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RE: TN in early June and early Sept

My many thanks for all the replies and since I posted this question yesterday, I had to make a decision before I went to work last night and unable to read posts made due to my schedule after 130pm. That being said, the DW figures a couple things that's already been said (Covid may be less of a prob, less people and perhaps a tad cooler). So in the end, I put in for the Sept date. Don't think it will be much of a problem getting it. Another thing I didn't take into consideration was NASCAR races. I literally just looked at NASCAR's website and saw that the Bristol race just so happens to be the w/e we'd be coming back to NY, so now the wheels are really spinning and will be checking w/ the company a bit later today to see if I did get the week. Should I get it, will ask for a personal day that Sun and try to convince the Mrs to go to it. Saw a spring race there back in '08. Getting kinda excited now. Again THANK YOU to all for the replies!!!!!!
ACZL 12/11/20 01:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Merry Christmas to me

Congrats!! Eh !!
ACZL 12/10/20 09:53am Tow Vehicles
TN in early June and early Sept

Hi gang! Need your help ASAP. Just got my bid sheet for 2021 vaykay's and in talking w/ the DW, would like to know which time frame is better? What's open? Are things less expensive? Of course all this hinges on wether or not we can go to TN based on travel ban being from NY. Sadly I have to submit it back ny tmrw (tonight in my case), so will go with what replies I see back by late this afternoon. Sorry for the short notice/request. TIA.
ACZL 12/10/20 08:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Curiosity caught the Cheshire cat

HA, you all think walking onto a dealer lot becomes scary, try walking into a chocolate fudge factory. ROFLMAO on that one !!! OMG that's a good one! Yes it was auto correct and I never thought to proof read it before posting thinking all was okay. My bad. FTG, I know that could get me into trouble, but mama's vehicle would be the most likely one to get replaced despite it also being a '17 and that is if she wants to get another new one. I'm looking at tossing in the towel in 6 years and she a bit more, so in a sense gotta start watching the pennies along w/ the waistline if walking to the fudge factory. M
ACZL 12/10/20 01:45am Tow Vehicles
Curiosity caught the Cheshire cat

Went past a Ford dealer couple weeks ago and noticed he had 2 SD dallies on the lot. Stopped by the following week to take a gander at them. 1 was a 450 Lariat and the other a 350 XLT. 79 and 70K respectively. Anyways, didn't spend a whole lotta time there, but on the 350 (very well equipped), it was a '21, 4.10 gears and had the 10 speed tranny. So it got me to thinking and perhaps a little drooling too, but what is the RPM difference between a 4.10 6 speed and 4.10 10 speed at 60-70 mph? On my '17 350 w/ the 4.10 6 spd, I'm at 2100 at 70 mph.
ACZL 12/09/20 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: So Lost

Op says his door sticker states just over 2200 lbs of capacity. Old biscuit wrote the 5ers wet pin is/should be 3200 lbs. My guess the truck itself weighs around (don't recall seeing OP's set up) 8500. If that's the case, legally only has 1500 lb avail for extra being it's a 10,000 GVW truck. So assume for a moment we use OB's numbers along w/ an assumed truck weight. 8500 + 3200 = 11,700 which according to my fingers and toes puts him over the trucks GVW by 1,700 lbs. Shoot, that's actually over a 350's GVW of 11,500 by 200#. IMO OP, yes your truck can pull it, but legally if you ever get into a wreck w/ another vehicle, some sue happy att'y will go after you tooth and nail. May have to either look at a different RV or swallow hard and get a 1 ton truck too. Let me give you a personal experience. Bought a '15 F350 SRW 6.7,4x4,cc,sb, GVW of 11,500. At that time we had a '06 Cedar Creek w/ a max GVW of 13,800, wet pin of 2100. Prior truck was a '03 F250 6.0,cc,4x4,sb. Yes the '03 is in same boat your are looking into, but that's what we had. Anyways' the '15 was no prob w/ the Creek. Year later, we decide to upgrade RV to one in sig. Max wt is 16,000, dry is 14,000, wet pin is 3700. Yes the '15 pulled the '17 RV ok, but back in same boat. Over on most weights by a little or several hundred lbs. In '18 we decided to go to FL in Aug for vaykay. Biggest overweight on the '15 was tires and knowing all the extra heat heading to FL and back was gnawing at me like crazy (basically a gut feeling in stomach that wouldn't go away). As much as it pained me to do so, traded the '15 for a '17 F350 DRW. Towing is a dream, wife feels more at ease w/ it when she relives me at the wheel and if ya have a rear wheel go flat at 65-70 mph, at least ya got another one to get you off the road. Yes the DRW absolutely stinks in the snow and is a bit more to consider at drive thrus and fuel pumps due to the hips. BUT from a heavy RV towing aspect, wouldn't go back to a SRW. Would I go back to a SRW? Yes w/ a lighter trailer. Yes you can put on/add larger tires, suspension enhancements, but bottom line is what's legal for your truck? Today's SRW's do have higher GVW's than those of just a few years ago, but I'd personally be leary of putting anything much over 15000 on a SRW 1 ton and DEFINITELY NOT a 3/4 ton.
ACZL 12/08/20 09:58am Fifth-Wheels
Eternabond around cab lights

Has anyone ever used this product around cab lights? I think I may have a leak around 1 or more on my semi truck and just thought of using this stuff VS silicone. Any suggestions on using it?
ACZL 11/30/20 02:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Blue DEF

I fill my DEF maybe 1-2x/yr. W/o looking at specific expiration dates, I may have old DEF in truck's tank, then add new/old DEF at fuel stop when I top off. Guess I'm in a bad situation. LOL Seriously tho, that is my case and ever since my '15 DEF required truck, I've filled up at truck stops w/o any problems. Any problem I did have was on the truck side of things (ie: DEF heater). If you do fill up at a truck stop, just wipe off end of nozzle before inserting it into your tank if tip of nozzle is a tad cruddy. However, more than likely it won't be due to high use of it.
ACZL 11/29/20 07:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram 2500 DEF fluid

As already stated, it varies a lot (towing VS not towing), but in general, you will only fill the DEF 1-2x/yr.
ACZL 11/19/20 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: New mall crawler!

Congratulations, that’s a nice looking truck. It has more lift than I’d want but the truck is big enough to pull it off without looking silly. I haven’t even put bigger tires on mine because it barely fits in the garage as it is, No way that thing would go in. A BFH will take care of the garage mods for you!!! LMAO
ACZL 11/18/20 09:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

Looks like back of truck is squatting pretty good.
ACZL 11/16/20 01:36am Tow Vehicles
Musical artist has me stumped

Upon going thru my daily news sources, a article popped up about the 45th Anniv of the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking and song by Gordon Lightfoot. I have heard a remake if you will of that song that contains the names of all those on board when she went down at end of it. Now for the life of me I cannot find it. Tried several ways of looking it up via Google, but no luck. When I did hear it, it was on satellite radio and agin, don't recall last time I heard it played, but it was played. Has anyone else heard it? If so, who sang it? TIA.
ACZL 11/11/20 09:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Tranny overheated

Tho I have a Ford, I'm w/ dodgeguy on changing tranny oil every 25-30k. Likewise, I still drop oil every 5k as well Like DG said, "Oil is cheaper than........" On a side note, this thought came to mind as I was reading the updates and suggestions and all. Why can't mfr's design the software to have the engine fan come on (even tho water temp is ok) if a sensor is telling the computer something is getting hot and to draw more air thru to try and cool things down?
ACZL 11/11/20 01:28am Towing
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

I've been in the market for a new GM 2500 for the last few weeks and I'm having a hard time even finding a gas one to test drive. The dealers around here are selling them as fast as they come in. I talked to a salesman one day and before I could even get out there the next day the one I was going to look at was sold. One of the dealers told me that there are plenty of them someplace in OH but due to their size they can only ship them 1 or 2 at a time on the haulers which is making deliver very slow. How true that is I don't know but it sounds plausible. If this is the case, perhaps have the salesman your talking to do a dealer search to see where the trucks are at and then call that dealer directly. If several OH dealers have trucks, see where and if all are within a decent proximity to each other, maybe worth a road trip after talking to them. Or you could go another route and use Autotrader, type in what you are looking for within "X" miles (maybe a good idea to go beyond that "X" just to see what's out there) which is essentially what your local dealer is doing.
ACZL 11/10/20 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 F150 LED Tail Lights $$$$

IMO, that's going to be a problem w/ all trucks w/ built in sensors and all. Too much stuff and expensive to fix.
ACZL 11/10/20 02:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 5th wheel hitch.

Anderson maybe lighter, but lighter isn't always better. After owning a couple Reese hitches, switched to B&W 3 years ago. Also used Reese brackets on frame, BUT went w/ B&W brackets on truck in sig. Only thing I can say is, WISH I WENT THIS ROUTE SOONER"! The B&W brackets are extremely beefy compared to Reese same w/ the rails on floor of truck compared to Reese. Yes the B&W hitch is heavy, but it's USA made and it's just a great hitch and very simple to use/understand. Another thing w/ B&W is that it has a multitude of adjustments, not just up/down.
ACZL 11/10/20 02:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Aussie 5th Wheelers are getting more numerous and bigger

Biggest problem w/any cabover whatever, always 1st one on scene of an accident.
ACZL 11/10/20 02:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

Local multi brand dealer by me used to have a very large supply of HD GM's. Now driving past it looks like just a couple Ram commercial trucks. Still has trucks, but think they are are all pretty much 1/2 tons. HD trucks, well.........
ACZL 11/09/20 08:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio, new truck

My '15 F350 SWR,cc, 4x4 ,sb, 6.7 had 3.55 gears, 6sp tranny and it ran (I think...frigging CRS!) around 2,000 at 70 mph. The ;17 F350 DWR, cc, 4x4, 6.7, 4.10 gears, 6 sp tranny is at 2100 rpms at 70 mpg. Towing rig in sig, it's getting 8.5-9.0 mpg. It's true the gasser will not get as good as mpg towing as a diesel will, but consider down the road and you want to get a bigger RV. The 4.30 will be better for the whole truck. I like the idea another poster mentioned about considering a used SWR or even a DWR diesel. If sticking w/ Ford, 3.55 w/ the 6 sp and heard that w/ the 10 Spd they are utilizing 3.31 gears. My '17 was an off the lot purchase and came w/ 4.10's. I would have liked to have 3/73's, but overall, happy w/ the 4.10's.
ACZL 11/09/20 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

The techs where we bought our '06 CC from said few years later that our '06 was better than the new ones (Creek line). When shopping for a new RV our hopes were very high and set on another Creek, but none of their floorpans triggered our fingers as much as one in sig.
ACZL 11/04/20 12:10am Fifth-Wheels
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