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RE: Half ton towing

Experienced towers know the importance of the cargo capacity, but most "newbies" do not. There is very little education for them. Unfortunately, most, if not all, YouTube reviewers, let alone the manufacturers, will tout the amazing number of pounds the truck is rated to pull, yet they never mention the cargo capacity which is the most important number since it's so easy to exceed. I wish all the reviewers would talk about the cargo number during their "reviews".
Atlee 01/17/22 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Running the generator all night

Hello all, so we have been to a few harvest hosts and its been hot, i don't know why, but I am apprehensive about letting the generator run all night. should I be? Does anyone else do this or do you run your generator all night. The only time I use the generator is at a harvest hose like every two weeks or so. Just ask the Host. They will let you know their policy. Then do as they say. This should be what anyone does wherever they park overnight.
Atlee 07/18/21 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator/Inverter Mounted over Propane Tanks??

I have been carrying 2 Honda EU2000i generators plus an extended run gas tank, plus 4 2.5 gal gas cans, for a decade and a half. The only problem I've found is the generators are getting heavier as I get older. A little story. In 2014, we were visiting Hoover Dam during our cross country RV trip. I had to go through a checkpoint before parking in the parking deck. Had to lift up the tonneau cover to show what was in the bed of the truck. I had all kinds of emergency equipment, like an air compressor, plus 2 generators and 16 gallons of gas. No problem for the inspector. I was then allowed to park in the parking deck.
Atlee 07/18/21 06:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator/Inverter Mounted over Propane Tanks??

8:00 am starting genset for the first time after it sitting. Pull rope repeatedly, turn key. Everything cranks and spins but it won't start! How old is this gas? Maybe I need a fresh tank. Is it bad gas or gummed carb? Did I use Stabil? Never had any starting issues with LP....and the beat goes on. If the gas generators are periodically exercised, no problem at 8:30 am.
Atlee 07/18/21 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Bad lands area

Many years ago Crazy Horse and Deadwood were 4 star places but they have become tourist traps. You can get a good view of Crazy Horse from the road and save a expensive entrance fee. Gambling has ruined Deadwood unless you like gambling. The boot hill cemtary is worth a short vist. "here lies Less More - four shots fro a 44 - no less no More! Wrong Boot Hill. "No Les , No More" lies buried in Boot Hill at Tombstone, AZ.
Atlee 07/02/21 07:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electrical question

Lol, meter is broke. IMO, you did you due diligence... So in other words ,just continue with your free electricity , although you should be paying for it. He notified them. His conscience is clear. He can't force them to fix the problem. Sure his conscience is clear, does that change the fact he should be paying the same as the rest . Sounds like from a few of you its okay as long as he can get away with it, he did his part :h What is he supposed to do? Stop using electricity? If he has notified the owners that the meter seems to be broken, yet the owner still doesn't do anything to fix it, it's not the OP's fault. OP isn;t "getting away with anything". He's done what he could do. If the owner is so little concerned, or so lazy to do anything, it's on the owner.
Atlee 07/02/21 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running the generator all night

Whats an HH location?Free overnight stays at attractions. Of course rather than pay for fuel all night for a generator, it would probably be more economical, quieter and less worrisome to stay in a nearby campground and pay for electricity. Dave Quieter? Maybe. Less worrisome? Maybe. More economical? Probably not. The campgrounds I just visited in the last two weeks were charging north of $40 a night, and these were not destination type CG's, if you get my drift. I might spend $12 in gas a night assuming I'm running the A/C.
Atlee 06/18/21 05:13am General RVing Issues
RE: New trailer, new generator?

I do, and all my friends who I tailgate with run 2 Honda's or Champions in parallel. If we need air, we run both, if we don't need air, we just run one. Here's my idea, currently I have the Yamaha SC2000i generator (2000 starting 1600 running). I can get another SC2000i for $500 and run them in parallel. I can save myself about $500, I still have a very quiet set up, can only run one when I don't need the extra power, etc... Does anyone else run small gennies in parallel? Thanks Brian
Atlee 06/18/21 04:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight of travel trailer

What is the ideal weight of a travel trailer you can pull with a F-150 4x4 Ford with towing package?? Ideally, if you could find another unicorn like I have, you'd be good. 3.5L EB, 3.73 rear, 6sp xmission, 2,286# cargo capacity, 4800# rear axle. Mine came with Max Tow and HD Package.
Atlee 06/08/21 11:56am Travel Trailers
RE: The Bowlus is Back

That seems to be for folks with more money than sense.
Atlee 06/07/21 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Agree with the others. Take the money and buy a new one. You have learned a valuable lesson, and fortunately didn't cause you physical pain. With a trailer or other large RV, every thing is magnified. Longer to get to speed, longer to stop. Easier to roll in a corner. Need longer time to pass. Need more space to change lanes. Glad no one was hurt.
Atlee 06/06/21 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a new trailer

It is a hoot when a scene starts in one, then moves smoothly to the other. The magic of cinema, where the impossible seems likely. In 2014, we did the deluxe tour of Warner Bros studio. Wonderful experience. It's amazing what film makers, and the film editors can do.
Atlee 04/24/21 05:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Camco Trailer Aid did not aid at all

The Trailer Aid Plus I have worked on my 2017 Jayco Jay Flight 23RB. It had 3500# tandem axles. They definitely were not Torsion axles. I ordered Goodyear tires for the Apex, decided I'd take the wheels / Castle Rocks off myself and take them to the shop. Pulled up on the Camco Trailer Aid and the tire didn't lift any at all. The shackles simply transferred the weight to the tire on the ground. So after 30 minutes of prep unhooking everything, swapping hitches, hooking up, moving twice, removing RV hitch from truck....I got out the trusty jacks and two spare tires. 30 minutes later I was done removing all four tires the old fashioned way. One spare on each side, one jack under the front springs. Sometimes it pays to trust your instincts and not the sales pitch LOL! Yep. Those only work on the torsion type axles.
Atlee 04/13/21 06:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: CAT Scale Weights

To those who have replied, you are correct. There was a typo in the #1 weigh. The rear axle was 3480#, not the 3780# I originally typed. I have corrected the number. The correct number is now in bold in the original post. The tongue weight is now the difference between 7200# and 7920# or 720#.
Atlee 03/29/21 03:29pm Towing
RE: CAT Scale Weights

Had my wife and I. When I'm traveling, my bed is pretty full. I always carry a small air compressor. plus a small floor jack. I have tool box. We do a lot of non camp ground "camping", such as football games. I have provide my on power, so I carry 2 Honda 2000 generators, plus a six gallon extended run gas tank, plus 4 2.5 gallon cans. And remember, I have an 8' foot long fiberglass cap. Your truck weighs 7200? I see it’s an 8’ box and steel? But by comparison my 2020 w/ Max Tow and HDPP and full of fuel weighs 5860 with me and the 5th wheel hitch. My rear axle is 2560. You’re almost 1300lbs heavier just on the rear axle! BTW your math doesn’t add up for the truck weight 3720+3780=7500 which makes it more unbelievable! Do you have a rock collection you bring camping?
Atlee 03/29/21 11:13am Towing
CAT Scale Weights

Friday, weighed my truck and trailer at the truck stop a few miles from my house. Both truck and trailer were in their normal travel trim. The truck is a 2014 F150, XLT, Supercab, 4x4, 8' bed, Max Tow and HDPP. It has a 163" WB. GVWR=8200#, GCWR=17,100#, GAWR-F=4050#, GAWR-R=4800#, CCC=2286#, LT245/75R17 LRE, Hitch WT=11,500#, Tongue WT=1150#, 3.73 Limited Slip (mechanical, not electronic) rear end. , It has a 36gallon tank and it was full. The trailer is a Coachmen Freedom Express 20SE (Special Edition). GVWR=6000#, EW=4140#. ccc=1860#. Axles=2800# each, ST205/75R14 LRD tires. FW tank (50 gallon) is slightly behind the axles and was 2/3 full. GW and BW (33 gallon each) are just forward of the axle and were empty. 1st weigh (truck only). Front=3720#, Rear=3480#, Total=7200#. 2nd weight (W/O WDH bars (in the truck bed)). Front=3380#, Rear=4540#, Trailer=4620#, Total=12,540#. 3rd weigh (With WDH bars). Front=3500#, Rear 4380#, Trailer=4680#, Total=12,560# A little tweaking may be in order to move a little weight back to the front axle.
Atlee 03/29/21 06:50am Towing
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

I think DVD players will be around a while longer, just not made by people like Samsung, etc. My new trailer's entertainment center (actually just a small AM/FM radio) didn't come with a DVD/CD player. I'm old and still like CD's and DVD's. Do I ordered a relatively inexpensive ($32.xx) Chinese made Ceihoit player. Very simple and plays what I want to play. As I said, I suspect these type of players will be available for as long as I want to use them. Recently Samsung has discontinued production of all blu ray players as a result of streaming taking their place. DVD sales have also been dropping. RV parks have never been known to handle movie streaming on WiFi. We've always watched movies on DVD or Blu Ray in our RV. Streaming is not an option. So will watching movies in our RV be phased out over the coming years?
Atlee 03/26/21 05:54am Technology Corner
RE: These are a few mods I have done

Thanks. We got her the end of February in Florida. Put in Navy terms, the tow home to Virginia was like sea trials after the ship builder basically finished her. After the "sea trial", she went back into the "yard" to fix anything that was found wrong, thus the mods. This past week, we've cleared out any tools that are left behind at the "yard", and we've been provisioning her with equipment and stuff that stays aboard permanently. Plus food, drink and clothes. T0day she's delivered to the fleet, and we're taking her out on a short 2 day "shake down" cruise. You made good use of your down time during the pandemic. :C Thanks for sharing.
Atlee 03/26/21 05:44am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: These are a few mods I have done

The current last mod is simply a temporary fix for holding up the bed platform in order to use the under bed storage. This trailer, a Coachmen Freedom Express 20SE, did not not come with struts. I'm going to order a pair of struts, but until then, this is my fix. The temporary bed lift. Notched end at the bottom. Cleat at the top.
Atlee 03/26/21 12:30am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: These are a few mods I have done

This mod involved replacing the nearly useless Ventline fan with a Heng's Vortex II fan. It's not quite as good as a Fantastic Fan or a Max Air fan, but it's a lot less expensive and doesn't require breaking the roof seal. I had to get a friend who is more "tool friendly" than I am. It wasn't as easy an install as the various You Tube videos indicated, at least for me. This is the original Ventline install. The Vortex II in the box. This is the Vortex out of the box. Old fan stripped out. Vortex II installed.
Atlee 03/26/21 12:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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