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RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

Since you yourself have cleared trees, planted grass, etc (unless I misread your earlier posts), then I would bring in a load of topsoil, spread it out, and replant the grass. Tell the owner that you are (continuing to) improving the site at your cost.
4x4van 09/17/20 01:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

maybe wrong but I believe clutch fans after about 50 mph aren't needed and disengageNot necessarily. My Workhorse fan clutch kicks in if temps gets to 208 regardless of vehicle speed; it roars when on so there is no doubt, and it immediately drops my temps back to 204 where it shuts back off. Although my last RV was the Ford 460 (carb), and I don't remember the fan clutch making as much of a roar as this GM motor does.
4x4van 09/14/20 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom Dry Pipe

Kind of a cool addition, but it basically does the same thing as your black tank flush; adds water to the black tank, using an outside source. Also not sure of the need for the cap on the faucet. Wouldn't simply closing the 1/4-turn faucet accomplish the same thing as the little black cap?
4x4van 09/09/20 03:08pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Scenic View

Many of today's trailers have very few windows on the camp (passenger) side, and plenty on the driver's side. IMO, that's terrible. I'd much rather have a view of my campsite than the view of my neighbor's campsite.
4x4van 09/09/20 01:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bubble bath

Is your "Tank Fill" valve in the "fill" position? That would allow the pump to simply keep running and circulate the water back into the tank.
4x4van 09/09/20 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6 gallon hot water heater only delivers 4 gallons

I'm still wondering how the OP is measuring 6 gallons of hot water vs 4 gallons. After about 4 gallons, the output temp HAS to be reduced since you are replenishing the tank with unheated water. Regardless of how the intake tube and output tube is setup, it would still mix somewhat. So it would seem to be impossible to get 6 gallons of hot water out of a 6 gallon water heater UNLESS you drain it from the bottom and do not add any additional water to refill. Or am I missing something blatantly obvious (wouldn't be the first time, but...)?
4x4van 08/26/20 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a correct battery voltage chart?

Why do you disagree with the Trojan chart for Trojan batteries? I do not disagree with the trojan chart..When looking for a chart to give me some idea what 50%, or more importantly to me and my battery,is 70-75% for an agm battery..The battery charts on the net vary greatly.. I haven't got my solar connections figured out yet to let the solar just do it's job on my stand alone agm battery..So for the time being,I wanted to know what 70-75% would be approximately in volts for my volt meter I use with it.What's your definition of "approximately"? The chart you listed only varies by 2-4%, significantly less if you disregard "Nick's" column (who the heck is Nick, anyway?).
4x4van 08/26/20 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Tool kit?

The only tools you should carry are those that you are comfortable/competent in using... I get what you are saying, but for many of us thats not the way to approach it. We are competent with too many tools. A better statement might be Tools that you are competent with that are also the most likely to be needed in a RV. At that point, we return to the question of What are the tools most likely to be needed.Good point. I am quite capable, but only carry a small basic kit when I am going with JUST the RV, along with some spare parts (both for chassis and house), as I've very rarely had any major issues on the RV itself in the past 32 years (knock on fake wood!). I do, however, carry a full toolbox when I am taking the toys (ATVs, motorcycles, PWCs), as I am much more likely to need to make repairs on those. Keep in mind that I am only a long weekend warrior, so my practices would not apply to fulltiming; at that point I would take my full toolbox.
4x4van 08/26/20 03:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: 32 Foot Class A vs 32 Foot Class C

Having owned both (2 Cs, 1 A) over the course of 32 years, here are my reasons for the A over the C: Heavier chassis means much larger capacities (fuel, fresh water, black water, grey water, LPG), much larger storage capacities, Higher OCCCs (or CCCs), More "walk around" room, Massive windshield for awesome views/visibility (both while driving and while camped), higher tow ratings. Now obviously, "some" of those may be found in "some" C's, but generally speaking, those are what you will find. Finally, when it comes to safety; Yes, the C has an automotive cab, but have those cabs actually been crash tested without the steel structure of the rear of the van in place? No airbag on A's? Correct, but keep in mind that you are sitting well above all of the mass of most any other vehicle that you may hit. There are completely different dynamics involved, to the point where the difference in safety really is debatable.
4x4van 08/26/20 03:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tool kit?

The only tools you should carry are those that you are comfortable/competent in using. BTW, I have owned 3 RVs, and have yet to come across a single Robertsons square bit bolt/screw. Just saying...
4x4van 08/24/20 01:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Painful just to look at lol

With the complete lack of tire deflection on those pieces of wood/rocks, there has to be something else supporting it. There also has to be something other than a "picnic table and trees" to keep it from going into the creek, or it would've already rolled off those "blocks". Would've been nice of the OP to actually post a pic that gives the whole story, rather than just a single piece of the puzzle, allowing him and everyone else to feign outrage; "OMG!". But where's the fun in that, right? There is no automatic lift leveling system. It was sitting on what you are looking at in the pic. There was about a 6” diameter rock behind the rear tire on the other side. The landing gear leg on the far side was on dirt and the one on the side of the creative leveling was on a substantial wood pad. Its not terribly steep but im using wood chocks on both sides of my rig. Thats the whole story. I didn’t go over on their side and do a full photo shoot and documentary interview. Lol The rock over to the left was behind the left tire offense meant, sorry if that's how you took it. I was simply referring to the complete lack of tire deflection on those tiny surfaces. On your further description, I would guess that the landing gear legs on both sides (unmentioned and unseen in the original picture) were likely taking up most of the weight, along with the tongue jack or tow vehicle.:)
4x4van 08/20/20 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 AMP Tents

Maybe I'm a little dense too. Or maybe 4x4van just needs a nap. Based on 4x4van's comments in other threads, it seems to me that he/she is a little cranky. As far as 50a sites go, I'd be upset if I pulled up to a park and there wasn't any room for me because tenters took all the 50a sites. If all the tent sites were full and they just took what's left, then there wouldn't be anything for me to complain about. But if they took the 50a sites instead of tent sites, then I'd be upset with them and mad at the park. I pull a triple axle fifth wheel and my selection of spaces is limited. While a tenter could camp just about anywhere, I can only park in the long spaces (typically 50a). So if they take the 50a spaces, then I'm probably out of luck. I would never dream of taking their spaces and edging them out when we could easily all have our own spaces where they get theirs and I get mine. That's an "AND", not an "OR", which equates to an "US" and not a "ME".Wow. A nap? Cranky? And this from a "moderator"? My comment was just a simple observation, nothing more, and was echoed by several other respondents in this thread. Were they also accused of being cranky or needing a nap? It just seemed to me that the OP was actually modeling the "all about me" attitude that they were complaining about. Maybe I'm wrong. My point is that every one's money spends the same, and everyone has the same opportunity to get their preferred site. While you are correct that a "tenter could camp just about anywhere", that seems to suggest the idea that they don't "deserve" the nicer, larger, or better-located spots because they are "only tenters". It is not the tenters' fault that you have decided to rough it in a triple axle 5er, nor is it their responsibility to make sure that you have a site to put your "oversize" tent in. Perhaps the 50A sites are nicer. Perhaps they are closer to the amenities that they want. Perhaps those were the only sites that were available for the duration of their stay and adjoining to others in their group and they didn't want to move or to be separated from their fellow campmates. To suggest that I need a nap seems to be a bit...cranky? Or do we both need a nap?:W
4x4van 08/20/20 04:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 AMP Tents

There are numerous 30 AMP sites available, I just thought that it was a shame that others are denied the precious few 50 AMP sites that probably were reserved on the first day allowed. I need to brush up on the “it’s all about me” thing.No need, it appears that you already have the "it's all about me" thing down pat.:R
4x4van 08/18/20 02:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Painful just to look at lol

With the complete lack of tire deflection on those pieces of wood/rocks, there has to be something else supporting it. There also has to be something other than a "picnic table and trees" to keep it from going into the creek, or it would've already rolled off those "blocks". Would've been nice of the OP to actually post a pic that gives the whole story, rather than just a single piece of the puzzle, allowing him and everyone else to feign outrage; "OMG!". But where's the fun in that, right?
4x4van 08/18/20 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: First time out problems

4x4van 08/18/20 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can a brake controller get weaker over time?

At 15 years old, I'd be checking the brake shoes & magnets as well.
4x4van 08/13/20 04:35pm Towing
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

Accidents happen, that's life. I would guess that the owner of the awning has no problem covering the cost of any damage. I own 2 EZ-ups, both 12'x14'. Sometimes use one, sometimes use both, sometimes use none (and no, it's not because I left my awning out and it got destroyed; I use my RV awning next to the RV; my EZ-Ups are for other areas). Usually I stake them down, although not always. Really depends on where I am setting them up, length of time they will be up, and the likelihood of any wind during that time. And BTW, awnings can and sometimes do get picked up by wind gusts even when staked down and even when NOT left unattended. And yes, that also applies to RV awnings.
4x4van 08/04/20 04:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Transfer switch popping every 15 seconds

The voltage is fine and I have tried at 3 different plugs so far. All have been 30 amp so I have been using an adapter to plug my 50 amp surge guard at the pedastal. I am wondering if the surge guard could have gone bad and perhaps I should try plugging it in directly?Have you tried a different adapter?
4x4van 07/22/20 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator vapor locking

If it was vapor lock, it would not start right back up; it would require a bit of cooling down time. JMHO.
4x4van 07/22/20 12:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New camper coming has nitrogen filled tires

Everything you never wanted to know about nitrogen in tires. OK - I didn't watch this entire video here - but the only point that matters is that he is talking about paying for Nitrogen. I have had it in 3 vehicles and have never paid for Nitrogen. The first time I used it they were going to charge me 5$ for all 4 tires, but after doing it, they didn't charge me. I had him do 2 cars. So, if it is free, why not. There are some benefits.I love it; "I didn't watch the whole video, but...":S No, the points that matter are the scientific differences between 100% nitrogen and air (which is already 78% nitrogen). If it's free, fine, but there are NO measurable benefits.
4x4van 07/17/20 08:38am Travel Trailers
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