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RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

This thread reminded me that one of the reasons I didn’t have a B&W slider was cuz they’re heavy. Then I thought my winch doesn’t care about that so:
4x4ord 06/06/23 03:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

HA, I just realized that my Dad has the RVK3500 in the bed of his 2014 3500 LB SRW RAM. I will do exactly what I said I can do and post the pics. This will be FUN, Stay tuned!!! Man, your 65, so, that makes your dad 87? Good for him to still be RVing. You should get a video of him throwing the hitch up on the tailgate ... even if he has to use two hands.:)
4x4ord 06/02/23 11:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

If only there was a better option. Say, a hitch rated to tow as much or more, and be so light a child could pick it up. Sure would be nice for those folks who aren’t full timers and want to use their truck bed….. Using a winch to handle the Companion makes it pretty hard to beat, but, there does exist a light cheap hitch with an over rated weight carrying capacity that a child can pick up. Some people prefer that hitch for the very reasons you mention.
4x4ord 05/31/23 07:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

I use to pick up my Companion (head and base as one unit) and walk up my tailgate step to install it in my truck, but now I'm kind of lazy and I wanted a better place to store the hitch. So I cut a hole in the ceiling of my garage directly above where the hitch sits when I have my truck is parked in its stall. I built a box that fits up in that hole and mounted a winch in the box. When I want to remove my hitch, I simply lower the winch cable down and lock it into the hitch jaws; then I winch the hitch up into its storage box, in the ceiling of my garage.
4x4ord 05/31/23 10:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brakes are Broke

Check woth Ford.. my son in law has a 2022 and had the same thing.. They had to go into the computer system and wipe out the memory and reflash the IBC.. Ford had a recall on the brake control module. I brought my truck in and had it done but performing the recall made no difference. Our second F350 was built after the recall. Anyway I think I'll try hooking up a good ground wire as was suggested and if that makes no difference I'll give the dealer a call.
4x4ord 05/29/23 09:36am Towing
RE: Brakes are Broke

^^^Ya but you've got a Ram.
4x4ord 05/29/23 08:54am Towing
Brakes are Broke

I’ve got disc brakes on my fiver …. they stop the trailer great but something seems broke. If I set my truck to electric over hydraulic I get a “trailer disconnected “ warning if I apply the brakes momentarily then release and reapply the brakes …. release again and reapply the brakes again. It happens every time on the third application. When the ‘trailer disconnected “ message is displayed the brakes continue to function as expected. I’ve got two identical 2022 F350s and both trucks behave the same way when hooked to that trailer (the only trailer I have with electric over hydraulic brakes). Another bit of interesting observation is that if I set my brake controller to “electric” rather than “electric over hydraulic” I don’t get the message. What do you all think? Is there a problem with my trailer or Ford’s software? The first time I noticed this was pulling the trailer with my 2022 ….. but it’s possible something happened to the fiver since my “21 was hooked to it. For instance I did accidentally leave the emergency brake away unplugged for about an hour which kept the hydraulic pump running nonstop which in turn got the brake fluid and wiring extremely hot.
4x4ord 05/28/23 01:33pm Towing
RE: May have towed too much weight

You should be able to tow a 4000 lb camper with a Honda Goldwing without burning the transmission fluid let alone using a Pilot. On the other hand if you want to burn up a transmission you don’t need to tow a trailer to do it. How do you know the transmission didn’t have burnt clutches prior to you towing or purchasing the vehicle?
4x4ord 05/27/23 03:23pm Towing
RE: Curt Q24 or B&W Companion 20

The RVB 3300 weights 78 lbs where as the RVB 3305 weighs 86 lbs.
4x4ord 05/13/23 10:30pm Towing
RE: 2023 Super Duty 6.7PSD HO Review

I've got a '23 high output on order but I'm currently hooked up to a 30,000 lb gooseneck and extremely impressed with the way my '22 handles it. Earlier today I was contemplating changing my order to the regular output.
4x4ord 05/10/23 10:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck I just taped my cellphone to the rear seat head rest so the video is not real good. I backed up 1/2 mile before doing a blindside turn onto a narrow side road. I was in the truck by myself and had to watch for traffic coming from in front, behind and ensure no one was coming down the side roads all the while I was trying to keep my foot to the floor in reverse. I was busy. It would have been much easier with a co-pilot. Having the volume turned up makes it not a boring to watch.
4x4ord 05/08/23 10:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

HA! And I know this is no bs since I saw your video of backing a GN trailer at what like 30mph? Fwiw I tried. Although with a long bumper pull flatbed. My personal best was only a bit over 15mph before I chickened out or things got squirrelly! Lol Not that any of the last couple pages has to go with Steve and his truck…. I should have made a better quality video while I had the chance. I was able to hit 35 mph backing the gooseneck with my 2017 F350 but Ford has spoiled my fun. The new 10 speed with its 4.92:1 reverse gear ratio and rev limiter has been neutered so as to have a top speed of 20 mph in reverse.
4x4ord 05/08/23 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

^^^No it can't back double trailers but it can make it easier for a driver who is capable of backing doubles. Because my motorcycle trailer is short and a little narrow I really have to pay attention to the rear trailer when backing up .... if I use PTBA while backing around a corner, I can pay attention to the back trailer and count on the Ford system to prevent the cab of my short box truck from hitting on the front trailer. Or, when I'm backing the two trailers straight down the road, I'm not able to see the rear trailer at all, so, the PTBA is useful to keep the truck and front trailer perfectly straight while I glance back and forth from mirror to mirror watching and waiting for the rear trailer to pop into view. With the PTBA keeping the truck and front trailer straight I have enough time when the rear trailer appears to quickly respond before the short rear trailer jack knifes on me.
4x4ord 05/08/23 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

"Does Ram offer a trailer backup nanny on their 3500?" No idea, would not have it if they did. A Man just have to be able to do things!!! It's not that big of a deal I hook it to the truck maybe once a year and need to back it. The lift crank has a wheel that makes it easy to roll around. If the technology can do something better than I can I’ll use the technology. I have played around with the Ford Pro Trailer backup assist enough to be able to use it well and find times … such as when backing up double trailers, that it can be useful. For the most part, I find it nicer to just throw the truck in reverse and back up. FPTBA limits your speed to 2 or 3 mph.
4x4ord 05/08/23 06:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel Ecomony - Towing

We tow a 42' 5th with a Ram dually. 27,000 pounds going down the road and 13'5" tall. I usually don't pay attention to the fuel economy as it really doesn't matter (kind of like asking what the fuel economy is of a $300k boat - if you have to ask about fuel economy, you have no business buying the boat). But when I do check MPG towing, it is between 8 and 9 MPG. If I was buying a $300k boat I would definitely be asking what the fuel economy is. Knowing that I can afford something doesn't mean I want to afford it at any cost. I wouldn't order lunch from a McDonalds menu without seeing the prices.
4x4ord 05/07/23 02:35pm Towing
RE: Fuel Ecomony - Towing

The 1 ton/3/4 ton pick ups ride like lumber wagons compared to a 1/2 ton. I think I'd consider sticking to a 1/2 ton for towing a 7500 lb trailer. I agree that the towing fuel economy would be very similar between a 1/2 ton vs a 1 ton. The baby Duramax in a half ton would be best on fuel.
4x4ord 05/07/23 02:16pm Towing
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

Looking for a challenge??? Hop in and try backing this little trailer with the DRW's hips in the way. I have an enclosed motorcycle trailer that I sometimes tow behind my fiver. It’s a little longer than yours, which helps, but it’s a little narrower than my fiver which makes it tough to back up. I added a camera to the back of my fiver which has made it a fair bit easier. Backing up that Harley trailer would be easy as pie with the Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist. Does Ram offer a trailer backup nanny on their 3500?
4x4ord 05/07/23 06:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Could be the starter solenoid.
4x4ord 05/02/23 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

If the batteries are done it’s probably getting low on windshield washer fluid and needs new tires as well. I’d say you're over do for a new truck. Let the next guy look after all the screwing around.
4x4ord 05/02/23 04:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2024 Duramax Dyno

It would have been interesting to see what happens to the torque had they used manual mode and left it locked in 7th as it pulled down to 1800 rpm. It’s possible, even likely, that peak torque is achieved by 1800 rpm and the torque curve is flat from 1800 to 2000 or 2100 rpm. It’s interesting that 420 peak rear wheel HP is obtained at 2800 rpm which is about 89% of the engine’s rated hp. (Indicating an 89% driveline efficiency) At 2150 rpm the truck is putting down 899 lbft of torque. If you use the same drive line efficiency of 89% the crankshaft torque would be 1010 lbft of torque at 2150 rpm. The engine is only rated to put out a peak torque of 975 lbft and that is at 1800 rpm.Doesn't TQ get multiplied by the gears? It does. The dyno numbers are derived from the rear wheel hp and represent crankshaft torque less driveline loss. For instance if the dyno rollers are spinning 1800 rpm when the engine is at 2800 rpm the roller torque would be 1225 lbft when the dyno is indicating 420 rear wheel horsepower. The torque value of 788 lbft that Banks is talking about is based on an engine speed of 2800 rpm though. (1225 roller torque x 1800 roller rpm / 5252 = 420 hp x 5252/ 2800 engine speed = 788 lbft crankshaft torque)
4x4ord 04/27/23 07:27am Tow Vehicles
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