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RE: What can I do to revive an old VHS recorder/player

I had somewhat of a dilemma a few months know how you can always get great deals on VHS tapes at Thrift Stores...well I found myself always picking up a few. I then realized that my VCR no longer functioned. For 5 bucks, I picked up a combo VCR/DVD player at another Thrift store and it works great.
Acampingwewillgo 03/20/20 10:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Ft. Ord Dunes Campground

I didn't open the link but is this CG going to be located at the Army training site? I know its been a FEW years since Fort Ord was indeed a "Boot Camp".
Acampingwewillgo 02/24/20 06:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip out west, YNP, Glacier. Which cell booster to get?

I went with the RV65....I do use an omni antenna connected to it when traveling then set up the directional on a mount when stationary! Only had it this last trip and happy with it so far.
Acampingwewillgo 02/08/20 08:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Can I put a sprocket made for a keyed shaft on a D bore?

I'd check with "Spacely" to see if the proper sprocket is available. Say Hi to George,Jane, Judy, Elroy and Astro while waiting for your sprocket!!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself when I read "sprocket". Merry Christmas all!!! OK, Happy Holidays too.????
Acampingwewillgo 12/20/19 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: TOGO Problem

I did send a note off to Winegard and I got some info. Winegard will supply the Admin Code which I assume is needed to change SIM"s?? They also related that AT&T will offer a yearly plan still but capped at 100 GB along with monthly GB plans also. I bought the ToGo as a back up device so for my application, I'm not going to stress over AT&T and how they treat their customers....I should already know this by how screwed up Direct TV is now!!
Acampingwewillgo 12/19/19 04:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable Satellite Antenna

That's good info regarding watching channels on different Satellites. I'm happy to hear that most programming on Dish comes from one SAT( As you said conflicts can occur but not often). Thanks
Acampingwewillgo 12/16/19 05:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable Satellite Antenna

Not to derail this topic but while we are at it...I have an older King Dome 9762LP which seems compatible with Dish Network satellites BUT I'm wondering if its compatible with a Wally receiver? I'm getting ready to pull this Dome antenna and an older Datron dish off my roof but if the in motion still works with Dish Network, I'll keep it up there. Disregard....called King Dome and got the answer. :-)
Acampingwewillgo 12/16/19 02:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable Satellite Antenna

I agree with what "Mr. Satellite" has said....the HR24 or H24 receiver will work with the single LNA/LNB round Dish(Domed Sat) now and when the change over takes place BUT try to get Direct to supply you with those particular receivers! I did, talking with roughly 10 different Reps and about 5-6 supervisors. Yes, you can buy these receivers BUT then play Hell getting a bought receiver activated. And even after you do all this, you will be at the mercy of Direct TV as to what they decide to put on the HD 101 Satellite. I Got tired of all the BS, fighting to keep what will amount to a less than prefect system. After well over 20 years with Direct, they have lost me as a customer....I know, I know, don't let the door hit me on the way out, but that's OK...they can do without me as well as I can do with them.
Acampingwewillgo 12/16/19 08:55am Technology Corner
RE: Portable Satellite Antenna

I know exactly how you feel...decisions-decisions!!!! Honestly, I'm thinking "Streaming" may be a viable option but many places I RV don't have such great coverage for Data. Oh well...Good Luck!
Acampingwewillgo 12/16/19 12:18am Technology Corner
RE: Portable Satellite Antenna

I can't speak as intelligently as some on this subject but I can tell you that since you are speaking of Direct very careful what you purchase for a Carryout System. As you probably already know, Direct TV has some changes coming down the pike. Thus, only certain receivers, at some point will be necessary in order to get signals from the 101 Satellite. Its going to be very confusing so rather than going into it, I will say this, I've had Direct TV for 20 years and have used Direct TV in the RV via a Roof Dome, a roof mounted non dome and a portable Dish. When this change occurs, only certain receivers would allow me to continue using the three dishes mentioned BUT these receivers are not so easily obtainable. Long story short, I'm giving up on Direct at least in the RV for now. I will switch over to Dish Network (home and RV) sometime in the near future. I'm sure someone will come along and explain this much better than I!!!
Acampingwewillgo 12/15/19 11:28pm Technology Corner
RE: TOGO Problem

Boy...I'm really messed have it in a truck camper....anyways, make sure you have a HOT 12 volt power line. When I came back to edit the first time I saw the Moderator's Trailer...didn't realize someone had commented before me....I'll get it together sooner or later.
Acampingwewillgo 12/14/19 06:22pm Technology Corner
RE: TOGO Problem

It runs off 12 volts so I hope that's what you have it tied into. Maybe you have it hooked up to a wire that only operates when the Ignition is on. Shore power should make no difference at all. The TOGO comes with a switch(12 volt switch) to power it on and off. Sorry on edit....I realize now your in a towable so just be sure you are tied into a Hot 12 volt line from your battery. Also use the provided switch with a 3 amp fuse in line.
Acampingwewillgo 12/14/19 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

Thank you, I got into a group...I just wasn't sure I was doing it right over on that Website.
Acampingwewillgo 12/06/19 11:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv or Dish?

Have had Direct in House and Motorhome for over 20 years....but with all the changes coming up to Direct, I'm going to switch it all over to Dish, starting with the RV first and then the Home set up. Since I've never dealt with Dish, I can't speak badly about them although Direct in recent years have been nothing BUT pains in the Rear end!!! I really am "drinking the Kool aid" in regards to Streaming taking over in the not to distant future....but at the same time, I'll be ready for whatever happens.
Acampingwewillgo 12/06/19 06:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

Well I just signed up for Visible and I'm looking for some Party People, (to join my Party) at "RVNTime" on the Visible Web if you don't have 4 on your own, come on over!!! :-)
Acampingwewillgo 12/05/19 06:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Water softner

I have one but honestly don't bother with it most times. I do recall at some RV Rally, someone came up with a device that would auto feed the Softener. It was a retrofit, so I was out of luck. Off hand, I can't recall the name of I guess I'm not much help!
Acampingwewillgo 12/03/19 05:17pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Dealing with pet passing while on the road

Since forever we have been traveling with 4 doggies, we have had to deal with this a on 3 separate occasions all with our Cavaliers also(its sometimes tough to talk about this because we have two recent Cavalier adoptee's that are in the 14 year old range.) Having had all of our "kids" over the years Cremated and placed into nice Urn's, that was never an issue. Surprisingly enough, we have always been fortunate to locate caring and compassionate Vet's! We've done this by ways already mentioned, asking at the Campground, asking other Pets owners and generally a Computer/Web search can help greatly. I guess with all Pet owners, its something in the back of your mind but Not so pleasing to dwell on. I wish you the best and Hope its not something that you must deal with anytime soon.
Acampingwewillgo 12/01/19 10:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: jack pads

I've had a piece of 2x12 sandwiched between 1" plywood for about 12 years...the same ones and there still going strong. One suggestion I heard long ago was to use those unbreakable cutting boards...never did try it but sounds interesting. Oh, my Vogue weights more so what I describe above really works. Like you, I have gone through those plastic ones but they do work on asphalt surfaces where you don't want your jacks to sink into it.
Acampingwewillgo 11/29/19 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical issues

I hate to even add this BUT, after working on my floor(replacing it in many places), there is a Large amount of both low volt and high volt electrical running in grooving under the floor. I was very careful taking my time removing and replacing but I could imagine a disaster happening if you cut thru something you shouldn't. I Hope this is Not the case! Good Luck....
Acampingwewillgo 11/27/19 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

I have looked at the specs of these different packages sold by Wilson It appears the same amp specs It's the big pole and bigger antenna that produce more gain I would use the old coax. The new equipment with a New multi band trucker antenna while driving , I wouldn't put any worry into the only use while stationary comment, I think that's CYA on case of stupid people Yes, I think that CYA statement was exactly as you say! Even the way Wilson responded to my question indicated in the wording, "it's not designed for this but everyone does it". I kind of got the just of what was being said!
Acampingwewillgo 11/27/19 11:30am Technology Corner
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