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RE: Trailering

Good tip, gdtrailer! My advice is to plan the exit for any gas station before you commit to enter. Getting in is often easy. Can you get out? If a station you find is like example 'X', take the hard path first. Or, I think a 3rd example as a variant of exhibit 'X', a gas station with a side road with perpendicular entrances.
APT 03/04/21 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

Bottom line, HD SUVs would sell like hot-cakes for a while at least until the market is saturated with them, the economy goes in the tank (along with all new vehicle sales) or we're all gassing up with a SO cord plugged into a transformer. And all BS aside about vans, yes they are the most economical way to haul a large family and do have the capability to pull a modest trailer while hauling said large family. What they do acceptably or excel at in those categories, they still give up what most people "want" or think they "need" in a vehicle. -Luxury? Not there. (Idk, maybe you could special order power leather seats and a good sound system, etc, but 99% of the vans for sale are basic transportation rigs) - All weather capability? Nope, not for the "average" 21st century soccer mom or dad. Sure I just drove a rwd BMW 600mi through a blizzard and didn't think twice about it, but most people even in AWD and 4x4s were poking along like they were in a..... blizzard. It's 2021, not 1981. - Power? best one can do is the new 6.6 gasser with a 6 speed. Not great even by HD gasser standards. - Visibility, ergonomics, safety features? Alot of people are now very used to the ergos and technology that comes with vehicles built in the last 10 years or less. Full size vans are a throwback to the turn of the century, minus some mandatory safety updates. -And the most subjective yet equally or more important to alot of consumers, the image. 100% Agreed. It would be a challenge to convince my wife to drive a full sized passenger van compared to any modern (<20yr old) SUV.
APT 03/02/21 12:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

Grit, no half SUV made after 2013 has payload to support a family or 6+ and 1000 pounds of TW, regardless of "tow ratings" and engines/transmissions that are far more capable than my 3/4 ton. Van's are unpopular/unfashionable, but that does not make them less capable. I understand the OP's request for 3 rows of seats and not needing the truck bed. Why pay for the truck bed if not going to use it? Except, that 3rw row of climate controlled comfort and storage costs even more and has less RV towing capability.
APT 03/01/21 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

A GM 1-ton van as well as the Nissan N3500 have plenty of rows of seats and can handle up to around 7500 pound dry TT.
APT 03/01/21 06:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Towing Question

7500 pounds dry = 8500-9000 pounds loaded. Loaded TW will be 1050-1300 pounds. You mention that you are new to towing. You are planning to exceed GVWR and rear axle rating of the brand new $40-$70k pickup and $20k-$30k RV. Those people that do have experience and report on this forum towing a 7500 pound travel trailer with even the most capable half tons general are not comfortable on the highway. I recommend a truck with at least 2000 pounds of payload and receiver rating of at least 1400 pounds when using a WDH, which is not that F-150. Whichever one is "cheaper" to change, I recommend it. For a TT, 6k dry is a good guideline for something like your F-150, which will likely still be over at least one rating with a family in the cab and a bed full of camping gear. FWIW, my TV has 2050 pounds of payload, 9400 pound tow rating, but a relatively weak receiver @ 1000 pounds with WDH. I would not towing that TT, but I bet it would tow it more comfortably until my receiver breaks.
APT 02/26/21 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

I believe that 6k dry is a comfortable limit for the more capable half tons. That Grand Design model is similar in weights to my TT which I have comfortably towed with a far less capable half ton than a late model Expedition. Expect 6500 pounds loaded with 850-900 pounds of loaded TW. Learn how to adjust the WDH to restore 100% front axle weight, even though I think Ford recommends 50%.
APT 02/24/21 07:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Receivers and Trailers

That's a good solution! I also tow multiple trailers. I use a dedicated shank for my TT for the Reese Strait Line system that just stays in the trailer any time I'm not towing. I keep my TT at a storage lot about 5 miles from my home, so that receiver is always inside waiting when I go pick it up. For every other trailer without WD, I have an adjustable height ball mount and a convert-a-ball for all 2 sizes for ultimate flexibility.
APT 02/12/21 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaf Spring Replacement

I would say not necessary for preventative unless maybe you have a single axle trailer that you load near GVWR often. One of my 4 (tandem axle) springs broke either at the campsite or on drive home about 200 miles away. I had tire clearance when the suspension dropped so no rubbing. I'm sure the things inside bounces a little more than usual, but I do not have shocks anyway. I changed all 4 with higher spring rates before the next trip as I do load near GVWR every trip. Springs are cheap from eTrailer.
APT 02/12/21 08:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Upgrade - Should I?

The receiver design (round/tube) was a weak design and many have failed under the ratings at less than 5yrs old. I recommend replacing with Curt XD anyway.
APT 02/04/21 02:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

Any $150 Chromebook can browse the internet and watch videos. Spend a couple extra bucks for more RAM and better screen resolution. Get USB C for charging and expansion. A $50 USB C hubs can support extra monitors, extra USB A ports, and audio combined. Otherwise, I'd recommend a MacBook. You cna often find good deals @ Apple Refurb Store and Microcenter.
APT 02/03/21 06:55am Technology Corner
RE: Internet camera's/switches

I have several of those WyzeCams as well. They are a great value! Frk911, I also have the same SSID/PW using Ubiquti Access Points. It is great to have the devices float between 2.4 and 5GHz.
APT 02/02/21 11:36am Technology Corner
RE: Internet camera's/switches

Wifi 2.4GHz is not going away any tine soon. Routers and Access points are still being released with support for that range. 2.4GHz usually has better range than 5GHz in most environments. I predict 2.4GHz will be supported for 10+ years. Support of 5GHz will require some electronics update, not just SW.
APT 02/01/21 06:55am Technology Corner
RE: F-150 best add on mirrors for this shape of mirror

I am happy with the Grand Aero 3 mirrors. They extend farther than the CIPA custom fit and K-Source custom fit I used before.
APT 02/01/21 06:51am Towing
RE: Adding Hitch for Bike carrier on rear??

For me there have been far too many lightweight TT owners use some form of bumper mount camps and report failures and damage to whatever it is they want to carry. Get the Curt Adjustable receiver.
APT 01/28/21 06:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Am I overloaded?

Only rating I see that you are exceeding is GVWR. I'm glad to see you have restore almost all front axle weight. How does it tow? I towed with a similar half ton at 200-500 pounds over GVWR. As long as the WDH was adjusted well, it was solid at 75mph. I expect the same for you. If you want an excuse to get a new truck, I'd be looking for something with at least 500 more pounds of as equipped payload. That does include some half tons and every 3/4+ ton.
APT 01/27/21 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Eco boost

6k dry for half tons. That truck has plenty of power, but GVRW and rear axle ratings will be over at 7k+ pounds. Also, those that have towed with half tons at 7k dry (8-9k loaded) tend to comment on stability and comfort level of towing at highway speeds. If you want a 7-9k dry TT, get a 3/4 ton. Any 2011+ will do. If you find something in the 6k dry range, then I recommend the 2017+ F-150 with 10spd trans.
APT 01/27/21 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacement WDH shaft

I have the Reese Strait Line WDH which came with the Reese 59740. IT worked well for my F-150. When I replaced the F-15o with the Suburban, I needed more drop like you and ordered the Reese 63971. If you need to buy a new one, then I recommend a 2.5" square vs. 2" and sleeve. Some people have reported excessive wear and towing instability using the adapter. I have not found a Reese Titan PN for similar drop. Etrailer and Amazon Prime ship very quickly. If you can plan an extra few days of the TT in your driveway in the spring, you should be good. Local towing shops and RV dealers will likely have parts in stock as well, but may be more expensive than online.
APT 01/27/21 07:23am Towing
RE: Travel Trailers for large families

6k dry is a good target. Honestly, I do not have any issue recommend 7k dry with the NV3500. Engine/trans are strong. Plenty of payload. Keep in mind that children grow and gain weight, but I doubt you'll notice a different from one Fall to the following Spring for towing. As you shop, role play how you will use the RV. Narrow down the floorplan first. Then, you can usually find 10 other brands with similar model.
APT 01/25/21 08:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Bluetooth Extender?

Are you sure those BT extenders/repeaters are only for audio and 1-way? Most BT for audio includes some 2-way communications for track +/-, volume, play/pause. Check with the product tech details for the Bluetooth standards, such as from this list.
APT 01/19/21 06:55am Technology Corner
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

There are people comfortably towing 38' 10k pound loaded TTs with 2000-2006 GM SUVs. OP truck likely has longer wheelbase, more power, better gearing, just weaker suspension. Go for it. Get a WDH with integrated sway control though, and learn how to adjust it for 100% front axle weight restoration. 7500 pounds loaded, with 900-1100 pounds of TW is at the high end for what I recommend for half tons, but there are far worse combos on the roads!
APT 01/15/21 09:31am Tow Vehicles
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