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RE: Water Damage?

Second what Diazr2 says about it being the glue. The wallpaper is glued to the luan substrate (or whatever they use) and over time the glue can degrade. This can cause the wallpaper to bubble or wrinkle. I have a 1991 SixPac slide in camper. When I got it, the wallpaper was peeling and bubbling on almost all the walls. I pulled off the loose stuff, used a heat gun to remove the remainder, then painted the walls. It turned out fine. Something to consider...But I have my fingers crossed it isn't water.
BadgerMcAdams 07/17/19 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Back to the White Mountains for more fun...

Love the Big Lake area...mind you, last time the fishing was Me 0 - Fish 1...but the weather was nice and the nights were great. Can't wait to get up there again. Phoenix is too hot!
BadgerMcAdams 07/11/19 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 1982 Coachmen 15' rebuild

Maybe it's just my eyes or the monitor...but did you use a fish-eye type exposure for some of the pics? I ask because there are a few where the floor looks decidedly bowed downward. I figure it is a fish-eye exposure because the stove and fridge both have the same bent look in the pics. Good luck on the rebuild! If I had the space to do it, I'd love to do the same thing.
BadgerMcAdams 07/02/19 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Ordering camp chairs at the store

Be nice friend. Many are seeing this. Actually, he could say the same to you. In your post, you basically (or actually call it what it is, you DID) accused him of planning on returning the chairs to CW at the end of their Return Policy period. So maybe you should think about what you post before you post it, and determine if it was said in a jestful tone or not. Have a wonderful day.
BadgerMcAdams 06/21/19 08:58am Camping World Accessories
RE: What is the problem with Camping World?

When did this go from a "C/W services kinda suck sometimes" to a "The Owner of C/W said stay out if you support Trump's comments on Supremists"... Honestly, this thread has run it's course...Moderators, please close it.
BadgerMcAdams 05/29/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Roadside Assistance billing scam

canoehenge, Thank you for your time and posting. We do apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. Please note Good Sam Club and Roadside Assistance will send out renewals early for a couple reasons. One, there might be a special price available to the member for an early renewal. Second a lot of our members travel during the spring, summer and fall. The early renewals provide and helps those members remain covered to keep the peace of mind. If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know. We all would be happy to help. Have a great day and travel safe always. Thank you, Mark Good Sam Care Team When I was a member, I also received the same "Renewal Due" letter...3 months after I had joined. Yes, you say that it is to help those who travel and to offer special pricing for the service. This may be true and business is business. But Maybe, on the notice, in BIG READABLE LETTERS it should say, "Hi This is Good Sam, we are offering you a Special Pricing for early renewal" or "This is an early reminder letter so you don't miss your renewal period. You DON'T owe now, just a friendly note from our family to yours" This way, it is less confusing, and it looks less like you are trying to get people to pay again for what they are already covered on, and comes across as more caring for the customer. Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.
BadgerMcAdams 05/09/19 09:26am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Open trailer

All you will have to do is: -Get a moving blanket (or two) and drape them over the front of the bike. -Get a Tarp and bungie cords and cover the bike (or buy a snazzy Bike Cover) The moving blankets will act as a 'bullet proof' padding under the tarp (or cover). This should protect your bike from all but golf ball sized rocks (and if they are that big there are probably more problems going on). I did this with my harley on the back of a small flat trailer. No problems after a 1900 mile trip... Worth a shot.
BadgerMcAdams 04/05/19 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance cost

Why are you asking the forum? Why not call your insurance carrier? SMH Jdb7566... I’m looking for advice, which is what a forum is for...not smarta$$ responses! Because unfortunately Kopy Kat, people here would rather kick you in the teeth than offer a helping hand. Mind you, not all of them, but there are a certain select group who find pleasure in ridiculing or demeaning others for asking a simple question. Sorry you were treated poorly on the forum.
BadgerMcAdams 04/05/19 12:22pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: Buying another Vintage Camper

Glad that all is going well with your rebuild! If I had the space, I'd love to do a project like that. Maybe one day...In the meantime, keep the updates coming. And some Pics if you can!
BadgerMcAdams 03/05/19 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Another Oldie Not Mine

Gotta say I disagree...not worth $6,500...maybe $2500. Had no options to be used without 120V power. Unless you have an outlet in your back pocket, all it is is a tent on wheels.
BadgerMcAdams 02/15/19 09:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying another Vintage Camper

Saw "vintage" in the title and thought "Canned Ham" style late 50's to late 60's trailers. I would love to get one and fix it up, but here in Arizona (and Phoenix in particular) people think that Howard Hughes or George Washington slept in these things and want completely stupid money for something that is barely road worthy little alone camping ready. I saw one on craigslist recently...mid 60's style canned ham type trailer. Outside was a little rough...Inside was gutted...Completely. They wanted $4500 for it. The ad went something like, "It is a fresh palette so you can make it your dream come true"...Uh, yeah. Right. Good luck with your trailer and I hope it brings you and yours many happy memories! Most of those little trailers you see around here are rotted out and they want around $500. For the shell Oh not here...This must be the Land that Sanity Forgot when it come to these trailers. The absolute cheapest I have seen one listed for on Craigslist recently was $1000. And it would have required you to get air-holding tires first (the ones on it were totally dry-rotted) , Find a way to keep it from disintegrating while being moved (All the outside sheet metal had been removed), and a way to haul off all the stuff that went with it (the floor had been completely removed). The average for a "camping ready" (When the ceiling and wood around the windows have water damage, I can't agree that it is Camping Ready) canned ham here is between $2500 - 4500. For one that has been supposedly restored, $8500 to $14,500...some even higher. Glamping is big business here in Arizona I guess.
BadgerMcAdams 02/13/19 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying another Vintage Camper

Saw "vintage" in the title and thought "Canned Ham" style late 50's to late 60's trailers. I would love to get one and fix it up, but here in Arizona (and Phoenix in particular) people think that Howard Hughes or George Washington slept in these things and want completely stupid money for something that is barely road worthy little alone camping ready. I saw one on craigslist recently...mid 60's style canned ham type trailer. Outside was a little rough...Inside was gutted...Completely. They wanted $4500 for it. The ad went something like, "It is a fresh palette so you can make it your dream come true"...Uh, yeah. Right. Good luck with your trailer and I hope it brings you and yours many happy memories!
BadgerMcAdams 02/11/19 09:40am Travel Trailers
RE: my smashed fifth wheel

AND... You allowed them to do major repairs to a BRAND NEW RIG ?? I do not care WHO the dealer was, they should have replaced it with NEW... Probably something to do with the "agreement" that the GM made with the owner then reneged on when something on the dealer's side of the bargain fell through. "Hey, we'll give you a new will work out Great!" Then when something on their side fell through... "Hey, We'll fix it good as new and take a WHOLE $1000.00 off the price! How about that!" As more problems crop up at the dealership... "Hey! Who are you again? What fifth wheel?"
BadgerMcAdams 02/11/19 09:32am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Blackstone griddle

I purchased one of the 22" Blackstone griddles from Walmart and have had zero problems with it. It does require you to season the griddle, but that only takes a couple of hours. I have used it for camping several times, and it has never let me down once. Once the griddle is seasoned, cooking on it is easier than cooking in a non-stick skillet at the house. For transport, I went to Harbor freight and bought one of their moving blankets and a package of tie-downs. When I am ready to pack up, I lay the blanket out on a table, set the griddle on it, and wrap it up. I then take the tie-down straps and secure the blanket. The blanket has protected the griddle and the tie-downs give you a handle to grab when you move it. This griddle is probably one of the best camping purchases I have made to date...just my 2 cents.
BadgerMcAdams 01/30/19 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Security Revisited

For all the watching, observing, monitoring and worry promoted in this thread. How often is anyone actually attacked,invaded or mauled in a CG......or restaurant ;). SNIPPED The last time I went camping, I was standing by the fire and turned around to a skunk walking around my kitchen area looking for tidbits that had fallen...I slooowly back around to the other side of the fire and called out to the wife to tell her we had a guest and that she might want to stay inside. Pepe LePew sniffed around for a few minutes, then meandered off down towards the lake. 30 minutes later, I went up to the campsite bathroom and as I come around the corner, there is another one...It was walking the other direction, so I waited and it too headed off to parts unknown. While not attacked...Definitely Invaded for a bit...but all ended well. Guess it is their home too, we are just the visitors.
BadgerMcAdams 01/30/19 10:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Riverside Retro 193

I would be concerned about those cool looking wide white wall tires. Who makes em and are they good for durability? They use to use Coker white wall passenger car tires on their Retro trailers. Not sure if it is still that way, but a low weight rated, soft sidewall car tire is probably the last thing I would want to put on a trailer. Yeah, they have that whole "nostalgia look" factor, but in a battle of Looks vs. Safety, Safety wins every time.
BadgerMcAdams 01/23/19 08:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Riverside Retro 193

I'd check to see if the problems are still happening. The floor of the trailers made by Riverside are made out of OSB and the enclosing material is more along the lines of the material that is put down on the ground to stop weeds from growing in your rock beds. There have been several problems of the floors getting wet and rotting out. Also, the wheel wells have had problems with leaking when towing in rain/wet conditions. Your mileage may vary...but the wife and I had planned on getting a Riverside Retro trailer until we actually saw one inside. The Birchwood paneling that you see inside is actually luan ply covered with a birchwood looking vinyl. The wall joints where the panels meet are just covered with an approx 2" wide strip of the same vinyl that was bubbling and peeling off the wall while sitting in the dealer's lot. After pushing it back down, within 60 seconds, it was popping back up again. The sinks are very thin plastic...very thin as in you can almost use your fingernail to leave a mark in the sink. Same for the bathroom surround in the shower. As I said, your mileage may vary...but we looked at the 180R and the 189R...while not the same trailer you are looking at, it IS made by the same company. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree so to speak.
BadgerMcAdams 01/22/19 10:00am Travel Trailers
RE: 6 pak campers

Also too, what type of Six Pac camper are you thinking of getting? I have a 91 model 78S that fits in the back of my 65 Chevy short wide. I had to make a 2 inch spacer (flat 2x4 with 1/2" ply on top) to put in my bed so that it would have enough clearance to allow truck flex. Without it, it sat within 1/8 inch of the roof. I replaced the stock coil springs in the rear with HD overload coils. Also, added air shocks. The truck handled the weight before without problem, but I always like to over think things...Now I KNOW it will handle the weight without problem. Just saying, don't go too big on the camper (the Six-Pacs aren't light) without considering the truck as well.
BadgerMcAdams 12/28/18 08:59am Truck Campers
RE: Kudos

Congrats...good to see a "Good" resolution. Have fun with your trip!
BadgerMcAdams 12/27/18 08:58am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tow Vehicle Nissan Armada

What year Armada did you have? After 2016 alot has changed (or so they say?) What SUV would you guys recommend then? It can't just be pickups :( . The Armada has a 1,700 lbs payload. Trailer tongue weight of 850 lbs. Here are the three we are interested. I will end up with one of those (just not sure which) COLEMAN LIGHT LX 2125BH - Length 25.8ft - Hitch weight 542lbs - dry weight 4,380 - cargo weight 3,220. Coachmen RV Apex Nano 193BHS - Length 22ft - Hitch weight 370lbs - dry weight 3,467 - cargo weight 1,250. KEYSTONE BULLET 243BHS - Length 27ft - Hitch weight 530lbs - dry weight 4,880lbs - cargo weight 1,660lbs Using your numbers listed here is what you have...I am only using half the listed cargo weight for this computation. But we know in reality that nature abhors unused cargo weight and unless you are very strict on your weight payloads, it will most likely get used. Coleman: 4380 + (3220 / 2) = 4380 + 1610 = 5990 x 0.15 = 898.5 TW Coachman: 3495 + (1205 / 2) = 3495 + 602.5 = 4097.5 x 0.15 = 614.625 TW Keystone: 4880 + (1660 / 2) = 4880 + 830 = 5710 x 0.15 = 856.5 TW So using half cargo weights, two of the trailers are already over the 850 Tongue Weight you have listed. According to the specifications listed for a 2018 Armada, the Dead Weight and Distributed Weight ratings for the tow assy is 850 lbs max. So with or without a WDH, you are limited to a maximum of 850 lbs TW. So while my computations may be off depending on the actual Real World ratings of the vehicles and trailers, in my humble opinion, the Armada is not going to be an optimal tow vehicle for at least two of the trailers you have listed. Your mileage may vary, see dealer for details...
BadgerMcAdams 12/13/18 10:00am Travel Trailers
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