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Coleman-Mach 48008-966 AC large voltage drop

Back in October I got a new Coleman-Mach 48008-9660 3 P. S. heat pump and a 9630-715 non-ducted ceiling assembly. With warmer weather, I've noticed a problem with the air conditioning. On LOW COOL or HIGH COOL, with the temperature knob in an intermediate position between coldest and warmest, after a few minutes of operation, the fan noise suddenly decreases markedly, and the voltage drops to roughly 106 volts. After 2-3 seconds, the fan noise and the voltage return to normal. However, when on the genset or at an RV park with marginal voltage, the voltage drops so low that my surge protector disconnects, turning off all AC electricity in the RV. When first turned on, air conditioning starts normally, with only a slight voltage drop. There's never a problem if the temperature knob is at the coldest setting. There's never a problem on HIGH HEAT (heat pump). The RV has 30 amp service. There's no wall thermostat; all controls are in the ceiling assembly. I could be totally wrong, but it seems like the compressor stops and then restarts after 2-3 seconds. Does anyone else have this problem? Airxcel just says take it to a service center, and I guess I will. BTW, the heat pump works well, though I wish it had a LOW HEAT setting; the fan is noisy on high.
5215 05/24/22 04:57pm Tech Issues
RE: RVi Tire Patrol TPMS review

since you can buy sensors for $15, I'd suggest keeping a spare or two on hand RVi says their low battery warning gives about two months of warning. Each sensor comes already labeled and set up for a particular tire. There's no concept of a general spare that could be used on any tire.
5215 11/29/21 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: RVi Tire Patrol TPMS review

it sounds like the alerts are not audible To clarify, there is an audible alarm. Tapping the "I UNDERSTAND" button silences it.
5215 11/29/21 08:00am Tech Issues
RVi Tire Patrol TPMS review

Summary: Easy to read simultaneous display of max 14 tires, but expensive and other drawbacks. I've used an RVi Tire Patrol tire pressure monitoring system for well over 2000 miles now. I drive a 27 foot motorhome with six tires and flat-tow a car. The Tire Patrol displays all ten tire pressures at once in large (5mm) digits on a clear, easy-to-read display. It will display up to 14 tires at once. While driving, one quick glance lets me check all the motorhome tire pressures, and another even quicker glance lets me check the toad. Tire Patrol consists of a 7-inch tablet, a hub, and the sensors. My tablet says "Designed by Inspira Technologies LLC," made in China. It runs a crippled version of Android. The hub receives transmissions from the sensors on the 900 MHz band. The tablet and hub communicate using WiFi. Mine uses WiFi channel 1 with an SSID that looks like CC- followed by a 12-digit lower case hexadecimal number. RVi says that because they use the 900 MHz band, the sensors can transmit at higher power than other TPMS sensors using the 400 MHz band, and as a result there's no need for a booster. Sensors come already labeled and are very easy to pair. They screw on easily. There are no flow-through sensors and no anti-theft features, so they also screw off easily. A sensor weighs 14 grams. Of the ten sensors I bought, one failed to pair. RVi quickly sent me a replacement. When I placed my order, the RVi web site said this: "When the batteries need to be replaced, you simply mail in your original sensors to the factory and we ship you new sensors for $15/sensor." As of this writing, it still says that, but it's no longer true. Instead, RVi sells new sensors for $15 each, but only if you're the original purchaser and have a receipt. The old sensors are disposable, that is, electronic waste. I hope someone goes into business refurbishing sensors. RVi says the sensors last 1-3 years, depending on how fanatical you are about removing them when not in use. My current plan is to remove the motorhome sensors if the motorhome will be parked for over a month. However, I plan to leave the toad sensors in place. The tablet has a capacitive touch screen, which can be a problem when driving. There's a fairly small on-screen button to toggle between pressure and temperature. As far as I can tell, the sensors measure the temperature of the sensors themselves, not the temperature of the air in the tires. Unless a sensor is in direct sunlight, its temperature reading is thus pretty much the outside air temperature, which is not very useful. A more serious problem is that alerts, such as high pressure alerts, are presented as pop-ups with lots of small (2mm) text. Here's a sample: High PSI Alert: High tire PSI detected in sensor(s): RF-4 Pull over at your convenience and check tire(s). Failure to do so may cause damage. At the bottom there's an "I UNDERSTAND" button (about 6 x 40 mm) to tap to dismiss the pop-up and silence the alarm. This is not what you should have to read while driving an RV. If you wear driving gloves, make sure they have capacitive touch tips. A good thing about the system is that software can be updated just by connecting the tablet to WiFi. I'm hoping RVi will improve the user interface in a future software update. My sensors all read 2 PSI high, compared to my hand-held digital tire pressure gauge. This is no problem; I just factor it into the low and high pressure limits. When parked, it was quite common for the signal from several sensors to be lost. They worked fine as soon as I was moving again. It was different sensors each time, and once working again they showed good signal strength. My motorhome has aluminum sides. This is pure speculation, but maybe I happened to park where tire rotation put a sensor in a bad reception location. About once a day, signal was lost from a sensor while driving. It always came back in a few minutes. The tablet comes with a suction mount that works very well. Like all tire pressure monitors I know of, the sensors measure the absolute pressure of the air in the tires, which is then displayed corrected to sea level. A hand-held tire pressure gauge measures the difference in pressure inside and outside the tire, which is what you care about. At sea level they should read the same, but at high elevation the TPMS will read lower than the hand-held gauge. RVi support was hard to reach by phone, but they replied to email very quickly. The hub has a level function. The idea is that, when you're ready to level, you remove the hub from where it's mounted, place it on the floor in the middle of the RV (pointed forward), then bring up the level app on the tablet. This seems like much more pain than gain to me, but if I had a towable RV I might feel differently. There's a school of thought that one should simply set the pressure alarm limits and never look at the TPMS display. I don't adhere to this school of thought, for three reasons. First, I want to look for outliers, that is, tire(s) on an axle that read quite a bit different from the rest. Second, I want to look for rapid changes, even though still within the pressure limits. Finally, if a rear motorhome tire sensor fails, I'll temporarily substitute a sensor off one of the front tires. This requires setting the front pressure limits to be the same as the rear, and then monitoring the remaining front tire.
5215 11/29/21 05:05am Tech Issues
Norcold Polar N8DC 12V compressor refrigerator specs

I've been using a Norcold Polar N8DC 12 volt compressor refrigerator for a few days. So far I'm happy with it. Here are a few specifications not on the Norcold web page. They're from the data plate inside the refrigerator. Gross volume: 231 litersFreezer volume: 72 litersNet volume: 230 litersRefrigerant: R600a (isobutane) 45 grams Small print on a sticker on the compressor says Zhejiang Maidi Refrigeration Technology Co., LTD.
5215 11/01/21 09:24am Tech Issues
Tire pressure monitor showing 10 tires at once

I'm looking for a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that shows the pressures of a least 10 tires simultaneously on its display. I don't want to have to look away from the road at least 10 times as a display scrolls through each tire. The products I've found are the RVi Tire Patrol and the TireMinder A1AS. Are there any others? Have you used either of these products?
5215 09/07/21 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman heat pump and heating element together

Thanks for all the information! My old Dometic air conditioner has a heat strip, so I'm familiar with what I think of as the burned dust smell, and also with how much heat to expect.
5215 09/03/21 08:17am Tech Issues
Coleman heat pump and heating element together

I'm shopping for a new rooftop air conditioner. Getting one with a heat pump seems like a good way to save electricity. However, heat pumps stop working when the outside temperature gets close to freezing, whereas an electric resistance heating element (heat strip) will give some heat even below freezing. So why not have both? The only manufacturer I've found that claims to support both is Coleman-Mach. Specifically, I'm thinking the Coleman-Mach 3 P.S. model 48008-966 heat pump and the 9233A4551 heating element. Does anyone use these? If I turn on the heat, when does the heat pump run and when does the heating element come on? Coleman says "the heat strip only comes on if the heat pump quits working," but I'm not quite sure what that means. And how is the 48008-966 as an air conditioner?
5215 09/01/21 09:23am Tech Issues
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