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Park your unit with the hood open, they have nowhere to hide, it works.
36guy 08/06/21 10:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Grand Design Quality

I bought a 2005 keystone cougar 244 fifth wheel brand new, owned it 13 years without a single problem, so, followed the new owners of GD because of their success with keystone thinking I'd get the same results. Wrong. We purchased an Imagine 2600rb, and immediately had undercarriage problems, namely, collapsed springs and later, bent axles, which I had to pay for out of pocket, both because of under design issues, which, in 2020, GD corrected on this model. Since, I've had trim come off, both wall panels in the bedroom have come apart, plumbing issues sliding doors that beat themselves to death while travelling. I have more, but they're minor, generally, count me as unimpressed.
36guy 07/02/21 10:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel bearing advice

For me, about every five years, don't care about mileage. What I depend on is a temp gun, EVERY stop, I check tire temps, hub temps and drum temps on my way by, looking for differences. That has saved my butt twice, once was a tire going bad, once was a bearing. To each his own, whatever works for you.....
36guy 03/31/21 02:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone Use BG Products Engine Restoration Before

SweetLou, there is no sludge in your engine,this is not 40 years ago, modern oils have additives that prevent sludge. Pull a valve cover off any engine you can find, there will be no sludge, the junk yard is a good place to start.
36guy 03/23/21 04:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How Important is Garage Storage?

Again, everybody has their opinions,I keep mine under a pole barn to avoid the sun, my last fifth was a keystone cougar, 13 years old, looked like new, it's the sun that makes them look old. As a result, I got an excellent trade in value for it, because it didn't show its age. My recommendation is to store it under cover if you can, helps keep the vermin out too.
36guy 02/26/21 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

36guy, sounds like you couldn’t drive a manual shift, didn’t do proper maintenance including oil changes, and modified ito use non OEM parts and it’s Ford’s fault. ;) At leat, you found something you liked. :D That’s really all that matters. Sounds more like a lemon to me. It happens with all vehicles. I don’t get the impression that the OP didn’t take care of it. Idk about the input shaft issues though. Not familiar with those trans. I do know the 7.3s were a cold blooded engine that needed properly operating glow plugs and that good oil change maintenance was imperative on them (and 6.0s) because the HPOPs were good but finicky without frequent quality oil changes. Every vehicle has its quirks. But there’s quirks and there’s issues and they had quirks, not issues. Thanks, yes, from the day I bought it, the first week one glow plug went, two or three months later after a long high rpm pull it threw its first fan belt, then ate the first of three water pumps, then one morning start up it only ran on seven cylinders, always back to the dealership, it was just one of those trucks you pour money into......I loved the truck, I just got tired of fixing it.
36guy 02/24/21 11:42am Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

36guy, sounds like you couldn’t drive a manual shift, didn’t do proper maintenance including oil changes, and modified ito use non OEM parts and it’s Ford’s fault. ;) At leat, you found something you liked. :D That’s really all that matters. You shouldn't pass judgement of others if you don't know them. I drive truck for a living, I've been building hot rods and custom motorcycles for 40 years, and I stand corrected, it is a ZF 5 speed stick I put a Luc clutch and flywheel in, the dual mass shields the tranny from power pulses that a single mass setup does not, leading to bearing failure on the input shaft. I probably know more about servicing my pickups than most on here, I have a fully equipped shop to do just that. Thanks for your esteemed and totally incorrect observation.
36guy 02/23/21 09:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

For those of you who think this was fords finest truck, let me say this...I had a 95, stick, bought new, 215 horse, loved that truck to death. Owned it ten years, 9 fan belts, 3 sets of injector O rings, 2 sets of $500 apiece injectors, 2 alternators, dual mass flywheel gave out under warranty, then again at around 100,000 miles,installed a Luc single mass flywheel and clutch set up, was warned by my tranny guy that the input shaft in the getrag 5 speed would fail because of the clutch upgrade, it did, new transmission happened, that was the last straw. I pulled a cougar 244 fifth, 10,500 lbs, that old truck did a good job. Sold it, bought an 07 classic body duramax LBZ, still own that, nothing but oil changes, lotsa miles, best truck I've ever owned, I'll never own a ford again.
36guy 02/20/21 11:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you sanitize your black tank?

I have always used septic tank enzyme in our unit, it controls the smell, attacks the products in the tank, and stays in there after dumping, because it's bacteria. Keeps on eating away till there's nothing to eat, always keep five gallons of water in the tank as well, I've found my levels indicators always work properly, plus, its dirt cheap, available everywhere, even the grocery store. Dump, add a little package, five gallons of water, good to go.
36guy 02/14/21 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you let you kids drive your motorhome

My dad always said, that if I wanted to drive his stuff, I should buy what he bought, we'd then be equals. I've been asked for the use of my truck, and our trailer, once. Truck, many times, by people who are moving. My standard answer is to tell them to buy a truck, just like I did, and the trailer borrower got the same answer, want to use one? Go buy one. I also have a shop full of tools, go buy them, just like I did.....
36guy 02/10/21 10:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

What do I do with my gloves? They go behind my driver seat, where they have spent thousands of miles. When they develop a hole, garbage they are, no, they don't stink, no, they're not covered in poop or diesel, I don't get poop on my gloves, as a lifelong equipment operator, diesel doesn't go on hands, its carcinogenic over a lifetime of exposure. We aren't dealing with toxic waste here, its poop, and furthermore, its poop of my making, quick and careful means no spillage, I even wear the same clothes in the truck after dumping, same shirt, same boots, same pants...... I gotta say, if some pig has left a mess at the dump station, I won't dump there, walking around messes left by previous dumpers is not good. By the way boys, do you bag up your shoes after dumping? Or toss them? You've walked around the area......
36guy 02/10/21 10:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

I own a diesel pickup, I always have a pair of leather gloves to fuel up with, so.....I pull up, put on my leather gloves, haul the slinky out of the back bumper, pull the black, wait, close the black, pull the two greys, wait, shut the valves, pull the slinky, into the bumper, climb into the truck and get out of the next guys way. Drag my five gallon pail back to potable water, fill it, dump it down the toilet and vacate. Nobody around? I'll rinse till the black runs clean, hose down what needs hosing, all with leather gloves. It's not nuclear waste, and I don't get it all over me, sometimes though, it can be very entertaining being in line.
36guy 02/09/21 04:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wishlist of RV features

A beefier frame and suspension that will stand up to 10 years of fishing the back country. We sold an 05 cougar fifth we bought new for a grand design in 2019 that hasn't even gotten into the backwoods and has already needed a complete suspension swap. Flat springs, under designed axles that bent, trim coming apart, my cougar blew a control board for the fridge in 13 years, that's it. My current trailer hasn't even seen the rough stuff and has cost us a small fortune, I just wish for better built units overall.
36guy 02/09/21 04:21pm RV Lifestyle
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