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Bowled the First 800 Three Game Series of My Life !!!!!

It is still sinking in that I accomplished this ultimate feat that is sooooo hard to get.... Six game session #1099 on Thursday July 30, 2020 (games 6589 thru 6594) put me on top of a bowling plateau that not a great number of people have reached - an ultimate achievement of a 3-game 800 series (Which happens to also be only the 7th 750+ 3-game series of my lifetime). My previous bowling achievement post from last year resulted thru : Four - 300 Perfect Games One - 299 Game Earlier this year I also bowled achieving : My Second Lifetime 299 Game on March 04, 2020 - leaving a ringing 10 pin as the shot was dead flush perfect and not striking : My Fifth Lifetime 300 Perfect Game on May 16, 2020 : My Sixth Lifetime 300 Perfect Game on May 29, 2020 - with a personal best "official" three game series (Series B game 4 5 6) of 782 : Now I have a personal best six game series of 1472 (my 7th lifetime 1400+ six game series) Series A - 665 (game 1 of 204 on monitor not shown)... This Game 4 starting out was my Third Lifetime 299 Game in Series B (light pocket hit leaving the 8 pin that did not carry for a 7th 300 game) - resulting in finishing with a 299-252-256 = 807 Series : The one bad shot that occurred just happened to be in the fill frame of the second game with a greek church split 5 count, had to make a substantial adjustment and a new line of path on the next shot in the right lane (first shot of game 6 in frame 2) not knowing if I made the right decision as the lanes were getting pretty unpredictable on break point reactions and hit 8 of 9 strikes in game 6 as the left lane struck all 5 times with two micro adjustments and executing well.... As for the right lane, the first shot of the new target and path struck and the second shot in the 4th frame left a ringing 10 pin that shook but did not fall, however I converted the spare.... Struck dead flush in frames 6 and 8, as frame 10 I stayed put in the same position and ball speed, as the ball matched its path with same break point but really cut sharper to the left resulting in a fast 8 count leaving the 4-7 pin standing and almost split as the major adjustment in the right lane only held 4 times within the pocket area on the final game.... Then I looked at the monitor not knowing how close I was or if I had reached the 249 needed to accomplish this incredible feat of an 800, as I still needed to spare it and have one fill shot needing 2 pins, as I was crying on the approach and had to step off and regroup as it was so mentally hard and took the shot as I make this 4-7 spare around 98 percent of the time and converted it hitting the 4 pin on the left side almost missing it.... I was in more tears as the pins were water eyed vision and kept the bowling ball on the lane as I nailed a 9 count on the final shot closing out with an 807.... For you bowlers out there, the ball I shot this 800 with was the Motiv Forge Fire (layout 40* x 3.5 x 40*) as my PAP measurement is right handed 6.00" and 1.00' up.... This ball also contributed to the 5th and 6th 300 Perfect Games of recent....The second 299 game was with the Motiv Venom Recoil ball. All five of my different Motiv bowling balls are averaging between 200.67 to 208.71 as they all have 120 games each on them and only resurfaced once after the 60th game. I always said I would trade all my Perfect 300 games for ONE 3-Game 800 series but now I don't have to as I can go to my grave with confidence knowing I achieved a 3 game 800 series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AKsilvereagle 08/23/20 09:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Border closure extended..again

Back in July I practically wrote off knowing there was a slim to none chance upon going to Canada this year - with the increasing pandemic cases in the United States occurring out of control.... I am really bummed that my 13 consecutive years of visiting Canada will come to an end and 14 of the last 15 years at that. So this what the last day I spent in Canada returning home in my 2WD rig looked like in Oct 2019 with four inches of snow on the shoulders at this point : Mile 1135 Alaska Hwy. at White River Bridge : Mile 1136 Alaska Hwy. : Got a break from snowfall for a bit along the way to Beaver Creek before going thru more intermittent ice and snow covered roads on the Alaska side.... Mile 1141 Alaska Hwy. : Final Stop in Canada to Date... 1202 Inn - Beaver Creek Yukon Territory : I decided not to travel abroad in the states this year because of the pandemic (too scared to travel by plane and face strict travel measures) and was thinking what kind of camping trip I would do on my vacation time this year in which I decided to take time off anyway and stay landlocked in Alaska - On a Plan B scenario earlier in the summer should Canada be out of the equation later on - is possibly going to Kodiak Island for the first time, but decided not to after an outbreak occurred on the MV Matanuska just recently. So a plan C is in the works which will be a short RV trip somewhere in Alaska this year - either a Kenai Peninsula, Interior-Southcentral Loop, or an Arctic Circle trip if the weather holds up by the time I am ready to go on the road. I was due to start my 2020 trip thru Dawson City Yukon, however that is done cancelled, so it is officially official that I will not be present in Canada in 2020.
AKsilvereagle 08/23/20 07:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: hauling trailer to Alaska

Just like the recent commenters that have posted pretty much sums it up that I can also verify - I have no solar power and rarely use my Honda 2000 generator which is mainly for a backup and glad to have it when it is needed....Fairbanks region does NOT get dark between mid May thru the first week of August, so plenty of daylight here during summer - it will get dark south of the Alaska Range like 3 to 4 hours per day in the Anchorage area during June ... Solid repacking wheel bearings and quality tires is a must for a piece of mind trip like this - you especially don't want mechanical problems in remote Canada unless you want to give up one of your kidneys and first born per se. I would highly recommend installing new wheel bearings with new races since the travel trailer was mentioned well used condition... Living here in the arctic region I only use red #2 lithium grease year round for all my rigs and trailer, as it has a very high and low temperature range protection, doesn't break down much and has decent water resistance too. Frost heaves are sparsely around the Yukon and a few places in Alaska, you really want to slow down while driving thru these bumpy spots or face potential damage to suspension parts or worse... Binoculars.....make sure you have binoculars onhand too.
AKsilvereagle 07/04/20 08:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Longer closure gathering momentum...

With the even more staggering number of cases going on right now in the US since lifting the two months of restrictions, there is no stopping this spread - now that it seems twice as worse, but yet there are no significant mandated restrictions put in place this time which I don't get why.... My guess in the foreseeable future right now is no worldwide tourism for the next two years unless this pandemic somehow becomes under control by then as I cannot see any vaccine that can stop this 30 reported different mutated strains of covid the last I read as it first left China with two different strains back then. Because of this current event alone along with the way the United States is currently handling the crisis, it looks like I will not be able to visit Canada this year, so my 13 out of the last 14 year streak of visiting Canada will be put to an end this year. At least in 2019 - I finally got to experience the Okanagan region for the first time last year, and got to see Abbortsford, Chilliwack, Hope and Cache Creek for the first time in 28 years, while driving my camper rig all the way to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas to see family for the first time in 10 years, and seeing Reno and Sparks for the first time in 47 years - and if I was not a week behind schedule I would have stopped by South Lake Tahoe and Stateline to see it since 1972 when I lived there as a child also. Sure glad I made this trip before the turn of events happened. It is unfortunate that they did not immediately stop international and domestic travel from the start. Hopefully there is a light at the end of this tunnel for us RV'ers to roam freely again in North America.
AKsilvereagle 07/04/20 08:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

I finally hit the ghetto lottery Fri the 29th of May and received my $1200 via US Treasury check when I checked my mail, it could have arrived in the P O Box as early as Tuesday since I check mail maybe once a week or so - glad I got it..... However I have to send $800 of it back to them by the 15th of June to pay my second quarter 2020 estimated tax since I requested and been approved by the IRS to hold a 9 exemption status and not have federal taxes deducted from my payroll (unless I produce working overtime hours) because I am a cheap cheechako and collect the tiny interest myself, as the federal government does not pay interest for withholding money from individuals. The remaining balance is going to pay for 200 gallons of heating fuel for this winter - free 200 gallons of heating fuel and free paying off a quarter of federal taxes is a lot better than a kick in the teeth man !
AKsilvereagle 05/31/20 04:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Oil trades now in US dollars.....not for long

There is a saying of 'never say never'.... While the current global situation at hand with the economic slowdown due to the pandemic, almost anything could happen at this point with exposure to more potential debt. As the petro U$ Dollar is still considered the world reserve currency for the past near 50 years now, it would still take a new global system and many governments to synchronize together a new central banking system to ouster any United States involvement, and that will be a highly feat in itself without significant measures however still possible. There had been two world leaders that have tried in 2003 and 2011 and were unsuccessful so far.
AKsilvereagle 04/07/20 01:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Canada border crossing

I don't know of any country that can deny entry to its own citizens. I have read reports the government of India issued orders denying their own citizens returning from abroad, as these reports were mainly focused on hotspot places such as Europe, China, South Korea and the United States.... India exchange students from abroad were also blindsided by their own government from returning home which also included 'non hotspot' locations in which a group of students had confirmed airline flight tickets between March 14 and March 18 that were active scheduled flights departing from the Philippines, only to be informed during check in that any India bound travelers (on non direct flights) were denied boarding by order of their government.... The India government just issued the order to add all Asia departure flights not to land in India while at the same time the Philippine government issued orders that all foreign exchange students must leave their country within 72 hours.
AKsilvereagle 04/07/20 12:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canada border crossing

Unfortunately these turn of events will tend to change given by the day or minute.... In addition, there have been news reports of current requirements upon a particular US or Canada port of entry (land or sea) having their own set of criteria rules along with the federal level mandates already implemented. As others have noted, do contact the CBSA as I would also try to speak with an official at the port of call location you intend to enter. Current situation since March 21, for the next 30 days. I don't think returning home by transiting Canada is non-essential travel. It's not recreational and not tourism. You just want to drive home to Alaska. It would help if you did not display any symptoms of the illness, when you reach Canada Customs. I'm not a lawyer or legal aid, but I think it's pretty clear. Good luck. I tend to agree this is spot on MDK, returning home to Alaska is considered essential as long as the OP can prove Alaska is the home of record and home of residence in which an Alaska ID along with a full disclosure background check that the CBSA has accessible will confirm that. The other two factors (as of today's post) I want to mention here : Canada federal mandate - As of two weeks ago, anyone that is potentially permitted to enter Canada will go thru additional health screening measures required to pass before proceeding. Alaska state mandate - As of two weeks ago, upon arrival in Alaska from abroad, all individuals must self quarantine for 14 days along with state mandatory stay at home orders. Having just returned to Canada as of Sat. April 4 the border is open to Canadian residents, you must self isolate for 14 days and provide your contact info for health authorities to follow up with you. Now the Yukon Gov't has just posted that they are stopping visitors to the Yukon BUT residents of Alaska will be able to pass through and have 24 hours to get to Alaska. The best thing to do is call the border entry point you will be using to cross into Canada and ask your question as you are going home. Another great post pointing out the measures the Yukon Territory has taken during this crisis : The latest reports I read reference to the Yukon Territory was implementing measures should the situation get worse there as they had 4 confirmed cases at that they have 7 confirmed as of today.... Although it's do able - depending what type of RV one is hauling with, the 24 hour mandate of driving from Watson Lake to the Alaska Border is a tall order for winter conditions... Even while driving (moving) on a 16 hour day for 575 miles, one would average 36 mph as it is still currently a late winter here in many places in the far north dealing with some not so smooth stretches due to potential road and weather conditions - with only 8 hours of time remaining for bathroom breaks, rest stops, eating, refueling, and sleep combined.... Furthermore with situations out of control to the traveler, I wonder if this 24 hour mandate would actually be strictly enforced. A lot of northern region provinces, territorial and Alaska community villages had taken drastic measures to implement no permitted entry mandates of sorts to outsiders. This is what the Northwest Territories had already done IMMEDIATELY after they had their first confirmed case of COVID-19....Closed all non essential travel to visitors and mandated returning residents to self quarantine orders. I wished Alaska had done the same when the US had their first confirmed case as Alaska has now 191 confirmed cases to date because of not quarantining any travelers upon returning. Despite taking extreme measures since the first week of March wearing a N95 mask and gloves in public, building up my immune system etc. (a week before the known first confirmed case in Fairbanks on March 15), 5 days later on March 20 I came down with COVID-19 symptoms with a 5 day fever of 99-101 F and a bad cough on the second day since with a week of real fatigue with no travel or contact related cases - Do not know how I ended up getting sick with no known exposure from anyone around me as the hospital asked me to get tested since I was 54 and stated I have diabetes which put me at a medium risk group permitted to get tested - gotten tested on Mon March 23rd and was declared NEGATIVE for COVID-19 on Mon March 30th - couldn't believe the test result as I never got sick and fatigued like that ever - I since fully recovered other than the cough and only felt winded once (on day 3 and 4) while shoveling snow for 20 minutes and walked one half mile, as my O2 sensor oxygen levels the whole time read between 95% to 100% as my lungs were not attacked to my knowledge. For those on essential travel, be careful as I can attest to be grateful to post this message as such.
AKsilvereagle 04/07/20 12:21am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Winter RV'ing in Northern NWT/Yukon

Just wondering if the OP had attempted this so called 'winter trip' as November was a very snowy month and December was a very cold month here while never missed a day of work with the majority of daytime highs days ranged between -15 F to -40 F below for December.... I never left my house nor commuted anywhere in the past 9 days with temps ranging between -32 F below and -48 F below here in January, as my boss permitted me to stay at home until the temps improved....started out -43 to -46 last weekend and it was a brief -38 to -32 daytime high Monday and Tuesday as the temps had dropped worse between -42 to -48 since Wednesday as it is now Sunday and -41 F below as I am posting here.... It has been real nice not having to work out in the extreme cold for a change all week (first major -40 and colder coldspell for at least a week) as my job duties are having to work outside full time year round which I have done for the past 14 winters, don't get much of a break other than having to warm up in front of a space heater for short periods of time, as I already had to work in plenty of -20 to -36 below days this winter and it takes a toll on me now compared to my younger days.... Alaska had not had a major -40 below and colder one week or longer coldspell in three winters as during my residency here in the past going on 38 years now you would expect at least one major prolong coldspell in the interior practically every winter, as the 'average' number of -40 below or colder days per winter in the Fairbanks area was 12....a couple of winters I had not seen any -40, a few winters might be 2 to 3 days of -40, while other winters were 20 to 35 days of -40 below or colder.... There had been 14 days of temps reaching my house of -40 or colder already this winter, as there is so much massive cold pockets in the arctic this year on the super weather maps while the winds had been coming from the east (inland) which means it stays brutally cold.... I had done removed snow off my camper shell roof 5 times already this winter and it is only half way in the winter season here, and have tons of snow packed up against the house (my skirting) which helps keep the even bitter cold from reaching my water line and house pipes even though I have my pipes 100 percent insulated and heat tape on to my water tank and water line.... When it gets past -30 F below for a long period of time at my home it goes in survival mode as I rather be home during -40 F below and colder anyway in case of house emergencies (and had a few of those crisis too) as my house is a double wide addition of a old 1966 house trailer mobile home with only a forced air furnace, and everyone is spot on that posted all the what if's and what kind of energy it really takes to keep a RV or structure heated or functional in brutal extreme cold and hope nothing ever goes wrong.... The thing is : I have electric grid, a 500 gallon fuel tank, marginal insulated house, two Honda 2000 generators for power outage emergencies to keep warm, and two chords of seasoned birch and spruce logs to throw in Blaze King stove, my cabover camper is not for winter shelter for emergency.... As others noted, a typical RV is NOT ideal to camp in sub zero winter temps of the arctic, the best shelter for remote winter camping for that would be hauling a mini cabin on a trailer, one would be better off staying in their vehicle running it 24-7 to stay warm rather than in an RV.... I have yet to see anyone in Fairbanks ever make it thru the entire winter living in their RV other than giving up when it got real cold after a few days to ending up found dead from a gas leak, seen a few RV'rs make it in Wasilla and Anchorage as my friend has done it there in a class C saving some rent money but they are much milder temps but he is still asking for it when things do go wrong.... I even hate RV'ing in September and October here in the far north as it is cold at night and go into survival mode while sleeping in winter clothing, as it is the only time of year I am allowed anytime off that is not during winter season, (as my work does not allow anyone to have summertime off) and I never give up on a yearly RV trip.... If the OP's vehicle is not arctic winterized or does not know how to survive in the arctic winters when it gets sub zero for long periods along the Dempster Hwy. remote, all winter with no grid power, etc. - that is an area that does not have many resources for fuel and supplies at that, which is just plain suicide trying to stay all winter in some RV relying on some generator power, no matter how much you convert your RV for winter conditions and a hundred more scenarios that can go wrong that no one else has mentioned on their postings in emergency situations, and if there is no snow to build a snow cave to keep one warm at -10 below on a -40 below or colder day should the RV or truck not run to generate any heat, or have a health issue where you cannot do anything - especially without someone else present, last resort is to be rescued or die freezing.... Best time to winter RV in remote areas as many do here during bitter cold is during March and April as you get more daylight hours which does warm up some on certain times of the day in most cases, and ones that do RV during that time will not do so for more than a week span, only seen it get past -40 below in March once during 2007, for two and a half weeks - and never seen -30 below in April.... My furnace has been running 16.2 hours in a 24 hour period on average in the past 9 days on a .60 nozzle, which is roughly 10 gallons of fuel per day, so it is probably going to be $700 in fuel and $300 in electric during this month's projection - and with a remote bitter coldspell shacking up in some RV, it is going to cost at least that much a month IF you can find the resources on the Dempster (other than Eagle Plains and hope they do not run low or out of supplies when you need it) along with non stop constant work to stay warm and fix things on the fly (and that's if it can be fixed) and eventually get more food somewhere, and the road conditions are screwed up, and hope the vehicle always starts and doesn't have a mishap.... Other than commuting in an RV from a temporary point A to point B type scenario during the winter months in the far north, I would not dare to do an all winter remote trip like what the OP had posted their intentions, especially on the Dempster Hwy. region.... As others stated about the OP attempting to do an all winter remote trip like this in an RV, the colder it gets, the more you will not enjoy the experience in the many scenarios mentioned and not mentioned.
AKsilvereagle 01/12/20 11:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Beware Gift Card Scam

I never had the incentive to buy any gift card for anybody because of the potential glitches some will have.... A similar case I dealt with that was very disappointing is when I purchased a second set of four Rancho 9000 shock absorbers during their buy three get one free deal.... The first set of four I purchased back in 2008 I gotten in the previous deal, I went thru the manufacturer to get the $100 rebate check in the mail which was nice as I received it within a month and got a whole $100 credit, no hassles and cashed it.... The second set I purchased back in 2017 however changed their way of issuing a rebate, which after a three month wait I finally received some CHASE Bank $100 card that had my name stenciled on it.... Tried to use it at two different supermarkets as they stated they cannot accept payment with this card, tried using it at a fast food joint, got the same rejected answer, then went to Office Max and inquired if they would accept it as payment and they would approve it, however they would only accept it as a 'one time purchase', so since I needed $82 worth of stuff, I purchased that and then forced to buy almost $18 worth of other junk like pens and highlight markers I would eventually use in the future and got as close to the $100 mark without going over - it was like make believing I was some price is right game show contestant and got within .04 cents from maxing out the entire card value. Although I didn't go to the bank itself - that would have been my last resort to try to get any kind of redemption value out of this so called 'rebate' card that certain businesses didn't want nuthin' to do with - so in a way I felt scammed. Then once I used the card, holy Toledo there came the invasion of the junk mail in my PO Box .... This is an example of why important mail always gets lost, but JUNK MAIL NEVER DOES ! - Never Again will I associate to do anything with any type of third party rebate card, gift card, quest card, phone card, Christmas card whatever. All these businesses with their own issued gift cards and such still accept cash or any bankcard hassle free so to me is like why bother purchasing a gift card to potentially losing out on some money or getting potentially hassled on trying to redeem it - that's my opinion after what I went thru with that rebate card and others getting scammed on these gift cards one story after another. Seems like they are handy if one is to scam someone out of some value though. I'm sure others will point out not all cards are bad which would be true to an extent, however I always been consumer cautious but never expected receiving a 'card' on a rebate offer when they never specified it.
AKsilvereagle 01/03/20 07:49am Around the Campfire
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