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RE: Covid 19 warning

Has anyone seen how the Covid death rates compare to death rates of the "regular" flu this season?
BarbaraOK 08/07/20 07:26am Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

Tequila, I've had a flu shot every year for a very long time; but as I have gotten older, my doctor has prescribed a stronger flu shot covering more than one strain of the flu virus. Just started asking him questions about what he was giving me last year. Ha! Because flu can be so devastating for older people with other health problems, Medicare now covered the "extra strength" multi-strain vaccine. The better protected, the less Medicare will spend on hospitalizations. Preventative medicine is a great cost saver.
BarbaraOK 08/05/20 08:35am Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

I know the actual number of cases and deaths. It's shown on that website. . NO you don't know the actual number of cases and deaths. That's the problem, no one does. Especially not in the USA where testing is haphazard and in no way does anyone have actual number of deaths nor cases. Lots of people are dying at home, never have been tested, and depending upon age, cause of death can be listed as all sorts of things. And we now know that there were deaths in the country BEFORE the first identified case of Covid was reported in Washington State.
BarbaraOK 07/30/20 12:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Wanted, Snowbird park in Big Bend area.

Big Bend area is very cold due to higher elevation, not pleasant in Dec., Jan. and Feb. Parts are very high, others not so much. February is actually a great month to visit Big Bend before the Spring Breakers descend upon the park
BarbaraOK 07/28/20 04:02pm Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

“Prime Minister Trudeau should arm the border if necessary, to keep Americans away,” Reminds me of "The Mouse That Roared". Remember, we now have a grenade. Had it for 16 years now. Wonder how that one ended? Sounds like the CBP folks were tougher on her, than our Royal Crea M Puffs. Your people called the CBP personnel, said we are sending her and the grenade back to you, she's your problem. I don't care how new you are to an area, The signs on the Interstate say Vancouver, BC! And you are warned ahead of time that you are nearing the border when you are given options of which way to go. If she really was so incompetent then she shouldn't be allowed to drive! Of course this was 16 years ago. And no, you don't have the grenade - CBP got it.
BarbaraOK 07/26/20 10:20am Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

We've gone to BJs a few times. Dave is on a very restrictive diet because of his kidneys, the diabetes, and heart conditions - - essential Kale and cardboard and he hates Kale. Plus, he can't eat ANY onions without severe, and I means severe, lower gastrointestinal tract flare up late at night. Try finding low salt anything without a lot of onions added to replace the salt - next to impossible. And it has gotten so that it is almost as much hassle trying to figure out what you can order from a place that will be on their takeout menu, plus going to get it, etc., that we just cook at home. But that's for the recommendation. We have found that Barros does delivery to our park and they do a nice white sauce pizza with chicken, so maybe once a month or so we will order that. We did get a Betty Crocker table pizza baker that is big enough to take a premade pizza base, add our own toppings and 10 minutes later it is done. No need to heat up the oven and it also make pretty good quesadellias using low sodium soft tortillas.
BarbaraOK 07/25/20 08:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirding - What is typical monthly rent by region?

First year out we met a group of people who also "Graduated to Full-time" in '06 at Quartzite. We spent 6 days in the desert, been there, done that, and never have gone back again. I know there are people who love to be all alone out in the middle of nowhere contemplating something, we're just not that time of people. We bounced around Arizona, 2 weeks at a time, all over the desert in the winter for several years and really enjoyed it, but gradually did longer and longer stays in Mesa area and eventually bought a park model so if something happened to either one of us we would have somewhere to go and take refuge for awhile - which is what we are doing this summer. Love the arts center all over the valley, great restaurants, great shopping and Spring Training, plus 20 minutes and we be up into the mountains. This is our idea of how to spend our 'slow down' years.
BarbaraOK 07/25/20 08:07pm Full-time RVing
RE: Snowbirding - What is typical monthly rent by region?

I'm still heading North, but I'm starting to plan for heading South in October. The obvious candidates are (left to right) California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. I don't know about Las Vegas or anywhere else. Maybe? What I'm wondering is how much will it cost to make reservations by month during Winter in those areas - meaning the Southern/warm part of those states and maybe the middle part of Florida - at this late date? I'm new at this and I'm just trying to decide if I should even consider Florida. Cost is not the only factor, but it is a factor. I know there are a lot of variables and a nice park will cost more than a lousy park, but I'm just asking in general. Can anyone who's done this give me a general idea? You really should be asking this in the Snow Bird section - - way more information there.
BarbaraOK 07/24/20 03:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: Covid 19 warning

well i am in Canada where the rate is 1/4 that of the US, and maybe less compared to Mexico, but that aside, you can control your circle of contacts at home to a known quantity. When traveling you are in unknown territory. You don't know anyone in the place where you go for the winter? As to traveling, if in an RV, you are pretty self contained. A lot of parks have gone to registering via phone/internet, you get your site number, they have emailed you the rules, restrictions, you pull in and go about your normal business, putting a mask on when outside of the RV. Go to the store to get groceries, put a mask on. Go to get pickup of takeout order, put on a mask. Have everything else you order delivered to your site. Not much difference than what we normally do - just no dinners out. We have some friends and can get get together with everyone spaced out and with masks on. Not ideal, but better than shoveling snow.
BarbaraOK 07/24/20 03:05pm Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

I am afraid they will, once again, begin closing campgrounds. Truly I am closer to my neighbors at home than in my self contained RV with the family. I believe a contributing factor is the large number of unmasked protesters in cities across the U.S. who protest nightly atleast here in Portland Oregon. Much more than folks simply trying to camp Actually it isn't. People marching outside aren't nearly as likely to become infected as those cramming into bars, pools, family gatherings that are indoors with no masks! Most of the marchers are wearing masks, and moving so that they are getting large doses from an infected person. Look at July 4th gathering of boats on a sandbar in one of Michigan's lakes. LOADS OF PEOPLE there, partying, singing, dancing, etc., 10 days later the ERs are seeing incoming cases. Because of medical issues, we didn't leave our park model in Arizona this spring, we are still here. Not many in the park, no socialization going on. We keep to ourselves going out to pickup groceries (they bring it to the car) and having other things delivered, plus assorted medical appointments. I do pickup takeout 2-3 times a week, otherwise my best friend and I are trying to ride out the heat. Don't see it will be much different this winter, but why huddle in in the cold, when you can do so in the warm?
BarbaraOK 07/24/20 07:40am Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirding - What is typical monthly rent by region?

We pay about $750/month + metered electric in Tucson, AZ Thanks for that feedback. I need to get busy researching my options. I can rent an apartment for less than that, and I probably will if that's my choice. It depends upon what type of park you want. lots of amenities are going to be more expensive than bare bones. If out in the middle of nowhere, will be cheaper than near a big metro area with lots of things to do. What do you want to spend? And the longer the stay, the cheaper it is.
BarbaraOK 07/22/20 09:32pm Full-time RVing
Beechwood Resort, Birch Bay WA

Beechwood Resort, Birch Bay, WA, is NOT within walking distance of the "downtown" part of Birch Bay where restaurants, etc., are available unless you normally do 5+ mile walks.
BarbaraOK 07/16/20 09:06am Coast to Coast
RE: Snow Birds ??

I have finally talked wife into spending at least a couple of months in Arizona this winter. About the time I finished making my route, choosing places to stay and when we were going to get there, the southern states I had chosen started to spike. Since wife and I are both in the "at risk" portion of society we are going to possibly put the plans on hold. I may just continue to make all the needed reservations since most of them are able to be cancelled without penalty. We were planning on Az. this winter since we have family and close friends in the area. Cant real see driving all that way just to sit in a campground for wo or three months. Guess we will just have to wait and see what Sept/Oct brings as far as finalizing our plans. You know that there is still a lot of sight seeing in the desert you can do and be away from people. If you stay home, won't you still be staying away from people, using a mask when you do go out, etc? Question then becomes, do you want to sequester in a warm place or a cold place.
BarbaraOK 07/03/20 10:02am Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

So I called the resort in Florida that we want to stay at this winter and out of 450 sites they have 4 available for the dates we want to go. I guess this Covid-19 isn’t scaring most people. We picked a site and I’m calling on Monday to make reservations. Might end up spending the whole winter in the RV for the most part or with a mask on but at least it will be warm. lol The good side is there are two lakes so I can go fishing. Stay safe everyone and thanks for all the responses. Well actually, as long as you practice physical distancing and wear a mask when out getting for groceries, etc., it will be warmer than in the north. Not saying you won't get it, but your risk is about the same. Just be careful when you go south.
BarbaraOK 06/27/20 07:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

I thought doctors now accept consultations by phone in case you are out of town. Have not tried this ourselves since we are reasonably healthy and would set an appointment only for regular physicals twice a year. But our PCP would assure us we can call her anytime, consulting hours of course. Dave has done two 'office visits' with his nephrologist this spring. He went and had labs drawn a week ahead, then did the visit via Face Time. I had to make sure I had his weight that morning, as well as blood pressure, medication list, etc., for the nurse who called ahead of the appointment - all of those things that they go over with you before you see the physician. He can't do that with the cardiologist because they need to listen to his heart. And for our primary care physician, we update via the patient portal. Medicare will now pay for telemedicine visits just like regular office visits.
BarbaraOK 06/09/20 08:17pm Snowbirds
RE: Missing the Dishwasher

I solved my lack of dishwasher problem last winter.......made dh do the dishes :) :) He fell for the "I cooked, you do dishes" plan I had in mind. BWAHAHAHAHA Exactly. We started full timing 16 years ago, so haven't had a dishwasher for that number of years. We take turns, who ever doesn't cook, washes up. And I keep a dishpan in the sink to collect small items, so when I have to do 20 sec hand washes, I go ahead and do whatever is in the sink. Hands AND dishes are cleaned and rinsed, and life goes on.
BarbaraOK 05/26/20 11:56am Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirding 2020/21

i think as time passes we'll see that CV19 isn't nearly as deady as we now least to most age groups. So 100-200K dead in a few weeks is just a blip for you? Clearly you don't have a medical condition that will be exacerbated. And when on is dead, they are dead.
BarbaraOK 05/16/20 07:47pm Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirding 2020/21

Unless a miracle happens there will be no vaccine for the Corona Virus when it is time to head south for the winter. It seems to me that the same rules will apply as were in effect the latter part of this year's snowbird season; namely wearing masks and keeping your distance. Who needs that? I should have posted that the rules will take some of the spontaneity away from the experience. There has never been a vaccine for pass coronvirus' and some scientists question if there will be one for this most recent coronvirus. Actually there are ones for both SARS and MERS. In both cases, they never got into production because those viruses turned out to be 1) hard to catch and 2) extremely lethal. And some researchers are trying to build upon that previous vaccine work and modify it for Clovid19. We decided not to travel this summer so are just riding it out in our park model - might take the motorhome out for a couple of weeks, but otherwise we are just going to hang out in the park and take it one day at a time. Also, hubby is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery (8 weeks post surgery now) and they are still trying to get the meds adjusted. We are use to it just being the two of us together, so this isn't a real hardship except no concerts to go to and we miss breakfasts out. But we won't be going to restaurants to dine-in (though we do takeout/delivery) until there is a vaccine.
BarbaraOK 05/16/20 07:44pm Snowbirds
RE: Trapped?

We've stayed in Arizona because my husband had open heart surgery in mid March, just before they shut everything down - I had to rely on nurses for face time with him for a whole week before he was released. We had planned on leaving first of June, but now it doesn't look like there is much open as far as RV parks, and since we don't have a 'house' to go to, we will just ride it out in the Park Model. Besides, with everything Dave has been through, we just don't feel we can take the chance,
BarbaraOK 04/26/20 11:13pm Snowbirds
RE: Arizona forced residency - coronavirus non travel?

We're in Arizona while hubby is recovering from open heart surgery. So we had already planned on not leaving until the 1st of June. Luckily, we have a park model, so until things appear better, we will just stay here Would like to spend time somewhere else in the summer, but will depend upon whether RV parks open up north of here. We have family in the PNW, so that's where we usually head. Just have to wait and see.
BarbaraOK 04/04/20 03:22pm Snowbirds
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