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RE: 12 volt Refrigerators

Lots of good thoughts here. One thing I did not think of is dry camping On cooler nights with furnace and fridge off the batteries Two six volt may not last long In a small trailer it's difficult to sleep with furnace on, it wakes you up every time it cycles. I've stopped using my furnace after bought Olympian Wave 6 catalytic heater. Sips propane very lightly and no 12V draw. Keep one window and roof vent cracked open a few inches and have working CO detector since this heater is not vented. On the subject of fridges - I looked into 12V Danfoss babies 7 or 8 years ago, planned for this when installing 500W solar, but decided to let the OEM propane fridge be, for several reasons. I remember that back then (2013?) besides Dometic and Norcold there were also other 12V compressor fridges: Isotherm, Sundanzer, Canadian brand Novakool and one German brand that I forgot. This is not something new, they've been around for many years and still are. Sundanzer now only makes top-loading fridges. To my observations, trailer/5er people who camp often on hookups replace OEM propane absorption fridge with a residential 110V compressor model (if there is enough space). Cheaper than 12V Danfoss units, better insulation, DC draw after inverter is significant but not much higher than with Danfoss fridge of the same size, because insulation is good. They don't care about DC draw, anyway. For an offgrid living it's a different matter.
Almot 09/08/20 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Idea for filtered air into the RV

For me the AC filter in the window approach had too many negatives. Mostly having to do with sound and privacy. Another big one is wind and dust. There is indeed less sound coming through the roof vent than through the window, though the difference doesn't seem big to me. And there is a constant noise of the fan - hardly notable in daytime but you would hear it more in the night. Wouldn't air filter in the window block the dust and TAD the wind too?
Almot 04/06/20 11:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: OTR Indoor Antenna

Sorry I should have been more clear, I meant for the sticks and bricks. I'm dumping cable TV and their constant price increases. Been there, done that. After a many research on OTV websites I bought Channel Master, I think it was This one, 40 miles range. Put it on the 2nd floor South balcony, with 4-floors building right across, and local TV tower on the North (i.e. no any kind of line of sight to the tower). 10 out of 12 channels worked well, 2 worked intermittently. It is "sort of" omnidirectional, very wide angle of reception, so no frequent adjustment was necessary. Picture quality was perfect. In a digital era these antennas either work well, or don't work at all, not like 10 years ago with analog channels when you could sometimes get a stable but poor picture. If you have a direct line of sight to the tower, pretty much any antenna will work. Even a 3 ft piece of wire will get you some channels. Free TV broadcasting sucks. Too many commercials, and all shows and movies are old and/or not the most popular. Worse than very basic cable plan, though not much worse. Sold it a few years later.
Almot 04/05/20 07:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

Thank you Grandpopsicle. Sounds like a good inexpensive maintenance tip.
Almot 01/23/20 11:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Solar charge current

If I had a big array and one battery, the charge controller would limit the 50+ amps to perhaps 4 amps to the one battery? Max current accepted by battery depends on how deeply it is discharged. Could be a lot more than 4 amps for one 100AH battery - at the beginning. Then current drops as it's nearing the Full. Then it jumps up again when you turn some powerful device On - solar outputs the energy directly into the device. Controller controls volts, differently on different stages of charging. When it controls volts, amps (= charge flowing into battery) are also affected. As long as it doesn't interfere too much with RV aerodynamics, there is no penalty for having a bigger solar than you think you need, but there are often benefits.
Almot 01/19/20 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

When I open the blade/shutter, smell from the tank dwarfs any other smell. The only time I notice smell with the blade closed is when I bend down to make a (un)holy cross of toilet paper before #2, if you're familiar with this trick. Vinegar (with baking soda) has its place for sure.
Almot 12/30/19 02:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Leaking Bathroom Sink

Need to have a close look at mine, but I "think" there is no putty of any kind used on the P-trap and btw the P-trap and drain pipe that goes to gray tank. Only gaskets and permanently glued joints. There is some goo btw the sink and the counter, and it looks like a silicone caulk from big box store. Probably several varieties would work as there is no permanent water pressure around the sink edge unless you are at the bottom of the sea :).
Almot 12/20/19 10:16pm Tech Issues
Looking for under-cab LED panel - milky shade

Need to replace double-dome light under kitchen cabinet. It's bulky, getting in the way, 1.5" thick with stupid clear/ partially frosted lens that create shadows in the pots and blind me, placed at the eye level. Making a ledge in front to block the light is another solution, but I prefer replacing the light. Requirements: 1) Total 10-12W - this corresponds to ~40W of traditional old double dome. (This is not about energy saving, I already replaced all incandescent with SMD boards). 2) Color temperature 3000K "soft white". 3) Switch - either touch-sensor or a convenient mechanical switch like on the old dome. 4) Completely milky lens - I don't want to see individual bright spots and multiple shadows on the counter. 5) 4"-6" wide by 12"-18" long, if possible. Or, if narrow 1" - then long 20-30", to cover most of the counter. 6) Preferably Amazon. But, if there is something reasonably priced from a store with no free S/H, this will work too. 7) Surface mounted, no pot lights. Cabinet bottom is a solid panel 3/4". This one is more-less what I want - but it's only 8W 400 Lumen, this corresponds to 1.5 "old bulb", not 2, and the price is on the higher end, considering useless to me AC-DC wall wart. Market is full of strips with a separate inline switch/dimmer - I don't need it to dangle under the cabinet and don't need dimmer.
Almot 12/19/19 06:52pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water filter upstream of the pump?

... a .5 carbon block filter in the kitchen which only feeds a separate faucet at the kitchen sink. This would complicate the layout but I like the idea.
Almot 12/11/19 06:51pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Water filter upstream of the pump?

Thinking to add a sediment filter (and a proper strainer instead of a tiny strainer that came with my pump). With my plumbing it's easier to install it upstream of the pump: tank -> 50 or 100 micron strainer -> 5 micron sediment filter -> pump. I see most people installing filter downstream of the pump: tank-> strainer -> pump -> filter. Is there any reason not to install the filter upstream, other than risk of pump running dry when filter clogs? Also, what is your experience with <= 0.5 micron block carbon filters after sediment filter - is water pressure still tolerable? Shower is where my pump is definitely struggling. As much as I don't want any cr-ap on my skin and on remaining hair, I have doubts about carbon in this scenario.
Almot 12/11/19 01:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

Car polish sounds interesting. Softscrub - could you ask the wife, which one? They have 6 different cleaners - gel, no gel, Oxi, w/bleach, without.
Almot 12/06/19 11:23am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

At some point filling it with water and dishwasher detergent and gentle rubbing with a sponge doesn't work. Resistant stains in sink after mechanical/painting/lubricating work, stains in toilet accumulate with time too. Scoring pads? Even the most delicate Scotchbrite pad w/foam backing - pink color - is not recommended on Acrylic fixtures. Then there is baking soda with vinegar - TAD works. Barkeepers Friend was recommended by somebody for careful use on Acrylic. Ingredients: LINEAR SODIUM DODECYL BENZENE SULFONATE (DDBSA), OXALIC ACID. Did anybody try the 'Friend, or is there anything else?
Almot 12/06/19 09:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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