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RE: Shipping on Purchases at Camping World

That's because 'Free Shipping' cuts into 'The Profit'
BadgerMcAdams 05/15/20 09:19am Good Sam Club
RE: Thank you Good Sam

I was beginning to think this portion of the forums was broken...Glad that your situation turned out well.
BadgerMcAdams 02/28/20 08:18am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Quality versus Price

I agree with OasisBob...While not a Heartland model, in the Outdoors RV forum, a gentleman picked up a new 2020 trailer and headed home, got 100 miles down the road (highway, not dirt roads - even though ORV claims theirs are made for off-road use) and the Rear Window Valence came off and landed on the dinette table. Product quality is the lowest amount that a manufacturer can get away with and that a buyer will accept. Until we the consumer stand up and tell the manufacturers (with our LACK of purchases) that we do not accept their product, they will continue to spew out junk as fast as their worker's crazy legs can move.
BadgerMcAdams 10/28/19 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Unbelievable... CW-SierraReno can only sked, in 2 months???

With that kind of customer service, I wonder how they stayed in business. Sadly, because once they have your money, they don't care.
BadgerMcAdams 10/23/19 10:08am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Camping etiquette

Knock on wood (tapping the side of my head) I have not had a camping experience ruined by other campers...Now, Mother Nature and the lovely wildlife (the skunk that wandered into the camp the last time we went camping) are another thing.
BadgerMcAdams 10/22/19 10:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

ksg, "probable cause" will get a warrant issued. The SC cases approving ag inspections don't need "probable cause" or a warrant. Its not a "search" but an "inspection." This is a PEST issue, not a criminal action... taking the OP at his word...what kind of fruit and veggie inspection includes the under-chassis and roof of the RV? we've had Customs and Border Patrol checkpoints that didn't rise to that level. Could it be that bugs tend to "hang on" in those places??? They just found two oriental fruit flies in San Joaquin. If they find 6 of them, it could mean the area is under quarantine for 9 months. Bugs are a major disaster waiting to happen. ok, i'll buy that. but if bugs are a major disaster waiting to happen then why aren't the ag inspection stations operated 24/7? we've crossed into CA on I-40 twice in the last few years both times on a weekday during 'normal' working hours and both times the ag station was closed. just wonderin'. if it's a money thing (and it always is) then either CA doesn't know how to prioritize or the disaster they're trying to avert is mostly hype. And your point is? i think my point is clear. if the bugs are THAT much of a pblm i'd think the ag insp. stations would be staffed 24/7/365. And, if the problem was THAT bad, then they should institute a total vehicle fogging/wash rack that all vehicles entering California should go through. The vehicle would be sent through a car wash type spray system to coat the vehicle with a pesticide type spray, and if they REALLY want to get jiggy with it, they could then hit the interior with a pesticidal fog to ensure that no harmful insects are entering the state to possibly infect and destroy their agricultural system... Just sayin'
BadgerMcAdams 10/22/19 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Planning a trip to the southwest US and renting an RV

Renting an RV, while not cheap, is not a bank breaker either. This summer the wife and I rented a Large Class C from Cruise America (this unit would easily sleep all 5 of you). They had a 300 mile free discount online which helped with the costs. We didn't need any camping supplies/bedding/cooking stuff (as I had all those items already). But I would imagine you would require some stuff which can also be rented from them. Not counting the $500.00 refundable deposit (which is put down before you leave and get back as long as you don't blow the rig up), we were out $305 and change for 4 days. That charge did included them doing the waste Dump and Propane refill (additional, or you can go find a propane place and sewer dump yourself). We are in Phoenix, which too is pretty much central to what you are wanting to do. (Grand Canyon and New Mexico). If you decide to do this, I would get on Google Maps (or any other mapping program) and determine your mileage. Most RV rental places charge a mileage fee (usually 0.25$ per mile which is why the 300 free miles really helped out) so if you are planning on a long circular route (Phx - Grand Canyon - New Mexico - Phx) figuring out approx how far you are going to be going will help you plan accordingly for the bill at the end. The RV was in great condition, clean inside, and the bed was actually not bad. The tires were new (or at least only had one or two trips on them), the stove, heater, water heater, and fridge worked with no problems. Yes, it isn't going to be a poor man's getaway, but it IS a lot cheaper than renting on the east coast, driving out here, and driving back. Just my 2 cents worth...your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.
BadgerMcAdams 10/08/19 09:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Truck repair and Roadside assistenace come on to the CW/GS website, create a new account, then come on this forum to spam YOUR towing/repair business. As it is a new account probably created just for the intent of Spamming your business, you most likely will be like a turtle...laying your eggs in the sand and then never checking back on your creation. So in the interest of fair play, I feel that the sys-ops of RV.NET should be able to come to your website, log in and create an account, and hawk their wares...only seems fair.
BadgerMcAdams 09/26/19 09:48am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: If you're not happy I'm not happy

While the OP is a bit light on data, I can see his point. He HAS contacted GS once (or possibly more) already, who in turn told him that they would contact him. They have not followed up on their end of the bargain and the OP is rightfully disgruntled with their lack of Customer Service. I was going to go into SLA's and service agreements, and all that, but figured it would fall on deaf ears...
BadgerMcAdams 09/10/19 09:19am Good Sam Club
RE: Propane pigtails leaking

I know on the ORV forum that they had a Pigtail problem a while back...But, while they can dry-rot over time and prolonged exposure to the sun (just don't make them like they did years ago), I can't see the new one doing the same thing in a very short time. As others said, check the regulator, and for scientific research, make a soapy water solution and put it on the fittings, connections, and any other gas device that you may think is leaking to see what is really going on. Good luck and hope that you get if worked out!
BadgerMcAdams 09/03/19 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Theft from dealership

It reflects poorly on the company...The leaders are ALWAYS responsible for the actions of their employees. That was drummed into my head from day one of Basic Training and never changed in my 20 years of service. YOU, the leader, are responsible for the actions of those under you. If the person felt comfortable in taking the mattresses and other items, then that comfort must have come from an environment where such actions were tacitly approved or overlooked by those in charge. That one of the individuals was a Sales Manager (i.e. higher level employee), he should have had the knowledge that his actions were not in line with the company's policies, yet they committed the crime anyway. This means that they didn't care that their actions may reflect poorly on their employers. This indicates a show of contempt of their employer's code of ethics. Either way, Leadership is responsible in the end. They worked for the company, and the company will be the one who had to answer for it in the public venue. The employee may go to jail, but the employer will have the stigma for a time period of being the ones who "Stole that stuff from another RV Dealer!"
BadgerMcAdams 08/14/19 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Rear picture window model suggestions

Go look at Outdoors RV...One of their big selling points is the BIG picture window in the back of the TT...They offer many different floorplans and while a bit more expensive than an entry model, they appear to be better built and are designed for more rugged use. They are probably the vendor that we will get a TT from in the future...
BadgerMcAdams 08/12/19 09:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Extended Warranty Not Covering Parts Cost

I am glad that the situation worked out more in your favor. They could have truly told you to go pack sand.
BadgerMcAdams 08/12/19 09:16am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Foam in tires

My question is, if the tires were filled with foam (theoretically to replace the need for air in the tire) then what happens when the tread wears out and you have to get new tires? Would you have to get new rims as well? Seems to me to be a much bigger hassle not to mention greater expense.
BadgerMcAdams 07/25/19 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Damage?

Second what Diazr2 says about it being the glue. The wallpaper is glued to the luan substrate (or whatever they use) and over time the glue can degrade. This can cause the wallpaper to bubble or wrinkle. I have a 1991 SixPac slide in camper. When I got it, the wallpaper was peeling and bubbling on almost all the walls. I pulled off the loose stuff, used a heat gun to remove the remainder, then painted the walls. It turned out fine. Something to consider...But I have my fingers crossed it isn't water.
BadgerMcAdams 07/17/19 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Back to the White Mountains for more fun...

Love the Big Lake area...mind you, last time the fishing was Me 0 - Fish 1...but the weather was nice and the nights were great. Can't wait to get up there again. Phoenix is too hot!
BadgerMcAdams 07/11/19 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 1982 Coachmen 15' rebuild

Maybe it's just my eyes or the monitor...but did you use a fish-eye type exposure for some of the pics? I ask because there are a few where the floor looks decidedly bowed downward. I figure it is a fish-eye exposure because the stove and fridge both have the same bent look in the pics. Good luck on the rebuild! If I had the space to do it, I'd love to do the same thing.
BadgerMcAdams 07/02/19 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Ordering camp chairs at the store

Be nice friend. Many are seeing this. Actually, he could say the same to you. In your post, you basically (or actually call it what it is, you DID) accused him of planning on returning the chairs to CW at the end of their Return Policy period. So maybe you should think about what you post before you post it, and determine if it was said in a jestful tone or not. Have a wonderful day.
BadgerMcAdams 06/21/19 08:58am Camping World Accessories
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