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RE: Propane gennie maintenance in cold winter

Ours when setting the connections to the fuel solenoid lose connection (corrosion). If I don't hear a loud click (solenoid opening) I stop & go clean the terminals to regain contact.
AnEv942 09/19/20 10:58am Truck Campers
RE: Windows

The 'seals' really only hold glass in. Water getting into mounting channel should exit via drain holes to exterior. There shouldn't be any direct path from inside the channel to wall behind the mounting flange. Square windows with corner joints are prone to leaking but full extruded radius windows usually only have a single butt joint, hopefully on a vertical. The rather large gap in the seal could allow a lot of dirt accumulation but still shouldn't leak, at least into wall. Looking briefly found this on another forum
AnEv942 09/19/20 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: Repair Help (Sealing)

Likely not paint but vinyl laminated to ply, looks like luan. Will some of the original area be covered by new location? Or how far do they need to be moved. Id lean toward using thin material screwed using existing holes, bedded in caulk to cover 'oops'. Aluminum flat bar, 1/8" or better would work. Possibly covering old location extending to beneath new location.
AnEv942 09/08/20 07:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

The 'speed bump' thread is where I got 1st picture of his truck from. The damaged towers, current condition of them and improper bolting was already present. I don't think that was source. Once brace became unbolted though did add to damage. Op was unaware of what things should look like. Mounts failed and simply assumed by the result it was mounts design at fault. Cant say about installer, if- as I think, towers were already as shown they just tried to make what he had work. Little surprised nothing was said but who knows. Going out on a limb just from what info available- I dont think excessive force is being applied, just what is supposed to resist isn't there. All mute & I could be all wet- the OP has some project time ahead..
AnEv942 09/05/20 05:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

As near as Ive gleaned-yes those towers are front bed mounts. If you know (or other member has) someone with simular truck a peek under would verify. Install inst-likely not exact model but shows tower a box wnjj replied while writing-awesome! Thats why Im leaning toward a precondition on the towers (used truck?) even with the bolted braces just doesn't seem damage shown could have occurred if everything was as it should be. I'd also agree since they (Towers) need repair anyway- might not require fabbing belly bar and be better to rework what you have? But thats up to you.
AnEv942 09/04/20 08:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

The style of TL mount is different than shown earlier, and a lot different than mine. OPs are not welded at top to a piece of angle but end is bent and bolts to bed cross member. Shown in previous thread. IF the bolt drops, upward force from camper the flat bar brace can 'slide' inboard, that in turn breaks lower weld. 2 issues-1st This style works in conjunction with frame tower and existing bolt plate, Ops towers are shredded. Second and primary is instead of a 1/2" bolt going thru mount into bed someone dropped a smaller bolt thru. While there is a lot of torn metal it sure looks like someone cut out the top of towers? Mount brace is supposed to mount to it. Issue here is from what I gather, the bolt that's supposed to go up thru is also the bed mount... If OP can fab a belly bar should hold camper, really doesn't take that much. The existing situation/condition & way it was bolted, only option was to fail. Still need to address bed mount towers, if that is what it also does.
AnEv942 09/04/20 07:18pm Truck Campers
RE: 2002 Lance 1025 on new Ford F-250 with camper package? Don't know if fits, easy enough to check, A being the most common issue. 'A' from camper floor to underside of nose =minimum from Truck bed to top of cab (or cab ID lights if equipped). Ford cab is a bit taller so this more often problem with older campers 'B' width of camper floor- rarely an issue 'C' width of bump-out if it has. Total of B & C is needed minimum width of tail gate opening. On ours I need to load with camper pretty close to right wheel well for this bump-out to clear left tailgate pillar 'D' Front of camper rubber bumpers to back side of rear wall. Minimum distance of trucks front bed wall to taillights. Again on ours, I had to add spacers behind campers rubber bumpers as camper was 1/4" away from taillights, least crooked loading and camper would be against one of the taillights.
AnEv942 09/03/20 02:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

By description failure point? "So what always breaks is the top of the triangle here in the pic. Where the support bar meets the upper mounting plate. The very top of this pic. In my old set the welds gave out between the support bar and the main structural member." I'm having a hard time understanding how camper (without ripping its mounts) is applying enough force? it would almost seem that downward force, possibly side to side, would need to be applied for that upper weld to fail. Have you contacted Torklift? NRALIFR-Curious, though doesn't look like with new upper tie off point would give enough angle (and you've solved your problem) why is the lower mount not to the hole in end of insert plate?
AnEv942 09/02/20 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Northern Lite 811

"This camper (811) will fit 3/4 ton and larger short bed (6.6') pick up trucks." {?why is this post moved/listed under 5th wheels}
AnEv942 08/31/20 03:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Atwood Camper Jacks

AS Atwood jacks/parts no longer made jacks and parts next to impossible to source. Rieco Titan are supposed to work, identical bolt pattern, most places gives dimensions of the brackets. Hers an article
AnEv942 08/29/20 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Repairing soft floor in my wolf creek

Pretty sure the top layer of 1/4" luan has weakened and its pushing into the foam layer. The underside luan portion is holding strong. I think the only way to tackle this is from the top side... I agree with addressing from the top. Adding support under top floor sheet would work IF you removed bottom luan, cut channels in the bonded foam to insert stringers to under side of floor. Adding supports under the bottom luan sheet wouldn't do much as its the foam that's allowing top sheet to flex...1/4"? what were they thinking. No internal structure, just external frame looking at linked diagram-wow.
AnEv942 08/23/20 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: What's This Do?

It isn't needed- it is just a diverter. Ours is narrow, pretty ineffective as campers rubber bumpers hold camper back enough water running off hits top of bed rail & can still run into bed. If you have room it doesnt have to go behind window and could be lowered.
AnEv942 08/18/20 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: Need help with Dometic Duo Therm Air Conditioner

Yes that's the purpose of the 'knob', in lieu of a thermostat, controls temp by cycling compressor to maintain. It also isn't drawing outside air but pulling air from inside. The cut wires- not sure but they maybe 12v hot/ground for a standard vent. Unless you meter I'd cap in case hot.
AnEv942 08/12/20 07:35pm Truck Campers
RE: 1988 Sun Lite

The box-Pretty sure something previous owner added The box 'looks' like it has a row of LEDS, the switch 'looks' like a momentary switch... which leads me to think (or just a WAG), a monitor that is briefly powered by pushing the switch. What it monitors or why unknown. Looking inside possibly see where the wires go might give a clue to its intended function. The wires appear 14ga or larger so tend to lean toward power? Though I would suspect that year camper it doesnt have a battery? Being outside possibly connected inline on the umbilical cord to check truck battery? Again just guesses...
AnEv942 07/27/20 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Atwood Jack clunking....

Yes kohldads post was very good, showing disassembly of the Atwood jack. however pics missing. Might PM him, unless he sees this thread, possibly might have access to old pictures. , starting page 26, shows but not 'how to'. Parts if needed likely difficult if even possible.
AnEv942 07/22/20 10:43am Truck Campers
RE: Removing Contact Overloads

I've always considered the bottom leaf as part of the main pack. Assumed describing a top contact overload like Ford/Dodge uses. Even IF bottom leaf was removed (I wouldn't) doesn't look like enough room to run back up bar and double nut U bolts? Phone call to verify what they expect and off chance they mis supplied incorrect U bolts. Just looking at kits appears 3 sizes of u-bolts?
AnEv942 07/19/20 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery Selector switches, best for tidy surface mount

Most any of the battery switches that have protruding dial section would be easily flush mounted. Require making mounting ring attached to back side of wall, screwing switch to it from back side. Or if you don't mind screws showing just a spacer on back side (if panel not thick enough) between switch and wall and screw/nut thru all, like many marine applications. I have the round Perko style, no ears, so would end up a bit recessed on 1/8" panel. Doesn't really lend itself to flush mounting. To flush mount it Id separate dial face label and knob, mount with shaft thru panel, stick label on panel reattach knob. Have to get creative on mounting spacer for no visible screws. Is there a thread showing what coveredwagon did?
AnEv942 07/16/20 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: Duracozy or livin’lite quicksilver 8.0?

Livin lite Though I didn't see models that were not on a trailer? does look interesting, web site still up but doesn't look like updated since 2011? They have a contact form
AnEv942 07/13/20 09:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding an A/C

Link to Dometic install pdf depending on model. Lighter than many units at ~75lbs it is also taller at about 13", but over all smaller foot print which is why I have one. Fit within available area. It works well though rarely use Not knowing structure on your '95 I'd get on the roof and check sag-constant load of 75#+ & bouncing 'could' be issue. At about 15 amp load I wouldn't share with refer. If you don't change panels possibly breaker style (brand) can be had in a tandem configuration to fit.
AnEv942 07/11/20 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Generator to Gas.

Our Generac impact-36 rated fuel usage FUEL CONSUMPTION (IN GALLONS PER HOUR): LOAD - GASOLINE - LP NO ------ 0.14 --------- 0.20 HALF --- 0.32 --------- 0.41 FULL --- 0.54 --------- 0.77 Mine, 2001 vintage, was available LP or gas, virtually same generator The only difference in part numbers is fuel system parts and few sheet metal bits. Shows identical engine controls charging electronics etc. LP: carb, regulator, LP solenoid Gas: carb, fuel pump, filter If you had owners manual it lists the different part numbers for both. Though I'd do more research it appears it may be as simple as swapping fuel systems ~$150. Quick look around parts available, carb, F/P. Conversion seems simple enough. However fuel source isn't included, which to me is real hurdle.
AnEv942 07/08/20 09:39am Truck Campers
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