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RE: Winter RV'ing in Northern NWT/Yukon

Just wondering if the OP had attempted this so called 'winter trip' as November was a very snowy month and December was a very cold month here while never missed a day of work with the majority of daytime highs days ranged between -15 F to -40 F below for December.... I never left my house nor commuted anywhere in the past 9 days with temps ranging between -32 F below and -48 F below here in January, as my boss permitted me to stay at home until the temps improved....started out -43 to -46 last weekend and it was a brief -38 to -32 daytime high Monday and Tuesday as the temps had dropped worse between -42 to -48 since Wednesday as it is now Sunday and -41 F below as I am posting here.... It has been real nice not having to work out in the extreme cold for a change all week (first major -40 and colder coldspell for at least a week) as my job duties are having to work outside full time year round which I have done for the past 14 winters, don't get much of a break other than having to warm up in front of a space heater for short periods of time, as I already had to work in plenty of -20 to -36 below days this winter and it takes a toll on me now compared to my younger days.... Alaska had not had a major -40 below and colder one week or longer coldspell in three winters as during my residency here in the past going on 38 years now you would expect at least one major prolong coldspell in the interior practically every winter, as the 'average' number of -40 below or colder days per winter in the Fairbanks area was 12....a couple of winters I had not seen any -40, a few winters might be 2 to 3 days of -40, while other winters were 20 to 35 days of -40 below or colder.... There had been 14 days of temps reaching my house of -40 or colder already this winter, as there is so much massive cold pockets in the arctic this year on the super weather maps while the winds had been coming from the east (inland) which means it stays brutally cold.... I had done removed snow off my camper shell roof 5 times already this winter and it is only half way in the winter season here, and have tons of snow packed up against the house (my skirting) which helps keep the even bitter cold from reaching my water line and house pipes even though I have my pipes 100 percent insulated and heat tape on to my water tank and water line.... When it gets past -30 F below for a long period of time at my home it goes in survival mode as I rather be home during -40 F below and colder anyway in case of house emergencies (and had a few of those crisis too) as my house is a double wide addition of a old 1966 house trailer mobile home with only a forced air furnace, and everyone is spot on that posted all the what if's and what kind of energy it really takes to keep a RV or structure heated or functional in brutal extreme cold and hope nothing ever goes wrong.... The thing is : I have electric grid, a 500 gallon fuel tank, marginal insulated house, two Honda 2000 generators for power outage emergencies to keep warm, and two chords of seasoned birch and spruce logs to throw in Blaze King stove, my cabover camper is not for winter shelter for emergency.... As others noted, a typical RV is NOT ideal to camp in sub zero winter temps of the arctic, the best shelter for remote winter camping for that would be hauling a mini cabin on a trailer, one would be better off staying in their vehicle running it 24-7 to stay warm rather than in an RV.... I have yet to see anyone in Fairbanks ever make it thru the entire winter living in their RV other than giving up when it got real cold after a few days to ending up found dead from a gas leak, seen a few RV'rs make it in Wasilla and Anchorage as my friend has done it there in a class C saving some rent money but they are much milder temps but he is still asking for it when things do go wrong.... I even hate RV'ing in September and October here in the far north as it is cold at night and go into survival mode while sleeping in winter clothing, as it is the only time of year I am allowed anytime off that is not during winter season, (as my work does not allow anyone to have summertime off) and I never give up on a yearly RV trip.... If the OP's vehicle is not arctic winterized or does not know how to survive in the arctic winters when it gets sub zero for long periods along the Dempster Hwy. remote, all winter with no grid power, etc. - that is an area that does not have many resources for fuel and supplies at that, which is just plain suicide trying to stay all winter in some RV relying on some generator power, no matter how much you convert your RV for winter conditions and a hundred more scenarios that can go wrong that no one else has mentioned on their postings in emergency situations, and if there is no snow to build a snow cave to keep one warm at -10 below on a -40 below or colder day should the RV or truck not run to generate any heat, or have a health issue where you cannot do anything - especially without someone else present, last resort is to be rescued or die freezing.... Best time to winter RV in remote areas as many do here during bitter cold is during March and April as you get more daylight hours which does warm up some on certain times of the day in most cases, and ones that do RV during that time will not do so for more than a week span, only seen it get past -40 below in March once during 2007, for two and a half weeks - and never seen -30 below in April.... My furnace has been running 16.2 hours in a 24 hour period on average in the past 9 days on a .60 nozzle, which is roughly 10 gallons of fuel per day, so it is probably going to be $700 in fuel and $300 in electric during this month's projection - and with a remote bitter coldspell shacking up in some RV, it is going to cost at least that much a month IF you can find the resources on the Dempster (other than Eagle Plains and hope they do not run low or out of supplies when you need it) along with non stop constant work to stay warm and fix things on the fly (and that's if it can be fixed) and eventually get more food somewhere, and the road conditions are screwed up, and hope the vehicle always starts and doesn't have a mishap.... Other than commuting in an RV from a temporary point A to point B type scenario during the winter months in the far north, I would not dare to do an all winter remote trip like what the OP had posted their intentions, especially on the Dempster Hwy. region.... As others stated about the OP attempting to do an all winter remote trip like this in an RV, the colder it gets, the more you will not enjoy the experience in the many scenarios mentioned and not mentioned.
AKsilvereagle 01/12/20 11:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Beware Gift Card Scam

I never had the incentive to buy any gift card for anybody because of the potential glitches some will have.... A similar case I dealt with that was very disappointing is when I purchased a second set of four Rancho 9000 shock absorbers during their buy three get one free deal.... The first set of four I purchased back in 2008 I gotten in the previous deal, I went thru the manufacturer to get the $100 rebate check in the mail which was nice as I received it within a month and got a whole $100 credit, no hassles and cashed it.... The second set I purchased back in 2017 however changed their way of issuing a rebate, which after a three month wait I finally received some CHASE Bank $100 card that had my name stenciled on it.... Tried to use it at two different supermarkets as they stated they cannot accept payment with this card, tried using it at a fast food joint, got the same rejected answer, then went to Office Max and inquired if they would accept it as payment and they would approve it, however they would only accept it as a 'one time purchase', so since I needed $82 worth of stuff, I purchased that and then forced to buy almost $18 worth of other junk like pens and highlight markers I would eventually use in the future and got as close to the $100 mark without going over - it was like make believing I was some price is right game show contestant and got within .04 cents from maxing out the entire card value. Although I didn't go to the bank itself - that would have been my last resort to try to get any kind of redemption value out of this so called 'rebate' card that certain businesses didn't want nuthin' to do with - so in a way I felt scammed. Then once I used the card, holy Toledo there came the invasion of the junk mail in my PO Box .... This is an example of why important mail always gets lost, but JUNK MAIL NEVER DOES ! - Never Again will I associate to do anything with any type of third party rebate card, gift card, quest card, phone card, Christmas card whatever. All these businesses with their own issued gift cards and such still accept cash or any bankcard hassle free so to me is like why bother purchasing a gift card to potentially losing out on some money or getting potentially hassled on trying to redeem it - that's my opinion after what I went thru with that rebate card and others getting scammed on these gift cards one story after another. Seems like they are handy if one is to scam someone out of some value though. I'm sure others will point out not all cards are bad which would be true to an extent, however I always been consumer cautious but never expected receiving a 'card' on a rebate offer when they never specified it.
AKsilvereagle 01/03/20 07:49am Around the Campfire
RE: UPDATED: Arizona (not Nevada) roads question

Just got back from a 6 week vacation and driven my camper all the way to Southern California and Southern Nevada to visit family and friends over a 7588.8 mile round trip ! The state boundaries still have not changed since I was raised in that area in the 1970s and personally driven from Needles to the US 95 Jct along westbound I-40 over three weeks ago on my way to Las Vegas as it is still within the state of California as noted that Nevada is nowhere near the I-40 route.... As noted, new pavement along that stretch of I-40 does exist. Can't comment on the Arizona roads other than crossing in there from Needles and filling my fuel tanks at $2.589 per gallon and almost drove to Bullhead and Laughlin but reconsidered as it was getting heat of the day and didn't want to chance climbing the grade and getting potential fuel vapor lock again like I did driving up the Grapevine the week prior it was soooo hot, and lucky I coasted into the new rest area they have there and let the engine cool for an hour. What I can attest to along driving eastbound I-10 from San Bernadino-Yucaipa I-215 interchange all the way to Whitewater, the two right lanes were so beat up I thought something bad was going to happen to the camper or suspension as there was so much traffic on a Sunday night I could not get even close to drive in the number one or two lane at that - Never seen Palm Springs bound traffic that busy ever, but then again I haven't driven along that stretch in 28 years either and it was a culture shock !!! Heading back northbound out of Las Vegas I stayed along Western Nevada with their excellent roads and my first time along that area as I driven to Sparks - Reno which was the first time I had been there in 47 years since my childhood back in 1972 residing there for a year.
AKsilvereagle 10/12/19 07:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: Why did the motorists cross the road?

My Uncle was the only one that would redeem Blue Chip Stamps, S & H Green Stamps, Chesterfield and Bel Air cigg coupons and would get the ultimate color TV and other top of the chain prizes from all 3 outlets... He was the only rich one of the family that always had cash flow to buy things and collect massive coupons and stamps back in the day... For Christmas and other special significant days we would get the color TV and furniture and other redeemed prizes from my Uncle from the stamps and ciggy coupons - and he is still alive in 2019 despite all those cigarettes ! As for me I been working for the oil company full time since I turned 16 back in 1981 when I first got my driver license and still working for the oil company full time here in 2019... Everytime I pull up to a gas pump - I work for the oil company.
AKsilvereagle 10/12/19 06:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Walmart Overcharge

No overcharge incident with me here, however I had a couple of much weird cashier encounters a couple years back.... Noticed a new male cashier at the local Safeway supermarket as I purchased three items totaling $9- something as I hand the cashier a $20 bill.... Right away I noticed I was shortchanged when I received back the round off pocket coin change and a $5 bill - leaving me hangin' with an exact 5 dollar shortchange - as I immediately bring it to the cashier's attention and stated 'you only gave me a five dollar bill here' WHILE fully extending my arm holding the receipt, the $5 bill and the pocket change towards the cashier.... Now Get This : The cashier reaches for my receipt... Takes it out of my hand and reads it very carefully... Removes the $5 bill out of my hand... Get Ready - Hands me back my receipt along with a Twenty (Yes - $20) Dollar Bill ! I didn't know what to say and looked at him straight in the eyes like . . this is a joke right ? There was a three second pause and he states 'sir, here's your money' (all straight faced and everything) so I took the $20 bill and receipt out of his hand and walked out the store with my purchased goods. Ended up going to the store getting almost $10 of free goods while receiving seventy something cents in coin ! Needless to say that was the one and only time I seen that employee ever work there. Another similar encounter is when I went to the Wendy's drive thru with a group of us and kids in which the tab totaled $31.40.... So - I hand the drive thru cashier (a teenager boy) a fifty dollar bill, a one dollar bill, plus a quarter, a dime, and a nickel totaling $51.40 in cash.... Well, the cashier tried to hand me back the $1.40 while stating I given him TOO MUCH MONEY - as I told him I meant to give you the full $51.40 so you can give me back a $20 bill to make it easier for both of us.... The cashier insisted that he only NEEDS THE $50 BILL for payment so he can give back "the right change" to me.... I requested that I speak to the manager over this encounter as the cashier got real annoyed and sigh-ed and slammed the window shut, as two minutes later the manager re-opens the drive thru access window with the meanest disgusted look on her face while she hands me a $20 bill and all the food we ordered - My only reply was .... REALLY ????????? Is that the best cashier you have right now ? She replies "I hope I can get thru today". Like the OP and others responded have pointed out - sometimes you have to be vigilant when it comes to money transactions while certain people running a till have no business handling money either hurting a business or a customer client or buyer. Wonder how some of them incompetents even own a credit card or make it on their own in the world.
AKsilvereagle 10/12/19 05:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: RCMP seek witnesses - Liard Hot Springs death investigation

UPDATE : Suspects bodies confirmed dead have been found - CBC News are still updating this story.
AKsilvereagle 08/07/19 01:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lesson Learned (fuel station etiquette)

I have never owned any credit cards to this day but do have a Visa debit card that has the same protection as a credit card in reference to unauthorized purchases.... I use my debit card only for online purchases and when buying local gas purchases (and also only "in-state" purchases if it's a 24 hour pump with no attendant present - mainly out of town locations in Tok or Anchorage) as this is the only card I have exposed to electronic purchases which I keep limited. I learned early on when the gas pump feature asks 'debit or credit' after swiping my card.... I always now press the 'credit' selection even though it is a debit card as it first happened to me twice early on selecting 'debit' that it wouldn't authorize a sale for whatever reason, and tried the 'credit' selection after immediately re-inserting the card again as the pump authorized the transaction very quickly. Never have I used my debit card for fuel purchases in other US states or anywhere in Canada - I always pay cash. I only started to use my debit card for local gas purchases the past 10 years because I was getting older and much much colder during winter (as my work consists of outdoor work full time) then having to run in and out of the store and waiting in line twice to prepay and get your change which takes quite a bit of time on occasion - sure makes using a card more convenient during those -15 to -50 below F days when needing fuel for the rig. My debit card account I only keep a minimum amount in it that I anticipate needed on a weekly basis or to cover enough sufficient funds on a big money deal for some online purchase....but never more than a floating $200 balance at all times. My other two Visa bank cards (from two other US banks) I only use them at the issuing bank's ATM branch machines and never use them anywhere else or any other purpose but to withdraw cash from their branch locations - no electronic purchases of any kind as they stay off the grid from businesses and the internet. Never do I expose any of my cards to any private or non branch ATM's either - as I do not believe in paying 'fees' or paying for some one elses retirement to access my money while I do not feel secure if I even dared to use these cards anywhere else. My Canadian bank card I only use at their bank branches which is required to access your account when at the counter interacting with the teller, and only use it at their ATM branch machines - also no electronic purchases of any kind as they stay off the grid from businesses and the internet. My Canadian bank card can be used for purchases if needed on a dire emergency and never have yet to be in that predicament. Even local when I pay for everything else, it is strictly cash transaction from me - supermarket, restaurant, auto parts, hardware, doctor, etc. Federal tax, utilities, heating fuel company, phone-internet I pay by mail with old fashioned paper check quarterly or semi annually as I issue around 10 personal checks per year - which is the same account as my debit card. I am not a fan of 'bill pay' or 'automatic pay' as I do not like the idea of some entity having access or control of my account either. With the safeguards I always practiced here that I posted, I have yet to be hacked or exposed to any fraudulent first bank card was issued in 1986.
AKsilvereagle 08/05/19 07:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Current Road Conditions for the Dalton Highway

When after arriving in Fairbanks, check for current road conditions... It will be more likely not a pleasant drive at all due to the heavy rains that just occurred the past week or so, and forecasted to have at least two full days of rainfall this week as well, with occasional rain or good chance of rain throughout the remaining days this whole week too. I driven the Dalton Highway in heavy rainfall a half dozen times and the road is unforgiving in a lot of portions, so fair warning if one decides to drive it during significant rainfall. The only good thing about the recent rainfall is all the dense smoke in that area had finally subsided, as it was a nasty hot summer here with so much fire danger, especially in the Dalton Highway corridor and areas nearby. Typical August is rainy season here in the Alaska Interior. As mentioned about the hard runnin' semi truck traffic on the Dalton Highway, I already dealt with over 150 semi truck wheel rims that were abused or damaged this summer alone.
AKsilvereagle 08/05/19 05:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bring beer into Canada

You can bring in as much beer as you want, just declare it when asked (and they will ask)..... The catch is : there is a limit on duty free amounts and any amounts exceeding that threshold you dearly will pay for it.
AKsilvereagle 07/17/19 01:46pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2019

In Wisconsin on way back home. Traveled over 11400 miles so far. Steer clear of Tok cut off between Tok and Glennallen. Use rt 4 between Delta Junction and Glennallen. Tok cut off is in bad shape (frost heaves) and construction. Broke a spring and shackle there. Saw another guy who broke an axle. Long delays there also. Unfortunately here in the far north, construction and frost heaves have been a way of life since roads were developed. I cannot stress enough the fact when I post here or tell other people about commuting on buckled up roads or frost heaves to SLOW DOWN OR DRIVE TO A CRAWL IF NEEDED or else significant damage to equipment, suspension parts, and axles bending or breaking will result ! To give a prime perspective on a much similar conditioned route when I travelled the notorious 85 mile stretch of Destruction Bay YT thru White River YT on the Alaska Highway over the years - these are the driving times I posted according to my travel logs in my old 1970 Ford F250 camper rig : Year - Total Time - Average MPH 1998 ....3 hr 46 min....22.56 MPH 2008 ....2 hr 44 min....31.09 MPH 2009 ....2 hr 50 min....30.00 MPH 2010 ....3 hr 07 min....27.27 MPH 2011 ....2 hr 41 min....31.67 MPH 2012 ....3 hr 32 min....24.05 MPH 2013 ....2 hr 39 min....32.07 MPH 2014 ....2 hr 55 min....29.14 MPH 2015 ....2 hr 53 min....29.48 MPH 2016 ....3 hr 36 min....23.61 MPH Now haulin' the camper on my old 1975 Ford F250 rig : 2017 ....1 hr 54 min....44.73 MPH 2018 ....1 hr 41 min....50.49 MPH During 2016 and 2017, the Yukon DOT Road Maintenance had worked on the Koidern-Donjec corridors of the Alaska Highway and significantly improved the roadway along this stretch which was the best I ever seen it during 2017 and 2018 since the first time I driven it in 1985, however it will be short lived as this stretch will buckle up again within a year or two. As you see the incremental travel times I logged over the years are different, as there were stretches of this 85 mile area that the road surfaces and frost heaves were so bad, I had to drive thru some portions moving between 2 MPH to 10 MPH in many spots. Regardless, I NEVER had a single mishap on bent, broken spring, shackle, or axle issues in my 1970 Ford F250 rig that I exclusively used as a camper hauler from 1996 thru 2016..... That covered over 3600 miles of estimated unpaved road surfaces.... Crossed well north of the Arctic Circle while sections of the Dalton Highway were very rough.... Estimated covering over 70 percent of the 'connecting' Alaska road system minus various city and village side streets.... Driven thru many road construction zones and pilot car escorts to count.... Driven Top of the World Highway to Dawson seven times and the Taylor Highway 8 times between 1998 and 2016 in my camper rig.... Driven a 5060 mile round trip from Fairbanks AK to Yellowknife NWT and back in 2008 with unpaved road and rough surfaced sidetrips in between.... ....and countless western Canada trips on a yearly basis since 2008. I driven the Tok Cutoff route in my camper in 1997 and it was pretty horrendous with frost heaves then, took me two days taking my time thru there as I overnighted on Nabesna Road and overnighted in Gakona the following day taking my sweet time to Anchorage. Logged 45,951 total miles with my camper on my 1970 F250 rig, and the GVWR was overweight between 200 and 600 lbs., while the front axle was 300 lbs. overweight from 2008 thru 2016.....All on Alaska and western Canada roadways with countless frost heaves and buckled road surfaces in between without a bent or broken mishap !!!!!. Although I had to retire the 1970 F250 truck of mine from being a full time camper hauler because of the replacement cab mounts welded in 2010 were not as durable as the factory ones - only lasted six years as I only had 80 percent rust free floorboard left and the steering column started taking a toll on the heavier front end with the cabover camper weight - now it is an everyday driver starting in 2017 with the extra weight off the truck and is just fine. I'm sorry but whenever someone experiences equipment damage to suspension or axles - they were still driving too fast for road conditions - it is all on the driver. If the road is declared open, it is drivable....just slow down or waaaay down if the road surface is worse like I always done and you will avoid damage. Unless one wants to be in a hurry - then avoid a certain route and go the long way around if that's an option.
AKsilvereagle 07/14/19 10:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson City > Chicken > Tok AK

Funny reading the comments about different drivers perspectives on road conditions. I did Top of the World in October, 2005 in a truck camper. Going to do it again this October in an 2 year old coach. By the time I get done spending September in Alaska, the rig will be a mess anyway. I'll probably clean it up after I get back to the states. It'll be really messed up by then. Can't wait - will be my 1st time back to Alaska since 2005. This was a ice cloud on the ToW road approaching the border. Just for reference for those who plan to drive the Top of the World Hwy. or the Taylor Hwy. route during October : For those planning to cross the International Border in either direction that late in the season, there is a current trend that travellers might be out of luck in doing so as CBP and CBSA Poker Creek Station had recently decided to close the border crossing earlier than usual..... In 2017, the border closure was effective on September 25th. In 2018, the border closure was effective on September 23rd. They were posted scheduled closures not due to any typical bad weather or road related conditions either as in the past when it was a more random decision upon when to close the border for the season, so keep that in mind.
AKsilvereagle 06/07/19 07:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson City > Chicken > Tok AK

After July 2010, portions of the Taylor Highway have been much improved since the major washouts happened in that timeframe along the most rugged stretch between mile 66 (Chicken) and mile 96 (Jack Wade Junction). Starting in August 2014, the 13 mile route of Boundary Spur Road (Mile 96 Taylor Hwy. to the International Border) has been completely paved and is real nice and smooth ! Do take your time and drive with care thru the unpaved and rugged parts of the route and you will be fine - this is NOT a route to be driving fast or pushing it trying to make time on in a large or heavy haulin' vehicle as not only potentially dangering yourself but others as well, especially on rainy days where the road surface will be washboarded quick !
AKsilvereagle 06/07/19 07:09am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson city

Dawson City isn't that friendly for dogs anymore. Funny how this is mentioned - I always got a kick out of the locals allowing their dogs run a muck all over town unsupervised and unrestrained wandering around on their own....I would guess this is probably why Dawson would not be dog friendly now if they had ongoing problems pertaining to this. I would see a few fox always sneak into town between the hours of 300am to 430am wondering around as they know the least activity time for humans and dogs.... My dog used to think she owned Dawson every time she visited there as I had to keep her restrained during daytime hours the majority of the time because of all the loose dogs she wanted to bully as I tell her they live here - you don't.
AKsilvereagle 06/02/19 10:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson city

Pretty much you are down to three locations for an RV to stay at in the immediate Dawson City vicinity as they are all mentioned, and you cannot go wrong with any of the three locations (Gold Rush and Bonanza for hookups).... As noted, the one place which you cannot beat it's location bar none is Gold Rush RV Park along Fourth and Fifth Avenues at York Street along Downtown, a short walking distance from everywhere.... Portion of Gold Rush RV Park is shown here at the NW corner of Fifth Ave. and York St - as I have had the cherished privilege since 2008 to stay at this spacious vacant adjacent SW corner lot all to myself that my friend owns when I visit Dawson City : (My camper rig shown on the left) I know this does not pertain to many here, however for those who have to rely on public showers like I do (as I do not use my bathroom other than storage space to haul my tools and vehicle parts with me rather than hauling extra water weight, cleaning the bath, etc. in exchange as I am already maxed out in GWVR)... The public bathroom and washroom itself at Gold Rush is decent as is the laundry facility however the public showers themselves are the only knock at Gold Rush RV park which has not changed one bit in years past....They are real chinsy when it comes to providing hot water there. Drop a lot of coin like 5 to 7 Loonies in the timer box and you might get one to two minutes of barely lukewarm water if you are real lucky, and there is never enough water pressure to even water flowers with at that - and also at least I can speak for only the mens bathroom that it is NEVER ever heated as they usually leave the door open 24-7 during the season as it can be quite chilly after showering while there is usually a constant cool or cold breeze - this is when I realized in 2008 I was not man enough to take cold showers anymore as in years past when I needed a shower in Dawson as this is what I was never looking forward to. After mentioning this to my friend, he told me "Oh no - go to Bonanza - they got real hot showers there and waaay cheaper too - that's where I go as my house has no running water" As mentioned, Bonanza Gold (only 3 kms from downtown) is a larger accommodation that has more space for RV's and more room to get around in....does not seem like as much of a crammed parking lot compared to Gold Rush RV Park....Great laundry facilities there as well. The public bathrooms at Bonanza Gold are nice and heated, enclosed, and the showers there have more privacy and more room along with immediate HOT water as I never spend more than 3 Loonies for a long refreshing shower with high water pressure ($1 for 4 minutes)...Staff at Bonanza Gold are real down to earth too. The mens bathroom at Bonanza Gold if anyone cares still provide complementary condoms too. Bonanza Gold and Glenda's Triple G in Fort Nelson have the hottest and cheapest public shower facilities in all the places I been in Western Canada or anywhere else in the far north bar none ! The fourth option that I am aware of roughly 20 kms south of town is Klondike River Territorial Park near the airport in the Rock Creek Subdivision in case the town gets full of RVers, as my friend lives in that area and his backyard is along the bank of the Klondike River.
AKsilvereagle 06/02/19 10:02pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Achieved my fourth perfect 300 bowling game of my life !

Since March 08, 2014 I gotten back into bowling for the past 61 months and keep up with numerous stats and logged every game.... I have bowled six games per session each time as I just closed out my 84th 60 game block (840 sessions) and achieved the fourth 300 game of my life.... My first attempt of a 300 perfect game with one shot to go (first 11 strikes in game), the left corner seven pin was left standing ending in a 299 game as I thought that would be the one and only opportunity to ever achieve the perfect game, and yes the owner awarded me the bowling pin that remained standing.... Friday October 07, 2016 - (Game 2067) third game of session finishing with a 299 : Then the unthinkable happened with a second attempt of a 300 perfect game with one shot to go - and achieved the first 300 game of my life.... Sunday July 09, 2017 - (Game 2998) fourth game of session finishing with a 300 : Wondering if my perfect 300 game was really a fluke for the longest time as the unthinkable happened once again with a third attempt of a 300 perfect game with one shot to go - and achieved the second 300 game of my life.... Sunday October 21, 2018 - (Game 4350) sixth game of session finishing with a 300 : After 4452 official games with my worn out custom bowling balls, it was time to retire them as my average dropped 15 pins per game for the last 180 games bowled and the pro shop somewhere else finally drilled a couple new bowling balls for me late February 2019 as I have a new arsenal now.... A short time later with my new bowling balls, the unthinkable happened yet again with a fourth attempt of a 300 perfect game with one shot to go - and achieved the third 300 game of my life.... Friday March 15, 2019 - (Game 4973) fifth game of session finishing with a 300 : Two weeks later the unthinkable happened yet again with a fifth attempt of a 300 perfect game with one shot to go - and now achieved the fourth 300 game of my life... Monday April 01, 2019 - (Game 5040) sixth game of session finishing with a 300 : Top three best 60 game series total pinfall : 12402 - 12273 - 12224 Top three best 6 game series total pinfall : 1438 - 1418 - 1402 Top three best 3 game series total pinfall : 772 - 766 - 752 I hope one day I will achieve a first time three game 800 series of my life.
AKsilvereagle 04/07/19 07:56am Around the Campfire
RE: Heart health and mile speed

Well I try to jog on occasion during the summer months but get too tired after an 8 to 10 hour day.....running was just not my thing really however when younger I used to force myself to run now and then because it really keeps one in shape. Just recently I found out now I do get a mild case shortness of breath (I am 53) as I can still jog a quarter mile before having to stop for a bit.... However what I have done consistently for the past 61 months now (since March 08, 2014) is bowl six consecutive games per session year round at least four days per week as I have gotten back into bowling after a 14 year absence from it at the local house in my area. Bowling at least 6 games at a time (20 times I have bowled a 12 game doubleheader) increases my heart rate, using 20 muscles of my body, and use my legs pretty good upon delivery of the bowling ball and counting steps on and off the approach is at least 2500 feet per 6 game session which is about a half mile. The only time I take a substantial break from bowling is when I am on the road RV'ing which is only once a year unfortunately. I was diagnosed with diabetes in July 2015 as my A1c varied between 5.8 and 6.2 in a three year period....average morning blood sugar readings in the high 110's now. I still do not have any pre hypertension - average BP is around 116/72 with a pulse 75-ish, never has my blood counts exceeded out of normal ranges other than blood sugar, my low cholesterol reading always showed normal between 70 to 85, and high cholesterol reading never showed any higher than 160-ish most of the time. I never smoked cigarettes nor drank alcohol which I also think it is a big plus upon my health status and yet I am still flexible enough like some 20 year old bowling. Most people that guess my age will tell me I look 35-ish, maybe not a day over 40 at the oldest when I mention I would love to bowl with the 50 and over senior league if my work schedule allowed it, as people would say I can't bowl with the seniors because you have to be at least 50 years old. Every job I ever had except for one was always physical work.
AKsilvereagle 04/07/19 06:41am Around the Campfire
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