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RE: New to RVing

It all goes back to floorplan. My current rig has a lot of kitchen counter space that I love. It also has a walk in shower that I need now that I am older. Plus the bed is off set so one side gives me more room to get dressed. Past that, I found the stock Chevy chassis handles better than a Ford on the road. I have had both. Live and learn. Both were on a class C measuring 30’.
AJR 09/19/19 05:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing

I spent well over $1000 to stabilize my E350 on the road due to wind and trucks passing and cut down on the engine noise due to down shifting on very moderate grades. Pianotuna, I am happy you are happy with your modifications to your E450. “Air Tabs”, must be very impressive.
AJR 09/18/19 08:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing

No stock Ford E350 handles cross winds or big trucks going by like a stock Chevy 4500 chassis in my experience. Both were about 30’ overall. Both rigs had all the water tanks over or just behind the rear axle. I am surprised some manufactures place the water tanks at the back of the camper. My two class Cs have had that room for storage (almost 100cuft). I doubt I have anywhere near what water weighs back there. But I do dry camp with electric most times. I can go a week with or without electric. Depending on the weather.
AJR 09/18/19 06:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 Winterize/additive?

If you area does not add ethanol to your gas. You do not need to put anything into the tank for the winter. If you have traveled and may have ethanol gas in your tank. Run the tank down to 1/8 of a tank and add real gas. Then drive it for a bit and run the generator for an hour and call it a day. Around here real gas is expensive now days. It may cost more than those additives. But I have had engines sit for many years and still started with real gas in the tank.
AJR 09/14/19 05:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: fresh water tank

Where is the fresh water tank? Second is, where are the valves for winterizing the plumbing system? Not just the water heater. Someplace you have to turn a valve to suck RV antifreeze into the system. The fresh water drain valve is close by most often.
AJR 09/14/19 05:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Life is full of compromise...

I have had two rigs that were close to impervious to crosswinds and big trucks going by. The first was a F250 6.0 PSD pulling an Arctic Fox 22H w/Reese W/D & friction sway bar. The second is my current class C, see sig. The stock Chevy 4500 chassis with 47k miles on it does not get antsy until the crosswind is over 30mph. Another plus is no V10 engine noise. Outside storage gets good at around 26’ to 28’ and up of coach length depending on floorplan. My last class C & this one have about 100cuft of storage in the back. If you get a class C with an overhead bed. That can be used for inside storage also, I did. My current rig has an entertainment center over the cab. But there is a surprising amount of room behind the TV that swings up & out of the way. The tow vehicle can carry the bicycles. As far as drivetrain religion goes. I think it is more experience than religion. Being a Ford guy I like the V10 if you can put up with the noise and dog house. I almost did not even look at my current rig because it is Chevy based. But it has the kitchen counter space I wanted. So I did a long test drive and bought it. Also my mechanic likes the engine. Oh, I have learned to buy use RV’s. I top off the LP every spring. I do not travel when it is near freezing out. I only turn on the water heater in the morning for a shower and then turn it off. The water stays hot all day. I also use electric space heaters to supplement the furnace. Decisions, decisions, decisions…. Hope the above helps with yours.
AJR 09/09/19 08:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Furnace blowing cold air only

IF you measured .47V across the switch wires at the switch. The switch is bad, replace it.
AJR 09/03/19 05:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is this normal for a 30 amp breaker

ve7prt that was a very good layman’s description of how the math works with electric motors. Thank you.
AJR 09/03/19 07:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Chevy 6.0

I love the road handling of the Chevy 6.0 on a 29’ class C. Have not done real mountains (out west) yet though. I do not miss the engine noise of the V10 one bit.
AJR 09/01/19 05:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C - Mercedes Diesel vs. Chevy Gasoline?

The Ford was a 2011 Chateau 28A. My current rig is a 29QB. Both units have fresh water tank under the north south bed and about 100cf of cargo space in the back. Black & gray tanks in similar locations.
AJR 08/31/19 05:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C - Mercedes Diesel vs. Chevy Gasoline?

Pnichols.. I hate saying this as a Ford guy. But I do not care about all the tech mechanical stuff. All I know from first hand experience is the Chevy chassis is wonderful in cross winds, big rigs passing, getting into the house from the driver’s seat and no noise up front when going up hills. All that done with a stock chassis. I spent over a grand on my Ford E350 chassis and never came close to the ride I have now.
AJR 08/30/19 06:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Personal experience with having slides and no slides?

OP, you need to find a class C just like I have now. Just kidding, sort of. I did no slides on two TTs. Then three slides on a class A. Followed by a no slide class C. With the class A I noticed one day I could see the ground outside by chance when a slide was extended. Not something you want to see. So back to a class C with no slides on a Ford chassis. Hated the noise of the V10 and the ride in windy conditions or trucks passing. So an ad for a 29’ (more like 30’) class C with a slide comes along with a slide on a Chevy chassis. I am a Ford guy. But it has a 60x80 queen off set, a large walk in shower (no 10” step up), four feet of usable counter space across from the fridge with the slide in, lots of outside storage in the back, and a marvelous entertainment center in the cab over I still have no clue how to use. But has lots of storage behind it & the TV. So I drove it to my mechanic for a drive train inspection (120 miles round trip) and fell in love with how it handled on the road with big trucks and cross winds. Oh things had to be fixed before purchase. But I never use the slide traveling. Some cabinet space is lost. But I have worked around that. I do use the slide when winterizing (need to get to the water heater) or when the kids are using it when visiting me. So it all goes back to floor plan and what works for you.
AJR 08/29/19 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: This chapter done, what next?

OP I think you are on the right track with your thinking. A class C in the range of 30’ to 31’ real length fits in two parking spots. The house (floorplan) is your decision. After two TTs, a 36’ class A and a 30’ class C. I have found my travel home. A 31’ class C with a slide I do not need to put out. I travel alone with a medium size dog. But a second person would not be an issue I think. I have found that the Chevy 2400 class C makes for a much more pleasant drive in adverse conditions. Any class C beats a TT when it comes to setting up at the end of the drive. With 50gal fresh, one each 30gal gray & back tanks I only need to hook up electric when in a campground if necessary due to weather conditions and stay for up to ten days without messing with water or sewer connections. Also, only three steps to get into it and three doors to get out of it are other class C pluses over a class A. I travel with or without a tow. It all depends on where I am going. Just spent two nights at a friend’s place without towing the car. Dry camped with the generator the first night. Drove the camper to breakfast the next morning to have better food made by someone else. Just things to think about.
AJR 08/29/19 02:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Small Class C - Mercedes Diesel vs. Chevy Gasoline?

Just find a camper on a Chevy 2400 chassis and love driving it. Not to mention ease of getting into the house or no engine noise up hills.
AJR 08/27/19 09:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Recommend me a Vacume Food Bagger

I have an original “Food Saver” in its original box. Today I use re-sealable vacuum bags and a hand held vacuum pump. The process is so much easier. Use some frozen veggies and reseal the bag.
AJR 08/25/19 07:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Chicago

I gather you mention Chicago on your way to Door County because you are coming up I65 maybe. I hate to say it. But I294 at your time would be the best. It is a zoo most of the time but moving. When you get to Milwaukee I think I41 may be faster. Lot more to see on I43 going north. If you do not have Ezpass get an I-pass before you leave. It is recognized anywhere Ezpass is used. What I like about it is at the most I have $40 in their account if not used. By it once and use it whenever. Including the east coast. In Illinois you get ½ off on tolls. Not sure what happens going east.
AJR 08/12/19 06:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: update on my 5star tune

I had the 5 Star Tune done on my last class C. Yes it did improve the mileage a tad. The important thing it did was while on cruise control it took a significant (read that as real grade) to cause the trans to downshift. When it did downshift on rolling hills like on I90 in South Dakota the tachometer did not go to 4k rpms. I suspect part of that was due to the extra torque the engine was producing along with other computer wizardry. All of the above was with Tow/Hall on.
AJR 08/11/19 01:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

The only time I had egg smell from the hot water. I turned the water pump off Drained the hot water tank. Funnel poured some bleach into the drain hole. Put the drain plug back in. Turned on the water pump. Opened the relief valve till water came out. Shut off water pump. Waited 24 hours and then drained the tank. Ran the pump a bit to flush the bottom of the tank. Turned pump off. Put drain plug back in. Turned on the water pump. Turned on the hot water tap in the kitchen and waited for water to come out of it, done. Oh it had a slight chlorine smell at first. About the same as when you finish de-winterizing just the pipes. The smell never came back.
AJR 08/11/19 01:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air Fryer French fries

The parchment paper has holes in it. It is placed under the food. They come in different diameters to fit the bottom of the bowl. The salt trick removes water from the surface of the potatoes. They have more of a fried look when done.
AJR 08/10/19 09:09am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: I hate dinettes

I bought one of those mats sold for people standing in one spot for a long time. It is maybe ½” thick closed cell foam. Cut it to size and slipped it under the OEM cushion. Works for me.
AJR 08/10/19 08:26am General RVing Issues
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