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RE: Quiet generators

It depends on the location of the off-grid camping spot and length of stay, etc., but long running gen times for air conditioning could be more practical with propane. There are dual fuel gens and you can use those really big propane tanks that can be delivered to your spot by a propane company. Or have the extend-a-stay set up using smaller bottles. IMO a set of two gens with parallel kit would be the way to go for that scenario too. A single gen that can do it would be too heavy for one person to deal with. (BTDT with Honda 3000)
BFL13 10/16/19 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery (really solar panel) Disconnect Question

The Morningstar manual says it is an NEC requirement to have disconnects on the array and also on the battery side. It seems more like a safety issue with the high panel voltages. They also say the controller can be damaged. There is also the need with 12/24 controllers to first connect the battery to let the controller learn what system voltage is before connecting the array. I have had my controllers on array but not battery at times with no issues, but maybe just lucky.
BFL13 10/16/19 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Battery (really solar panel) Disconnect Question

Yeah the charge controller I inherited with this setup is a Chinese LMS unit. I don't see anything in the sparse (key word) documentation that says to avoid having panels wired to the controller unit if you don't have a battery bank wired up/connected at the same time. From the LMS manual: Caution: For secure installation, must follow below connect sequence: First battery, second load, and the last photovoltaic panel. …………………………………………………………………
BFL13 10/16/19 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Battery (really solar panel) Disconnect Question

Some controllers can be damaged by leaving them connected to the array side and disconnecting the battery side. Check the controller's manual on that. Eg, Morningstar warns about it.
BFL13 10/16/19 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Question

Your converter is working (you have 12v on shore power) but your house battery is low (no 12v without shore power) but the alarm still chirps even though you have 12v on shore power. Your alarm might be one with its own little batteries that are low. Meanwhile your house battery is low even though the converter works. So the converter charging is not reaching the battery or else it just can't be recharged anymore.
BFL13 10/15/19 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

Not on topic really, but anyway---where is the connection for running these dual fuel jobs on propane? Can't figure it out from the photos here.
BFL13 10/15/19 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

As an aside, beware the clock radio might not keep proper time on a MSW inverter. I am curious whether it would. The clock in the MW is reported not to keep time on MSW, but that might be a different thing.
BFL13 10/15/19 07:38am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Fridge not working on electric, but does on propane?

When you had no 120v to the fridge did anything else 120v work? IE did the pedestal have power?
BFL13 10/15/19 06:18am Tech Issues
RE: flooring

Tiles can lift a bit, which would make an edge for the sliding things to catch on, which would make things worse. If you can't just paint it, IMO a sheet of something smooth and thin would be better that you can cut for the wires etc. Not vinyl though, which can also get a gouge in it that would snag things.
BFL13 10/14/19 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

I found out some more-- PowerMax gens have DUCAR engines. That led to this website, which shows their line of inverter-gens, which includes that 2500w one that was mentioned for Westinghouse. The "about us" says they make things for several brands and their factory is in China. More info. Pulsar "makes" them for about 10 different brands including PowerMax. Some are labelled "Ford", which is where that confusion came from: Pulsar has its own brand on some of the DUCAR related gens. Can't find where Pulsar and DUCAR connect that makes it seem like Pulsar is where they come from if you are a Brand.
BFL13 10/14/19 03:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

Apparently there are only about seven makers for engines that go in these portable generators, so several brands will have the same look and specs depending on who makes them and sticks the brand labels on. I understand that Ford makes the PowerMax gens for them, and looking at a collection of gens on Amazon, you can see several identical models of assorted brands including a Westinghouse. It is like some years ago, when buying stick-house stoves or washing machines. Lots of different brands all made in the same factory! :)
BFL13 10/14/19 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Fridge not working on electric, but does on propane?

Mine has two glass fuses on the fridge's circuit board. A 3 amp for the 12v stuff and a 5 amp for the 120v element. However, first check that the fridge has 120v where you plug it into a receptacle. That receptacle might be dead from a popped circuit breaker or from being on a GFCI circuit where the GFCI has popped.
BFL13 10/14/19 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

The Honda 3000 (had one for 15 years, sold it--too big for the MH we got) is very quiet with a low pitch that is easy on the ears. IMO a gen noise is not just about whether you can hear it, but how hard it is on the ears. IMO a Honda 2000w is not in the same category as a 3000. You can hear it. The MH we have came with a Hyundai 2000w that ran, but the inverter was toast as it turned out. The engine was very loud and at a high pitch that was hard to bear. That may have been due to the inverter being broken, don't know. Ended up with a Briggs & Stratton P2200 that was on sale at 60% of regular price. It is not very loud at all, and has a lower sort of pitch that is not hard on the ears. I have no side by side comparison with a Honda 2200 to go by. I really like the P2200, but wish it had a fuel gauge. I liked having one on the Honda 3000 we had. The P2200 runs at 1700VA, as confirmed by Kill-A-Watt while it runs the non-PF corrected 75 amp converter/charger at 75 amps. This gets the overload warning light flashing, but it still runs for as long as it takes until amps taper to 68 amps, when that overload light stops flashing and turns green. I do that with it every time, and it is fine after a year so far, so I can recommend it as being reliable. The P2200 has a bigger engine like the Honda 2200 compared with the 2000s. I would be suspicious of any 2200 that has only an 80. You want that extra for when running at max like I do with mine. Here it is in action.]
BFL13 10/14/19 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

"My rig is a 2017 Newmar Ventana LE. My understanding was that if I needed to run ANYTHING - i.e., my lights, tv, clock radio, microwave display - that the inverter needed to be "on"... the fridge does run on propane when not plugged into shore power, as does the WH." You first need to identify which things are 120v and which are 12v. Also note the fridge and some other things that have temperature controls, need 12v to run the controls even when the appliance is on 120v. The 12v things will work even with no inverter (which is just another 12v thing) Next identify which 120v things are on inverter. Your microwave and clock are for sure as noted in the OP. The fridge will stay on 120v unless you force it to be on propane if any 120v is available. The WH is on 120v or propane by manually switching. You have a transfer switch between shore power and generator, but also one in the inverter so it will power things with no shore power or gen supply. Not everything will operate from the inverter (air conditioner won't) but the fridge and WH could well be wired to do so, and that would run the batteries down quickly as described in the OP. I gather the power has been turned off in parts of your area due to the fires, so you need to learn how your rig works. Hope you are in a safe spot.
BFL13 10/12/19 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

Seems you were running on inverter for your 120v needs and that ran the batteries down enough so the inverter shut down. There would still be enough battery to run the usual 12v things -lights, fans, etc. When off-grid, you need to "power manage" what the inverter is running so the batteries can keep up. Put the fridge on propane, WH on propane, limit use of 120v appliances. When not watching it, unplug the TV set, don't just turn it "off", which leaves it on. All kinds of tricks to get by longer before you need to recharge the batteries. At some stage you do need to recharge them, no big deal, but best if they can be done during the day instead of at 3am! :)
BFL13 10/12/19 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

If we were to get the gen fired up, that should charge the batts. too, right? Not likely since shore power doesn't. Either one is supposed to provide 120v power to the charger that does the house battery bank. The gen probably uses the house battery bank as its own battery to start the gen. But those batteries are maybe dead. Does the engine start and run? If so, the alternator should send 12v power back to the house systems, and that might help with starting the generator. You might start the gen from jumper cables from the house batts to a car battery if you can park close enough. If you guys know anybody with a MH, he could help check things out.
BFL13 10/07/19 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

Do the steps on a Class A operate from the house or engine battery?
BFL13 10/07/19 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

The "trickle charger" would be either a converter or an inverter charger. It should put out 13.6 volts approx. unless it is in "boost" at 14.4 approx. The voltage you see at the battery posts depends on how far up in charge they are at first, but it should rise from there to that charger voltage. Same as in your own RV.
BFL13 10/07/19 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Thread

No one that fits all. Just ask a particular question. For general info, check the owner's manuals for any of the solar controller makers, such as Morningstar or EP Solar.
BFL13 10/01/19 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: New 6 volt golf cart batteries seem not to be charging

Mex, in the OP he said he has two 6s.
BFL13 09/30/19 01:41pm Tech Issues
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