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RE: 1992 Falcon Chevy Chassis

Thanks, here is the photo (I think it's an old Suburban DSI type, am I right?)Glad you were able to post the photo but I have no idea what it is. It does appear to be way past its prime though. :(
AsheGuy 10/19/20 09:35am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: 1992 Falcon Chevy Chassis

I have a photo of the water heater box (lots of rust) and would post it if I can figure out how. ChuckGo to this link and upload your photo to it. Then copy the photo link you get from that website into your post using the photo icon at the top of the posting window (see below).
AsheGuy 10/19/20 08:40am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: 2007 roadtrek adventurous need help

We have a 2005 LTV diesel Sprinter van that we bought new and now have just over 150K miles on it. Would buy the same RV again if we were to do it over again. Average MPG over those miles has been 21 MPG and that is over many mountains in our many long trips two of which were to Alaska. please tell me the regular maintenance you do and problems you have incurred and what i should look for please and thank you so much.I sent you a PM but it doesn't show as being sent on my private messages. If you didn't get it, send me your email address via a PM and I will send you a copy of the maintenance log on our LTV.
AsheGuy 09/21/20 09:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Winterizing

Hi. I'm a newby. ?Welcome to the world. Since you already solved your problem this is a mute point but many make the same mistake. This forum (Class B - Camping Van Conversions) says it all. If the chassis of an RV didn't come off the assembly line as a van, it is not a Class B. Your RV with a truck cab and the RV coach part built behind it is a Class C.
AsheGuy 09/19/20 12:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Outlook/Google Issue

Okay guys, am using Outlook because we have several Gmail addresses for different activities. All set to IMAP and no user credential problems with Windows. I can read mail online with Gmail, but that means signing in and out of accounts. It was so much easier with Outlook. Will be back home late on Friday and will see what happens.You think it is so much easier in Outlook because you don't understand the options out there for you. I have six email addresses (on three different email servers) I monitor through one of my gmail accounts and no I don't have to log into more than one account to send and receive emails in all six accounts. I'm not sure why you consider using the Gmail client as reading email online and Outlook not unless you have an old version of Outlook before Outlook became cloud based. All it takes is to forward all monitored email accounts to one account and then in that account to set Gmail client to reply to email addresses from the same email address it was sent to: Accounts & Import in Gmail Settings: I have all my emails come to my main account inbox, but they can be directed to other folders(labels) as the user prefers. etc. And the upside is, Gmail client managed email can be accessed from any device (Windows, I-stuff, Android, Linux...)
AsheGuy 09/17/20 02:54pm Technology Corner
RE: New iPad

I agree with you, I like my Apple products too. I have the iPad, iPhone and iWatch.... they all sync together great!There is nothing unique about this. The fact that your list is limited to Apple products is why I don't do Apple. My wife and I use Google apps. My wife has an iPad, Pixel phone & Chromebook laptop and I have a Lenovo Win 10 laptop, Lenovo Win 10 desktop PC, a Pixel phone, a Samsung tablet, and another desktop PC at a second home with Linux Mint running on it. Our google apps run and sync on all these platforms for my wife and my respective accounts. This covers 99% of our tech tasks and the other 1% are my non-cloud apps (graphics editor, video editor & text editor) that only run on my Win 10 PCs.
AsheGuy 09/15/20 12:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading to a better phone

garmp I have had Samsung phones but have moved on to less expensive and better phones for my need. Lessons I have learned: Don't buy a phone from your carrier Buy an unlocked phone First unlocked phone I bought was a Motorola Moto phone that was cheap and very functional I moved up to Google pixel phones that are more expensive but still you can get really good buys if you buy one that has just been superseded by their latest model. The problem with Samsung phones for me is that since I am a Google app user on all my devices (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.) I don't need or want all the Samsung stuff that they put on their phones but they cannot be deleted. Here is an example of an inexpensive Motorola Moto phone that would easily meet your needs: Motorola Moto g phone My wife who is technically illiterate first inherited my Moto phone and then later a Pixel phone and she loved them both after moving from a Samsung phone. Carriers will provide a sim card to connect any customer's unlocked phone to their network.
AsheGuy 09/12/20 01:26pm Technology Corner
RE: 2007 roadtrek adventurous need help

We have a 2005 LTV diesel Sprinter van that we bought new and now have just over 150K miles on it. Would buy the same RV again if we were to do it over again. Average MPG over those miles has been 21 MPG and that is over many mountains in our many long trips two of which were to Alaska.
AsheGuy 09/06/20 08:33am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Blogging website - recommendations?

I've been using the Google Blogger for years to document our travels for family and friends and it hasn't cost me a penny. You may have needs I don't understand but it has met my needs. Our blog link is in signature section at bottom.
AsheGuy 07/20/20 10:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

But - you do have to be a special person to own a B.
AsheGuy 06/23/20 09:54am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

so " Like the Roadtrek 200 being a C and the Roadtrek 210 being a B, this is confusing and just plain silly." one could be in your "club" and the other couldn't? bumpyThey both are RV conversions using a chassis that came from the factory as a van so they are both Class Bs. No confusion except for whoever wrote the statement you are quoting.
AsheGuy 06/20/20 11:54pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

and all of this B, B+, C- etc makes any difference??????????? bumpyIt does to groups associated to the different classes of RVs. There is no point in having such a group unless there is a clear definition of what RVs are a part of the group. This forum is one example and it is properly named "Camping Van Conversions" that caters to Class B owners, although activity on this forum has almost come to a halt. Another example is the Annual Class B Rally that has to limit attendance to what most RV parks can handle. Small Class C's have to be declined as there are always more true class Bs than can be handled. B-Rally website B-Rally FB Group
AsheGuy 06/20/20 03:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

The RVIA RV Class definitions as posted above by mumkin have been repeatedly posted on this forum many times. Nonetheless people still choose to contribute their own two cents worth. The RV marketing people are the ones that contribute to the confusion by using the "B+" alternative that has no real definition but I guess they think it will help sales of their small Class C by implying smallness or something. A so called B+ (there is no definition for a B+) is simply a Class C on the small end of a Class C's length range. It comes up in this forum a lot because posters do not use the correct forum for their RV's class when posting. You won't find B+ mentioned anywhere on the RVIA website.
AsheGuy 06/19/20 04:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Android question

Problem with Android, every manufacturer has its own way of doing thing. That's why I love my PixelMy sentiments exactly, I have been a Google apps fan from their beginning. Pixels do not have all the unwanted apps on top of Android.
AsheGuy 05/11/20 09:36am Technology Corner
RE: Cd's into zip drive so I can play them in new car

Now I'm curious... I have a USB ZIP drive somewhere, I wonder if I load a paltry 250mb of audio files on a disk, would my truck read it?No. ??? I used Media Monkey to copy all our CD collection (~150 CDs, 9GB) as mp3 files to a USB drive the size of my thumbnail and the last three cars I have had all play play them with no problem at all. Depending on how new the car is, you can play them randomly, by artist, by album, etc.
AsheGuy 05/01/20 03:10pm Technology Corner
RE: New Cell Phone Choice

As an added bonus, (my DW is not easy on phones) neither of us has ever cracked a screen on these. They must use good glass!I have a Pixel 3 and I dropped it three times in a row on a concrete sidewalk within a 20 minute period. Each time I thought this is not going to be good but on the first two drops there was no damage. On the third drop the glass was slightly cracked on the upper right corner. First of all, I made a pledge to always focus on what I am doing when I take my phone out of my pocket. :) I ordered myself a new Pixel 3 from Google (luckily they were on sale at the time) and when it was delivered I sent my phone with the broken glass to Google for repair (it still worked normally). It came back looking like new and my wife decided she wanted to use it to replace her Moto G 5S Plus because the Pixel was a little smaller and felt better in her hand. The Moto G ended up with a grandson whose phone died when he was visiting with us. So we are a two Pixel family now and have been for a year and I have not dropped my phone again.
AsheGuy 04/14/20 11:51am Technology Corner
RE: New Cell Phone Choice

If you haven't bought anything yet, we went with Googles phones after our banking apps wouldn't work with our old Samsung S3s. We absolutely LOVE them, and the improvement in cameras and not having Samsungs crappy interface on top of the Android stuff made them a breeze to use. If I can help it, I will not be using any more Samsung phones, and will be sticking with the Pixels as long as we can afford them. BTW, our Pixels are not tied to any carrier, and will work with them all. I am currently with Straighttalk, and my DW is with Google FI. We are considering switching to Visible, but not ready to make the jump yet. I know Visible will let you use the hotspot as will Google FI, but Straighttalk will not. Exactly our experience, we have had Samsung and Moto phones but my last three phones have been unlocked Google phones and I will never go back. The Moto phones are unlocked and priced lower than most and we had no problem with them. But the Google Pixel series have excellent cameras. Having an unlocked phone separates you from the carrier and Samsung apps that are not needed but can't be removed.
AsheGuy 04/14/20 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Quick Assist for quarantine support

I would imagine that Apple offers the same complete access so that someone from their Genius Bar (no doubt working from home now) can help you through your problems. DaveGoogle Chrome runs on Windows, Apple & Linux platforms and its Chrome Remote Desktop provides this remote help function on any platform. It not only works fine for remote help to others but I use it to get to my home desktop PC (that I leave on 24/7) from wherever I am with my laptop.
AsheGuy 04/09/20 07:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Your Favorite Browser?

Whenever I go online using Chrome or Edge, I am always amazed at the amount of popups and ads. Most people I talk to don't even know that programs other than Edge and Chrome are available.Adblocker works on Chrome just like it does on Firefox.
AsheGuy 04/01/20 08:29am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook questions

If you are doing taxes professionally using software ON YOUR COMPUTER then a Chromebook won't work,, But if you use an online program like I do so the actual computing is done else where (There is a security risk in that) it does. I started using Credit Karma several years ago to easily track my credit scores and began using their online tax filing feature when they added it. I've filed my taxes the last four years with it. I used Turbo Tax for many years but I will never go back. It's all free with Credit Karma including online US and state tax filing. Regarding online security risks, no one quits driving due to the risk of death on the road, odds probably are about the same in both situations. Here is a quote from a Credit Karma vs Turbo Tax review: "If you have fairly normal taxes that include things like W-2 or 1099 income, investments, a mortgage and property taxes, and common deduction and credit situations, both stand equal. For business owners, it seems that TurboTax has an edge."
AsheGuy 03/28/20 08:24am Technology Corner
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