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RE: 275/70R22.5 vs 295/75R22.5

Are you sure you don't have the numbers mixed up? 275/75 and 295/70 are almost the exact same size.
4x4van 07/18/23 04:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: They are not Scamp, Casita or Teardrop

Overlanding is definitely a growing market, but out of the numerous "overlanding style" trucks/SUVs I see here in CA, I really wonder how many of them are actually used for their intended purpose vs just going along with the popular style. And most of them have the flip open tent on top, so no need for a trailer. JMO.
4x4van 07/10/23 03:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: From a class C to class A ??

We've had 3 RVs over the past 35 years; Class C, Class C, and now a Class A. Would never go back to a C. There are just so many pros; more storage, bigger tanks (water, black/grey, fuel, LPG), much more "walk around" room, the cab becomes part of the living area, phenomenal view out the windshield both while driving and while camped... Don't get me wrong, the Cs were great for us at the time, but after tasting the A, I would never go back.
4x4van 07/05/23 04:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: They are not Scamp, Casita or Teardrop

I think that there is a significant market for small teardrop trailers in the US, including off-road versions, but it may be hard for an Australian company to get much of a foothold, as there are quite a few US manufacturers in that segment; not sure any of the Aussie models are significantly better/different. As for the larger sizes, one of the things I notice on most of the links that RobertRyan has given is that few have indoor kitchens. I don't think there's much of a market for off-road trailers of that size in the US, especially if you still have to cook/etc outside. Might as well go with an off-road teardrop or roof-mount tent setup; same basic facilities with better off-road capabilities. JMHO.
4x4van 06/22/23 03:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can I charge the house battery with the engine alternator?

The battery boost solenoid on your '88 serves double duty. It is triggered by a wire that is hot when the engine is running, which engages the solenoid to allow the alternator to charge both banks. The momentary pushbutton does the same thing (likely through the same trigger wire on the solenoid); connects the two battery banks to serve as an emergency start if the chassis battery is dead/low. As "enblethen" says above, it needs to be a continuous duty solenoid. Adding a switch in the line WILL eventually lead to both battery banks being drained and you being stranded when (not if) you forget to turn it off once you get to your campsite. It's an extremely simple and foolproof setup. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
4x4van 06/20/23 04:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure?

Obviously the best option is to weigh the coach, preferably 4 corner, but at least each axle. Then use the tire manufacturer's load tables to set your pressure. The 2nd best option is to use the Federally mandated sticker on the driver's door that specifies tire pressures needed for the chassis's max GVWR. NEVER should you simply use the max psi listed on the tire (which is likely what the young "tire tech" was going by); it has no relevance to any specific rig.
4x4van 06/20/23 04:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help identifying hardware on used Class C.

The ones inside may have been used for a quick curtain across the overhead bunk. The one outside, maybe to attach a dog leash?
4x4van 06/20/23 04:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

Blanket statements, like the one from the OP's "someone", are rarely accurate or valid.
4x4van 06/20/23 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Motorhome Gasser

I'd never buy a diesel again.And that is relevant how? :h
4x4van 06/20/23 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: They are not Scamp, Casita or Teardrop

There are plenty of US manufacturers making off-road Teardrops. Off-road full size TTs; not so much, but they can be found.
4x4van 05/12/23 02:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Backwards buttons

And to make it even more confusing, many RVs use yellow as positive and white as negative!
4x4van 05/12/23 02:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Harbor Freight 1720 lb trailer

Several of the respondents didn't actually read (or understand) what the OP is looking for. Someone says "I'm looking for "X"", and people respond that he should instead get "Y", even though "Y" is not even remotely similar to "X". I have one of the folding trailers he is talking about, although mine was purchased many years ago through Northern Hydraulics. I have made a few modifications to make it easier to fold/unfold, and it is indeed doable by one person. When folded, it can be rolled (on the included casters) up against the wall in the garage and takes up very little space. On the other hand, when unfolded, it has a decent carrying capacity, and has served me well for everything to hauling 2 ATCs or 2 stand up PWCs, to making dump runs. I have used it for decades, and will likely never get rid of it simply because of it's utility combined with it's small footprint when stored. Another plus is that it's small footprint allows it to be stored inside the garage, out of the weather. Mine still has the original plywood that I installed in 1986, although I did put several layers of marine spar varnish on it to start with!!!
4x4van 03/30/23 02:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Twist-on sewer valves…

I personally don't have a problem dumping some or all of my grey tank onto the ground. That water is cleaner than if I washed my RV and the residual water and soap run off. My guess is the leftover pasta and assorted food items mentioned in dedmiston's post were more likely from the previous user of the site scraping and cleaning their dishes into the firepit/ring their last night at the site so no campfire to burn up the waste, then washing them whether outside by whatever means or in their camper of some sort. And if there is so much germ and disease in that grey water, and let's not be a jerk, responsibly dumped, then what would that say about the dishware we just washed with that same water? Whether the sink or shower, it's essentially soap and water. Oh, on my two-month cross-country trip last Spring/Summer, the first campground we pulled into near St. Augustine, Fl, made the reservation on the road, I asked If I could pay an extra night's rate to be able to wash my motorhome and toad. Lady behind the counter says "I wondered why your rig is so dirty, I see you are from NY, No you don't have to pay extra, just wash it during the evening!" Washed our vehicles at least five more times on the trip at the campgrounds with permission!Wow, Aside from the fact that dumping grey water is illegal in pretty much the entire country now, grey water is NOT "essentially soap and water". Food bits, grease from cooking, body oils, small amounts of fecal matter from showering... Pretty sure your rig's exterior doesn't include any of that, so washing your RV bears no resemblance to the grey water in your holding tank, and I can assure you that those same campgrounds that allowed you to wash your rig would NOT allow you to dump your grey water on the ground. Stored grey water stinks as bad if not worse than black water. Oh, and I know of no one who uses "grey water" to wash their dishware; it's only grey "after" washing dishes/bodies.:S
4x4van 03/30/23 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: 1st night camping in our yard, 2023.01.24

Our RV is left pretty well stocked with everything except food/beverages and clothing; mostly everything else stays put. When we load/unload, we use a laundry basket to carry stuff between house and RV.
4x4van 03/30/23 10:12am Beginning RVing
RE: is anyone using one of these AC units?

For those that are downplaying the effects of a "swamp cooler", I live in SoCal (born and raised), and have never had AC in my house. I have a single swamp cooler on the roof, blowing down through a single 20"x20" vent into the living room with about 1/3 of the louvers angled down the hallway. By cracking open a window in the bedrooms, it allows the air to travel into them, and forces hot air out. No, it's not as cool as my kids' houses with A/C. But it is entirely liveable and significantly cooler than outdoors, as long as the RH is low (which it normally is here). It also barely makes a dent in my electric bill, UNLIKE my kids' A/Cs. And the "heat soak" that was mentioned above by GritDog and Rick Jay would apply to A/C units just as much as Swamp coolers, so that's kind of a moot point. Remember, StirCrazy is not looking for the same effects of an A/C; he's looking for a way to occasionally cool down a small space with very low power requirements. And a small 12vdc swamp cooler fits that bill nicely.
4x4van 03/20/23 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: is anyone using one of these AC units?

If StirCrazy is considering this unit for his camper (1991 Slumberqueen WS100), then it will likely work well for him (assuming low RH), since the camper is a much smaller volume of air. My dad used a version of this on a truck camper back in the late 70s, and it worked surprisingly well. Of course we were camping in the desert, so anything at all was an improvement! OTOH, if he's considering it for his TT (2016 Cougar 330RBK), then he's barking up the wrong tree entirely, if not the wrong forest!
4x4van 03/17/23 02:46pm Tech Issues
RE: 1997 Coachman Catalina Water Heater

Do you have an outdoor shower? If so, check to make sure that it is turned off at the valves and not just at the shower head.
4x4van 03/16/23 12:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Foggy windows help please

^^^ I certainly wouldn't do it that way. Remember, somebody installed it once so it can be done again. What you're describing sounds exactly like ours was, the one removed shown above. It wasn't any harder to do than the others. The only thing on that one was the weight. It wasn't terrible, you just needed an extra set of hands. I ended up doing one of the small windows in one slide end - believe it or not that one was the hardest to disassemble.I watched the video of the DIY repair... Sorry, but mine are much more complicated. The passenger side top pane is above the large slider. The driver side is above the front A-pillar window (also fogged) AND above the driver's door. Many of the repaired windows, even those done by pros rather than DIYers, end up fogging again a year or so down the road. I also don't want to mess with window frames that don't currently leak by removing the entire frame and re-installing/re-sealing. I'm still trying to determine what the downside of my plan would be?
4x4van 03/16/23 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: is anyone using one of these AC units?

In my view 7-8 amps seems rather high for a evaporative cooler (if I have this right??), and it cost more than a smaller rooftop air conditioner…I see little advantage… For example, my Coleman 11k btu Mach 1 P.S. uses about 9-9.5 amps with 2 speed fan on low speed, which does a good job, though the fan is a bit noisy…660w of concurrent rooftop harvest (and another 360w ground deployable when stationary off-grid) along with 400a Lithium has been a reasonable combination - Honda 2200 just as a backup, but (except for a periodic run) haven’t used it for air conditioner… 3 tonsThe <8 amps the OP is quoting is at 12vdc. The 9-9.5 amps you are quoting is 120VAC. Huge difference. The 12vdc evap coolers work well in a small camper without hookups, genset, or inverter/big battery bank, as long as humidity outside is very low (<20%).
4x4van 03/14/23 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Foggy windows help please

I have the issue with the top panes above the driver and passenger windows, and now the driver side front panel just behind the a-pillar. Because they are each in a combination frame that also holds the slider windows below, I hesitate to attempt a removal/repair. However, here's my plan: I will break out the inside panel; clean and dry well. Then have a glass shop cut replacements to fit (can a glass shop cut/supply tempered glass? If not, perhaps plexiglass instead), and then simply seal them in place with windshield urethane. Am I out of line with this thinking?
4x4van 03/14/23 03:49pm Class A Motorhomes
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