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RE: Fuel cost in your area

Banning (near Palm Springs): $6.09 - $6.59 for Regular depending on station, 40 cents higher for premium.
4x4van 06/30/22 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I joined both here and on IRV2 at the same time; used to be active on both. Then a few years ago, there was a poster on IRV2 that was insisting on installing a portable generator in the onboard gen compartment in her old RV, along with multiple other mods that were, IMO, mickey-mouse and potentially dangerous. Won't go into details, but the way she wanted to do things was not a good idea, and I told her so. She got mad at me, reported me, and got me banned for a few weeks. Sadly, when I got a notification of the temporary ban, it was through my phone app, and it wasn't clear if the ban was temp, or for how long, and since I was banned, I couldn't login to see the actual notification. After awhile, not knowing how long/why I was banned, I signed up with a new account. The mods realized it (same IP address, I guess), and banned me for life because of my "transgression" of trying to re-join. Ironically, the original person that I was trying to help posted about 6 months later that her RV caught fire (in the generator compartment) while driving down the road, and she not only lost the entire RV, but lost 2 of her 3 dogs in the fire as well. Yet I am still banned :S. So while I still go there to read the posts, I cannot participate. You guys are stuck with me here instead!
4x4van 06/21/22 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Awning Repair Kit Recommendations

For a hole that small, the awning repair tape linked above is the way to go.
4x4van 06/16/22 03:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water Issue

I'd suggest that you simply use campground water to fill your tank, but then turn off (or disconnect) the hose and use only your onboard pump. 1. You never have to worry about the pressure being too high. 2. If there is a leak somewhere in your system, you will be alerted to it by the sound of your pump cycling.
4x4van 06/14/22 04:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's up with CGs?

There's a reason that there's a warning label on hair dryers to "not use in the bathtub"...because someone did! Same with those rules, sadly.
4x4van 06/01/22 09:15am General RVing Issues
Onan 4000 fuel pump re-locate

So I have a Onan Microlite 4000, and recently had to replace the fuel pump. Wow, what a bear to get to; what were they thinking? The fuel pump and filter is bolted to the floor of the genset, behind and under the starter solenoid, air filter, and the large ECU (all of which must be removed to get access). So anyway, I replaced the pump and filter, re-installing it in the same location. Sadly, the pump started giving me problems again within 6 months (after-market, not Onan brand...yeah, I know...). On a previous RV, I had replaced a generator (BGE 4000) fuel pump with a generic pump, and got many years of service out of it. So this time, I used a NAPA universal low pressure (2.5-4psi) fuel pump, but I installed it OUTSIDE of the genset housing, bolted to the framework under the RV. This means that if I ever have problems with either the pump or the filter, both are easily accessible without even opening the front cover of the generator. One final mod: I also installed a 2-way valve in the fuel line between the pump/filter and the RV fuel tank. This allows me to run the genset off the RV tank, or drop a short tube into a stand alone gas can instead. Why? I can now easily run the generator even if my RV fuel tank is low, and I can also run a strong gas/SeaFoam or fuel stabilizer mixture through the generator to help clean the carb.
4x4van 05/25/22 11:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: sliding windows - does the direction of slide matter?

The crank out window in the kitchen is, like QCMan suggests, probably to allow cooking in the rain. However, the different styles on the overhead bunk (crank out on the left/slider on the right) is perplexing to me. Wonder why the manufacturer did that? BTW, sliders are manufactured in both directions as well. However, as others have suggested, you should be able to fix/rebuild the crank mechanism relatively cheaply.
4x4van 05/18/22 11:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

I'd much rather use the silent water service from the camp. Silent is nice, but that same silence will be responsible for major damage inside the RV if a line or fitting breaks, especially in the middle of the night. There will be nothing to alert you of the leak other than water pouring out of your RV.:E
4x4van 05/18/22 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Cracked Propane fittings

I'm not arguing the potential failure of the parts, nor the danger that a cracked fitting would present. But the author of the original article that the Youtube video refers to claims that 22,000 RVs have fittings that ARE leaking. That's a lie. And he makes that claim twice. And until the NHTSA actually announces a recall (along with the commensurate fix), it is premature for the manufacturers to "announce" anything. That's not "trying to keep it quiet", but rather following protocol and waiting till the full situation/remedy is known. I'm on the NHTSA recalls mailing list, and get notices almost daily of various vehicle related recalls. RV's of various makes and models have been on the lists numerous times over the past several weeks for the cracked QD issue.If that's the case, then it would seem that owners of these RVs are indeed being notified, and the fittings will indeed be replaced. Again, exactly the way the system is supposed to work.
4x4van 05/18/22 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Cracked Propane fittings

I've read that initial article from Ron (referenced in the Youtube video). Yes, this is serious, however... He wrongly states that all 22,000 RVs have cracked/leaking fittings. In fact, he states that twice, in both the first and second paragraphs. Finally, in the 4th paragraph, he admits that these fittings "could" crack when owners torque them down. If they were all cracked/leaking, then the recall would already be under way. Not to downplay the seriousness, but over stating the danger is usually counter productive. The NHTSA is aware and is following the proper protocols; there is no reason to panic.
4x4van 05/16/22 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

^^I agree, there is a reason the Watts regulator costs more. The RV Guard model looks like the Valterra regulator. Bad thing about a cheap model, just more expense, when you decide to toss it, and get a proven high quality one. Myself...I quit using any, just fill my 60 gal fresh tank as needed, and have a great, consistent water pressure. Nice too, in case you ever have a water leak, you catch it right away. Jerry I curious....How long have you used this approach, and how many water pumps you replaced? I like this idea, but am always hesitant to, as I'm concerned that the water pumps they put in RVs, like many other RV components, aren't meant for prolonged use. I'd be concerned that if we used the water pump all the time for everything water related like you are advocating here, we'd be replacing a lot of water pumps. How has your water pump held up under this kind of constant use?I do this as well. Only use campground water to fill the tank (if needed; I always leave home with a full tank to start). 32+ years, 3 RV's...have not had to replace a single water pump.
4x4van 05/16/22 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV recovery!

All of the people here blaming the GPS conveniently overlook the fact that the couple was using printed maps, not GPS.
4x4van 04/29/22 11:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Shout out to another of the Forums boards here

To each his own. Not everyone agrees with the tire blowout video, but it's been discussed/argued ad nauseum here, so...
4x4van 04/29/22 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yuma Arizona

I plan to camo in Yuma Arizona this coming winter. Any recommendations?Browns and beiges. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
4x4van 04/26/22 03:35pm Family Camping
RE: Laminate flooring install

Be ready to remove about 10,000 staples holding the carpet down!
4x4van 04/19/22 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling blocks on dual rear wheels

Duplicate post; mod please delete
4x4van 04/15/22 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Leveling blocks on dual rear wheels

My owner's manual says to always block both dual tires.
4x4van 04/15/22 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Travel trailer necessities

I agree with many of the items that people have listed, with a few exceptions. -Unless you are staying hooked up for long periods of time, a sewer hose support slinky is, IMO, a waste of money and more trouble than it's worth. I bought one, used it exactly once, threw it away. -In 35 years, I've never needed an extension cord for my RV, although I will admit that our friends did indeed need one last year. Once. -A 50A/30A dogbone (as needed for your RV). -Toilet chemicals of your choice, and remember to use some in your grey tank as well; it can smell worse than the black. If you want to try the "water only" or GEO method, more power to you, but I'm happy with my chemicals (I use Happy Campers). -Two 10' sewer hoses at minimum (I have a 3rd that I use at home to reach my sewer cleanout, but typically only carry 2 with me), with a clear elbow (at both ends, preferably). -Get a 50' water hose and cut it into a 15' and a 35'; add hose ends. You can use either the 15', or the 35', or the full 50' combined as needed without pulling out any more than needed. I've found that 15' is sufficient most of the time. -Water pressure regulator. -A camping mat helps to keep dirt/debris out of the RV. -Wheel chocks and leveling blocks. -Basic tool kit and multi-meter. As others have said, keep things simple the first few times out; you will figure out what you need.
4x4van 04/15/22 10:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Rear/ bunk ladder

Simple solution, leave the 32 year old ladder attached where it is, and not risk breaking your roof ladder, and spend $50-75 on a step stool or bunk ladder, or build one one for a bit less (or free, if you have any scrap lumber laying around)Agreed, although I'd still like to see a pic of the OP's ladder:h
4x4van 04/06/22 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Rear/ bunk ladder

Interesting. I'm intrigued by the manual stating "Be sure that metal safety catch and bunk hooks face toward the motor home." I guess it's possible that the top half of the removeable exterior ladder is also used for the interior bunk ladder, though I've never actually seen that done. Would definitely like to see actual pics of the OP's ladder.
4x4van 04/01/22 10:11am Tech Issues
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