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RE: Just curious?

While we don't own a coach Dutch asked about, can give my 2 cents also. 1st 5er was a '06 Cedar Creek Silverback which listed in the mid 40's (bought in early '05 new). Few years later at Hershy show, kicking tires and such in the CC booth, ran into the CCrep and asked him why the CC's are now in mid 80's. His reply was due to "technology, design, and couple other things upgrades". I wasn't buying it and told him so. To this day he doesn't like me very well. Around the same time, talking to a tech at dealer where we bought our CC (still had it as well), he said that the new CC's were not as good quality wise as our '06 was. To be honest, we had very few problems with the '06 all the while we owned it. Hence that was 1 reason why we were considering still another CC product when we decided to upgrade as our '06 had outgrown it's usefulness for us being a bunkhouse and kids grown and not with us much anymore. Again, at Hershy show in '16, still considering another CC, it became apparent that all coaches were in the 85-100K range and nothing really triggered our fingers plus CC made changes we didn't like and agin asked the CC rep as to why and got a BS answer. Wondering around, we decided to take a look at some other lines just for kicks. One thing the DW was asking about was a 1/2 bath at the time. CC's was a sardine 1/2 bath. Big Horn was a helluva lot larger 1/2 bath. Made no decision then on new coach. Few weeks later went to a dealer while camping as it was raining to browse around. Went into the Bic Country and DW said "This is it!". Sat on it over the winter. Come early '17 and now decided on the BC and dealer whome we saw it at. Somehow, I plugged into the net and another dealer came up and figured "what the heck, can't hurt to inquire with them on same thing". Ends up the 2nd dealer is like 9 grand less than 1st and was staying firm. Mind you the BC spec'd out in low 90's. OTD was upper 50's when all was said and done and had to drive 500 miles to get it. Still worth the savings. Now, is the BC worth the 90K price tag? Yes and no. Looks great, plenty of dazzle and glitz, nice features and all, heavy (which I read can translate into a better ride/coach ???). But it has had a couple issues which HL took care of and yes it has same components as every other mfr out there. Wires just laying all over behind basement wall looks awful. Overall tho, she for now at least, seems pretty well built and designed nicely. Still worth 90K? Hard to say, but it is a house on wheels and we don't have all the options for them as we do stick built homes. But like everything else all have seemed to double in price in just 10 years or so. IMO, I feel that yes there is a difference in quality of 20-40K coaches up to the mid 100K ones. And yes, we will still continue to buy them despite all our concerns and complaints.
ACZL 12/05/19 08:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

If all else fails, price it up (spec for spec, option for option) on Edmunds to get their "True Market Value" price and that's what you should be getting the truck for. I have done this with past vehicles and they are pretty darn close to what I actually paid for it.
ACZL 12/03/19 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram box on short bed - ill-advised for towing a 5th wheel?

I think what OP is wondering about is opening up the RAM boxes on top of pick up box itself and not so much hitting back of cab. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance.
ACZL 12/01/19 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying a used diesel

This is basically what I am looking at. + Ford And I do my own maintenance for the most part, BUT have avoided diesels. Not afraid to, just prefer quieter and simpler. Not a bad looking truck, but if you can, opt for a '15 diesel instead.
ACZL 11/27/19 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

Tho I'm a Ford nut, do believe that Ram has airbags as standard equipment for rear suspension. Honestly, am surprised all 3 don't have air bags/susp. Semis do. Lincoln Town Car did. You can add all sorts of suspense devices, but ALL they do is aid in keeping the truck level. As above posts have already said, they do NOT increase payload.
ACZL 11/27/19 12:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 or newer F-450 issues

Ford I believe had Nox sensor issues thus extended warranty for years '11-'14 (I could be wrong). My '15 F350 was problem free when I traded it w/ 30K miles. My '17 F350 DRW also had the block heater cord replaced along w/ the DEF heater. Now I have a Nox sensor issue which Ford is trying to deny it's bad because their data says "That use of aftermarket fuel treatment can cause problems". It's been back to dealer 2x w/ same problem, going back for 3rd time tmrw. Funny thing here is, had DW take it to a dealer near her workplace and they said they couldn't fix it because they wouldn't get paid for it due to another dealer already having diagnosed it. Some warranty thing.
ACZL 11/25/19 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW vs Dually

Here's a bit of a twist if you will on this topic. On another forum, a poster states how he is getting a toy-hauler w/a dry GVW of 16K and max GVW of 20K. Has a '03 F350 SRW w/ 7.3 with things being modded. Most of the replies are telling him he should be looking at a dually, but he insists the '03 will do just fine and is even considering making it into a DRW (states the frame is same for SRW/DRW for year). Ford says max 5er wt is 12,700 for that year. Don't know about ya all, I'm heading' in opposite direction.
ACZL 11/22/19 01:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: rt 81

There are bridges along the 87 Northway southbound above Albany marked w/ clearance signs and 1 just west of Alb on 90 that is marked 14'. No problemino w/ a 13'6" rig with them.
ACZL 11/20/19 08:22am Roads and Routes
RE: SRW vs Dually

I wish the bank account t would allow me to have both. SRW as daily driver, use in winter as the DRW stinks in snow. After having the DRW to tow with, LOVE it. But if I could and it could, would still prefer a SRW to tow within it's capabilities.
ACZL 11/20/19 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Full time in the 2020 JAYCO EAGLE??

I've gone up in size from a popup to the current 36' 5th wheel and parking at home and in campgrounds is by far the biggest challenge. Out on the road I find easy. After all, there are buses and large semis on the same roads. I've actually found people are nicer and let you in more the larger a trailer you are towing. I've pulled onto crowded freeways that I never thought I'd be able to merge onto and people let me right in. LOL.... it's actually much harder in my commuter car! Just use the 3 blink rule: 3 blinks of the turn signal and you're moving over! LOL I will agree that most folks are a bit more curtious to folks w/ large RV's but when it comes to semis, No Way Jose. They simply do not want such a large vehicle in front of them. As a semi driver, I cannot tell you how many times cars have passed me and pulled right in front of me w/ no-one behind them. My conventional tractor has a short nose as it is and sometimes I cannot see the rear end of the car when they do pull in. They don't realize that all it's going to take is for them to misjudge the gap and clip my LF corner and it's instant turn sideways for them till I stop some 300+ feet later. In fact, I saw this very thing couple months ago w/ driver's side of car looking at grill of semi as the car got turned sideways via RF corner (believe semi was in middle lane and either it or the car went from middle to right or right to middle).
ACZL 11/19/19 08:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moose Hillock, NH

Thanks for the quick replies. As of this writing, looks like it would be either DW and myself or the 2 of us and 20yo son. Stay at CG 1 day or so and day trips otherwise. We were last there about 17 years ago traveling in a car and drove up Mt Washington and stayed at a nearby hotel (don't recall exactly where), then down to NH shoreline enroute to Boston. DS was just a couple years old and has no recollection of trip.
ACZL 11/15/19 08:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Current crop of SUV'S

If you parked all the "SUV'S" side by side, then looked at them from the side, they all have the same body shape!! At least I think so. I'd like to upgrade the DW into a SUV, but wan t one that is RWD and wheel drive. However, in saying that, we currently have a VW Passat which she loves and I'd like to go into the VW Atlas as we've been very pleased w/ the 2 VW's we've had. Comes in either FWD or AWD. Don't want AWD. She asked me the other day if any SUV's are hybrids to which I have no clue. Are there?
ACZL 11/15/19 08:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: beaded cab driver seat??

The beaded seat cover is great if your legs/butt fall asleep or your muscles start to ache on long drives. The beads roll as you sit and help keep the circulation flowing. If you are just getting sore at pressure points, then a cushion may work better. We had them when we had a early '80's Caddy Sedan DeVille that I think had leather. We liked them and did just as stated above. Car ok till my Uncle showed up w/ his '85 Town Car. Got rid of the Caddy for a '86 TC w/ cloth. Loved that car, but never used the beads again.
ACZL 11/15/19 08:09am Tow Vehicles
Moose Hillock, NH

Has anyone stayed here and what is there to do/see for several days?
ACZL 11/14/19 07:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 4 sec 0-60 in an EcoBoost F150

We had an F150 Ecoboost and I dearly LOVED it! We just decided to get a larger RV, so had to go the F350 diesel dually route. I still miss that truck and it was as comfortable as any vehicle I've ever ridden in, including Mom's Cadillac Deville and my Benz. My DW said the same thing when we had a loaner F150 last Nov. Think tho that had the lil Ecoboost motor.
ACZL 11/13/19 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: I think they’re doing it wrong

This guy should have it in the "Do it yourself, modification" section.
ACZL 11/13/19 09:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel hitch adapters

I think Demco make an adapter plate for puck system so if your current hitch is rail mounted, can use this plate as a go-between thus still keep/use current hitch. We bought a new B&W Patriot when we got new coach in '17. Rail mounted. Then bought a new truck in '18 w/o puck system (off lot purchase). Tho still have old Reese, you can either sell the Husky or IMO get a B&W puck hitch. Yes the B&W's are a heavy hitch, but IMO it's worth it
ACZL 11/10/19 07:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

Could the OP contact say the Army of local or nearest Army base to see if their air unit could use some practice w/ heavy lift by using a helicopter and move it for him?? I'm only asking/suggesting as it seems we've all gave pretty much same ideas 'cept this one. Know it's far fetched, but what the heck.
ACZL 11/09/19 03:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

So the fence isn't yours. As others have said, why not just ask the owner of it if you can take it down, do what you need to do, and put it back up? Tell owner you'll have a professional company do the fence work. That is unless for course you don't get along w/ the owner and he's being a P pot.If you do end up pulling it backwards, am assuming you have plenty of room to do this? Will take a decent size tractor (at least 60 HP IMO). How are you going to get the legs onto greased boards with them already on the ground? I guess a better question is, how and why did the 5er get parked where it is in the 1st place knowing it would be a beeatch?
ACZL 11/08/19 04:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Southeast Massachusetts to Nashville TN

There is a CG just east of the Flying J (below I-77 ???). Go past the J, up/over a hill and CG will be down on left side. Nice, cheap, clean. We stayed there on way back from FL as our 1/2 way point in '18.
ACZL 11/04/19 06:43am Roads and Routes
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