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RE: Campground washroom needs GFCI

Well, the question came up. Testing to see if it is GFCI protected. That is what the OP asked about, so how does one safely test it?
Artum Snowbird 09/25/19 07:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for a new class C

Have a look at the features in a Winnebago as well. The front swivel seats are wonderful. Once again, write about what models you are considering and your life style. How do you intend to use it? How many people? Do you like to cook and have space, or do you like comfort on a couch? Do you need an overhead bed, or an entertainment center? There is lots to consider. Are you new to RV's?
Artum Snowbird 09/23/19 07:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fried battery

Normally, as your battery charges, it develops resistance to charging and the charging current drops to zero. When you have a battery that has a cell that has collapsed inside, the current in that cell merrily runs along, but it sees the battery as not charged, so it throws the maximum charging current through the battery trying to charge it. The result of this current flow is an off gassing, and cooking of the battery. What I did was I got a very cheap ($3.00) (Banggood) two decimal point voltage meter and put it across the battery terminals. Now, I just need to look at the meter to determine my battery voltage. I can monitor the amount of usage over time by checking the voltage. I can also monitor the drop in voltage when I hook up a big load like the furnace motor. Keeping an eye on your battery and understanding what is normal, and what is not becomes a habit, and after a while you just glance at the voltage and know everything is OK, or something is wrong.
Artum Snowbird 09/22/19 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing using an air compressor

Good one indeed. One very important point. Well before you begin, make sure the hot water tank is turned off. If there is any way air can get into the HWT when you remove the plug, a stream of scalding hot water can do serious damage.
Artum Snowbird 09/16/19 11:19am Travel Trailers
RE: black plastic waste pipe

My rig has a flexible 3 inch rubber connector between the 3 inch plastic pieces. Had to replace both of them just after I bought it (The old story... we never used the toilet or the shower) Yeah right. Anyway, each piece is a standard household connector readily available. They come with two screw clamps and are easy to install.
Artum Snowbird 09/11/19 10:12am Tech Issues

In some ways, I agree with the poster. I have driven into parks with loops closed off and driven away because of the sites left, there was none suitable for our rig. So why not, for the absolute minimal cost, post a very clear sign saying "These sites are open, they are the same price, but there is no service, no wood fires, no bathrooms, no water, and no garbage pickup except for one central bin." Perhaps they could leave the electricity on. Self contained units would be able to camp, and enjoy their sites and the increased business would pay for the very minimal cost.
Artum Snowbird 09/03/19 03:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fridge in new camper not working...

Definitely sounds like an electrical issue. If you can get to circuit boards check all the plug in connections, tighten any screws holding wires. When it runs at night, nothing is jiggling around... you might find something amiss.
Artum Snowbird 09/02/19 09:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery’s not charging

Put your voltmeter on the battery. Measure the voltage. Start the engine. Voltage should go up towards 14 volts. If it does, that circuit is good. Now you have to measure the output of the converter when plugged in right on the converter terminals. If it measure 14 volts, then measure the voltage at the battery. If it is not the same at the converter output, then there is a loose wire between the converter and the battery. It might be the positive feed, or the negative return. Use a jumper cable from the battery negative to the negative terminal on the converter. Did that fix it? It's the negative wire feed. Try the positive. Did that fix it, it's the positive.
Artum Snowbird 08/30/19 10:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: water valve

What do you mean blown the valve off. It sound like an explosion. One thing you could try it take your vice grips, put two pieces of narrow material over the pipe, and pinch down with vice grips. Another way might be to get a C clamp, and do the same.
Artum Snowbird 08/29/19 08:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rooftop AC Tripping Breaker... Sometimes

One thing to check and be sure of is the electrical supply both to the A/C and back on the neutral wires. It is a heavy load on the connections, and having a loose screw holding down wires is a real possibility when things don't seem right. A very useful tool is a laser dot thermometer. Point the dot on the screw terminals and if you see heat buildup at any point, it is likely a loose connection. Definitely get a voltmeter and put it on the supply terminals on the shore power. If your connections are good, you should have the same, or very close to the same voltage right at the A/C. If not, then you are losing some along the wiring. Continue checking with your meter on the panel board. Sometimes the way to prove good solid wiring is to have an extension cord set up. Plug into the shore power, and at the other end, connect to your A/C. If it keeps running then, but won't keep running through the rigs wiring, this proves the A/C itself is good, but the wiring to or from and back to the neutral is suspect.
Artum Snowbird 08/20/19 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking About Nova Scotia/PEI July/Aug 2020

After checking your profile, yes, you need to do your research and pick your spots wisely. A 35 foot rig does not fit into many spots. You will get a better response by being more specific as to what you want from a campsite, how long you want to stay at each, and from your desire to see the sights as you travel.
Artum Snowbird 08/17/19 07:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How do you store your power supply extension cord

Looks like a great fit by my standards. As you go through life, look for a slightly shorter bucket perhaps if that would help as you stow it away.
Artum Snowbird 08/17/19 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Couple new to RV travel Trailer's looking for advice

As mentioned, and really important for taller people, you want to find a unit with a full length queen bed. Usually, if the manufacturer mentions the bed size, it is often 80 inches long, but be wary of the smaller bed length. It really helps if you tell us the tow vehicle, and the rough price range you are considering.
Artum Snowbird 08/16/19 07:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Designing an Eletric lift basket for camper

Hey Joe, Is there any way to use another electric camper jack or two, maybe mounted beside or behind the one already there. Use this set of jacks in reverse, to lift your generator up. You get a lot of lift for sure. You could probably design a plate on the bottom instead of a foot, mount your generator on there, then raise and lower it that way.
Artum Snowbird 08/05/19 04:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Trailer Running Light Issue

Well, even then, take the negative from the battery to the LED negative side and try it. Because your brake LED is supposed to be brighter, take positive and negative to the led and see what the bulb is supposed to to. I still suspect your real running lights are not returning on the ground, and the current then tries to go through the brake light LED's and you end up with a series circuit that is not strong enough to light anything.
Artum Snowbird 08/02/19 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Running Light Issue

I have fixed many a light set. First thing to do is take the red reflector off both sides of your tail lights so you can see the bulb itself. Now have someone go into the truck, and turn on the right signal and look at the bulb. If the thin filament is turning on, then you have a ground issue. Try the other side and repeat the process. If the thin filament is turning on, then you have a ground issue. Check the ground issue by connecting your negative jumper cable to the negative battery terminal, and then to a wire that you touch to the side of the socket. If that fixes it and makes things work correctly, that is the socket that needs to have the connection to ground from the socket repaired. What actually happens goes like this. You send power to the brake filaments, and normally that power returns on the ground. However when the ground comes loose, the power goes through the thick bulb filament, then the only way out is through the thin bulb filament in reverse. The thin one glows brighter when they are in series. The power then goes over to the other side and goes through the thin one on that side and out on the working ground. So, you think you have brake lights, but actually you have weak running lights. Hope this helps.
Artum Snowbird 08/02/19 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hitch choice

While I had the Patriot, everyone needs to know what you intend to do with it. If you want a hitch that will sit in your truck until you need it, it works great. If you want to have a clean box, you need to look further. If you want to remove it easily by yourself look farther too. I loved my B&W Patriot, but it got pretty heavy, even taking apart the two sections. Sometimes I had to rig up a hoist to get it in or out. Now I go for comfort driving, and parking and we have a Class C.
Artum Snowbird 08/01/19 10:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery Charging Problems

Shore power and generator power are both 120 volts. That power needs to go into your converter to produce the 12 volts needed. Put your meter on the converter output terminals. You should show 13.6 if the converter is working. Now, if that is the case, you need to get that to the battery. It might be the positive feed to the battery, or the negative. The best way to check is take your jumpers and connect to your battery positive and battery negative. Take the other end of your jumpers into your rig, and with a strong wire, first connect the negative to the negative output. If your lights all of a sudden get bright, you have a loose connection in the negative wire. If nothing happens, remove the negative jumper, and connect the positive to the converter positive. If the lights get bright, you have a loose connection in the positive wire. If that doesn't work, connect both positive and negative. Let me know what you find. In my case, the negative heavy feed wire connection to the battery was loose in the terminal strip at the converter. Also a good idea to tighten all the wires in there. Check the battery terminals for the negative and positive feed wires. The alternator charges because that is a 12 volt connection to 12 volt connection.
Artum Snowbird 07/31/19 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Understanding GVWR and payload..

4600 # payload means the absolute maximum you can put on the truck, assuming a perfect side to side and front to back balance, so that none of the capacities would be overloaded. Dropping a camper that weighs more behind the rear wheels than ahead of the rear wheels means your rear axle is overloaded. Carrying a load of steel that sticks out over the front means your front axle is overloaded. Everything needs to be considered individually as it's never just perfect.
Artum Snowbird 07/30/19 08:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Power

Assuming there is power coming down to the power pole. Not only check, but turn the breakers off, then on in their breaker panel. Ask your neighbors if they have power. Recently, we were looking, found the main feed to the breaker panel for our feed was about four spots away and had tripped because it was feeding multiple spots. Out neighbor was trying to run A/C while using an electric toaster.
Artum Snowbird 07/30/19 10:41am Truck Campers
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