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RE: Travel trailer warranties

Valhalla, the new axle specs are 4400, but not mine, it was an earlier model. The new springs sent by GD, were 4400 lb, secondly. I was visiting my daughter and for a lark, went to look at rv's for the day, ended up cutting an awesome deal and bought the unit. And no, the dealer didn't pick it up, thought it was a bent axle, checked for that and sent me on my way. And, hitch weight is around 650, at 6800 without water and absolutely dry, the trailer is at the axles maximum. Load up 75 gallons of'd be looking at a bent axle. I'm no piker, been building custom motorcycles and cars all my adult life, owned several rv's, my last one was a Cougar 244 fifth, for thirteen years it saw every type of road, never had a single issue with that trailer, and nothing but issues with this one.
36guy 07/12/20 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer warranties

I'll agree the axles are overloaded, but not by me. Our trailer has our clothing, groceries and a full tank of water, not considered an overload by any one. These things are built to an absolute minimum standard, the dry weight on the scale minus the hitch weight is 6800 lbs, I had to provide that to Grand design to show proof to have them send me springs.
36guy 07/12/20 07:47am Travel Trailers
Travel trailer warranties

So, in the fall of 2018, we bought a new Grand Design Imagine 2600 RL, in Grande Prairie Alberta, hauled it 15 hours home to Princeton BC, and parked it for the winter in the pole barn, for six months. Warranty ticking away spring, dug it out, back to Grande Prairie, another 15 hours, found the trailer odd looking on one side, pulled into the dealer we bought from, could find nothing wrong other than a distinct lean to the passenger side. Pulled it back home, and shortly thereafter, a trip to Williams lake, 6 hours away. Then 6 hours home, got under the trailer, discovered flattened springs, 57 hours total travel time, till a suspension failure. Called Grand Design, they urged me to call Dexter, as Dexter made the springs, did so....they asked me to ship the springs to them, wherever they are in the states, wouldn't warrant them otherwise. By now, I'm past the one year warranty period Dexter has on their springs and axles, so Grand Design steps up and ships me new springs and hardware, keep in mind they warrant the trailer for three years, BUT ONLY THE TRAILER, not the running gear, which by the way has 3500 lb axles under a 30 foot trailer. So, in go the new springs, under the pole barn for another winter, no mileage put on, till this spring, when I load up a full tank of water, groceries and head out to a spot about a hundred miles from here. Within 30 miles, I notice a bent rear axle, sure as ****, it is bent. Get home, call Grand Design, they politely tell me I'm out of luck, too far from the warranty and they'll do nothing, they suggest I call Dexter and I explain that I'm not about to go through that exercise again. So....monday its off to a real axle and spring shop, 6000lb axles and a dexter ez flex system, new wheels and tires, considerable expense on what is a new trailer with no miles on it. My post isn't to slag Grand Design, they have been helpful, it's to hilite the **** warranty program RV's fall under. When you buy a new car, all the suppliers for that car fall under the car builders warranty, in the rv business, I'm forced to deal with dexter, dometic, furrion, and everybody else who supplies parts separately from the trailer manufacturer, who has a three year warranty on the shell and interior. This system is garbage, really screws the owners who have legitimate issues by allowing the manufacturer an out when something isn't designed the way it should be. I understand that bent axles now are more common than uncommon, regardless of the maker, and we get screwed by having our units sit over the winter with the warranty clock ticking away, seems to me that if a trailer has a three year warranty, it should be for the entire unit. Opinions?
36guy 07/11/20 10:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Trailer Quality Control

I have to say......this stuff is not surprising, I think overall, quality has really dropped off in the rv business. We bought a Grand Design Imagine 2600 RL, in 2018, its a 30 foot trailer, and although the build quality is satisfactory inside the trailer, the warranties on units today leave the buyer hanging. Grand Design advertises a 3 year warranty, BUT, the chassis and axles are warranted by Lippert and dexter and have a one year warranty. We bought in late september in northern alberta, hauled it home to bc and parked it for the winter, covered in our pole barn. Limited use the next summer, my wife was sick, in the hospital two and a half months, so we didn't get more than one trip in, during that trip, I noticed the springs had gone flat, called GD, they referred me to Dexter, they were no help. So, Grand Design stepped up, sent me all new springs and hardware, I replaced them, and the unit sat another winter, up on blocks. By now, the one year warranty is long over on the axles and chassis, so the trailer sat till this june, we got in it with a full tank of fresh water and headed out, not thirty miles from here, noticed the rear axle bent. 3500 lb axles and springs are clearly not heavy enough, back on the phone to grand Design, they couldn't be more helpful, but I'm too far past the end of my warranty for their help, which, by the way are still covering the rest of the unit. This trailer has around fifty hours road time, a complete failure should NEVER happen, especially on what amounts to a new trailer. So, now I'm out $3600 tax in for a new undercarriage, all the best stuff, guaranteed never to break again. The complaint I have is not the fault of Grand Design, it is the way the warranties are structured, a three year warranty should cover the entire unit, just like the warranties on cars, in my case, we take it up the butt for what is clearly a design issue, and although the unit is covered by a three year warranty, not all the parts in the unit are. These units are not cheap, manufacturers have to do a better job of looking after their customers.
36guy 07/04/20 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rodent damage

This works, leave your hood open, not all the way, but enough , maybe twelve inches or so. There is no place for the mice to hide, and they won't chew the wiring, we do this in remote campsites, it works.
36guy 02/08/20 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Doom for the RV industry???

I think what gets me is the poor quality during the build process, most of it are very simple fixes to stop the warranty issues later down the line. My latest rv was near $50 thousand, and in no way compares to a 50 thousand dollar car. It should, in every way, take wiring for example, instead of making a loom and fastening it for quality, wires are strung loosely through the underbelly with no protection, look like hell and are easily damaged later. Cabinets are the same, my front closet wall is coming apart in a unit that is a year old, poor fit, no glue and stapled together. Generally, my unit is nice, but welds on the chassis are poor, two springs have gone flat, although the manufacturer has bent over backward to repair these issues, they should not happen in the first place, in general, I think the rv industry needs to put out better products that rarely see the repair dept of a dealership.
36guy 11/23/19 12:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Frame and tie down damage from unmarked speedbump.

Clearly, the speed bump was put there to slow people who drive too fast down, it looks like a narrow street, you shouldn't be going fast enough to launch the camper in the air. Chalk it up to **** happens, fix the damage and slow down.
36guy 09/30/19 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Grand Design after sale warranty treatment

I would, but don't know how....
36guy 09/18/19 10:50am Travel Trailers
Grand Design after sale warranty treatment

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29970279
36guy 09/18/19 08:57am Forum Posting Help and Support
Grand Design after sale warranty treatment

We bought an Imagine 2600RB last september, 13 months ago, thrilled with the trailer. Life got in the way, we were only able to use it twice in the following year, this last trip I thought I had a bent axle, as the trailer didn't sit level or look right, a quick stop at the dealer we bought it from determined no bent axle, so we continued on, total mileage around 3000 kilometers, (2000 miles)and after much measuring, found a spring flattening out, which led to the spring beside it flattening as well. Apparently, an issue with Dexter axles and springs, and not uncommon. An email to Grand Design resulted in a request from them to contact Dexter, which I did, and the results were less than satisfactory, them asking me to fill out the warranty form as the spring was only warranted for a year, and I was a month over, and....they wanted me to ship the spring so they could examine it before issuing a replacement. I live in a small town in British Columbia, got any idea what that would cost me? Yeah, right, like thats gonna happen. So, another email to Grand Design, talked to the same VERY nice woman, VERY helpful, who tells me what she thinks of Dexters policy, and tells me four new springs and hardware will be sent to the dealer nearest me, and I could install them, I run a hot rod shop, so she would trust me to install them as per their specifications. Just like that, no hassle, no problems, she says, send her pics of the damage and Grand Design would ensure I was taken care of. As a result, they've earned a customer for life, and my son has completed a deal on the same unit as a result of their actions. No, I don't work for them. Its a genuine relief to deal with companies that stand behind their products.
36guy 09/18/19 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: British Columbia, Canada

I agree with Gary, don't take the coke, you'll cheat yourself of the other, more stunning places in bc, and better, more scenic hiways. The coke is a 4 lane, all up hill till the top, then all downhill to the bottom hiway, A truly hard pull that will test your tow vehicle, and drink a ton of fuel. Hiway to hell is much over hyped, lots of the footage is shot on other hiways here, most of the locals don't take that route, its a straight shot from here to there, all 4 lane, all business, there are far better choices. Not being negative here, I'm trying to assist you in having a truly enjoyable trip through our world, if you gotta come far, you should at least see the best we have to offer.
36guy 08/23/19 08:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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