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RE: Rubber roof confusion

biggjb, The existing roof on your 1999 Fleetwood Elkhorn is EPDM, if that was the question. Which for partial replacement I'd stay with same material. Though only because any other material, caulk etc, would need to be compatible with both if different used. All the EPDM Ive seen or used is black beyond the white top layer.
AnEv942 06/18/19 05:37pm Truck Campers
RE: finding an old post

Yes but unfortunently 'archive' starts about 5 years ago so several years missed between 'last 12 months' and 'archive'...
AnEv942 06/16/19 05:42pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Changing signature???

Um maybe I'm misreading or two different issues, I also am unable to access 'my preferences' page, however... signature is on the 'My profile' page?
AnEv942 06/16/19 11:52am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Installing Progressive Dynamic converter

My 1st thought, as ours is only a few feet from battery, would be replace cable with a longer one. Would also be the least restrictive to its length. A box with stud where you could immobilize both cables. ANL fuse or reset-able breaker would make good 'junction' to add cable. Rated higher than what might be at either end. Last option would be nut & bolting eyes of cables together, I wouldn't, invariably will loosen. If you need to, add extra so you can zip tie the cables together, put in a box.
AnEv942 06/06/19 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Does anyone carry a scooter on the front of the truck?

Interesting...? "Do not put any VersaHaul carrier on the front end of any vehicle. All VersaHaul carriers extend beyond the maximum allowed distance for carrying such weight on a front end hitch. Failure to observe this precaution may result in catastrophic damage to your automobile and/or VersaHaul carrier." We carry a small step-thru scooter on occasion, weighs~350. I built our rack and its as tight to truck as I could get but I don't understand the comment by Versahaul. Extra weight up front could adversely effect though generally on a full size truck not like the frames gonna collapse? AS far as the rack it wouldn't see more load than if mounted on rear. Curious When I mounted ours I put the scooter on some (sketchy) blocks and a lot of eyeballing to see where it would set on truck and issues that might be avoided or at least aware of. Mine was blockage of turn signals from certain angles so mounted lights. Should be able to guesstimate what might be effected. width=640 height=480 This was at Kings Canyon Ca., ours is truck on left. The white truck were some folks from Florida traveling across the country (with thier scooter)
AnEv942 06/03/19 10:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Help! One of my jacks won't retract or extend!

The TriPod jack mentioned, might be something you could rent or borrow 'possibly' from local RV shop. Rental yard might have something. Atwood jacks are no longer available, parts increasingly hard to find, no longer made. Previous Happijac jack models also no longer made with the introduction of the new 4820. Some parts still available. The new leg, Lippert #736515 (new HJ owners) 'I think', but I'd verify, interchangeable with existing motor, depends on retailers Panther says it will, Tweetys only list new motor as fitting- same part? Other than trying to fix, replacing just the leg assembly and install existing motor on it would be the least expensive and most expedient. Though Id plan to replace other front at minimum-at least sometime in the near future.
AnEv942 06/03/19 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox Fox Landing Extra Step.

The problem I see with using Torklift or any other scissor steps to add step is they fold from the bottom up- meaning top step is the mount point and would need to be mounted to the landing. Or simply replacing the bolted on step assy. They would fold up and be store- able much as existing step works. The easiest, though most expensive, would be using the TorkLift Stow-N-Go setup attached to the landing. Likely need a four step (top tread flush to landing). Other than gaining 8" deep treads you'd get 7 1/2" between steps with contact to ground for more stability. All that said I noted Northwood lists "Addl. Fox Landing steps" under options. NO other info so dont know exactly what it is. Found a video that also mention availability of "additional" step addition. and mentioned again at end of video. It may be another complete step but it may be and sounds like, one that is added to existing step. Might be worth contacting Northwood or your dealer.
AnEv942 05/19/19 07:47am Truck Campers
RE: Camper and car trailer wiring

Typically the blue wire isn't used or connected to camper so if I'm understanding correctly- yes I have one trailer, older 4 pin that requires separate ground as it has back up lights -point is I used simple bullet connector for 5th wire-its a pain... Something that's used often might be better to install duplicate 7 pin receptacle on the truck if that's whats on trailer
AnEv942 05/15/19 05:18pm Truck Campers
RE: 32 Truck Camper Manufacturers ... Wow!

This list, last update 2014, shows 142 'orphan' verses 26 still in production. For an "Orphan" (no longer made) last year of production is in parenthesis. Phone# denoted still in business.. Truck camper manufactures A A Frame Camper (A Frame Camper Company) Orphan (1995) Adventure (Caravans Unlimited) Orphan (1998) Adventurer (Adventurer Manufacturing) 509-895-7064 Alaskan (Alaskan Campers, Inc.), 360-748-6494 Alpenlite (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) Orphan (2008) Alpine Campers (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) Orphan (1986) Amerigo (Amerigo, Inc.) Orphan (1992) Angler (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (2002) Apache (1957- 1987) Orphan (1987) Apache (1998- 2000) Orphan (2000) Apache (Sun Valley Inc. 2001-2008) Orphan(2008) Arctic Fox (Northwood Manufacturing) 541-962-6274 Aristocrat (Aristocrat) Orphan (1978) Aspen (Aspen Coach Company) Orphan (1986) Top B Beaver (Beaver Camper Company) Orphan (1993) Belair (Belair, Inc.) Orphan (1992) Bethany (R.C. Willett Co., Inc.) Orphan (1985) Bigfoot Industries Inc Orphan (2009) Bigfoot Industries (2010) Inc., 250-546-2155 Born Free (Dodgen Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1983) Top C Cabin A, LLC, Orphan (2006) Cameo (Cameo RV's Inc.) Orphan (1989) Camp Lite (Livin' Lite Recreational Vehicles) 574-862-2228 CamperKing (International VentureCraft Corp.) 604 436 5653 Caribou (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (2002) Capri Camper (Capri Camper/ NRStrailers)Commonly called the rodeo special 800-295-0691 Cascade Campers (Cascade Campers Ltd.) Orphan (1994) Cascade Coach (Cascade Coach, Inc.) Orphan (1985) Cavalcade (Cavalcade Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1981) Caveman (Caveman) Orphan (1980) Citation Supreme (General Coach) Orphan (2007) Coachmen (Coachmen Recreational Vehicles) Orphan (2001) Comfort Camp (Comfort Camp) Orphan (1998) Conestoga (Conestoga) Orphan (1987) Cricket (Cricket Corp.) Orphan (1987) Top D Davlin (Davlin Campers) Orphan (1995) Diamond (Diamond) Orphan (1978) Dreamer (Dreamer) Orphan (1978) Dura-Cozy (Dura-Cozy USA LLC) 801-943-1542 Dutchmen (Dutchmen Mfg.) Orphan (1996) Dynacruiser (Dynacruiser) Orphan (1979) Top E Eagle Cap (Eagle Cap Campers) 509-895-7064 Eagle RK (Sun Valley, Inc.) Orphan (2008) El Dorado (El Dorado, Inc.) Orphan (1978) Elkhorn (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan (2003) Top F Fields (Fields) Orphan (1980) Flagstaff by Cobra (Van American/Cobra) Orphan (1990) Fleetwing Travelers (Fleetwing Travelers) Orphan (1978) Four Seasons (Four Seasons Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (1988) Four State (Four State Industries) Orphan (1989) Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers, (Four Wheel Campers) 800-242-1442 Frontier (Vanguard Mfg.) Orphan (1986) Top G General Coach-West (Division of Thor Industries) Orphan (2007) Go-Tag-A-Long (Go-Tag-A-Long Trailer Mfg.) Orphan (1988) Top H Hallmark (Hallmark Manufacturing Inc.) 970-785-6005 Happy Times Orphan (1979) Happy Traveler Orphan (1980) Hideaway (Sun-Lite Inc.) Orphan (1999) Holiday Coach Orphan (1978) Hornet (Hornet Industries, Inc.) Orphan (1992) Host Campers (Host Industries) 541-330-2328 Huntsman Orphan (1979) Top I Idle Time (Allen Camper Mfg. Co. Inc.) Orphan (2007) Top J Jayco (Jayco, Inc.) Orphan (1997) Top K Kamp King (P&S Camper Mfg. Inc.) Orphan (2003) Keystone (Keystone Mfg.) Orphan (1980) King O' The Road Orphan (1980) Kit Orphan (1980) Kodiak (Vanguard, Inc.) Orphan (2003) Komfort (Komfort Industries) Orphan (1988) Kustom Koach (Travelaire Canada) Orphan (2002) Top L Lake N Shore Orphan (1978) Lance Camper (Lance Camper Manufacturing) 661-949-3322 Leer Orphan (1979) Len-Dar (Patten Custom RV) Orphan (1998) Lite-Craft (Lite Craft Campers), Orphan (2010) Little Caboose Orphan (1978) Top M Mallard Orphan (1992) Man-O-War Orphan (1984) Maple Leaf Orphan (1979) Marco Orphan (1980) Midas Orphan (1979) Mitchell Orphan (1980) Mountaineer (Northwest Manufacturing) Orphan (1991) Top N N&N Campers Orphan (2003) Nampa Chief Orphan (1978) Northern Lite (Northern Lite Mfg. Ltd.) 250-765-3702 Northland Industries, 208-442-1815 Northstar (R.C. Willett Co. Inc.) 319-233-3461 Northwood Manufacturing, Inc. 541-962-6274 Nu-Wa Orphan (1980) Top O Oakland (Bigfoot Industries) Orphan (1995) Odyssey (Leisure Odyssey Inc.) Orphan (1991) Okanagan (West Coast Leisure Homes) Orphan (2008) Oregon Camper (Chalet RV, Inc.) 541-791-4618 Outfitter (Fleetwood Enterprises) Orphan(2002) Outfitter Manufacturing, Inc. 877-223-0814 Top P Palomino (Vanguard Industries of Michigan) 269-432-3271 Pastime (Pastime Mfg.) 503-845-6886 Perris Valley (Perris Valley Campers) Orphan (1989) Phoenix Pop-up camper (Coyote RV) 303-286-3921 Pilgrim Orphan (1987) Play-Mor Orphan (1990) Playmate (Amwest Mfg.) Orphan (1994) Ponderosa (Ponderosa RV) Orphan (1981) Puma Orphan (1980) Top Q Quicksilver (Livin Lite RV, Inc) 866-272-5578 Top R RBR (RBR Mini-Cruiser) Orphan (1989) Rancho (Rancho) custom truck campers after 1989 no phone number listed Ranger (Ranger Trailer Company) Orphan (1987) Rawhide Orphan (1980) Real-Lite Orphan (1992) Real-Lite by Forest Rivers (Forest Rivers, Inc.) Orphan (2001) Roadcruiser Orphan (1978) Roamer (Roamer Industries) Orphan (2005) Roll-A-Long Orphan (1979) Roust-A-Bout Orphan (1979) Top S S&S Manufacturing, 406-755-5080Orphan? (last camper listed 2011?) Security Orphan (1978) Seeker's Express, 21772 Esmalte, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (no phone number listed) Shadow Cruiser (Shadow Cruiser, Inc.) Orphan (1999) Shadow Cruiser/Cruiser RV (Cruiser RV Corporation) Orphan (2004) Shasta (Shasta Industries) Orphan (1993) Siesta Orphan (1981) Silver Fox (Northwood Mfg) 541-962-6274 Six-Pac (Six-Pac) Orphan (2012) Skamper (Skamper Corporation) Orphan (1996) Slumber Queen (Western Canada R.V.'s Ltd.) Orphan (2001) Snowy Mountain Orphan (1980) Snow River (Interior RV Products) Orphan (2008) Space Craft (Motor Homes Inc.) Orphan (1993) Sport-Cam (Sport-Cam Industries) Orphan (2000) Sport King Orphan (1987) Sportsmen (K.Z. Inc.) 800-768-4016 Orphan (2006?) Sprinter (Mallard Coach Company) Orphan (1992) Starcraft (Starcraft RV Inc.) Orphan (2009) Stardust Orphan (1978) Starmate (Starcraft RV Inc.) Orphan (2008) Sterner (Sterner Coaches) Orphan (1984) Summerwind (Recreational Technologies) Orphan (2003) Summit (Paramount Motorcoach/Summit) Orphan (1996) Sun-Lite (Sun Valley Inc.) Orphan (2008) Sun Line (Sunline Coach Co.) Orphan (1994) Sun N Fun Orphan (1980) Sun Valley, Inc. (Sun Valley Inc) Orphan (2008) Top T Tejas Orphan (1980) Teton Traveler (Teton Traveler Inc.) Orphan (1991) Texson (R.C. Willett Co.) Orphan (1997) Thoroughbred Orphan (1981) Tilt Top (Gemco) Orphan (1996) Tracker (Tracker Marine/Fleetwood) Orphan (2000) Travel Lite (Travel Lite, Inc.) 574-831-3000 Travel Mate Orphan (1978) Travel Villa (Newcomer Industries Inc.) Orphan (1988) Travelaire (Travelaire Canada) Orphan (2002) Travette Orphan (1980) Trek Orphan (1980) Triple E (Triple E Canada Ltd.) Orphan (1987) Top U Top V Vacationeer (Shelton Industries Inc.) Orphan (1991) Valor (New Paris Ent. Inc.) Orphan (1996) Vanguard (Vanguard Mfg.) Orphan (1986) Veri-Lite (Forest River) Orphan (1999) Viking (Viking Recreational Vehicles) Orphan (1995) Top W Weekender by Skyline (Skyline Corporation) Orphan (2000) Western Wilderness (Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.) Orphan (1998) Westland RV (Westland RV Manufacture Ltd) 250-493-7445 Westways Orphan (1980) Wheel Camper Orphan (1980) Winnebago (Sun-Lite Inc.) Orphan (1999) Wolverine (Wolverine Camper Inc.) Orphan (1981) Wolverine Camper (Wolverine Camper Corporation) Orphan (1980) Top X Y Yukon (Host Campers) 541-330-2328 Top Z Top
AnEv942 05/14/19 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: Step for entrance, DIY

ticki2 pics The link provided by imgur should be pasted directly into text of your post-. looked at coding 1st picture is correct and would have shown but the second link is scrambled-last half of link is before the 1st? software kinda of merged trying to read?
AnEv942 05/08/19 07:38am Truck Campers
RE: Step for entrance, DIY

I would also recommend Torklift if purchasing but there are other companies, I previously had a set of Brophys, Hijacker is another. Less cost but you said make. Cant really help there far as making. I know a lot of folks use the short ladders. I have a hard enough time with attached steps let alone something that can move..
AnEv942 05/07/19 03:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear of camper sagging

Pic wants me to log in to gmt400 at any rate our 01 top of the bed sides to floor is about 1" deeper at the front than rear. Straight on looking from side it appears to be sitting off level. Gap between bed rail and camper wings tapers though opposite of what your describing, Is this a recent observation that wasnt before?
AnEv942 05/06/19 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: GS logo shows but not member

thanks but obviously I wasn't clear. Problem solved, badge removed. Option to turn off gsc badge that previously wasn't there reappeared under my profile allowing me to turn off the badge.
AnEv942 05/06/19 09:05am Good Sam Club
RE: 2019 F450 looking for a key on power under the hood. Odd one

This link is on a 2017, about tapping power for plow don't know if similar but possible direction. Another might be trailer tow charge circuit output. I wired to inside power that's ign on controlled but I also added switch to manually turn off pump.
AnEv942 05/06/19 08:44am Truck Campers
RE: A Camper Window with a View 3

Mostly to bump and keep this thread alive... Last spring, OK not thru our window looking out but our camper thru a window...Fort Laramie WY. width=640 height=480 First glimpse of Devils tower width=640 height=480 later that evening after hiking around the base width=640 height=480
AnEv942 05/05/19 06:10pm Truck Campers
RE: GS logo shows but not member

Huh 5/05 noted logo still showing. Looked at 'my profile' and the option to turn on/off GSC badge was back-dont know how long its been back. Turned it off as I'm no longer a member. Thanks
AnEv942 05/05/19 03:27pm Good Sam Club
RE: hydraulic jack rebuild

Ya I'm in need of a cover for one of my Atwoods. There's a set of bevel gears on amazon for $5,450. I have no appreciation/understanding of a company buying another then abandoning completely any support- One older thread on hyd jacks... Apparently jacks filled while retracted, red ATF fluid. Reico titian has downloadable instructions if owner doesn't have. The owners manual outlines priming if jack 'stuck'. The other, maintenance manual, for rebuilding.
AnEv942 04/25/19 08:15am Truck Campers
RE: tires overloaded?

Camper weight is all on 1 wheel? I dont know what would be considered normal weight transfer side to side or percentage of total weight seen by one side but I cant imagine rear axle weight (scaled) could be seen by one tire. IE if 3000# camper, 2800# on back axle- (just to generate a make believe number) if 75% could transfer to one tire that would be 2100#. Curious what weigh rating is on tires.
AnEv942 04/24/19 04:04pm Truck Campers
RE: hydraulic jack rebuild

Guessing by whats left of diamond decal they are rieco-titans
AnEv942 04/23/19 09:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Help....advice on purchasing truck camper

.. We have taken a fancy to a...2000 Adventurer 90FWS EXT Camper.. We are going to view it at 10 a.m. tomorrow... Jo Soooo did you go look at it?
AnEv942 04/20/19 08:27pm Truck Campers
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