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RE: Busy few weeks coming.....

Lee was 4th on Saturday and 1st on Sunday out of 66 dogs each day. We won the long road award (highest combined score for a dog trained by its handler). His prize money will go towards buying new tires for the van, the ones put on last week made the handling of our rig worse than the worn Michelins
BCSnob 08/25/19 04:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Busy few weeks coming.....

A section of the old copper water lines in our house (I’ve replaced some of the old lines) has developed a pin hole leak; so add to my plans replacing some sections of water lines Labor Day weekend. The trick is to replace the leaking section without creating a new leak in another section (like the hot and cold supply lines that run floor to ceiling inside the living room next to the wall).
BCSnob 08/19/19 05:56am RV Pet Stop
Busy few weeks coming.....

Next week I’m bringing home an old “friend” from my Father: 1966 Mustang GT fastback. He bought it the fall of my second year in college; it was for sale by a freshman. I had a 1966 coup at that time. Next weekend we will be taking our RV to a sheepdog trial. Lee and Grant will be running; the other border collies will be watching. We’re home for Labor Day weekend and the following weekend just me, my wife, and Lee will be driving to CO (without the RV). The preliminary round of 150 dogs is Tuesday-Friday. Hopefully we’ll make the top 40 which will run Saturday. I will be helping with a 2 day BAER and dna sample collection clinic in support of the Health and Education Foundation’s (I’m a director) ongoing efforts to identify the causative mutation for early adult onset deafness (onset at 3-7 year old) and building our dna sample database. Renee will also be getting a new puppy from a breeder/competitor coming from MO.
BCSnob 08/18/19 06:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

It’s difficult for one to know the ride dogs have in different locations )crated on the floor of a vehicle, bed of pick-up, floor of a motor home, floor of a trailer, etc) when ones point of reference is sitting on a foam seat.
BCSnob 08/17/19 07:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

And pets are not livestock headed to slaughter or auction.Livestock are transported to places other than action/slaughter; how do you think they get to fairs, farm shows, rodeos, sheepdog trials & demonstrations, other grazing locations (proscribed grazing projects), equestrian events, etc.
BCSnob 08/15/19 06:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

Some of you may find this educational others appalling How to transport a sled dog team
BCSnob 08/14/19 08:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

The rear of the trailer is the bounciest area.the “ride” is not equal in all rv trailers; some are bouncy and some are not. We could leave it room the counter in our previous trailer and they would stay put; not do in our current trailer. The same can be said for the “ride” in pick-ups. I suspect the “ride” depends upon the loaded weight relative to the max weight; much the the ride in an empty vs loaded dump truck.
BCSnob 08/14/19 06:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

Dogs are not livestock to be trailered. They are companion animals and should ride in the truck.our dogs are dogs not livestock or fur kids/fur babies. Take a look at how those charged with animal welfare transport the dogs under their care.
BCSnob 08/14/19 06:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

The American humane association seems to think its okay Note the airline crates inside their 5th wheel toy hauler There are lots of examples of mobile adoption trailers. A friend of ours just got their special ordered LQ horse trailer with the stall area setup for dog crates including a generator to run the AC in the stall area. Keys: Secured crate Proper temperature (controlled or do not travel when too hot)
BCSnob 08/14/19 04:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: dog food for old dog

BCSnob 08/06/19 07:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: dog food for old dog

I have BSL 2 lab work training and experience (testing human blood and serum samples). When your job entails developing new tests for biomarkers in human blood and serum samples you learn about pathogens and minimizing exposure risks. You can read about the 4 bsl levels here PhD in chemistry 25 years work experience as a research scientist at a biotech firm that develops, manufactures, and sells 100s of diagnostic tests used by pharmaceutical companies in drug development and research foundations for investigating human diseases. Enough expertise for you?
BCSnob 08/06/19 07:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: dog food for old dog

Unless your dog is 100% an inside dog it is already carrying lots of microbes; think about what dogs eat, lick, smell, walk on, lay on, etc .... Regardless of if we purposely feed them raw eggs or meat. A dog owners environment is already “contaminated”. The increased risk is more likely from the handling of pet food that now needs the extra precaution like handling raw ingredients in the kitchen; wash hands and bowls after feeding raw unlike when feeding kibble. Lee is a greater health risk to me after unloading sheep from our stock trailer at the livestock auction (where all the other livestock were unloaded) then after eating raw eggs. What microbe filled areas have your dogs been in (dog park, animal trail in the woods, static water, under a picnic table used by many people, etc). When we have fed raw meat, we fed it outside. Raw eggs are fed in crates. Direct exposure of raw feed to surfaces in the house is minimized.
BCSnob 08/06/19 05:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: dog food for old dog

I can’t see how the human health risks associated with feeding raw food to dogs is any different than the human health risks associated with handling raw meat and eggs in the kitchen while cooking. One just needs to pay attention and clean the surfaces exposed to the raw ingredients, be it in the kitchen or where the dog eats. While we’re on the subject of risks associated with feeding raw eggs; don’t forget about the risks of eating raw cookie and cake batter.
BCSnob 08/05/19 04:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dog won't go into RV

If your dog has never gone in the trailer on its own the issue is likely fear of the steps. If your dog has gone in at least once on its own, perhaps it is an issue with traction just inside the trailer at the top of the steps. Did the motor home have carpet at the top of the steps and does your trailer have vinyl? Your dog should not be able to back out of its collar; to me the collar sounds too loose and is a potential safety issue.
BCSnob 07/29/19 06:20am RV Pet Stop
RE: Blocking behind TT steps

Vinyl lattice cut to the right size and shape to bridge the gap between the xpen panels behind the steps. If the lattice openings won’t work with snaps or carabiners, you can drill holes in the vinyl. Good luck at your upcoming events; we’ll be competing next weekend.
BCSnob 07/06/19 07:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Power Co Tree Trimmers Let Wendy Loose

We have had is with Asphludh in the past
BCSnob 07/03/19 03:38pm RV Pet Stop
Power Co Tree Trimmers Let Wendy Loose

Wife looked out kitchen window to see two Asphludh trucks driving into field (without asking) and in the process let Wendy loose. No one came to let wife know Wendy was out. Wife happen to see Wendy in neighbors field and was able to catch her. Asphludh was crossing our field to access State land where the power lines run. They’ve been told repeatedly there is road access to the state land on the other side of the state land. It’s easier for them to trespass across our land to access the state land.
BCSnob 07/03/19 03:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Out the window

Tethered to the front of the bed will prevent neck injuries due to sudden stops; dog will travel towards the tether. Neither tethering or loose in a shell will prevent impact injuries due to a sudden stop. Both options are unsafe. Easy to come up with safe options to transport one or two dogs; one just has to decide to make it a priority.
BCSnob 07/03/19 03:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Out the window

I don’t see how tethering in the bed or loose in a camper shell is any different in terms of safety. Neither provide much limit to the distance the dog may travel before hitting a restraint (bed/camper shell wall or end of tether).
BCSnob 07/03/19 10:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: Out the window

Makes me cringe (for several reasons, including what occurred here) every time I see a dog head sticking out a car window.
BCSnob 07/02/19 04:47pm RV Pet Stop
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