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RE: Beaux Bridge Camping World

If the location is close by the OP, they could drive by to look to see if they are doing remodeling, or if there are signs saying "We are Done" on the door. If the OP isn't close by, then asking Corporate is a valid question. If I were Corporate, I would gladly let a potential customer know if that location has been downsized or is being remodeled, but there is Location X over here that can meet their needs, or they can use Online retailing.
BadgerMcAdams 09/16/20 10:19am Camping World Accessories
RE: About to buy Rebuilt TT (previous salvage) Please help!

Honestly? Okay, let me go to a junk yard and get a car that was in just a minor fender bender. I'll knock the dents out, maybe replace a fender or two, shoot some paint on it, and PRESTO!!! Here is a car for you! It retails at 14,999 but I'll sell it to you for oh...$7,500. How can you go wrong with this?!? 1) It will come with a Salvage or Restored Salvage Title. This is to indicate that at one time, this vehicle was wrecked to the point of being considered not worth repairing. The insurance company wrote it off, saying that the cost to repair the vehicle would probably be more that it is worth. It is considered Salvage, which means Junk. 2) That Salvage or Restored Salvage title will make it VERY hard for you to insure the item. Insurance companies MIGHT insure the item, but your premiums are going to be 2 to 5 times higher than those for an undamaged item. The insurance company can look at the records of the item and see the notes/information for the item's damage to which you may not have access. 3) IF BY CHANCE, an insurance company will cover it, I would be willing to bet that there will be several provisions added to the policy stating that ANY future claims of damage, not resulting from a NEW accident, will not be covered and you get to eat the repair costs. 4) If in the future, you find a better trailer that meets every single need you want and decide to use this one as a trade in...Yeah, that probably won't happen. The dealer is going to either see the Salvage Title, or do a CARFAX type search for you trailer using the VIN number, and see that this trailer has a past. They will then tell you that they can't take your trade. 5) If you decide to sell it in a private sale, the second the purchaser sees that Salvage Title, they are going to start asking LOTS of questions about it. Odds are you are not going to sell it, or will, but for an extremely reduced price. 6) That $4,000 dollars saved on the purchase of a WRECKED trailer? You will be lucky if you don't spend that and more chasing repairs and problems that were either not caught by the Salvage Crew who "repaired" the trailer, or one day, you and your family will be hauling that trailer down the highway when it catastrophically fails. Then you have not only your insurance to deal with, but possibly the insurance company of the other vehicle(s) that were hit or damaged by your trailer when it disintegrated at 65 mph. I'm pretty sure that that $4,000 dollars won't do squat in trying to cover the damages. It is up to it or not. But I don't think there has been a single person on here so far that has said, HEY GO FOR IT!!! There are a lot of years of experience gathered here on this forum, telling you that this isn't a great idea...I'd take their advice. Yes, this is the trailer of your dreams, but it could become your absolutely worst nightmare.
BadgerMcAdams 09/01/20 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: New trailer heating options

The only downside for a Mr. Buddy type heater is that they put out a lot of moisture from the burning propane. Take precautions that you let the trailer "dry out" during the day.
BadgerMcAdams 08/21/20 09:36am Travel Trailers
RE: TT Insurance

One thing to remember about insurance is where you live makes a difference as to what you get charged. And that even applies in the same city location. Years ago when I moved to Arizona because Uncle Sam decided I needed to experience the fun of 110+ summers, I moved into an apartment located in Glendale Arizona. My vehicle insurance went up quite a bit from where I was living in Texas (Amarillo to be specific). After a year or so, I was able to get a nice place that was much closer to the base (8 miles). I went to the insurance guy (Jake from State Farm), and told them that I was in a new place. They banged and hammered on the keyboard, and Surprise!!! My rate dropped $150.00 over a 6 month period. I asked why, and was told that since I had moved into a "Safer" zip code, my insurance rate was dropped. It had nothing to do with my age (I was 30 at the time), my health, my credit rating...Nothing but the fact that I had moved 8 miles into a different zip code. The other day I was looking at trailers and went to the Progressive site to get a guesstimated quote...$121 a year. I couldn't gripe about that. Didn't get the trailer, but it was nice to know that at least the insurance wouldn't bend me over the barrel. Your Mileage May Differ...See Dealer for Details.
BadgerMcAdams 08/18/20 08:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Roadside Non-Assistance

Lwiddis, So you think that if you pay for a service you shouldn't receive that service? Use to much and it may be cancelled next year, but to not receive the service you paid for? Me thinks you're wrong!! Unfortunately Catrider, that is the way of Good Sam and others like them. They want you to pay for their services and hope that you don't use them. There have been several people on here who posted that they paid for the service, some for many years, and never used it. Then when they actually need it due to the misfortunes of the road, they get the call or letter telling them, "We are sorry that you have chosen not to renew your roadside assistance plan with us...blahblahblah". I know of two people who had GEICO insurance when I was active duty who were in accidents, and shortly thereafter, were notified that they were no longer eligible for GEICO coverage. Insurance companies (no matter who runs it) are hoping that you will pay them every month/year to keep coverage and never need it. In the event that you do, they will then try and find a way to cut you loose when you get expensive...expensive meaning any amount. Cutting into their profit is not a good thing, and they don't give a flying hoot about matter what they say.
BadgerMcAdams 07/22/20 09:02am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Shipping on Purchases at Camping World

That's because 'Free Shipping' cuts into 'The Profit'
BadgerMcAdams 05/15/20 09:19am Good Sam Club
RE: Thank you Good Sam

I was beginning to think this portion of the forums was broken...Glad that your situation turned out well.
BadgerMcAdams 02/28/20 08:18am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Quality versus Price

I agree with OasisBob...While not a Heartland model, in the Outdoors RV forum, a gentleman picked up a new 2020 trailer and headed home, got 100 miles down the road (highway, not dirt roads - even though ORV claims theirs are made for off-road use) and the Rear Window Valence came off and landed on the dinette table. Product quality is the lowest amount that a manufacturer can get away with and that a buyer will accept. Until we the consumer stand up and tell the manufacturers (with our LACK of purchases) that we do not accept their product, they will continue to spew out junk as fast as their worker's crazy legs can move.
BadgerMcAdams 10/28/19 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Unbelievable... CW-SierraReno can only sked, in 2 months???

With that kind of customer service, I wonder how they stayed in business. Sadly, because once they have your money, they don't care.
BadgerMcAdams 10/23/19 10:08am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Camping etiquette

Knock on wood (tapping the side of my head) I have not had a camping experience ruined by other campers...Now, Mother Nature and the lovely wildlife (the skunk that wandered into the camp the last time we went camping) are another thing.
BadgerMcAdams 10/22/19 10:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

ksg, "probable cause" will get a warrant issued. The SC cases approving ag inspections don't need "probable cause" or a warrant. Its not a "search" but an "inspection." This is a PEST issue, not a criminal action... taking the OP at his word...what kind of fruit and veggie inspection includes the under-chassis and roof of the RV? we've had Customs and Border Patrol checkpoints that didn't rise to that level. Could it be that bugs tend to "hang on" in those places??? They just found two oriental fruit flies in San Joaquin. If they find 6 of them, it could mean the area is under quarantine for 9 months. Bugs are a major disaster waiting to happen. ok, i'll buy that. but if bugs are a major disaster waiting to happen then why aren't the ag inspection stations operated 24/7? we've crossed into CA on I-40 twice in the last few years both times on a weekday during 'normal' working hours and both times the ag station was closed. just wonderin'. if it's a money thing (and it always is) then either CA doesn't know how to prioritize or the disaster they're trying to avert is mostly hype. And your point is? i think my point is clear. if the bugs are THAT much of a pblm i'd think the ag insp. stations would be staffed 24/7/365. And, if the problem was THAT bad, then they should institute a total vehicle fogging/wash rack that all vehicles entering California should go through. The vehicle would be sent through a car wash type spray system to coat the vehicle with a pesticide type spray, and if they REALLY want to get jiggy with it, they could then hit the interior with a pesticidal fog to ensure that no harmful insects are entering the state to possibly infect and destroy their agricultural system... Just sayin'
BadgerMcAdams 10/22/19 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Planning a trip to the southwest US and renting an RV

Renting an RV, while not cheap, is not a bank breaker either. This summer the wife and I rented a Large Class C from Cruise America (this unit would easily sleep all 5 of you). They had a 300 mile free discount online which helped with the costs. We didn't need any camping supplies/bedding/cooking stuff (as I had all those items already). But I would imagine you would require some stuff which can also be rented from them. Not counting the $500.00 refundable deposit (which is put down before you leave and get back as long as you don't blow the rig up), we were out $305 and change for 4 days. That charge did included them doing the waste Dump and Propane refill (additional, or you can go find a propane place and sewer dump yourself). We are in Phoenix, which too is pretty much central to what you are wanting to do. (Grand Canyon and New Mexico). If you decide to do this, I would get on Google Maps (or any other mapping program) and determine your mileage. Most RV rental places charge a mileage fee (usually 0.25$ per mile which is why the 300 free miles really helped out) so if you are planning on a long circular route (Phx - Grand Canyon - New Mexico - Phx) figuring out approx how far you are going to be going will help you plan accordingly for the bill at the end. The RV was in great condition, clean inside, and the bed was actually not bad. The tires were new (or at least only had one or two trips on them), the stove, heater, water heater, and fridge worked with no problems. Yes, it isn't going to be a poor man's getaway, but it IS a lot cheaper than renting on the east coast, driving out here, and driving back. Just my 2 cents worth...your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.
BadgerMcAdams 10/08/19 09:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Truck repair and Roadside assistenace come on to the CW/GS website, create a new account, then come on this forum to spam YOUR towing/repair business. As it is a new account probably created just for the intent of Spamming your business, you most likely will be like a turtle...laying your eggs in the sand and then never checking back on your creation. So in the interest of fair play, I feel that the sys-ops of RV.NET should be able to come to your website, log in and create an account, and hawk their wares...only seems fair.
BadgerMcAdams 09/26/19 09:48am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
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