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Onan 4K - Code 36 - Low Fuel or What?

Hello-- A concern with my Onan 4000 Microquiet series. It is on my 2009 Tahoe Toyhauler. Background.... Purchase this TH last year. Genny ran fine when purchased. 145 hours on the clock. Brought it home and drained all gas out as owner said it was several months old. Serviced genny with new plug, new fuel filter, new air filter, and changed oil. All OEM Onan parts. Put in 5 gallons of fresh fuel. Genny ran but was running up/down in the rpms. I exercised it for one hour with AC running. I believe the RPM fluctuation was a dirty carb. Now, 6 months later, I decided to run genny but went ahead and drained fuel as it was 6 months old. Put in 5 gallons of fresh fuel and added 2-3 ounces per gallon of Seafoam to clean carb and stabilize fuel. Genny will not start. Primed for about 15 seconds and it wants to start but will not start. Removed fuel line at carb and pressed start to see if fuel was pumping and it was pumping fine. Attempted to start again and this time primed for one minute and it started and ran for about 5 mins then stopped. The trouble code lights indicated 3 and 6 which is 36. In my Onan manual this code states low on fuel. I went ahead an added 5 more gallons of fuel with more Seafoam (2-3 ounces per gallon). Primed a few more times and got it to start and ran for about 10 mins. RPM were running up and down, then settled, then went back to up/down. Went to turn on AC and genny died. Questions: 1. Do TH gennys have the protective shut off of fuel when tank reaches 1/4 full... as do motorhomes? How would I know where/if this shut off valve exists on my TH? 2. Is it possible that 10 gallons (1/3 tank) is not enough fuel to run correctly? 3. What else can it be? Thanks!
Baja Man 10/19/20 05:03pm Toy Haulers
RE: 12V Refer Conv. Kit by JC Refrigeration - Anyone used it?

I am also interested in the 12V refers that replace the complete OEM absorption refer. Don't now anything about the pros/cons of such a change, only that it probably would require more mods to get it to fit properly and look nice once installed. Perhaps the benefits are worth it....New vs old rehabbed unit, larger, better insulation, close to equal in price after the cost of the conversion unit plus shipping, ?. What brands/models are some of the better 12V replacement refers?
Baja Man 08/28/20 06:46pm Tech Issues
12V Refer Conv. Kit by JC Refrigeration - Anyone used it?

I think it's safe to assume that most RV owners have experienced the trials and tribulations of owning the obiquitous propane/120V refer that is commonly installed by manufacturers. I also read on another forum the move that some RV owners are considering when it comes time to replace their above mentioned OEM refer......12V and 120V refers and the conversion kits that can be used on the currently installed 120V/propane refers most of us have. I have owned several RVs with the 120V/Propane refers. I modded most of them with fans and rear baffles/deflectors to improve efficiency. Improved slightly, but not what I would consider good enough. My refer is still not very efficient when ambient temps rise over 90F and/or RV is parked with refer side facing sun. I have a 28' Toyhauler with a built in Onan 4K genny. I also have your standard electric/propane refer (as mentioned above). It is a Dometic DM2852. I am uncomfortable with the temps in warmer weather as I plan on traveling in the summer for several weeks at a time. I predominately use RV parks with full hooks ups (90% of time), but may, on occasion, stop at a boondock area for 1-3 days (10% of the time). I have two 12V batteries at front of trailer (only because I had an extra 12V battery that was fairly new). At this time, I do not plan on solar as I do not boondock enough to justify the investment. Considering the JC conversion kit listed HERE. Perhaps some of you are familiar with this kit and/or have installed it on your refer. Here are a few questions I have about this conversion..... 1. Are the OEM front controls on my Dometic what will control the new set up? 2. What should I be considering....12V or 120V conversion and why? 3. What else should I be considering? Thanks!!
Baja Man 08/28/20 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: JB Weld or ? Quick Water Tank Fix

I had a similar leak at the plastic fitting to tank connection. PO thought the hex nut looking plastic head of fitting could actually be tightened to connected water shut off valve! It is a hex head but can not, and should not, be turned. Spin welding was used to install it from tank manufacturer. How I repaired: I purchased THIS welding kit. I welded it using the plastic pieces included in the welding kit. This was repair was made over 8 mos ago and hasn't leaked a drop. Simple, on the cheap, and has worked flawlessly.
Baja Man 08/28/20 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp? Fold up wheels. Pick up the bow and pull it to the water and after it launched you flip them up and Be on your way. Works well. How do you like your Saturn? Is your use similar to my intended uses? Any suggestions, advice on purchasing a Saturn? Considering the FB365.... Saturn FB 365
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp? Fold up wheels. Pick up the bow and pull it to the water and after it launched you flip them up and Be on your way. Works well. Do you tow it behind your truck to ramp? I would be concerned about boat transom with all the bouncing. I would like trolley to be able to: -towed behind my truck -quickly and easily be able to deconstruct/construct -light weight
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

alot of jet ski guys build carts out of pvc pipe. light weight and easy to transport. PVC is on my short list f ideas..... BTW...your posted image can not be viewed
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

Back when I was young and strong I used to take people on whitewater raft trips. I had a 12' bucket boat and a 16' self-bailer that I transported on a trailer. I got the boats to the water by giving out a shout. In no time I would have all the hands I needed. Everyone helped each other at the launch sites. 175 lbs. should be no problem even for a long carry. Not willing to carry.....simple trolley that can be towed with my truck hitch is what I want
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

utOne of them Horrible Freight 4x8 folding trailers would do the trick. Store it in your toyhauler. It would work, but but I'd like something lighter and simpler....that can be folded up and stored in back up my truck
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

Have you considered one of these, If you already have the boat it would save money from buying another. yes; my buddy just gave one away! I don't need anything that sophisticated.....I'm trying to keep it simple
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

Could something like this be modofied to pull to a ramp? Jet ski dolly Check the different types of dollies on the web, some get pricey but some seem pretty reasonable. There are some great ideas I am considering after looking at the jet ski trolleys.....many possibilities....?
Baja Man 08/02/20 04:32pm General RVing Issues
Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

Hello all-- I have a bumper pull toy hauler and a topper on my truck. I love fishing and wish I could take my fishing boat with me! Since I am unable and prefer not to tow doubles, I am considering carrying along an inflatable raft with small outboard for fishing and pleasure. Considering a 12' Saturn fishing model with alum floor. I'll also carry a small outboard 2-4hp. Raft weight with floor is about 175#. Once at campsite and I rig the boat, I need a way to get it to and from the launch ramp daily, as I do not want to deflate/inflate it each day. I'd like to set up and inflate day 1, and deflate and put away when we leave. So, how can I safely get it to ramp and back to campsite daily? I believe campsites to launch ramps, at most places where there is water (lakes/rivers), is about one mile or less. Options I thought of.... 1. Small portable trolley/dolly/trailer that is lightweight, portable, foldable and can be used to trailer it down to water/ramp. 2. Getting raft up onto my topper....but weight and my age make it prohibitive. 3. Adding wheels to raft for launching are great for walking raft into water, but I don't believe they are suitable for trailering to launch ramp 4.?????????
Baja Man 07/28/20 05:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: De-Lamination

Check out You Tube; there are several good videos on how to make repairs.
Baja Man 06/06/20 02:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Wobbly Dinnette Table - How to fix?

1. Wife is OK with whatever I decide as long as table is solid. 2. Replacing with another thin pot metal base results in same current problem of a wobbly table 3. A plastic table is about 6" too long (48") and will stick out into aisle 4. If there were a plastic portable table 24" x 40"-42" that wold be great! 5. If I use a plastic portable table, I would leave bases in place as they do not pose any hindrance to my feet. Otherwise.....???
Baja Man 03/27/20 11:03am Toy Haulers
Wobbly Dinnette Table - How to fix?

The dreaded wobbly table issue...I have one! Why it wobbly....heavy table and SUPER thin pot metal flush mount bases.... and then the bases crack making it even more wobbly!!! Also, 2 pedestals in line do not make for a sturdy system. How to make this table sturdy and wobble-free? What solutions have been found? 1. Replace table with a plastic lifetime table 2. Replace pedestals with universal fixed mount pedestals and bases and screw to floor. Table would no longer be removable (I don't put anything that long in my TH to need the table area) 3. Use marine pedestals (cost over $300 pair !!!) 4. ?????? Thoughts? Thanks!
Baja Man 03/27/20 08:54am Toy Haulers
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