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RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

Looks like I was off considerably on my payload specs.....scroll to bottom for "F-350 California" I was referred to this data.....See Here
Baja Man 01/27/21 07:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

I'm leaning towards a Lance 825...... around 2K dry and 3K wet
Baja Man 01/24/21 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

Found these two Palominos... 1860# dry weight: Palomino HS750 FULL SPECS 2460# dry weight Palomino HS-8801 FULL SPECS
Baja Man 01/23/21 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

I'm fine with no slide and expected no slide for my weight limitations. I prefer hard sided.
Baja Man 01/23/21 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

Found this CAT weight form from a few years ago when I was weighing for a pull trailer..... Door sticker specs states: FT GAWR: 4250# RR GAWR: 6830# GVWR: 9700# GCVWR: 17000# "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
Baja Man 01/23/21 06:13pm Truck Campers
Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

Hello all-- Long time camper in pull trailers, 5th wheel, Class C and Class A. I did own a small overhead camper 30 years ago when I traveled Baja twice to Cabo and back. Used for those two trips and then sold. I traveled solo both times. Now near retirement in the next 5-6 months (58yo), I am considering an overhead truck camper. We currently have the truck and toy hauler in my sig. Wife wants me to keep our TH, as it is great for trips near our home (within 100-300 miles), is very roomy, and she loves camping in it. It is also very nice for longer trips when we are not moving often from place to place. Who will be in truck camper? Me, 16yo son with Autism, and hopefully wife, but she may not go on too many trips in camper (she's not a big fan due to its smaller interior compared to out TH).....time will tell if she goes often. I may even travel solo if others do not want to go. Why do I want a truck camper? Less hassle of towing, easier to park, easier to travel in general, explore and visit areas with ability to park and sleep when necessary, easier to travel solo if required, etc. I love to fish and tow my boat when I want, visit rivers for fly fishing (new hobby), etc. These pursuits are much easier IMO with a TC. Jump in truck and GO!!! least I assume it's that easy! The above are the positives, I am assuming. The negatives I am heavy in winds can be dangerous, limited storage, ?????. My truck has a Max. Cargo Weight of 2980# (per Ford Spec sheet). Would a camper at 2000# dry be appropriate? My truck is a Ford Super Duty Standard size bed (6'-9"). It has the camper package. I will purchase a used model I don't think I want a canvas pop up. Alaskan TC are great, but expensive and hard to find used. Desires: AC/Heat, Refer, Micro, stove, wet restroom Based on above info: What should I be looking for, models, sizes, weights, etc. What to avoid...models, sizes, ??? I need a complete Overhead Camper education!!! Thanks!!!
Baja Man 01/23/21 10:06am Truck Campers
Filling small holes in Filon/Fiberglass exterior walls

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30167919
Baja Man 11/14/20 08:14pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Filling small holes in Filon/Fiberglass exterior walls

I have a few 1/8" screw holes in right and left exterior walls (where previous baggage compartment door holders were screwed down). Couple of holes in wall and a couple in doors (each side). What is the best / preferred way to fill in these holes? It's a 12 year old trailer so not too concerned about getting an exact color match. NOTE: Filon in both wall and doors is thin and there is no backing. Thanks!
Baja Man 11/14/20 08:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 -Carb replaced - now idle is high (Code 14)

Update.... I could not get idle to settle down. So...... Took it to an Authorized Onan repair person today (took me in on short notice and only 45 min from home). Installed a new OEM Onan carb and then found that Governor rod had become stuck and way out of adjustment. Cover had to be removed to access governor linkage which is at center/rear of generator. He adjusted linkage rod and also set RPM and frequency to exact OEM specs using a digital frequency/voltmeter. Apparently this procedure is used to adjust the governor to bring frequency and voltage within the specified range, and to set governor stability. All is well now..... it runs better than it ever has! AC and microwave both on and it runs smooth as silk! I'm a happy camper!
Baja Man 11/14/20 08:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 -Carb replaced - now idle is high (Code 14)

I'll double check linkage and see if any errors in my install. I believe I installed just as it was with OEM carb. NOTE: I tried the Amazon carb with the chance I would get a good one.....but as the saying get what you pay for!! If I am unable to fix, I will have a new Onan carb installed.
Baja Man 11/13/20 09:08am Tech Issues
Onan 4000 -Carb replaced - now idle is high (Code 14)

I had surging that would not go away after I used fresh fuel and Seafoam. Genny has 152 hours and previously ran fine. Fuel pump does pump adequate fuel, new plugs, oil changed, new fuel and air filters. Decided to try a new carb from Amazon.... Installed and started. RPMs are high and genny will shut down and indicate code 14 which is Over Frequency Fault. There was light white smoke from exhaust when it did run. I did make some adjustments to the two screws that sit at the right middle/rear of generator. Screwed them in and out. Made no difference. BTW....the new gaskets were a pain to install (longest part of installation) as the right side of carb (intake manifold side) uses a 1/2" plastic plate and a gasket on each side of plate and also the lefty side has a gasket between carb and air cleaner frame. Not much room between air cleaner frame and have to slide the gaskets in place, lining up hole pattern to carb.....all while making sure the 4"-5" carb mounting bolts go through all of these pieces!!! I could have missed something...gaskets no seated properly allowing air, linkage not properly adjusted, etc.?????? Not sure where to go from here. Thoughts?
Baja Man 11/12/20 03:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Issues

I'm in the middle of a similar issue with same genny. Going to start with replacing fuel pump and see what happens. It'll be from Amazon, as pumps are also on national backorder. Glad carb worked well for you right out of the box.
Baja Man 10/23/20 10:08am Toy Haulers
RE: MaxxAir II Vent Covers - Installation

What's done is done. I don't like holes in roof if not needed. These were not needed, but they are there. With proper maintenance, they will NOT leak, just like all the other MUCH LARGER holes in the roof 12"x12" vents, plumbing vents, antennas, etc. that will NOT leak if properly maintained. Plus my rig is under a metal carport that I built especially for protect t from the sun damage as it rarely rains in SoCal
Baja Man 10/23/20 09:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

Ordered one from Amazon. Works fine. Which Amazon one did you get....there are many!
Baja Man 10/22/20 03:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

I'll start with the fuel pump and go there from there. SMarquez....which Amazon one did you get.....there are many!
Baja Man 10/22/20 03:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: MaxxAir II Vent Covers - Installation

We've had 6 campers and I always mounted the vent covers directly to the aluminum frame of the fan. I can't see how his method would increase labor costs. I believe increase would be to drilling through alum frame of vent, using through bolts with lock nuts and washers as opposed to simply running a screw into roof.
Baja Man 10/21/20 11:52am Travel Trailers
MaxxAir II Vent Covers - Installation

Hello-- I had 4 MaxAirII vent covers installed about 9 months ago by a VERY reputable local RV repair shop. Shop has been in business since 1958. They've done work for me over the last 20 years and it has always been top notch work with fair prices. At the same time as vent cover install, I also had the entire roof washed with conditioner and resealed all roof protrusions. Shop used Dicor lap sealant for all roof resealing. Roof is 12 years old with many black dots all over where white has rubbed off. Shop said roof would need to be completely coated in the next 1-2 years as more black spots appear indicating white material is degrading which is normal for an EPDM roof. After speaking with them about the vent install, I asked how my vents were installed. He explained that the mounting brackets are screwed directly to roof. I asked why would additional holes be added to roof making for potential leaks. He said the screw holes are all sealed with same Dicor lap sealant used to reseal all vents/holes. They have always installed them this way with zero problems (over 30 years). He said not to worry about leaks, just be sure to inspect roof 1-2 times per year and add lap sealant to areas as needed. I mentioned that I had installed them personally in the past, to sides of the aluminum framed vent to avoid holes in the roof. He said that was another way to install but for shop to install that way would increase labor costs to customer (perhaps twice the labor hours). Is screwing to roof a BAD way to install these vent covers? Nothing to do about it now since there were already installed. I'm a worry-wart and this kind of stuff lingers in my mind.:? Thanks!
Baja Man 10/21/20 11:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

I ordered one from Amazon.....Fingers crossed on quality and reliability
Baja Man 10/21/20 10:47am Toy Haulers
Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

Hello all- I believe my fuel pump is bad. My local source for Onan parts is backordered and Onan is backordered due to to C-19 and availability timeframe is unknown. I see there are MANY aftermarket fuel pumps for this ubiquitous genny. Have any of you used an aftermarket pump, and if so, what were the results....ex. how long has it been in use, fitment, ability to pump correctly, etc. Thanks!
Baja Man 10/20/20 04:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan 4K - Code 36 - Low Fuel or What?

if you didn't put anything in the gas, then let it sit for 6 months, the pilot jet is plugged. Guarantee it and it cannot be fixed. Replace the carb, they're cheap. Do a search and you'll see many have tried to clean them (my son is one) but there are too many tiny passages. I see you're in CA so you're getting ethanol in your fuel if you use regular, it is hydroscopic (attracts moisture) so if you don't run it then the fuel evaporates and leaves the moisture behind. did you pull the float bowl (easy to do)? If there's white residue then that's your answer. You experienced part of that when you started it last, "runs up and down". At that point it might have cleaned itself out if fuel system cleaner was used, but it sat and got worse. Fuel that sat for 6 months was drained. Fresh fuel has been used.
Baja Man 10/20/20 02:04pm Toy Haulers
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