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Trailer King Tires

Hi all, I have a few questions regarding tires. Our 2020 Fuel F-287 came with some Trailer King RST tires and we've put about 700 miles on them so far. We are planning a summer trip to Colorado (about 1800 miles round trip) and I'm wary about going that far with them. So I'm planning to replace with some Goodyear Endurance ST's. First question: Trailer axles are rated at 6k each and GVWR of the trailer is 12,800. Fully loaded without a full tank of water and we are around 10,100 lbs on the axles. Guessing around 10,900 with a full tank of water, maybe a tad less. I'm considering 123N, which are rated for 3420lbs max load up to 87mph. Is this enough buffer? I would think so, but I'm no expert. Second question: I'm still not quite clear on tire inflation table figures. Obviously it's bad if you are under inflated, but is there any concern with running at 80psi all the time, regardless of load (so long as it's not over), or is it important to try and match PSI to load? My load will vary depending on toys we're bringing. Third question: Is there a standard PSI rating for a 6J wheel? Is it safe to assume the rims will handle the new tires since the current tires are also rated up to 80psi? Last question: Am I being too paranoid by replacing these tires so early? I'd hate to have them explode on our vacation. Are the Trailer King's good enough to get us through our trip before replacing, or am I right to think I should just ditch them now? Thanks all!
ApexAZ 02/15/22 11:17am Toy Haulers
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Picture of truck with trailer: height=600 width=800
ApexAZ 11/06/21 11:38am Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. It is less than 3 lbs and seems to be fairly compact. Is this the same model? The Viair seems to be popular too, but 300 bucks seems like a lot for topping off tires. Although once you add the battery the dewalt isn't that much farther off, except that it can be used with other tools at least. EDIT: I must have posted before your link popped up. I'll pick one of these up. Thanks again!
ApexAZ 10/28/21 03:29pm Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Dang, I'm not much of a RAM guy (mainly because it feels like less headroom), but that is a nice truck. I like the vintage chevy too. On this scale, what would 40" Swampers be? "Pre-natal" tires? lol Also, your toilet leak, is it the supply line/valve dripping? Where it goes into the toilet. I had a drip there this year, appeared to be the valve leaking, replaced it and then found the connection was just loose. (Looked like it was coming from the push button end of the valve though) Yes. There are two hoses. The leak is dripping from one of them. I honestly didn't spend a lot of time looking at it, but the hose is clamped to a plastic fitting and it appears to be leaking at that connection. It didn't feel loose really, but maybe the clamp needs to be tightened down and/or more sealant applied. Other than taking it out to practice in reverse next weekend, we don't plan to use it until December anyway, so I just left it for the dealership to deal with. I'll just ask them to prioritize that and the furnace fan issue in case they can't get to everything on the list before we need to take it back for our trip in December. The furnace noise is concerning, because it sounds like something is rubbing on the fan blade and I'm worried it is a wire. I took the panel off to try and get a look at it, but can't really see without taking the entire furnace out. By the way, are furnaces typically propane only, or can they be run off electric when connected to shore power? The fridge does this, but unsure if the furnace will too. Also, the furnace just seems to be sitting loose in it's cubby. Are they supposed to be bolted down? I was kinda surprised to find that it's just sitting on the floor not fastened to anything.
ApexAZ 10/28/21 03:19pm Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

OP...not sure which Dewalt pancake you have, but mine will get to 165 psi fairly quick, and capable of filling your tires easily. It is also lt wt, about 35 lbs. Mine is very similar and it will do 80 psi tires if I let it run between tires. It's just kinda bulky and don't necessarily want to haul it around. I can certainly fill my tires at home, but not sure when on the road. I found a product called Viair that are fairly compact that can do it, but they are like $300.
ApexAZ 10/28/21 10:11am Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Apex, Trust your gut here and don't let the others over-complicate this for you. You pulled it, it handles good, end of story. Next step is tow it somewhere to enjoy some time with ZERO worry about your truck doing the job very well! Agree. Initially I was pretty nervous about it, but I got the WD set up and the truck seems to have no problem pulling it. I've been up and down from Phoenix to Payson and it performed great! My only worry right now is backing the thing up and getting it through the 10' gate where we are storing it lol. But practice makes perfect. We have a trip to a KOA RV resort in Tucson planned in December and we're excited for that! I also have a minor leak at the toilet and a weird furnace fan noise that I'm bringing it in for in a few weeks. By the way, I'll need to air up the tires. I have a DeWalt pancake compressor that can fill up to 80 psi (barely), but are there smaller portable compressors that can do this? I don't necessarily want to carry a heavy compressor around. What do people do to fill their tires? EDIT: Attached a pic of the truck (with kiddie tires) and trailer. I'll get one of both in a week or so. height=600 width=800 height=600 width=800
ApexAZ 10/27/21 03:56pm Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Since lifted and higher CG, hope your track was also increased significantly with aftermarket wheel offset. That lessens the tip over point or angle. Hope your lift system has double shocks and increased torsional rate anti-lean bars. Higher durometer anti-lean bars as noted by BackOfThePack is also a good idea if you haven't already (Delrin would be my choice and suggest staying away from nylon types). Some lift kits has blocks that are angled to point the diff U-Joint upwards. Bad and will wear out that U-Joint quickly. Both output shaft and diff pinion shaft center lines MUST be parallel no matter what changes to the Z height the lift introduces. Stick with square blocks. Fun stuff and enjoy your setup ! Don't think the lift came with anti-sway bars; at least I think that's what you mean. It's a suspension sub frame lift with torsion bar adjustment and square blocks in the back (not angled). The wheels do widen the stance by about 2" on each side. Going the speed limit, and even under during 75 mph limit stretches, I haven't felt like the truck is leaning too much around corners. I also reduce speed down to caution sign recommendations. It's a 4" lift going from 33's to 35's. It's not extreme. But I also acknowledge it still raises the center of gravity and I just need to go a bit slower than I would otherwise. I once towed a popup camper with a Tacoma without WD and THAT was sketchy. With my current truck, I don't feel any slop or drift in the steering. It feels fairly well planted. Anyway, it's the truck I have and it's the truck I'll have to tow with.
ApexAZ 10/27/21 01:54pm Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

@ApexAZ. Yeah, just enjoy your camper. I'm sure it tows as well as you claim. Now lets see a pic of that heavy hauler all hooked up! The rig is currently parked, but we plan to take it out the weekend of 11/6 to practice backing it up and parking it. We found a nice big open gravel lot not too far from home where I can set up some cones. I also need to take it back to the scales with the toy loaded to get another weigh in and tongue weight measurement. I'll snap a pic then. Stay tuned!
ApexAZ 10/27/21 10:24am Towing
RE: ProPride and lifted 3500

Thanks for the long, thoughtful post! I consider myself to be a pretty good and safe driver. I have not been in an accident since I was a teenager back in the 90's. It wasn't until I started riding a motorcycle in my early 20's that I really learned how to drive defensively, but it carried over to my regular driving as well. To the point that even when driving my truck, I get annoyed when people pace me in my blind spot when they have plenty of space forward or aft , not to mention the fact they are clogging up the fast lane. So while I'm not very experienced with pulling such a heavy load, my defensive driving is way ahead of most others on the road. The fact that I even came here seeking advice should tell you, and others, that safety is a top concern of mine. I can't revert my truck lift and trying to buy a new truck proved difficult given the current supply chain issues. On the other hand, I live in Arizona and like my 4 wheel drive with kiddie tires and lifted it accordingly. I also knew that I wanted to tow a travel trailer, so I didn't want to go to extreme height either. I can't afford both a truck and a dedicated 4x4 vehicle. Nonetheless, I have towed the trailer and it feels pretty solid (not that I have much of a baseline to compare to). Even in wind I haven't experienced any sway and steering/control don't really feel all that different to me. Big RV's and trucks passing me in either direction on a 2 lane highway have no effect whatsoever. I don't even feel it. I will say the braking distance is a bit longer so I have to start braking earlier than I normally would. Also, the truck is a lot stiffer under the load and we can really feel the bumps a lot more. I assume this is to be expected. I'm not sure what booster shots or face diapers have to do with anything, other than maybe it relates to risk management and public safety in general, similar to driving? It seems off topic overall, though. Thanks again for your thoughtful reply!
ApexAZ 10/26/21 08:41am Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

My previous truck was a 15 GMC 2500 that I did just a basic cognito torsion bar level with longer UCA's and Icon shocks with external reservoir front and back. That truck rode REALLY well, but I never towed anything other than a flatbed with a SxS in back. This truck I have a 4" CST suspension lift (4 in the front, 2 in the rear) with the Fox 2.0 pro shocks and it rides terrible compared to my 2500. Any washboard type bumps are incredibly jarring. I'm not sure if it's the shocks, the lift itself, or both. Could partly be from going to a 3500 from a 2500 too. Maybe it's just stiffer all around. It's even more stiff with the toyhauler on it, but I suppose that's to be expected when you have all that weight compressing things. But yeah, other than the rear end oscillating up and down a few times over larger bumps, the truck seemed to handle it fine. I averaged about 63 mph, but got as high as 70 and never felt like I was fighting for control. Handling, braking and power all felt really good. The tow mode seemed to keep it in low gear going down grades and the exhaust brake really helped keep the speed under control. I feel much better after towing it a good distance. High cross-wind will be the next big test I suppose.
ApexAZ 09/27/21 01:28pm Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

Sound like you need more damping (aka better shocks) on the rear of the truck. When you did the lift, I assume longer shocks were installed? The base shock on most lift kits is tuned for a softer ride, and the base shock usually is just an OEM-grade twin-tube shock. You'll see a huge improvement with a mono-tube shock, especially one spec'd for your heavier load. Yes, they are Fox 2.0 Performance Monotube shocks. Not clear what their load rating is. I'll see if I can find out. The back is raised with a 2" block between the axle and the leaf springs though. Leaf springs were left alone for the lift (other than the lift block).
ApexAZ 09/27/21 09:01am Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

You can simulate a little help from a suspension aid real easy. If you have time, do this. Cut some wood wedges or buy 4 hockey pucks or plastic felling wedges. Insert them in your leaf pack above the bottom overload spring. So the springs get into the overload as soon as load is applied. Secure with hose clamps or even a good cinch with baling wire/tie wire. That will stiffen your rear suspension under load. Leave the wdh at home. Hook up and take a spin down the highway. Will give you a good idea what Stable Loads/helper springs/air bags with moderate pressure would do. Stiffer rear springs will reduce the bounce you’re feeling. Again, your truck is 100% capable and safe, actually ideal, for a trailer this size. If you want send me a PM and we can talk. That trailer should pull like a dream with only minor tweaks. Yeah, it only dropped about 2.25" in the rear when I dropped the trailer straight onto a standard ball without the WD hitch. Less than I thought it would, actually. With the WD hitch, I'm still about .75" higher than zero in the front. I was thinking I could put bags in to help raise the back another inch to try and get it closer to level. Of course I would likely have to reconfigure my hitch to drop it another inch to compensate. We pulled it about 120 miles on Friday and it did fine. I can definitely feel it behind me, and the truck is working harder, but not a hint of sway. Even large class A's and Semi's passing me going the other direction on a 2 lane highway @ 60 mph didn't even seem to move it. And you are right, I didn't feel any difference in steering. I actually felt pretty comfortable steering with one hand most of the way. It still has 4500 lbs to the front wheels. I have experienced that before a long time ago pulling a popup with my tacoma and the front end really felt less responsive and "floaty". Not so with this truck. Anyway, I do feel the nose of the trailer softly bouncing the rear end a bit, but overall, the trailer was really easy to tow. Navigating tight spaces and backing up is a different story though lol. The sherline scale measured 1750 lbs at the jack, so I'm perplexed by that. That is significantly off compared to what I had measured at the truck stop scales. I'm going to return it. But I would like something that at least gets me close enough to where I can estimate tw differences depending on how the trailer is loaded, without having to go to the cat scales every time.
ApexAZ 09/26/21 07:35pm Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

Is it happening when your loaded up or not loaded? The toy in the back will reduce the tongue weight. When i had a pop up the porposing was either from not enough tounge weight or the trailer toung was too high. So is it level or a little bit toung down when you tow? And thats when its loaded. If you set up un loaded and add a toy it will change stuff depending on how much weight you add. So empty may need to be a bit more toung down. Also some concreate highways can cause a vibration at certian speeds, so it kind of resonates throughout. You need to change the speed when that happens to break the cycle. Play with it a bit , you'll get it better. The weights were with it unloaded and it's a tad nose down. It's around 16% of total weight. I haven't actually loaded the SxS yet. It's currently up at the in-law's cabin. We're going to tow unloaded there and then load the General for the trip back. Now that I have a baseline TW, my goal today before leaving is to to measure at the jack using a Sherline analog scale to figure out the % difference. Then I should be able to figure out tongue weight at the jack once it's loaded with the General. Or at least, I think that should work.
ApexAZ 09/24/21 10:56am Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

A lot depends if you have a single axle or dual axle. Dual axle with independent suspension is supposed to be the best. The trailer has 2 axles. Fuel F-287 36'9" Tow vehicle: 2020 GMC 3500 SRW standard bed with 4" lift (blocks in the rear) I went to the scales last night and here is what I got: Trailer was dry with the exception of 2 full 30 gal LP tanks. No toy loaded. Trailer: 9180 TW: 1500 TV Front: 4580 (down from 4900) TV Rear: 5440 (up from 3620) Trailer Axle: 7680 Gross weight: 17,770 I'm not sure if a 6.5% weight reduction in the front is that concerning, but I can still do a couple things on the hitch to try and push more weight forward. I may also add some bags in the future to reduce the rear end sag a bit. The truck is lifted, so that makes it difficult to get it more level.
ApexAZ 09/24/21 09:45am Towing
RE: Trailer Bounce oscillations

More specifics plz. Is the trailer bouncing or is the nose/tail feel and/or look in the mirror like it’s teetering on the axles. Is the truck staying pretty much steady while the trailer is bouncing? If the trailer is bouncing on its own, then putting shocks on the trailer would definitely help. If your whole rig is porpoising that’s a matter of getting stiffer shocks on the tow rig. Btdt It's a 2020 GMC 3500 SRW with a 4" lift (blocks between springs and axle). The trailer is a 36' conventional hitch with 2 axles / leaf springs. I don't actually know the weight of the trailer yet, but dry it's rated at 1400 TW and around 8700. It's a toyhauler so it is a bit tongue heavy. When I go over a bump, it feels like the nose of the trailer is pitching down and it feels like my rear end compresses and softly bounces a few times. Bounce may be the wrong word too. More like waves of compression, or soft bounce. I guess it sort of seems normal since the trailer is pivoting at the hitch, which is between the wheels, I'm just not sure how much is considered normal.
ApexAZ 09/23/21 02:58pm Towing
Trailer Bounce oscillations

Hi all, I have some experience towing small toy trailers < 3k lbs, but never anything as big or heavy as our new toyhauler. Is it normal to feel the back end bouncing / oscillating up and down when you go over bumps? It doesn't feel extreme, but after the initial bump, it kind of has this mild, diminishing bouncing sensation that happens 2-3 times. We have a WD hitch that I believe I set up properly, but wondering if this is considered normal on a conventional hitch setup. Thanks, Brian
ApexAZ 09/23/21 11:54am Towing
RE: Extended Warranty: Why do I need it?

^ Congrats! Beautiful camper!! From that pic, it looks virtually identical to our Torque. Wonder what the differences are between the models? You'll love it! Thanks! Heartland rep said they are made on the same line. Torques have extra ac unit, extra TV, etc. But aside from the fuel being a little less luxurious, they are essentially the same. Fuel are just rebranded as a Camping World exclusive. We looked at a few Torques too, but couldn't seem to negotiate the price more than a couple thousand below msrp. Even this fuel we had to drive out of town to get it at the price we wanted. Market is still crazy.
ApexAZ 09/22/21 09:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: Extended Warranty: Why do I need it?

We signed for the RV at the agreed upon price and declined all extended warranty and GAP add-on's. Overall very pleased with the sales process. Now to just figure out why it's leaking water... lol height=600 width=800
ApexAZ 09/22/21 12:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: DC Conversion and Amp Hours for CPAP

It would be helpful to know the specs of the cpap. It's a Resmed AirCurve 10 S bipap. I think my pressure is 19 inhale and 14 exhale. Pretty high. The readings I got were with humidification.
ApexAZ 09/21/21 10:37am Tech Issues
DC Conversion and Amp Hours for CPAP

I had a 12v plug installed in our bedroom and now I need to try and figure out how much my CPAP machine uses. I bought a Kill A Watt device and measured 8 hours of sleep last night. The device only does KWH and showed a measurement of .36, or 360 watt-hours. The DC converter cable I bought for my machine is rated at 90 watts and has the following input and output values: DC Input: 12/24v DC Output: +24v / 3.75A I take this to mean that when plugged into a 12v battery, the cable converts it to 24v. My question is this: I'm not sure if I should be doing the conversion math based on the 12v battery, or the 24v conversion? When I do the math to convert from Watt Hours to Amp Hours by dividing by 12v, I get a value of 3.75, which also corresponds to the 3.75A rating on the cord. So I'm assuming the correct value would be to use 12v, but just want to confirm. Thanks, Brian
ApexAZ 09/21/21 10:10am Tech Issues
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