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RE: If you bought your RV on payments from General RV.

From one of the YouTube channels I follow...The guy is Steve Lehto and he is a lawyer in Michigan who covers lemon law an consumer protection cases. This is his video covering this topic. State Investigates Fraud Claims Against Huge RV Dealer - Ep. 7.460 It is interesting that in all the cases (that he spoke about in the video), All of them had these "smudges" where important information (i.e. What you owe) should be located and how the numbers didn't add up. Can't wait to see what the final outcome will be when this is all said and done...
BadgerMcAdams 05/11/21 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Lock em up... a long story

Interesting point about the chain through the wheels. I might do that on one of my trailers. I have a hitch lock on the 5th wheel. Mostly to stop the opportunist. I think my house is fairly secure and with dogs and cameras, not much chance for someone to get in here, unless they know we are gone. I have a place that I take my trailer for service. They make me remove all personal items, even the propane tanks. They have seen people take all kinds of things from their lot. Since the storage keys are mostly the same, it doesn't take much for someone to get in. Propane is used in making meth so those guys look for places to grab propane tanks. Just to be clear, it isn't the propane the meth cooks are after, it's the cylinders. They use the cylinders to transport anhydrous ammonia used in meth production. If you spot a cylinder at a refillers or in an exchange rack with green corrosion around the brass valve, stay away from it. I use a chain lock called a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain with Disc Lock from axle it wheel, aint goin’ nowhere! Before you get too comfortable...go look at this guys YouTube channel LockPickingLawyer-Krypto search While there are very, very few people that have this guys lock picking skills, he has picked the high security locks that we used in the military on munitions bunkers, without breaking a sweat. Yeah, this guy made me question having locks at all. But as I said, there are very few people who can pop a lock as quickly as this guy can. Just saying, maybe multiple lines of defense (hitch/pin lock and chains on wheels, etc) may make a thief move on down the road. Just my two cents...
BadgerMcAdams 03/30/21 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Sealing Tape Option

JMO ...mods/adm should delete Badger Mcadams and part of ajriding off topic political rant that has nothing to do with answering the OP questions about sealing products. Seems like some can't take off their political glasses...SNIPPED ROFLMAO...My post was political? Nice...If you knew me, you would know how ridiculous your statement about my "political glasses" truly is. That said... To the OP...Go with whatever tape you think is best. Sometimes, Dicor Self-Leveling will do a better job than just tape by itself. Buy it where ever you want. Do, or do not, buy it from Amazon, or eBay, or Craigslist, or...or where ever. Go forth and enjoy the world. Sorry my "political" post offended anyone. May the Gods have mercy on my soul. There, are you happy JIMNLIN? Now I remember why I rarely post on this forum...
BadgerMcAdams 03/24/21 08:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Sealing Tape Option

What kind of roof do you have? rubber, fiberglass, aluminum? Don't use Amazon. Ebay has it too and is not funding the hatred of America. Do your homework on where your money goes. I appreciate the info on tape but I'll decide where I want to buy the product from. Thanks Lot's of people support anti-American companies. Congrats on being one of them. Do homework, Im not trying to sway you, just to provide info that you can investigate yourself then make an informed decision. On second though.. Yes, use tape all over your camper. Tape it up like a redneck duct tape'd Ford sedan. Ruin the value and render it un-sellable and insure water damage years down the road... I have re-written this response 4 times now. Each time trying to bring it down a notch. This is as down a notch as I can get. Really? Let's break down your post... "Lot's of people support anti-American companies. Congrats on being one of them." So, by saying this, you are accusing the OP of being Anti-American by supporting Anti-American companies. If he is supporting an Anti-American company, then logic follows that he must be Anti-American. He should be thrown in Leavenworth!!! Do you have admissible LEGAL proof that Amazon is an Anti-American company? If there were truly any real LEGAL in court proof that Amazon was being illegal in its operations, treasonous, or performing acts of sedition, they would have the Justice Department arresting their CEO's, top Managers, etc. Unless of course you want to buy into the theory that they ARE in cahoots with the government and are paying bribes so they can keep their illuminati conspiracy going... "Do homework, Im not trying to sway you, just to provide info that you can investigate yourself then make an informed decision." By that very comment, Yes, you ARE trying to sway him. The info you tell him to investigate? I see you posted no links to anything. To verified, UN-BIASED facts that are vouched for by BOTH sides of the discussion. I can say that the sky is blue because every morning angels get up there with spray paint and paint it blue. Mind you, I have absolutely NO verified evidence of this, but it sure sounds good and might sell books. But when science says differently, and it has been proven otherwise, then my FACTS have nothing to stand all. In the last part of your post, you attack the OP because he disagreed with your ideas. People come here for information from those with experience. The OP was asking for an experienced opinion about they various types of RV tape. But because he chose to call you on your opinion, you insult him. You should be extremely proud. They should nominate your for Forum Buddy of the Year!! Just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion doesn't mean you have to be a (insert your word of choice here). Just my 2 cents...your mileage may vary...see dealer for details.
BadgerMcAdams 03/23/21 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire and Wheel Warrant issue - Unhappy

Sadie, sorry I jumped on you for your comments...It was not your fault. I had just received news that a good friend of mine had passed away, and my mindset was not as it should have been. I really f*$king hate COVID...
BadgerMcAdams 03/01/21 08:08am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tire and Wheel Warrant issue - Unhappy

OH NO!!! you threw the tire away, they,ll need that for warrenty inspection. While you may think that is funny, I am almost absolutely positive that the OP didn't. Rubbing salt (even if it is supposed to be 'funny' salt) in the wounds of others doesn't come across as caring about the misfortunes of others...just saying. You can take it how ever you want.
BadgerMcAdams 02/26/21 07:53am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Leaf Spring Replacement

If the springs are basically in good condition, and they are just a bit flat from the years of use, one possibility is to have them re-arched. MANY years ago, I worked at a truck repair company in Amarillo Texas called Tow Brothers. (NOT a recommendation for them, Hell, I don't even know if they are still in business, this was 36 years ago) They did just about every kind of work on truck and trailer suspensions. One of the things they did was take old tired springs, disassemble them, and re-arch them to factory specs. As I said, this isn't an endorsement for the company, but a possibility of repair if you need your springs redone. I am sure that there are many places across the U.S. that will do this for a much cheaper price than buying new. Just a suggestion, your mileage may vary...
BadgerMcAdams 02/12/21 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Denial on claim - need someone from GS to contact me

If they want to claim that a blown head gasket is a pre-existing condition, they in effect, then COULD claim that ANY failure of ANY part on any RV no matter the type is a Pre-Existing condition. "Well, it was going to or could possibly have broken down eventually, so therefore it was a pre-existing condition that finally came to fruition. Claim Denied."
BadgerMcAdams 01/19/21 07:42am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Poor Sales and Service policies

When I was active duty, the fighter squadrons would have to periodically pull a bird into the hanger for a phase inspection. The in-depth ones would involve pulling all the removable panels off the plane to inspect it internally and to make sure that there were no problems. From time to time, if a jet was in the Phase Dock, and another jet needed a Widget NOW, they would take the widget from the Phase Jet, put it on the other jet, then order the new replacement widget to go on the Phase Jet when it was being put back together. From the sound of your issue, to me anyway, it sounds as if CW is using some of their trailers as K-BALL (for Cannibalized) trailers. Say they have two trailers like the one you purchased. Someone came in and bought the first one before you, but there were some problems with it. The mechanics go out to the 2nd trailer, remove parts needed, and put them on the 1st trailer...But then don't order the replacement parts to go back on the 2nd trailer. You come along and buy the 2nd trailer later, and after you start looking, you find stuff missing, broke, etc...You tell them about it, and they say, "Oh, yeah, we'll get right on it and order those things to fix you up." But they never do, because if they are caught K-Balling one trailer to fix another, they will get in trouble from the manufacturer. So they put you off, tell you that things are in the mail, etc... While this is all speculation on my part, but I know it has to happen...It does in the military Every Single Day. Why should the civilian world be any different. Just my two cents worth, your mileage may vary, see dealer for details...
BadgerMcAdams 12/01/20 08:44am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Don’t Use TSD Fuel Card In Oregon

Oregon is terrible that way. I pay $17 per year just to paddle my kayak. I need a "water access permit". It's getting to the point, where they are going to start an OOU tax...Oregon Oxygen Use Tax. Guess I shouldn't say that too loud, you never know who's listening.
BadgerMcAdams 11/18/20 09:03am RV Lifestyle
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