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RE: PD9245C-14.8

Hey KJINTF, still interested in defunct Rogue 30A MPPT? I have reunited with my trailer in Mexico, came back and brought Rogue to Canada. It's yours for shipping costs. Can't bring myself to taking it to recycling, still feeling bad that I've killed it. Tried 3 different controllers since then, nothing comes close in features and convenience.
Almot 03/22/22 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Books on disk

I forgot all about MP3 players. That's a good idea. Also the FAT32 vs NTFS format was probably the problem when I tried the flash drive. I'm fairly sure NTFS is the default format now on windows. Android IS an MP3 player :) - among dozen other formats that it can play. Can tell you this with confidence after listening to many audio books through earbuds on Android at work (the work was mostly waiting for action 50% of time). And so it a laptop. Micro SD card in Android can hold tons of data if you must.
Almot 03/11/22 10:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Books on disk

You may be better off using a public library, and downloading audio books to a computer, laptop, ipad or phone. No CDs, no player. I use an app on my ipad called "overdrive". All you need is a membership to the library and you have free access to hundreds of audio books. And you can join other libraries where you travel to. You do it all on line and don't have to go to the library. Been doing it for years. x2 I use Libby on my phone (android) free downloads from my local library. I agree - use laptop or even a smartphone with 3.5mm line out. For music and movies/shows you may install free Kodi interface on laptop, it takes a little to learn how to scan files into Kodi, especially music, but when you're done, it's a beauty. It will probably play audio books too. In the past I used to organize books, albums and shows into my own catalogue, ex. folder Aduio books -> subfolder Author (or Genre) -> subfolder Book -> Chapters. Or TV shows -> Name -> Epdisodes. Kodi is better. Yutube has plenty of audiobooks as well. I threw my Jensen Radio-CD out, it has gone crazy, was skipping the songs, switching between the modes and turn on by itself in the middle of the night. Put an average car radio instead. Why they put the lowest quality electronics and appliances in RVs, is beyond me.
Almot 03/06/22 03:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Propane Regulator Issues

I have Marshall MEGR-253. Red-green window is poorly visible but this is Ok. What is not Ok is that when one cylinder is empty, I have to go and flip the lever over to the other cylinder, manually. It never flipped over by itself.
Almot 03/05/22 10:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar questions

Consider well nuts. Try them on the added brackets and if you like it, do it on other brackets too.
Almot 03/03/22 11:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Tiny AGM, short life - not RV

There is no test button on this one. I'm positive that it's been dead for a while - as I wrote, there was no power outage for a few years. Cyberpower consider battery in this model to be non-replaceable - well, it was fine while new UPS cost $30 but now it's $80. Amazon have a battery, says it fits this particular Cyberpower but Chinese sellers are lying - not surprisingly. It protrudes out of the casing, have to wrap it with a duct tape.
Almot 02/26/22 05:10pm Tech Issues
Tiny AGM, short life - not RV

AGM battery in UPS in my home died after 5 years and zero cycles. Probably was dead for a while, only there was no power outage for the last 3 years. Yesterday blackout happened and it shut down immediately after beeping "battery overload". Old desktop - 100W? - was the only load. Saved me from (unlikely) surge but didn't give me time to properly shut down the desktop. Was never discharged, always plugged in or disconnected from grid power and loads when I'm not in town. Battery is a few AH, costs ~$20, no big deal but 5 years with zero cycles? UPS: Cyberpower 425VA.
Almot 02/26/22 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: 100 a/h Lithium Battery for $21?

NOT a real costco website. Bingo. Gotta love the Costco corporate contact info: ****************************************************** Contact us If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you, contact us on: Email:[email protected] *****************************************************
Almot 02/21/22 10:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar questions

I recommend 8 ga which will provide higher voltage to the controller and allow for another panel if desired. If wired in series, yes. Higher voltage, lower amps, can use thinner cable. This was my reason for wiring 2*250W in series, using (very common, cheap and easy to work with) 10 GA cable. Total input 70V, most 30-40A controllers allow at least that much. The OP will find several times more 10 GA solar cable on the market than 8 GA, especially if he needs it with MC4 connectors. Now, 6 GA sounds like a pain, MC4 for it probably don't exist, will need an ugly junction box on the roof.
Almot 02/19/22 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar questions

I used 4 brackets per 250W panel but those brackets were home-made, thick and rigid 1/4" aluminum angles, and huge 6" long each, enough space to run 4 screws through each one. Yours are probably small, 2 screws per each and, given FG roof - I would say 6 or 8 brackets. If you use a sticky tape - I would say use all 8, there are no holes to drill. 6 GA wire - not sure. 2*310W in parallel = 20A current. Compared to 8 GA you'll save maybe 1 AH out of ~200 AH daily harvest, big freaking deal.
Almot 02/18/22 10:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold fridge light fixture?

I've been wondering about interior fans. In my Norcold the temp sensor is in the fridge bin, attached to the fins. Freezer cools down only during the time when the fridge does, there is one compressor. Under most any weather conditions it's my freezer struggling keeping 0-2F, not the fridge keeping 36-40. If I add the fan, fridge would reach its 36-40 faster and shut down - then freezer would be given less time to cool down, and this might not be enough to cool it to 0-2. Spending $80 on this fan attachment I could make things worse, please correct me if I'm wrong.
Almot 02/02/22 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Wireless 2-sensor fridge thermometer?

For fridge/freezer applications, I prefer the wired route, much more reliable, cheap and effective and keeps the battery outside of the cold of the fridge.. Very easy to slip the wire between the door gasket.. Keep in mind, you will be reading the AIR temps inside the fridge, Maybe my Ebay wired thermometer was too cheap at $8. Like I wrote earlier, it was sensitive to - well, anything. Just sitting in cold temperature (wired sensor only), it was causing main unit to shut down after a few hours - this is the best scenario. Worst and more common scenario - fridge cycles on or off, the device beeps as if some set temperature was reached, and set temp resets to default 70 - but you can't see this because readings reset to gibberish 888 or shut down completely and won't turn On until you press the Off/On button for a few seconds. Very annoying. Oddly, when sitting in the cupboard between uses, it is quite happy. I usually tuck that sharp wired sensor under some massive cold item, to avoid erroneous air readings.
Almot 02/01/22 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold fridge light fixture?

Have found a festoon bulb holder on Aliexpress: $6 for pack of 2. Don't need 2, though. Will (hopefully) plug it in the OEM female spade connectors. I think I could attach it to the OEM big metal mounting plate on the photo, to keep the OEM frosted cover. Or discard the metal plate, there are festoon bulbs with frosted tube. Most beautiful is that 31-36mm bulbs start from $0.60 and can be replaced without unscrewing the mount.
Almot 02/01/22 01:09pm Tech Issues
Wireless 2-sensor fridge thermometer?

Does anybody have recommendations? Amazon mostly have one design that everybody is cloning shamelessly. Prices start from $17 and I am not sure whether $25 one would be any better. Huge 4x4 inch monitor box with 3 displays, 2 for fridge and freezer and 1 for ambient (don't need the latter, already have a perfectly functional indoor thermometer). Takes 7 (!) batteries: 2*2AA for sensors and 3AAA for main unit. Not being picky, but - from my experience with wired kitchen thermometer these things do malfunction. When I put wired probe in the fridge, it would sometimes turn off or reset when fridge started (or stopped) the cycle, - electric noise/interference maybe. Or it would change readings to gibberish upon reset, and I had to turn it off and on - then it worked for a while until malfunctioned again.
Almot 02/01/22 10:08am Tech Issues
RE: Solar mppt controller, uses for "load" outputs

What BFL13 said - Load terminals have additional settings that you might need, like LVD/OVD, and on Rover 30 they also allow monitoring power consumption. I have been using Load terminals to connect all my loads on this exact controller. IIRC, these terminals on Rover 30 support up to 20A. My currents are low anyway. On Rover 30 they are always On unless you turn them off by pressing the right arrow, so there is no difference in connecting loads to these terminals or straight to the battery.
Almot 02/01/22 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold fridge light fixture?

License plate light should work, thanks. Fan is more interesting yet. I only think that it will increase propane consumption. No, my Norcold doesn't have LAT, the light is Off when the door is closed. Deviating from the topic - when I started monitoring the temps I was appalled. At 68 ambient and with the fridge side in shade, it has to be on the setting 3 or 4 to keep freezer at 0-2 and fridge at 40. At ambient 70 and/or when sun is shining on that side, it can't bring the freezer below 5 or 10. After a few days frost covers the freezer back wall and is accumulating near the freezer door, in one particular corner - must be poor door seal in this spot. To frost on fins I grew accustomed already, it's always there :). Don't know whether things would get any better on grid power. Out of curiosity put the temp sensor in my home 110V fridge - stable as a rock, 2 and 38, door openings affect it (not much), and it reverts back to 2 and 38 in a few minutes after the door closure, - and never any frost. Just ranting, sorry.
Almot 01/31/22 05:50pm Tech Issues
Norcold fridge light fixture?

As you can see on the photo, the contacts on the metal plate - holding the bulb - are bent/broken. Don't ask me how it happened. The bulb is Festoon type 41mm. For now I've forced/plugged a different bulb into female spade connectors, this bulb has loops at the ends, I don't remember the name. Q: where could I buy this fixture for Festoon bulb? Or any similar fixture with frosted cover, preferably with spade connectors, I could re-wire different connectors as well. Perhaps a generic car dome light? At this point the bulb size and type don't matter, anything that can be screwed to the ceiling will do.
Almot 01/31/22 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: Travel apps

Both Google Maps and WAZE work just fine OFFLINE. You just need to download your trip before you go. Even if you did not, it's highly unlikely that you have no idea where you are going when you leave so just wait until you pass in and out or cellular service and your mapping program will work perfectly. I couldn't make Waze work without WiFi after loaded the map. Don't remember the message - I think it was "can't determine your location". Google Maps don't load in my Nokia 1, very light software, only Maps Go Edition - main roads, no streets, max area is limited. To use cell phone service on my Canadian phone outside Canada, roaming costs $11/day and my data plan is very limited.
Almot 01/30/22 04:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Travel apps

Have same question. Need an OFFLINE app with FREE Voice Guidance - like free forever, without trial period. Used to have Here We Go - still do - but they did 2 unforgivable things: 1) Suddenly upgraded the app on the day when I needed it the most, it didn't start at all on that on any later date, was just shutting down. 2) After getting to hotel with WiFi and reinstalling it again, I found that it now doesn't work without WiFi. When I have WiFi, I would rather use Waze or Google Maps - as noted, they are the best for on-line. Sygic app is not bad - despite $33/year for Voice after 1 month trial. It saved my ars in downtown Portland Oregon when I needed to get back on Interstate 5. It showed - offline - a detailed map, my location ~1 mile from the highway (yes, close, but this town is a mess), and the route to I-5 BUT it was flipping between 2 different routes every few seconds. Without Voice you need a few minutes to look and memorize several turns, but it doesn't give you a few minutes! It's also flipping North orientation all the time, when you stand still. Now North is up, few seconds later it's down or left or right. Didn't they teach you in school that North on the map is always up? Alright, changing orientation makes sense when driving, you need to see what's ahead of you, but why it's jerking when you stand still? So.... can anybody suggest an off-line AND free app with Voice? Covering US+Canada+Mexico. No hiking or flying, just roads.
Almot 01/30/22 12:38pm Technology Corner
RE: More fun with Renogy MPPT and LFP

where are you reading the voltage/amprage from? Steve Built-in display of Renogy controller. Purists here could point out (rightly so) that voltage should be measured on the battery, but my cables to battery are short and currents are low so there is no issue with voltage drop. There was also voltage measured on the load in this particular case - fridge display - it is of course lower than the one on the Renogy. Note that while Renogy voltage settings are in the Battery Parameter tab of the app - not in the Load Parameter, some of them actually control the Load terminals, like Over Discharge and Discharge Limit. It disconnects the Load terminals. Other voltages and settings are related to charging process.
Almot 11/06/21 12:06am Tech Issues
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