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RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Hardwired are better for several reasons, but if you don't have access to the wiring in order to install one, or have an electrician who can wire one, then the pedestal mount is the way to go. I had one in my last trailer, a 30 amp Surge Guard, and it worked perfectly. Since I can't access the wiring in my new trailer, or I should say, there isn't room for one in my new trailer where the panel is located, I opted for the pedestal mounted version of the watchdog. PI was a good name when they were American made, but has been sold to another company that makes them in Mexico now and quality has slipped a bit. The Hughes Watchdog was rated tops last year, and they aren't as expensive as the PI and Surge Guard models, which BTW come from the same company now. way2roll, there are different types of protection, so read them carefully. You won't get full protection with the $150 model, it will just alert you when you plug in if the wiring is bad and protect from surges, but if the line voltage drops or spikes, your trailer can still be damaged. The one you want is the one with Electrical Management System, AKA EMS. Those run between $240 for hardwired to well over $350 for pedestal mount. I just bought a pedestal mount Watchdog for $239 from Tweety's RV.
Acdii 07/20/20 12:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Well, I don't know how safe it would be, but to splice it together you would need these Splicers and this Heat shrink Only reason I know this is because I had to repair the underground cable to my barn that got damaged repairing the water line. The above parts will seal the cables, and the splices need to be staggered far enough apart so they don't rub against each other. The downside is once shrunk it becomes very stiff.
Acdii 07/17/20 08:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Stupid question, can I buy a 50a unit and use it with a 30a trailer? Longer term plans have us upgrading to larger 5th wheel If pedestal type that plugs between the pedestal and RV cord, double check with the manufacturer, but it should if plugged into a 50Amp socket. If the permanent installed type, it might not. Pretty sure it needs to see both legs in order to activate. I just bought and brought home an Arctic Wolf 3660SUITE. It is 50 AMP, runs fine on 30 amp and surprisingly enough both AC's will run at the same time, they must have soft start kits already installed, the second one started up without issues and the running one didn't even give a grunt when it did. Of course that was just a test and I am running on just one AC. However, my plan was to install a fixed 50 Amp Surge/line condition unit, but after looking where the line comes in, it is sealed up, so not going to touch it, so looking for the pedestal mount one instead. Suggestions?
Acdii 07/11/20 05:43pm Fifth-Wheels

When to consider a Dual RW is when the trailer is an ultra wide 101". Usually trailers that wide are also over the 16K GVWR and for stability purposes a Dually is a better choice. The trailers are wider than the SRW trucks. Tomorrow I pick up a brand new 3660SUITE that will be towed with my 2012 F350 SB. According to the manufacturer, the UVW and pin weights, plus what we normally carried in our last trailer puts the trailer ~12628 pounds. @ 18% pin that gives me ~300 available payload. The empty pin weight is ~15.5%. Even if it jumps to 20% pin weight I am still OK, within ratings. Here's the only thing I am a bit leery on, it is 42.5' long. I don't foresee issues, but would be more comfortable with a LB truck. The extra 18" of WB just gives it a bit more stability. I don't see it as Dually territory though. Wider, Heavier, and over 42' and then I would consider Dually.
Acdii 07/09/20 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel for Reese Sidewinder

After all the research and reviews, getting the weight of the truck with all passengers, finding my available cargo capacity I kept it light with a CURT A20. Less than 130 pounds for the hitch and works with the Sidewinder. Picking it up tomorrow. The fun part now will be balancing the load to stay under 2500 pin weight. The "dry" weights have the pin at only 1655 pounds with a UVW of 10828. Thats just a smudge above 15%. From our last trailer the most we carried with a full FWT was 1800 pounds, so unless the empty pin weight is wrong, we will be under the 2500 by a couple hundred pounds.
Acdii 07/09/20 07:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Nice, about the same cost as progressive without the remote
Acdii 07/07/20 01:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Paid Caravans to Alaska Worth it?

I can see a caravan for traveling through Alaska, some roads get pretty rough, and having buddies along in case of a breakdown is a plus, but $10,000? That seems pretty steep.
Acdii 07/07/20 10:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Constant Convertor?

The fan is load driven, when the load is minimal, say floating the fully charged battery, the fan stays off, but when it is actively charging, the fan will kick in to keep it cool. First thing I would do is disconnect the battery to remove the load. If the fan remains on, then you probably have a faulty unit. If it goes off, load test the battery, might have a bad cell.
Acdii 07/07/20 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Installed a hard wired one into my Coleman, 30 AMP. Measures voltage high and low as well as surge, and polarity. The following year was in the trailer doing some cleaning, plugged a vac in to clean up the floor and Bang, power out. WTH? Check the breakers, none tripped, then about 3 1/2 minutes since bang, click, power back on. OK now I am scratching my head(I had forgotten I installed the guard unit). Start the vac again and bang. This time I heard it more clearly, coming from behind the power panel and the lightbulb came on in my head. So I go out and look at the extension cord. Sure enough the cord was corroded causing a line voltage drop. DOH! I went and bought 100' of 6/3 outdoor cord, two 30 amp plug/socket, a UL box with 30 amp outlet and 6/3 indoor cable and wired in a dedicated 30 amp supply to feed the trailer. No more issues after that and could run the entire trailer. Going to do the same with my new trailer, though it is a 50 amp, and this time put a readout in so I can see the actual voltages.
Acdii 07/07/20 10:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: harbor F replacement jack also recalled

Jack sku listed above is included, 3 Ton Jack Stand 56372 56373 Link is at the end of the first post. HF is ok for some lightly used tools, but for anything that requires precision and strength, I would pay the extra for, especially if it is something supporting over 5000 pounds like the front of my truck.
Acdii 07/07/20 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Thoughts on slider awnings

I plan to add them next year, when the cash is available. Will be fun to have the kids stand to either side of the big slide and have them look up and watch to make sure the awning is rolling, but only after a big rain. I already tease the wife enough as it is, kids are more fun to trick too.
Acdii 07/07/20 09:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Thoughts on slider awnings

Good points, something I now have to add to my breaking camp list. Glad I asked, didn't even think of the leaves dropping up there and breaking seals. Thanks, will add to my list of upgrades. I found hardware kits, and fabric rolls, and can pretty much make my own for far less than what the full kits cost, so thats a plus. Thanks
Acdii 07/04/20 02:40pm Beginning RVing
Thoughts on slider awnings

I am about a week away of taking home my first Fifth wheel with 4 slides. It does not come with awnings over the slides, but I noticed it is prepped for them with the bracket holders on the slide and the track on the wall. Other than keeping rain off the top of the slide, what other purpose do they serve and are they worth the added cost of ~$350 per slide to install.
Acdii 07/04/20 01:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: 5th wheel for Reese Sidewinder

Unfortunately a bit out of my price range. Already putting $1500 more than I planned to for the Sidewinder. I also have a short period of time to get it, need it in the truck ready to hitch by next Friday. I may go with the A20 and leg set I found, cost a little more than the full kit, but I can get them before Friday. At least that one will work, and they did order the wedge for it. I was originally going to get a Demco slider, but the trailer needs more than 14" for my short bed F350, and the Sidewinder gives me just enough room, but the Q20 wont work. GRRR. I also want to keep the weight in the bed down as the trailer has the potential of hitting the GVWR of the truck and want all the payload I can get. The Demco adds about 120# or more than the Curt.
Acdii 07/02/20 04:41pm Fifth-Wheels
5th wheel for Reese Sidewinder

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30104336
Acdii 07/02/20 03:23pm Towing
5th wheel for Reese Sidewinder

Apparently the Q20 Curt will not work with a Sidewinder, something to do with how the head is mounted on a swivel. So I have to replace it, and the A20 does not work with the Q20 legs, so I have to replace the entire 5th wheel. The trailers GVWR is 13600, the Sidewinder is a 20K unit, and I am looking at a Reese 16K 30047. Before I pull the trigger, any caveats? I want to stay under $500 if I can since it goes above and beyond what I had budgeted for the new trailer. I have the standard above bed rails for it too, the truck does not have the puck system.
Acdii 07/02/20 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who do you use for Insurance?

State Farm, the same people that insure everything else I have. Bill x2 on State Farm. IMHO the best choice is to use ONE insurance company for all your insurance needs. that way no overlap or gap's in coverage or arguements on who covers. Yes it is. Unfortunately, State Farm, nor Farmers Insurance wont cover my Farm. Ironic, eh? Very few insurance companies have insurance for properties with a barn and equipment riders. All my autos are under Gieco which made a huge difference in prices. It would have cost more to insure the one trailer than 2 trucks and a car combined.
Acdii 07/01/20 07:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Who do you use for Insurance?

Holy ****, online quote from Good sam is nearly $2,000 a year. The others are more than that. Currently paid $230 a year on the old trailer Been on hold for an hour now with gieco trying to get a quote and remove the old trailer. EDIT, 2 hours later on hold, finally got through. Less than 1/4 what all the others listed for insurance which includes full cost replacement. $440 a year opposed to nearly $2000 a year. Thanks for the replies. Sticking with Gieco for now.
Acdii 07/01/20 04:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: Who do you use for Insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement to have it insured before it even is hooked to the truck. So much to do, so little time. :)
Acdii 07/01/20 12:35pm Beginning RVing
Who do you use for Insurance?

I just sold my Coleman, and had Gieco on it. I have a new 5th wheel that I will be purchasing in about 2 weeks, and am looking for alternative insurance companies. Since it is financed, it is mandatory. Gieco is OK, but it's year round, so when stored I still pay full rate.
Acdii 07/01/20 11:38am Beginning RVing
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