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RE: Recommended jack stand ground support plates.

2x8 cut into 12" sections. They double as leveling blocks for wheels, can be put in campfire when they break, and are easily and cheaply replaced every year or so, wherever I am.
Avid Fox 05/27/21 04:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck bed camper shim

My Ford SD 350 bedrails are higher at the back than the front, so it does look tail heavy with TC on. Bed is also crowned some, about .5" or so just in front of rear axle. Rubber shims at the tail made it feel less rocking horse like. It's annoying, but not troublesome.
Avid Fox 05/27/21 04:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Happijac question....

You said unloaded "for the first time". We must assume they would stop at full extension, rather than slow down. I'm going to suggest some maintenance disassembly and grease on the internal screws might help. Maybe it's just pushing too much resistance in an area of the screws that didn't see much use prior to your tall truck. I've had HJs on my AF1150 for 6 years, and never had an issue if the batteries are charged.
Avid Fox 05/27/21 03:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Off road 19.5" wheels and tires for 350/3500 SRW

Sure is interesting the different "ideal" set ups for everyone. Personally, I really like a dry bath rig; but others see the perfect rig as a pop up with almost no fresh or gray tank capacity. Glad there's something for everyone... And we don't have to agree. Only my wife and I have to agree.
Avid Fox 05/19/21 04:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Off road 19.5" wheels and tires for 350/3500 SRW

Just how much gear are you expecting to bring along with your pop up TC??? A 350 series truck will likely be more than adequate with its standard trim.
Avid Fox 05/19/21 04:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

Singles look like too much work for me.
Avid Fox 05/18/21 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

"Don't you run out of room btwn the DR tires when aired all the way down?" You would if you didn't space them correctly. 285s need wider rims than stock also, which use 245s. Yeah, there would be some expenses... prob about $5000. Maybe super singles are not such a bad investment after all.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 05:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

Nice job! I've not seen that done before, but clearly it works. Adding a little width to the swing-out dually brackets can be done easily. The F450 pickup bed width is a few inches wider across the dually fenders than the F350’s, so I had to extend my swing out brackets. I used 3” wide flat stock, 3/16” thick, and sandwiched the jack and bracket between two layers. Don’t extend them too much, or you could hit the cab with the jack when you swing them in. Mine end up pretty close to the front tiedowns, so I have to center the camper in the bed carefully. :):)
Avid Fox 05/16/21 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

I don't think a widening adapter on the front brackets would be much extra stress, unless it was abused. They are already wide enough to torque themselves off and break the corner supports if stressed badly enough. An extra 2" per side likely requires the same amount of care when down as the OEM parts. It would be awesome to float over the sand in a camper like a sand rail, but the noise on the other 95% of road driving would be super annoying. For me, ideal tires for a dually would be 285 sized, load range G, working air range from 20-110psi, and with a BFG KO2 type tread. But, they don't make it... Probably for technical or engineering reasons.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 03:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

We are going to be getting a new TC and fairly new Truck probably in the coming year, I plan on retiring on 12/31/21. (If I make it) My wife loves the Adventurer 901 DB with a full wall slide,California King mattress and the U shape dinette and me too. I know it’s a heavy camper and it needs a DRW , my question is can a Ford F3 50 dual rear wheel handle any Truck Camper out there? Or are there certain campers that need even more then a F3 50 DWR can handle? Back to the original question, YES, a 350 will handle it, and it will even ride ok if you add a leaf or three to the rear, and add lower stable loads, etc. And load your rig carefully, and watch your water weight distribution in the tanks. Or, like many folks, you may not be sensitive to any of it, and it'll be fine anyway. My f350 handles that weight and I'm mostly satisfied with it, but in truth, I'd rather have an f550.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 02:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

"Removing the TC - another thing to consider. How about these tires? Michelin X Force ZL 335/80r20" Well, that's what I mentioned also. Wider than 17x265s on a dually won't fit between the front jacks without mods to widen the brackets. Maybe that's the easy solution for wider duals... Widen the brackets. Those Michelin mog tires are too big and too loud for human use on the road. Big military tires often have severe speed restrictions too. I often travel at 75 mph on the open road.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 02:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Rancho shock question

On my old 2007 f250 with lance 845 camper, the Ranchos didn't make any difference at all over Ford stock shocks. I wouldn't buy them again. Also wasted money on a huge rear sway bar. Nor airbags for a truck camper... Too much like riding on a top heavy beach ball. I like hard steel springs much better for campers. In retrospect, I think the D rated 60psi tires of the F250 were a good part of the instability problems however. 80psi E tires of the 350 series are more stable.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 01:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

The only thing that makes the expense worth making, is if you use the rig a lot and get good regular enjoyment from it. If it sits idle much of the time, like many do, they can feel very expensive, and depreciate just the same.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 01:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

"The warranty cover oil pan gasket replacement, who require engine removal, so I can only guess what it would cost without warranty." I've had to replace that upper oil pan seal three times in my 16 F350. All under warranty. He said it would have been about $4500 each time if not under warranty. I'm going to get a new truck before the 100k engine warranty expires...
Avid Fox 05/16/21 01:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

A truck camper is the best RV I've ever owned. Four motorhomes class a and c, 5th wheel, a smaller Lance 845 TC, and for the last 5 years and 70k miles, the AF 1150. Go anywhere, stay anywhere, turn around anywhere. But it's just me and wife now, not with kids or dogs. Different rigs for different times of your life. This one is awesome for now. I've been wanting a TC for a number of years and finally retired so now is the time, right? Of course the pandemic hits, stock market tanks, we start a major remodel on our home, can't shop for either a truck or camper in person so I've been sitting on the sidelines watching prices go up and availability go down. I did throughly research virtually every type of RV and most TC brands and the components of TCs. Now if I order a Hallmark TC it'll probably be next year for delivery. My estimation of the economic effect of the pandemic on my personal situation was drastically wrong (thankfully); guess I'm a bit pessimistic or conservative financially. I've found over the years, for me, it's a better strategy to get what I want rather than making do and then "trade up" later. My point being a truck and camper is going to be the most expensive thing I've ever bought (outside of my kid's education) that wasn't a house. I think it's the right product so I can hunt, tow my boat and stay a couple nights at the lake, and bring my wife boondocking to some places she's never been. I hate hotels and eating out. She's ok w the purchase since I won't be paying w "our" money. We're in our early 60's but now too old to sleep on the ground anymore. LOL Just throwing the topic out to get an idea of how you guys convince yourselves to get off the fence or any other comments or thoughts.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 01:30pm Truck Campers
RE: External Holding Tanks for Extended Boon Docking

Perhaps a clear or semi clear tank, so you can tell when it's full? Dumping into a full tank would be gross when you had to disconnect... Just a bit of additional info... The estimated price of a septic system in this area can run between $30k and $50k when all is said and done. Part of the reason for the high cost is we are looking at building a large primary house and then a shop with a secondary living area so the septic will need to be sized quite large. That type of coin just isn't in the cards currently plus we couldn't even start until we have a full site plan figured out and that is going to take a couple of years. I'm thinking of something more like this. That would give me enough capacity for a week at a time and it could fit right under the trailer making it easy to use. I will just transfer the waste to this when the trailer tanks get full and then when this is full, have a pump out company come and service it. Grey water I will probably just let water some trees nearby an make sure we use appropriate biodegradable soaps and such. For fresh water we would get a similar tank approved for fresh water. There is possibly a spring on the property (have to confirm) so we might be able to refill from the spring. If that isn't possible, we will have to look at a water delivery service. I'm looking at spending maybe $1k to $3k to get going. This setup is intended to be temporary, 3 to 5 years tops with us using the trailer maybe for 1 to 2 weeks each of those years.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 01:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

I need something I can air down because we will be going to the beach with the camper on. Then it's a 350 or a crazy expensive super single setup. With an 1150 arctic fox on my 16 f350 cc drw diesel, I found I NEEDED suspension upgrades to drive well. You CAN drive it without, as many might do, but it feels tail heavy and steers very badly. It's a crummy toss up between the bigger 550 truck or being able to air down when needed. I'd love to have a new 550 with 19.5 x 285 duals that could fit between the front jacks and also go down to 20psi when needed, but that isn't an option avail. Beach or desert sand with a heavy truck camper is an interesting experience... Airing down is huge and like magic, you just float over the top. Not airing down is just waiting to be stuck as soon as you get off the gas or turn too tight. Ugh.
Avid Fox 05/16/21 12:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

I can carry two group 29s in my AF1150. Are they worth it?We just built a 200ah LifePo4 battery pack that fits inside a group 24 battery box for approx. $750 purchasing cells and BMS from US distributors (~$550 purchasing from China). I've easily gotten ~160ah out of this battery pack under high loads (>100a) discharging from 100 to ~20% SOC. You could easily fit two of these in your truck camper. This could provide you with 320-360ah of unrestricted, usable power without stressing the battery. LifePo4's can be discharged down to almost 10% SOC under extremely high loads with only a .2v to .3v voltage drop (lead cells drop 2-3 times as much). With proper cabling you'll have zero worries about low voltage inverter alarms. With 320-360ah you could power a typical 10k-11k truck camper a/c (120vac, 10-11a) for at least 3 hours (100 to 20% SOC) with the compressor running 100%. With the compressor cycling you could probably get 4-5 hours. Amazing performance from just two, small group 24 sized LifePo4 DIY battery packs! And what do you use for charging them? Are they in a truck or RV which use DC charging sources?
Avid Fox 04/21/21 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

Desert, mountains, generally unplugged. I usually hit a campground of some kind about every 4 days or so just to dump and fill.
Avid Fox 04/21/21 05:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

.... For my truck camper and boondocking, 300W of solar in summer gives me a surplus of power in summer, and FLA/AGM would be fine. Come winter with solar production way down and furnace times way up, I could only survive long stints with LiFePO4, hence I went LiFePO4 despite the cost. --tg You could spend $150 on 1000W inverter generator and survive it even better, although with less convenience. It is all about how much money you are willing to spend on doing nothing down the road. I already have a generator in the AF1150. I just don't like running it at 6am when coffee needs to be made, or when I want the electric mattress pad on. Inverters are awesome. Just last week I pulled the 100lb generator out of my camper. Rides better now too.
Avid Fox 04/21/21 03:13pm Truck Campers
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