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Nissan NV3500 is another option.
APT 03/20/20 06:21am Tow Vehicles

1-ton GM van with 6.0L/6-spd. Overkill? Sure. But easy, comfortable, inexpensive especially used, and reliable for 200k+ miles.
APT 03/19/20 06:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2012 Yukon XL Towing 30Ft

Why do people think the length is too long? My TT is 32' without the rear rack extended and I tow with a same generation Suburban. People have been using GM SUVs to tow 38' TTs, although most are 3/4 tons. My opinion is go for it. That sould be well under all your weight limits unless you have a football team's defensive line. Get a WDH with integrated sway control and learn how to adjust it. Flush all your fluids. Happy camping!
APT 03/11/20 05:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford MSRP discount

How much is a used 2019 as equipped worth with 5000 miles? I would offer $50k, maybe settle at $55k. I expect to get a fresh order 2020 for at least $10k off.
APT 02/25/20 11:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Motor options on a replacement tow vehicle.

The 6.2L is strong and reliable. 6.2L offers a lot more horsepower and torque than what you have now as well as 2 extra gears you will feel when towing. I recommend the 4.xx axle ratio over 3.73. Try to find something with a bigger gas tank. I am not familiar enough to know if that means getting the long bed or it is was a stand alone option or standard.
APT 02/19/20 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

You can hold any Interstate grade at 60mph. You may be be in 3rd gear at 3500rpm, or 2nd at 5000rpm though. You get to pick!
APT 01/30/20 05:38am Towing
RE: Looking at new better tires, need advice.

My TT had the same size tires when bought new. After 4 seasons, I replaced with Maxxis M8008 slightly taller 215/75R14. After 2 seasons, I had one tread separate. After that I tried Carlisle Radial HD. Now I'm on second set of Radial HD without issues.
APT 01/30/20 05:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

If you towed the 6600 pound TT and then the 7200 pound TT, I bet you never notice the difference. May be 0.5mph slower up the same hill. Frontal area is about the same for most TT in that weight range, which is what you notice while towing at 65mph more than weight. Weight is more a factor for accelerating or up hills, not even stopping. You have plenty of suspension to handle the added tongue weight.
APT 01/28/20 11:16am Towing
RE: 2017 Chevy 6.0L 15 Passenger van

Go for it. Flush the fluids. Let that engine spin to 5000rpm when accelerating or uphill. Use tow/haul mode for transmission. I like to use M5 and M4 to limit the top gear, but many just use drive. Enjoy.
APT 01/25/20 07:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires?

I'm on my second set of the Carisle HD with no complaints. I do really like the higher speed rating.
APT 01/15/20 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Yet another what can I tow question

6000 pounds dry for half tons is a reasonable happy limit for most people and families. Statistically reported on here, the people towing 7000+ pounds with half tons are less comfortable with handling. Power has not been a problem in years.
APT 01/04/20 06:54am Travel Trailers
RE: I weighed my setup

Tongue weight is: 7560 - 6720 = 840 pounds Total trailer weight is TW + trailer axles: 840 + 5100 = 5940 TW % is 14.1%. Your front axle lost 520 pounds when you dropped tongue on ball. Your WD restored 240 pounds of that, just under half. I agree with Bedlam in restoring more to front axle with a goal of 100% or back to the ~3360 pounds unhitched. You are under all your ratings by a fair margin, so it may drive well even with no WD. If you have the OEM round tube receiver, then I recommend saving up for the Curt XD which can be found for under $200 shipped.
APT 01/02/20 07:46am Towing
RE: Wi-Fi extenders

Thank you for explaining further. Can you run a wired Ethernet from computer/router to an area that is closer to the cameras? I prefer and use Access Points. They provide higher bandwidth than extenders/repeaters and Mesh. They do require a wired ethernet line to each of these. I use a Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro and AC LR which covers my 3-story home and much of my 1.3 acre lot. If you want pure wireless, then I recommend a mesh system. They are designed with very easy setup for your problem. Another option may be to move your cable modem and router to a more central area of the house.
APT 12/18/19 11:24am Technology Corner
RE: Current crop of SUV'S

There is no industry standard for SUV or CUV. Differeent manufacturers, engineers, sales, marketing cannot agree, so neither can consumers. The vast majority of what I think the OP is calling SUV are unibody crossovers, or CUV. There are not many nameplates and sales volume that are actually body on frame today.
APT 11/15/19 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: What is a 6.0L Chevy engine

search for number of GM 2500 pickups with over 300k miles. I expect you'll find a lot. Good reliable motor. Compared to your 5.7L, a little less torque (perceived) at 2500rpm, but will pull harder over 4000rpm. Love mine. I highly recommend finding an 8.1L in that vintage of Suburban (or Yukon XL).
APT 11/05/19 06:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trying to find this floorplan

I would stick to something about 3500 pounds dry. I do recommend a WDH even if the vehicle does not.
APT 10/11/19 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trying to find this floorplan

Payload and receiver ratings are typically exceeded well under tow ratings for (assuming) mid-sized SUVs. Just pay attention to those also. RV veterans, can you move on and also answer OP's questions about floorplan and similar TTs?
APT 10/11/19 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

Get a 1-ton van. No half ton towing 7500 pounds loaded with a family of 6 and their stuff for a year will be comfortable. Nissan NV3500 GM Twins (Chevy Express GMC Savana 6.0L Payloads are over 2500 pounds. Tow ratings are 8500+ pounds. Fuel tanks are larger (i.e. longer distance between fillups @ 8mpg) They cost 60% or less of comparable half ton SUV.
APT 10/08/19 10:31am Towing
RE: Mountain Towing

Since this is your first RV, I assume 7200 pounds is a dry weight estimate of some RVs you have found. There are many half tons that can pull that weight, but you need to look at all the truck specificatinos not just tow rating. For a bumper pull, you will be closer to 8k loaded with 1000-1110 pounds of TW. If that is a 5th wheel, then I estimate that is closer to 1600 pounds of pin weight plus a 250 pound hitch in the bed. There are not many half tons that can support 1850 pounds of pin weight plus other gear in bed and people in cab. There are some more that can support 1100 pounds of tongue weight plus bed full of gear and cab, but that is borderline. Since you mention mountains, then a forced induction engine will perform better than naturally aspirated. Fuel type matters less than torque per $ you want to spend. Are you willing to have the engine turn at 4000-5000rpm at times? If not, get forced induction.
APT 09/17/19 08:41am Towing
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

Should be fine. Those trucks tend to have 1700+ pounds of payload. 7500 pounds loaded, 950-1000 pounds TW. Get a good WDH with integrated sway control. Enjoy.
APT 09/10/19 07:41am Travel Trailers
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