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RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

"I didn't drain the separator at last oil change and all is still well" You better drain it today or you won't sleep tonight! Wanna bet? It's 420am EST, 1st nite back to work and eyes are not doing so well staying open. LOL
ACZL 05/18/20 02:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

I've never had a WIF lite either, but is has been suggested that each time you gain the oil, drain water separator as well. FWIW, I change my oil every 5k and drain the water separator and no water in it. Come to think of it, I didn't drain the separator at last oil change and all is still well.
ACZL 05/17/20 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Owning a Cummins Diesel?

First off Don, cumming from a GM, you need to learn to speel Cummings motor correctly! That way you can piss off them Cummings deezal fans. Any way, I'm up way the heel too late here on the left coast, I'm going to bed! No, I have not been drinking.....I should claim to have been eh?!?!? Marty '92 International? Isn't that a fancy name for a cornfield Cadillac? There is another one that's mentioned on the CB radio, but won't say it here!
ACZL 05/17/20 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Got a new TV

VERY NICE !!!! CONGRATS!!!! Is that color the pearl color?
ACZL 05/17/20 06:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: NY campgrounds.....hit/miss

New York State said to be "patient" in getting our refunds for reservations they cancelled. I'm not holding my breath. If I get the money back great but I'm thinking it will be a loss. Uncle Andy needs money!!
ACZL 05/15/20 05:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
NY campgrounds.....hit/miss

Check with the campground you want to go to as to their being open or not or when. Many unknowns still from Albany, but county executives are calling the shots when it comes to CG's. Not sure when SP CG's will open, so have to check w/ them as well.
ACZL 05/14/20 07:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Owning a Cummins Diesel?

Cummins seem to get the best MPG of the big 3 (GM, Ford, Ram). Most folks who have them, love them. Changing fuel filter can be cumbersome, but doable. IMO and vantage point of a semi driver, most RV transport guys run Rams w/ Cummins motors. Of their 2 tranny's, the Aisin is their top of the line. If you end up w/ a SRW, may want to consider Timbrens, airbags or "X" to help the rear end from squatting w/ camper on. Like what a couple others said about DEF, can get at most truck stops in truck lanes OR at any auto store. Usage should be 10 gallons/year as one said. Buy fuel at truck stop if you can due to high turnover of fuel. If not, find a large local place where you see a lot of companies fueling up (utility, landscapers, town/hiway dept., school buses, etc). Others with Cummins can chime in on fuel additives. A lot to consider, but in the long run, a diesel is by far the best way to go if towing a lot or heavy and still get decent mpg's. Gassers have come a long way and for lots of folks, will work best for their set ups and don't want to deal w/ diesels and worrying about fuel and all. Both gas & diesel have their pluses and minuses. Do not be afraid to ask questions here about them as there is a HUGE amount of folks ready to assist you to answer them. May get some biased opinions and keyboard fighting, but it's all good. Let us know how you make out.
ACZL 05/14/20 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Reese Airborne Sidewinder and Skid Plate Lubrication

Rob, You said you cannot use one of those plastic plates/disks? There is another option you could try/use. As you mentioned, you could use reg grease or some type of spay lube or non dust attracting graphite. There is a company who markets are primarily semi drivers, but has gain a ton of users who are not semi drivers. Anyways it's called MotorKote. They have 2 products that will probly work for you. 1st is MotorKote Hyper Lubricant which is a friction reducer inside engines, BUT also HAS hundreds of other uses. 2nd is MotorKote 5th wheel grease. As name implies, it's for 5th wheels along w/ anything else that takes grease. FWIW, give them a call and explain what you want to achieve and for their recommendation. They are located in OH.
ACZL 05/14/20 06:45am Towing
RE: TorkLift Glow Step Resolution Install

This brand of step is on our radar as well. Many positive reviews and I like how they can either be a step or ladder type (if in close quarters such as inside storage).
ACZL 05/14/20 06:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best way clean 5th wheel

Drier (wet) sheets to remove bugs.
ACZL 05/13/20 08:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: PullRite Hitch For 2020 Chevy

I too 2nd CumminsV12 on going w/ the B&W. He sold me on them 3 years ago. I started off w/a Reese slider back in '03 w/ a short box Ford. Used it maybe 2x while I owned it. Made a deal w/ dealer on a used Reese 16K 4-way pivot head non slider. When we got a new '15 Ford, switched the Reese 16K to it. The Reese was ok for trailer we had and I really liked the pivot head due to a awkward angle I was in w/ the old non pivot Reese and trying to hook-un-hook. When we upgraded to new coach in '17, in my mind the Reese 16K would be taxed although probly still within it's limits------I just didn't feel comfy w/ it. So before we went to p/u the new coach, bought a B&W Patriot 18K non slider (truck still a short box). Oh, Reese rails were used on the '15. The '15 was a SRW F350 and did a good job towing the new coach. Really liked how you could switch the "A" arms around to move Pin location as well as height. Bought a DRW F350 in '18 (off the lot no pucks) and this time used B&W rails. Holy schitt the B&W rails are BEEFY!!!! Compared to the Reese rails and Reese hitch, B&W is HEAVY DUTY all the way around!!! Never had a problem w/ hooking/unhooking and no chucking/jerking at all. Personal preference here, but I have the 5th Airborne pin box and CumminsV12 has the Trail Air, both achieve the same results but go about it in different ways. As for a slider/non slider hitch, most newer RV's have cut corners so one can make a sharp turn w/a short box w/o hitting back window. Should you have a older RV w/o cut corners, making a sharp turn is tricky w/o a slider. My take is, if your in that tight of a turn, then put it in drive to straighten out and the proceed. Yes you still have to watch how close you are to window BUT if you take your time, there is no need to slide the hitch. I've always done that and no problems-----hence only using my old slider 2x in several years. I wouldn't go back to a slider if a got another short box. As I said above, Cummins V12 sold me on the B&W and I will stand right beside him promoting it. This past winter I bought a B&W adjustable turnover receiver for my snowmobile/landscape trailers and Holy Moly it's made/built like a rock!!!! So if you end up w/ a new hitch and rails, I'd strongly suggest going w/ B&W.
ACZL 05/12/20 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: PullRite Hitch For 2020 Chevy

I'm assuming your current hitch is a puck mount correct? If so and given your '20 Chevy doesn't have the puck set up, IMO then go with the rails and adapter plate as you mentioned as long as it doesn't increase your trailer height a whole lot. Seems to be the cheaper way to go so you don't have to but a new hitch.
ACZL 05/10/20 06:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1/2 ton sticker shock

Interesting replies gang and lots of varied ones at that. I have no idea of his credit score or exactly what he was looking at......heard everything 2nd hand, but reliable 2nd handers. Not that I'm in the market for another truck, but was thinking along the lines of most of the replies that pricing should be more in line of 50-60K. Not knowing his finances either, am thinking his current truck is paid off. Will ask him again tonight if he's shopped around or not and tell him to look for ones that can be had for much less. Lives in the capital district area. Along the lines of a few replies, I feel as well for the amount of $$$ he was stating for a 1/2 ton, better off w/ a 3/4-1 tonner, but his needs tho don't match it. Most would probly agree that the 3/4-1 tonner would be the way to go, but we ALL HAUL heavy things that require such trucks. For him, it's a daily commuter ride.
ACZL 05/06/20 07:04am Tow Vehicles
1/2 ton sticker shock

Found out last night that a co-workers '15 Chevy's tranny let loose on him due to some kinda design flaw (at least that's how I took it). Has something like 160K miles. So he talks to the Chevy dealer and gets quoted $714.00/month for 84 months!!!!! New truck was $70,000.00. Granted it sounded loaded to the 9's, but Holy Smackaroonies......70 grand for a 1/2 ton????? Dealer was going to give him 6 grand for his. Cost to repair current tranny is 3500. Said he'll get 'er fixed and run it till she dies.
ACZL 05/05/20 01:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Different tire question ( I think)

MeAgain---I really do not know the tire size he has. He posted a pic, but I could not see tire size or brand. I just know it's on a toy hauler TT. Hate like heck to see him buy something w/o good knowledge rather than just what is avail/afford. Plus to inform the uninformed (other poster on his thread) about educating him on tires/tire life/quality.
ACZL 05/04/20 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
Different tire question ( I think)

Just read thru the 4 pages of Tires and DOT and got me thinking about a FB post my buddy put up. He bought a used TT TH recently, towed it home and sits next to his garage (like the rest of us) and is tinkering with it. Never had a RV before. Offered up some suggestions Burt think his friend is doing the same. Anyways, he just bought 2 tires for it. I don't know the cond of the other 2 or why he bought new ones. I asked him if they were ST's, NOT Chinabombs. He didn't know, just what he could afford. Advised him to go w/ GY or Sailuns and replied to his inquiry about Chinabombs. Another person wrote in saying how he has towed "X" miles w/o a prob w/ the CB tires and was going to get a TPMS before this RV season. Now I know I'm posting this under the 5er section and he has a TT and we all are pretty set that GY, Sailuns, Michelin, Bridgestone Durvas(?) tires are the go to tires for the weight we have. Now what about brand of tires for TH TT's? IMO, I'd shy away from Maxxis, Carlyle, Towmax, Westlake.......but that's just me. Would appreciate it if others could chime in.
ACZL 05/04/20 01:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Passenger side convex tow mirror source

Stock reg mirrors or camper style? What brand of truck? Aftermarket ones?
ACZL 05/01/20 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch and Pin Box Replacement

Since you are going to replace the pin box, replace it with an air ride pin box, either 5th Airborne or Trailair. Lots of very good hitches. I prefer the type with the wrap around jaw that encircles the pin. I have a Reese Elite that works great. Pullrite also has one. Found out today that the 5th Airborne no longer available. Where did you see this? I just looked at Reese's website and they are still showing it as being avail/made. I have the 5th AB and love it. Oh, have a B&W Patriot as well and love it too.
ACZL 04/30/20 01:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with a Tahoe

MY BIL bought a TT late last year which I posted/asked pretty much the same question considering the TT is in low 30' range. Have to go back to Sept or so to find my thread ("Would you....").
ACZL 04/29/20 09:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Fiver these days

New is OK I suppose but I would not discount finding a lightly used, well maintained respected older builder, even if that builder no longer exists. Chances are that the frame is as good today as the day it came off the line. Everything else is third party components. An older diamond in the rough can be had cheap. From there a major refit can be done ending in something cheaper than new, without the new issues. The trick is to find something that you will be happy with for the long haul. Had no desire to go out ,and spend 10's of thousands on another new fifth wheel, just purchased a new used one, went up 7 years newer ,and only 4K difference. Larger fridge ,level up, disc brakes, side bathroom, etc etc. The deals are out there. The people that bought my old one got a good one, and a lot cheaper then a new one, and was well taken care of. Thought I saw a video last week from the guy in TX (Big Rig RV????) where he shot a video of a "X" year old Redwood that retailed for over $100K and now at like under $40K. Want to say the coach was really not that old and in really, really good condition. Sure it may have needed a lil TLC, but overall very nice unit for the price IMO.
ACZL 04/29/20 09:02am Fifth-Wheels
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