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RE: Traveling Mass TurnPike from New York. ( mountains ?)

There are some hills going east on the Pike from NY, nothing major, but they are kinda steady and then rolling. Last hill is 6 miles downhill before West Springfield. Perhaps some one can chime in, but what about going east on 84 to 91? It's been years since I traveled this w/ my company and want to say there were some GOOD hills at first, then leveled out. Depending on where you live in VT, 87 above Albany is a easy drive w/ just a couple small inclines until you get to Lake George. Jump off at exit 20 and head towards Whitehall/Fair Haven. Pick up 22A north to Burlington. Easily done w/ your rig.BUT going east anywheres in VT from the west and you'll have hills no matter what.
ACZL 03/29/20 06:15am Roads and Routes
RE: It's time for a replacement truck

My $.02. Get a 1 ton and if hills are a concern, biggest gas motor. I agree w/ Cummins12V about going the diesel route, but as you mentioned, not a lot of miles towing really would be wasting your $$$. That being said tho, you also stated you wanted to keep it another 10-15 years. That would be a total of 15-20 years on truck/engine.What you'd save w/ 1st few years of maintenance w/ a gasser, set aside for future maintenance. Going the diesel route, dought you'd have much in way of repairs, but keep in mind that repairs to a diesel can be very costly! A diesel will last forever, but I just don't see how it would benefit you given the few towing miles. The grin factor w/ a diesel.......well that never goes away when towing on hills. Again, my $.02.
ACZL 03/29/20 06:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: anyone seen Jim . . AKA - NC Hauler

I as well chatted w/ Jim both thru PM's and on the phone. Was going to meet up w/ him when we were in NC back in '15 and if memory serves me right, he got sick and was in the hospital. Didn't know he was a Vet. Thank you for your service Jim. May you rest in Eternal peace.
ACZL 03/29/20 05:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single

Should be a label attached to the axle unless it's worn off or missing etc. 2 different types of axles regardless who makes them. Spring and rubber torsion. Spring suspension is obvious. Torsion, well no springs. Cummins12V pic shows what a torsion susp will look like. If you opt for a V-nose trailer, you will gain add'l space inside.
ACZL 03/27/20 01:01am Towing
RE: 2019 Ram 6.4 drivers

They have neither clatter or smell! Well that sux! LOL. Old saying years ago "Diesel Fumes Makes You Horny". Guess I better get some Viagra!!
ACZL 03/26/20 12:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single

While my vote is still for a tandem axle, one thing I would strongly suggest getting is Dexter Torsion axles. Rubber ride, independent of each other, better/smoother ride, no maintenance required. Side note if you will. My 4 place V-nose snowmobile trailer is tandem axle w/ said Dexter axles. Only 3 sleds in trailer and trailer is something like 30' long ball to tail. 2 sleds in front, 1 in rear. When traveling locally, I just drive them on, set parking brake and shut the door. Sleds do not move. I know folks will call me out about not tying them down, but that's another day as that's not my point for this thread. Point is, the tandem torsion axles are great and offer a great value to contents. Recently DW and I went on a trip that was about 300 miles from the house. For this, I did strap the sleds down, but watching the trailer, it was like watching a Caddy/Lincoln Town Car as it hardly bounced or swayed (ANOTHER POINT for Tandem axles).
ACZL 03/24/20 08:27am Towing
RE: Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single

Got a flat, Better call Saul
ACZL 03/22/20 06:57am Towing
RE: Looking for advice on purchasing a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup

If you remain single and based off what you said, I feel a short box 3/4 would be sufficient. Even a long box 3/4. But as 4x4ord said, you might just as well go w/ the 1 ton for price diff.
ACZL 03/21/20 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

Rails suck. They are obsolete technology. Do they work (and work well)? Of course they do! But there’s exactly ZERO reason for anyone to go back in time in favor of obsolete technology. Plus, there’s exactly ZERO guarantee that a newly purchased rail system will match the existing holes from an old rail system. How do I know? Been there, done that. Here’s an article warning of the same issue: I’d much rather put that brand new 4” hole in the middle of my bed and get the best hitch combo option available vs. trying to maybe re-use some old holes that might not work and is regressive technology. I’ve used an AUH aluminum and had no trouble with it. The friend I sold it to also has no trouble with it and he uses it for more than just RV towing. There’s nothing wrong with that product or the idea of a single point attachment. Well if you have a truck w/o the puck set up, then rails may be the best way to go. Sorry my friend, but I disagree w/ your assessment. My last truck and current truck didn't have the puck set up and I already had a rail mount B&W Patriot and not about to go buy another hitch as the B&W was bought in '17. Had no problems attaching the B&W to rails for either truck BTW. I personally do not have an issue w/ the rails in the track 24/7. Does it block complete clean out? Yes. Does it not allow for a complete flat floor? Yes. Do I worry about it? No. Can I still use the bed of truck? Yes. Do I have to remove the hitch to do so? Yes. Do I care? No. As it was said before, some 5ers are not so well suited to be a gooseneck set up. It really comes down to personal choice. Are rails obsolete? No. But for some folks getting into yanking a 5er around for 1st time, they maybe the cheapest way to start off with.
ACZL 03/21/20 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single

Doug is correct on being able to get brakes on a SA trailer. Having a 12' enclosure on a SA IMO is a decent amount of weight and I see plenty of 2 place snowmobile trailers that are enclosed on a SA which personally I wouldn't do. Just for the peace of mind you get w/ a TA is worth it and you don't have to worry about weight. Shoot, you may even want to go to a larger trailer.
ACZL 03/20/20 03:04pm Towing
RE: How did you you mount your CB antenna on your aluminum F150?

I think my k40 antenna monted on plate for 3rd brake lite is 4'. It hits some drive thru overheads, but don't worry about it. As for CB's, go with Uniden. Cobra used to be good brand, but have really cheapened up in past several years. More than likely you can get by with just a plain Jane radio w/o a lot of bells-n-whistles.
ACZL 03/19/20 08:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

Replace/install new rails, get a standard hitch to meet your capacity and keep what's on the trailer. If you are so tight on a turn, go opposite direction slowly to straighten up and try turn again. Had a slider hitch for over 10 years. Used it once. Got new hitch w/o slider for short bed truck, no probs. Just go slow-n-easy.
ACZL 03/19/20 12:49am Fifth-Wheels

If you're not comfortable with your current brand anymore, then choose a different brand. It really is that simple. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. Somebody has a horror story for every brand. Somebody has a horror story for every dealer. A sample size of ONE is hardly scientific, but it's human nature to be "one and done" with anything. Well said and stated.
ACZL 03/18/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing 4.6k w/ Nissan Titan vs Dodge Durango

First off, Welcome to the forum!!!! Lots of good info from a lot of regulars on here. Sure there is the usual badgering, but it's what makes it fun. Plenty of popcorn issues/comments and such. While I cannot answer many of your questions, what you really need to know is the max GVW of the RV...NOT the dry weight. That alone will tell you which vehicle would be better5 suited.
ACZL 03/17/20 02:45am Towing
RE: Black water tank completely full and won't drain. Help pls.

bertschb, In theory what you're saying makes perfect sense. BUT if the valve isn't opened, then this device won't work. OP has to figure out (which it sounds like he did) that the valve isn't opening. If it isn't, think Cuminsv12 solution maybe best option. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a clue as to how you'd get valve open w/ full tank. I for one certainly wouldn't want to find out the hard way.
ACZL 03/17/20 02:40am Fifth-Wheels

Since I 1st got my license, I've been kinda partial to GMC. perhaps that's cuz my Dad was able to scarf a used '72 4wd w/ 25,000 miles for cheap bucks. Ever since then, the count has been: 3 GMC's, 1 Chevy, 1 used Dodge and 4 Ford's. My '03 6.0 had issues, but Ford took care of them till wty ran out and still wasn't a bad truck, but age and the "what if's" came into play and traded it for a '15 6.7 (LOVED this truck) till we got a new RV which was lil more than I wanted to put on the '15's back so traded it for the '17 DRW. Outside of bulletins, both the '15 & '17 have been darn good trucks. Was told once tho that if you want a truck that rides like a car, get a GM, if you want a truck that rides like a truck, get a Ford. IMO, I think the GM's will probly ride better due to their IFS front end. If you want to add a plow, may want to consider either a Ram or Ford for their solid front axles. In the grand scheme of things, all mfr's will have lousy units out there and it seems those that have them are what we hear about most often. Personally OP, give Ford another shot, if things don't go well, opt for 1 of the other 2. I like the looks of the new GMC's and Rams. Did see this past week Chevy's new 4500/5500 trucks (cab/chassis) and they are a lot better looking than their 2500/3500 counterparts. FWIW, I feel too that they are even better looking than the Navistar equivalent. As for the Freightliner M2, w/o a doubt you'd have no probs towing/stopping. Bad part is if you breakdown or in need of service (especially at a Freightliner dealer), expect at least a $125.00 shake their hand fee before any work is done, then add the 125/hr to that. Good news tho is that most HD road service folks can work on Freightliners due to their popularity across the country and I think most M2's are running Cummins.
ACZL 03/16/20 03:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: How did you you mount your CB antenna on your aluminum F150?

CB Antenna mount I like this mount. Sadly tho, I already had a K40 magnet mount antenna and couldn't see the need for another antenna, so I opted for the Larson mount that OP mentioned. Yes it is pricey no doubt, but it is a pretty decent thing. However, the paint isn't he greatest (long lasting if you will) as it's flaking and rusting and only been inservice for not quite 2 years. With the low cost of the fender mount bracket (assuming it comes w/ all necessary coax and all), a 3' or 4' antenna can be had pretty cheap as well. In my years of a billy big rigger, I'd recommend a 4' Francis antenna. Thanks for the link!
ACZL 03/16/20 02:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: The new ride came in

Shoot, you'd even be hard pressed to get a stick in a semi nowadays.
ACZL 03/14/20 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The new ride came in

As the self appointed President of the "B&W HeavyWeight FanBoy Club" congratulations! Your Membership Certificate "SHOULD" arrive any day. Thanks Ron, I will keep checking my mailbox ! !:B I'm still on the wait list after 3 years!. Congrats on the new ride. No cab lights?
ACZL 03/13/20 04:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pin Weight

Reading thru the minihub67 post, using Jimnlin & other posts do I have this "pin weight" thing figured out?? I have 2008 Ram 2500, 6.7 diesel. Tires are Michelin E rated 265-70-17 & say 3195#. X-2 is 6390# The door sticker says Rear 6010#. Cat scale says Steer Axle 4560# & Drive Axle 2960#. Door sticker of rear 6010# less scaled drive axle 2960# = 3050# So my max pin wt should be aprox. 3000#, is this correct? The 2960# scaled drive axle weight is full of fuel, Reese hitch, Honda gen. & misc. Ready to hook up and go. You'll be way over on the trucks GVWR with that pin weight. I would say you GVWR is around 8,800 lb being a 3/4 ton. I think he's right here for avail payload/pin weight overall. Yes Cummins V12 is right when you look at rear axle capacity avail, but when you take into acc't overall weight of truck (based on OP's numbers) I come up w/just 1480# total avail. Now I'm not an angel as I too was waaaaay over on my limits w/ my '03 F250 & '06 Creek, and yes it did tow it quite well. So perhaps someone can offer up other comments.
ACZL 03/13/20 03:51pm Towing
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