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RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Being a huge 6.5 diesel suburban fan, I just have to have one! Seems all the reviews of the baby inline duramax are very positive in alot if areas. Dang I thought they could not make the new SUVs any more attractive than the 15 to 19 Denali! They just did , and I can't wait to see yukon and escalade Here ya go!
6door74 01/15/20 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Add to camping to do list...

I think its where you insert something else :B:B:B
6door74 10/16/19 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I'll add my .02 as a minority who is half black and latino and looking to do some "camping" I grew up in the county outside NYC and my wife grew up in the city. She had more overall outdoor experience than me! I was in a smart kid camp around 12 years old and we went camping. Tying our food and watching a classmate sh*t in a hole was not my idea of fun so I never really gave thought to doing it again. Years later, we went to a campground with friends and rented a "cabin". Hanging out on the property, swimming in the pool, and sitting around the fire was cool. Our kids had a great time. Knowing I had a a real bathroom and and bed waiting for me made it even that much more enjoyable. Fast forward to today, we're in the market for a travel trailer so we can enjoy glamping. My wife and I won't ever do tent camping but my daughter loves it. Moreso it seems than her white boyfriend from PA does. Maybe because it's new to her and old to him, who knows. Point being, it all comes down to personal preference. I like the outdoors more these days but i still have my limitations. We'll go hiking, hit trails, look for swimming holes, waterfalls, etc. I might try fishing or hunting soon. No running water, no electricity, bugs............not very enticing to me. I do agree that exposing kids is probably the #1 factor but general life experience and willingness to try new things is almost just as big. My niece from NYC was visiting over the summer and was mesmerized by the stars in the sky she was able to see standing in the driveway. She went bike riding with us, a drive in movie along with some other things, and basically said it was the best time of her life. I'm glad to see programs that help expose kids and families to activities they might not normally get to see/do. Sports, art, etc. Where I work they have plenty of programs and centers that do just that. As for going somewhere full of white people....I can do it and be ok though i know others who may be hesitant. Heck, I can go just about anywhere full of people who are not like me and look to learn and enjoy aspects of their culture. My wife tends to feel a little more out of place but will deal with it. Mind you, she's latina and could be mistaken for white! I notice the looks and side talk but i pay it no mind. I'm there for my service whatever it may be. If the people there take the time to set aside any preconceived notions, they might find themselves pleasantly surprised in making conversation. If i go to a campground, I'm not so much of a social butterfly where i'll go up to anyone and everyone. However i won't hesitate to have a beer or conversation. Just like at work, I'll stay away from certain topics that have no reason to be discussed in that setting. The kids just being kids and playing is the best icebreaker and proof that a lot of what we think is learned behavior anyway. I don't discount experiences that others have had and past generations of my family had to endure. I try to do my part in teaching my kids their culture and history while also teaching them to work towards a better future. PS.... i can be paranoid sometimes but spotting a tick on me isn't the easiest! that alone give me pause about being in my yard let alone the woods :B
6door74 09/13/19 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailers : Any Color you Want

Love it, just like the bright colors of the winnebago minnies. I haven't seen my ideal floorplan in them though.
6door74 05/09/19 05:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which van has largest tow capacity

My 2006 E350 V10 is rated at 10,000lbs towing with the V10/4.10 gearing and GCWR is 18,500. I have the 12 passenger model. You will be hard pressed to find anything "new" as capable compared to what you/we already have. I looked at the Nissan and love the ability to configure the seating in so many ways. i think i read there's a diesel version in the works so towing capabilities may get better.
6door74 05/09/19 05:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Short trip opinion

The OP and his wife work. The wife just started a new job. I think weekday camping is not in the cards for them at this point. As for renting, it is what it is for each person. Depending on whether you can store the RV at your house or need to pay for storage; how often you will use it; how handy you are fixing things; etc., renting a trailer for a couple weekends a year may be cheaper than buying a cheap trailer for the same use. Sounds like the OP is waiting to buy until circumstances provide for more use. The OP has a good plan for the next couple years. Rent a trailer for a couple 4 day trips a year and get a feel for both driving with a trailer and various floorplans. Then move on to ownership when the time is right and they know better what they want. Bingo!!! Good advice from all but the above reply pretty much sums it up. Thanks everyone
6door74 04/15/19 03:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short trip opinion

I think your on the right track although I thought the point of renting was to try RV'ing with a trailer? For a test run once should be enough, I see no point in renting multiple times in order to test the waters. However if you want to rent to enjoy RV'ing that is a different scenario. Try as in get the 1st attempt out the way. The trailer is a definite once finances allow. Renting here and there for a year or two will allow time to get in that position. With 2 in college and 1 in HS, it will probably also disctate better what model/floorplan we ultimately buy based on need at the time. I'm impatient so i want to do it already but fortunately more responsible than years prior. The old me would have said, F it, we want it, let's get it, we'll figure the rest out. Those impulses have died....somewhat anyway :B
6door74 04/15/19 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

Ford Flex! Love mine....lots of passenger space though cargo space isn't that great when 3rd row is up. I believe this is the last year for them.
6door74 04/15/19 02:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Short trip opinion

To address a few of the latest replies.... 1. I wasn't necessarily talking about bringing nieces and nephews on this 1st trip, just in general. Depending on when we get to do it, I wouldn't be worried about having them though. They're 10-12 so not babies i need to cater to. they'd be right there helping with whatever we're doing to set up. 2. I definitely wouldn't want it delivered. Towing the trailer, backing it up, getting weights, and seeing how well it all tows on the road is absolutely necessary to the learning process. 3. The cost of the trailer and site rental does add up. I don't see myself renting both for a long time but either way, doing it once or twice a year isn't too bad. 4 days seems to be the sweet spot going this route and there's some good rv parks less than 4 hours away in all directions.
6door74 04/15/19 12:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Short trip opinion

Seems like most people agree that it's too short. to answer a few points people made.... 1. Good idea about just camping at home to get a feel for it. I may have to look into that. 2. The tent is a no go. We're not that hard core as far as outdoor lifestyle. We fall into that glamping category. 3. We would be renting from an individual and probably picking it the day before just to better manage our time. Go right from my wife getting out of work friday to the campground or pick up friday and then arrive saturday as early as possible. The latter seems completely out of the question after reading the replies and giving it some thought. 4. I thought about a motorhome being a good solution too. However i figured getting travel trailer would be practice for our eventual purchase. 5. We would choose a fairly close campground for anything less than a week. No sense is wasting time driving far. Thanks for all the replies. I'll wait till my wife can get some time from work and do a thurs-mon. Our long vacation is already set so that ate up her time and it's a new job. On a side note...i'm finding the 6 people to a campground limit frustrating. Is that more so a RV park rule and not something you'd see at a more primitive campground? I'd like to have nieces and nephews join us.
6door74 04/14/19 05:05pm General RVing Issues
Short trip opinion

My wife and I have been trying to get in the position of buying a travel trailer. Unfortunately life keeps getting in the way but we still want to scratch that itch. I think I've decided on renting a travel trailer for that purpose. It would be our first time in one so it will be a learning experience from start to finish. That said, would a quick weekend trip be worth the steps of setting up and breaking down? Arrive Saturday, set up, break down Sunday and leave. Maybe add Friday if possible but I'm worried about setting up for the first time as night falls upon us. Or should i just wait until we can have a minimum 4 days to really "enjoy" the whole experience? Thanks
6door74 04/14/19 10:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Front Bike Rack

It might be the angle of the dash cam but the glare isn't bad. I do realize that people's glare tolerance can vary but the pic is exaggerated.
6door74 03/21/19 12:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Front Bike Rack

When i was planning our vacation last year, i had to figure out a way to carry 5 bikes. They make a 5 bike carrier but it was $$$$ and i had heard putting 5 bikes would be quite difficult anyway. It was suggested i look into a front hitch and that was the winner. I carried 2 bikes up front and 3 in the rear. Both bike racks were picked up on craigsist/letgo and I paid less than $150 for both! (plus $140 for front hitch) Both racks are older and discontinued but work well so search the classifieds! At least you'll spend less if you find you don't like it. The 2 bike rack required the adapter to 2". I haven't had any problems with it thus far. Front Rack - Thule Roadway 2 bike Rear Rack - Thule Trailblazer 4 bike Here are some pics of the setup. Visibility isn't bad but I do remove the front seats to make the wife "happy". I also included screenshots of video from my dashcam. Headlight output does not seem to be affected. I still use the 2 bike rack on the front with one bike on any given day. People give me funny looks but i like it and it's convenient. I can get in and out of the back as needed. view w/ seat night view view w/o seat Photo taken from driver's seat (was only trying to get sign but should give you an idea of what to expect.) rear rack rear rack w/bikes rear rack swing
6door74 03/20/19 07:27pm Tech Issues
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