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RE: Fuel mileage

My 2018 6.7 Ram with 295/70/18’s gets 11-12 on flat land with my 15.5k bighorn on. In the mountains, I’m in 9-10 range. I did get 20 on a solo trip to LA with a very light foot. Can’t see a dually getting any better with 4:10 gearing. I used a friends Ram DUALLY and it never got over 10-11 pulling. I also have a 99 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 and some minor goodies in the engine. 5” exhaust turbo back, DB manifold, 100 HP injectors, fuel map chip and I got, $hit you not, 16 towing my bighorn on the flats. A light foot solo yielded a whopping 26 mpg, sadly, a 21 year old truck is not reliable enough to take it far for my liking without a full resto. hence the 2018 upgrade. Anyway, I can afford the fuel but I am still milage conscious and would love to spend less to do it. It also kills me to pay a $150 power bill too. So, I save where I can even though I don’t have to.
94-D2 02/08/21 12:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lighting fixtures Forest River 5er

I seem to recall having to put some upward force on the dome which releases enough pressure on the bottom cap to get it unscrewed. Otherwise use some sort of thin rubber (like a jar cap grip) to assist or put between some goose neck pliers. A strap type wrench might also work without maring up the nut cap.
94-D2 01/27/21 05:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide out drifts open

My trailer has coroplast closing off the undercarriage. If you are insulated, any fluid leak could be masked or absorbed by the insulation batting. There is a feed and return line for each cylinder with 3 threaded fittings for each. So that is 6 per cylinder. If only 1 slide is slipping, then that is a starting point. Also, in a sealed system, if you are low on fluid, it is going someplace, indicating a certain leak. Remember to check the level with everything retracted, including your hydraulic landing gear. Shouldn’t be any air in an already operating system unless it was opened, or a worn part/seal. Good luck!
94-D2 01/08/21 09:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for mid bunkroom 5th wheel

I had a 99 Ram 2500. Beefed up with air bags, big diff. Cover and synthetics, 100 hp injectors, pac brake, and built trans, it handled the trailer just fine, in fact more than fine. Your 2016 Duramax should handle it. With no problem. I’m currently running on an 18 ram SRW 3500. No duely needed.
94-D2 12/26/20 06:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for mid bunkroom 5th wheel

Big Horn Traveler 39MB. Don’t know what your max weights are, but this trailer is 15.5k GVRW and 42’ . It has a mid “apartment” as I call it, and a sleeping loft above it (great for kids).
94-D2 12/26/20 10:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Collapsible ladder?

I use a collapsible extension and a folding A frame. A frame rides in the 5” sewer hose storage (fits perfectly) and collapsed rides in front bulkhead storage. The little giant sound do the job of both but does not fold up enough for me. The collapsable does break down to an A frame however.
94-D2 11/06/20 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to cap an old roof antenna hole?

Try a plumbing vent cap. Simple sealed.
94-D2 11/06/20 12:24am Fifth-Wheels

I would have thought it would come with insulation. But I guess I’m beginning to understand why it was such a great deal.
94-D2 11/02/20 09:22am Fifth-Wheels

Only insulation in there (if it is even that) is a metalisized bubble wrap laying on top of the coroplast. Nothing else.
94-D2 11/01/20 09:12am Fifth-Wheels

Good job! Those fresh water poly tanks are usually LDPE (low density polyethelene) and plastic milk jugs (or water bottle caps) will often work if you don't have LDPE welding rod. Apparently so. Been holding a full tank for several hours now. I’m going to coat in a uv activated plastic weld and re-install the tank with some additional belly support. I will clean up the wiring and hydraulic lines and close backup with the coroplast covering. I also have a mod planned for the rear bumper and going to add a set of casters that will require modifications to the brackets of the rear end with a 92” custom diamond plate storage box. I’ll post up some pics as it gets done.
94-D2 10/31/20 07:20pm Fifth-Wheels

I borrowed a proper air welder today. It came with three different types of rods, abs, pvc and PP rods. None of those would stick. I deduced that this tank was PE plastic and I enlisted a few tops from cheap water bottles. Worked like a charm. Tank is full on a set or saw horses, no leaks from the weld in over three hours. I’m going to over coat with UV activated composite weld and call it good. If it happens again, I will try a direct replacement from the manufacturer if that is possible.
94-D2 10/31/20 06:15pm Fifth-Wheels

I sort of had the same issue. Basically a poor installation. I replaced the tank myself with a brand new tank. I did not trust that a repair would be permanent or foolproof vs. replacement. I found the model but a new one does not come with the inlet, drain, over flows and monitors in. Did your replacement come prepared or did you have to have them custom installed.
94-D2 10/31/20 01:32pm Fifth-Wheels

I bought this plastic welder kit a couple years ago and keep it in my rig full time. needed it when I damaged my fresh water tank cresting an unusually steep short slope. It works great and you can also usually find people doing plastic welding/repair in any good size city. The spin weld fittings on your tank can probably be repaired easily since tank is out. Thank you. I did a torch weld and got about 98%. Still leaked about an inch or two over night. I ordered the weld kit with the iron so should be able to Do it right. I’m not in a big city area so trying myself. Otherwise, Sacramento is just over an hour away. If someone had a shop suggestion for that Sacramento area that would be awesome!
94-D2 10/31/20 12:14pm Fifth-Wheels

The tank is out. The weld at the fitting flange is thin and weak. I found that there is no such thing as a direct replacement tank. They use whatever tank the manufacturer sources and the fittings are custom installed wherever they need them, either on site or spec’ed out. Either way, even if I replaced the tank, I would have to also custom install the fittings and tank monitor, so that renders replacement moot. So, working on that now and cleaning up all the wiring and hoses.
94-D2 10/31/20 11:40am Fifth-Wheels

I’ve owned my 2017 Big Horn for three years now. This last August, we had a serious red flag fire warning weekend complete with a PGE Public safety Power shut off. In light of that, I filled my fresh water tank (30-40 gallons) in case we needed to evacuate. Following an all clear, I left the tank full, just in case. In October, I pulled the trailer for a week in South Lake Tahoe CA. Perfect weather and full hook ups. Still had a full fresh tank on board. On day 2 of Tahoe, I noticed a rather large fresh water leak from various points in the undercarriage. I assumed the fresh water was leaking and traveling through the coroplast under the trailer. After three days it stopped. I suspected there was a possible crack in the fresh tank since we had a tire tread incident on the road in February, and a slight showing of water at that time. Upon leaving the resort in Tahoe, I found that the 12v pump didn’t not charge the water system while on tank mode. When I got home, I discovered the fresh rank was in fact empty. I never drained it and concluded it drained o it’s own, and whatever damage was suffered from the tire tread incident was greater than expected. This last week, I removed the coroplast from the undercarriage of the trailer. What I found disappointed me, but I expected it nonetheless. The bits and pieces of the internal workings of this trailer were haphazardly thrown Together by a kindergartner and as it turns out, caused a water leak in the fresh tank by shoddy workmanship that had nothing to do with the tire tread Was hit on the road. The fresh tank was installed in its usual fashion. A cross member at one end and three steel straps perpendicular to the cross member. As such, water supply inlet/pump draw tube and low drain hose Were installed and plastic welded next to each other at the bottom of the forward facing side of the tank. Upon filling the tank to capacity for the first time and traveling, caused the tank to bulge on the bottom between the steel straps thereby stressing the welds for the inlet supply fitting that was shoddily welded into place. This caused the weld to fail and produced a leak that drained the tank in three days. This is the way I found the undercarriage after dropping the coroplast.
94-D2 10/30/20 09:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heartland Big Horn Fifth Wheel Trailers

I have a 2018 Big Horn Treveler 39MB. Have had three years now and maybe 8-10k miles on it. I can tell you, I don’t think it is made for full timing. I have yet to open the door and not find saw dust and at least one screw on the floor from unknown places, The insulation is inadequate, single pane windows And poor quality In the assembly. Sheet metal or wood screws on fiber board and veneer, All of which back out constantly and can’t be tightened, adheasive backed fixtures letting go due to heat, and hardware that constantly losses during transit. It is very maintenance Intensive. Although it has 2 A/C units, the cooling is barely able to keep up (due to poor insulation) and heating is chaotic depending on which area of the trailer your in. So, it is great for a mild summer trip but I think cold temperatures or extreme heat would be uncomfortable full timing. The appliances are good and have performed well. The structure is solid and seems to ok on tires etc. roof vents are on the cheap side and factory sealants are minimal and need redoing, I would steer more to the grand design models. Higher price point but better quality I think.
94-D2 09/27/20 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I’m running ARP head studs on my 5.9. This is necessary due to the increase pressures associated with the 150 hp gain. I don’t run at max because I don’t have to. If the 5.9 were stock, it would be running at max, all the time and something will certainly break. Good driving skill, and Good understanding Of how your engine uses horsepower and torque is the key to longevity and worry free towing. Anything other than that is abusing your equipment and it is going to fail. If those modifications are not your thing, get a newer tow vehicle with worry free mechanicals. I’m fortunate to have both worlds.
94-D2 07/04/20 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

Had my 99 2500 over a 7 mile 3500’ pass (6% I think). Trailer is a 16k bighorn. 5.9 had a power puck, 100 hp injectors, 4” turbo back, upgraded cooling, pack brake, And built 47re and 4:10’s. 55 mph, l/o overdrive, 1900 rpm 1ooo-1100* f on egt’s. 1/4 throttle all the way over. Never even bogged down. On flat ground tow at 65, 16 mpg. Ran really good.
94-D2 06/25/20 02:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lp stove not percolating coffee

Chances are the inside stove is a low pressure and outside is a higher pressure appliance. This results in lower and higher BTU output. Answer for inside Is a smaller percolator, or just heat it on the outside stove. This is normal for most RV’s. Probably not a plug or restriction. If you have even flame inside, with proper even flame color, you burners are fine.
94-D2 06/17/20 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV roof collapse covered by insurance?

See if your homeowners policy will cover all or partial. I have a million $ umbrella on mine. It will cover it.
94-D2 06/11/20 10:57am Fifth-Wheels
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