage MPPT solar charging (@14.4v) the same as I do when using the charge wizard, monitoring the battery when nearing full to prevent unnecessary overcharge - sometimes shutting things down earlier since except for cell balancing, theres no real need for a full recharge ...Solar harvest is much improved (even with a marginal harvest) due to uber low internal charge resistance - SOC recovery time is much faster...
3 tons 05/13/20 01:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium Battery Question

I wonder if the poor oppressed OP has his answer yet. :) Agreed, “Nothing more to see here, Please move along”!!
3 tons 05/12/20 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question

Due to the flat voltage/discharge characteristics of LiFePO4, I seriously doubt that any of today’s ‘over-the-counter’ sourced SOC meters (Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi comes to mind!) will be able to provide as accurate of readout as it would with an FLA (though not sure about Victron...). But due to the extremely wide operating breadth of Li (post ‘Real World’ eval, where occasional top-ended re-synchronizations and approximation proves adequate...), the value of a ‘dead on’ SOC readout appears to be of a relative minor concern, thus the salvation of having a ’dead on’ SOC display being far more beneficial (if not sometimes critical) to the various FLA types... JMHO... 3 tons
3 tons 05/12/20 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question Don't see a program for charging efficiency. Do see the one for Peukert--change that to 1.05 (I saw somewhere) Need to kill auto-sync but can't see where. Don't like that idea the battery is full just because the charger dropped to float voltage. That is just nutty IMO. Maybe I don't understand that part. ( I don't like the way Trimetric does it either) It said to make sure the wires on the shunt are twisted or else your amps reading will be off. (The Trimetric wire comes with them twisted, don't know about LinkLite's.) LinkLite wires are twisted (by ME - lol). With Li, the only feasible way I can see to determine ‘batt full’ is when battery current (zero) and voltage (maximum) have been holding steady for awhile, though (based on historical energy consumption) I don’t run the Li down to the lower range of DOD, the displayed SOC is an adequate approximate...I’ve yet to try the Coulomb counting method...Having said that (nuances aside), with solar I believe there’s little need to try and keep the batt full except for an occasional balancing of cells - the nice thing about Li is the uber expansive operating range where as a practical matter voltage drop becomes mostly irrelevant...JMO
3 tons 05/12/20 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question

Sorry, double post... 3 tons
3 tons 05/12/20 09:36am Tech Issues
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