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RE: Leaving Illinois, going full time.

We retired in 2006 and have been chasing the 75° mark. Are you going to 'live' with one of your relatives, as in that's the place where you will get your mail, register your vehicles, get your drivers license, vote, etc. If so - I would suggest Texas as that state is RV friendly. I'd actually suggest using Escapees in Livingston, TX as your domicile, but since you have family in Texas where you plan to spend time, that might be a better fit for you. Also think about your medical care - where do you want that to be based. It might not be a necessity now - but it will be. Growing old isn't easy. I would suggest establishing your primary care relationship where ever you decide to spend at least 1 month or more each year. We originally retired out of Tyler, Tx and kept our physician there. But in 2015, we changed to the Phoenix area for ongoing care as we started spending more of the winter here and they have great medical care in the valley. Of course, since we are on Medicare, that became very easy to do. Don't wait to decide where you are going to "live", start the discussions now, and with your family, so that it is all set before you leave your house. We put in our change of address about 3 months before we went full timing so that we could be sure all of our mail would be forwarded. And move all financial, etc. away from paper and to digital that can be managed from your computer.
BarbaraOK 02/08/21 07:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: Fantasizing, I suppose

2-3 years. That would be barely seeing all the Truck stops and traveling interstates. We spent 9 years full-time and the past 6 years 1/2 time (wintering in Arizona) and STILL haven't seen it all. We initially thought 1 month per state so for lower 48, that's 4 years right there. While maybe a months enough for small states, it takes more time than that to really get a feeling for all the country has to offer.
BarbaraOK 02/02/21 07:49pm Full-time RVing
RE: Vaccinations

Here is another thought on vaccinating snowbirds. If an unvaccinated snowbird gets covid do they go to the hospital in their home state or in a hospital in FL? Which state bears the burden of treatment? If someone can figure out how to vaccinate military personnel who are not in their home state (without affecting states vaccine allotments); someone can figure out to vaccinate snowbirds who are living out of their home state. Sick individuals go to the closest hospital, which is why Arizona is vaccinating anyone who fits into the age/health category currently being enrolled. Snowbird spend a LOT of money in Arizona and are vital to the economy. Lack of Canadian snowbirds this year is impacting every RV resort in the greater Phoenix area. In fact, not only is Arizona giving snowbirds their first shot, they a HIGHLY recommend they stay long enough to get the second - and spend more money during that stay! The problem was no clear direction about the vaccine distribution until last week when the opened up the 1B category to 65 and up, and told states not to hold back, but to use all they had to get the first doses out. Many states have not done that because they don't trust that there will be more supplies coming. It will shake itself out in the end, but in the mean time, it is extremely chaotic.
BarbaraOK 01/26/21 08:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Vaccinations

From a public health standpoint, it would be best for Florida to vaccinate snowbirds. This population is the most likely to end up in a hospital and comprises a significant portion of the population. Financially and for the stability of the health care system it would be smart to vaccinate as many as fast as possible, be they residents or not. The government is supplying the vaccine and hopefully reimbursing state costs in providing the shot, so long term there should be little extra financial burden to the state. That's what Arizona is doing. Snowbirds provide a LOT of money, in fact the Health Departments are reminding snowbirds to stay and get their second shot here, to make sure you have 2 doses from the same manufacturer, as well as spending some more money in the state!
BarbaraOK 01/23/21 08:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Full time with DirectTV

So you full time with Direct TV, do you own or lease your equipment? Do you have the option of canceling your service for a period of time without cost, if you are in a location where you can’t get service due to trees or hills. Trees and hills - that's why we have 150' of cable. And we have used that much at times to get a signal during baseball season! Direct TV you rent the equipment. Direct doesn't have the option for suspending for a few months, but if you are full timing why would you? Do you understand that full-timing means you don't live in a house, you get your internet via MiFis with data plans that usually limit you to 25-30 G per month and more and more people have at least 2 data plans, one from AT&T and one from Verizon to cover them when they travel. This is in addition to whatever they have for the phones.
BarbaraOK 01/20/21 08:19am Full-time RVing
RE: Full time with DirectTV

I always start the phone call by asking for a supervisor and explaining that what I need is different from their routine customers and there is no need for me to waste their time, especially if I am going to be 'yelling at someone' before I get finished. Person always happy to get a supervisor on the line, and a couple of times I have had to ask for their supervisor. Lately I've been having good success at using Twitter when I run into a roadblock with a company - something about blasting out a generalized complaint all across the world (as in "Why does XYZ Company treat customers so badly" etc) will get a lot of retweets and a DM from the company giving me a specific phone number of call and someone who will talk to me.
BarbaraOK 01/19/21 08:42am Full-time RVing
RE: New Border Regulations

BarbaraNOtOK-You should put your brain in gear b4 using the keyboard. I was relating what's available in Yuma-no mention of the rest of the country. I didn't say I was driving. It's not too likely an airline is going to stop over so a passenger can get a covid test. You have a direct flight from Yuma to a city in Canada? Flying out of Phoenix or Tucson, or San Diego, plenty of labs doing PCR tests with 2-3 day turn around. Stay in hotel near the airport, get test done, get result and fly home.
BarbaraOK 01/12/21 10:55am Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

Yep our rocket scientist has really messed up. I read the req'ts today. Main problem is that rapid result tests will not be recognized. I phoned around Yuma and all providers have a 3-7 bus. day turnaround...tough to squeeze into 72 hours. Hopefully they fix it by the end of March. Means you'll need to stop near a major city on way north that has a lot more testing available. Don't judge the rest of the country by what is available in Yuma.
BarbaraOK 01/11/21 11:27pm Snowbirds
RE: Vaccinations

Got our appointments for the end of January in Maricopa County, Arizona
BarbaraOK 01/11/21 10:08am Around the Campfire

There are many flea markets and farmers markets throughout the valley. fruit and produce is almost giveaway cheap. A few less vendors this year due to covid. This alone makes me want to try RGV instead of Az! There are some of the same things in Arizona. Citrus Groves all over the place. Some decent wine growing regions in the state. Plus in both Phoenix and Tucson areas great museums, great restaurants, great shopping and come spring training, 15 teams within 40 minutes of each other. And if going across the border, there are also places that are nicer than along the Rio Grande.
BarbaraOK 01/08/21 06:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Another article on Snowbirds, or the lack thereof

he tells me he's acquired the product and is just waiting for Dec 21What's the significance of Dec 21? The border will stay closed for probably another 6 months (less if the immunizations roll out faster than expected). It is just an arbitrary date that was chosen about 3 months from the last date - they don't know how long the high rates of infection will increase so extending by 3 months at a time.
BarbaraOK 12/18/20 11:28am Snowbirds
RE: Membership in Coast to Coast

Thank you Ella for the pointer. Unfortunately, it’s more of marketing level Information instead of the details I was looking for. Do you have a more detailed link about terms and conditions of the membership? Thanks Mike It will be in the contract from the "Home" park you buy into. Each Home park will have different items included about your membership, etc. Generally speaking, as long as you are a member of a Home Park participating in C2C, are current on your dues to both home park and C2C you can book stays in the few remaining parks taking C2C members. Please note that a lot of them have become Good Neighbor Parks, and usually also take Passport America for a week, so you are better off with that membership (a lot cheaper).
BarbaraOK 12/14/20 09:02am Coast to Coast
RE: Another article on Snowbirds, or the lack thereof

We’re in Mesa, AZ. Lots of open spaces, but we will see after Christmas. Only Canadians are those who leave car here and fly in. Normally a lot come in for the fall special, but not many this year. Will be interesting to see what happens after Christmas. Of course cases are surging in the state now.
BarbaraOK 12/12/20 07:35pm Snowbirds
RE: Membership in Coast to Coast

OK, I get that in order to GET a membership in C2C, you need to be a member of a participating resort. What happens when the participating resort goes out of business? Is the C2C membership, once it is started, completely separate from the "home resort"? Do I have to move the membership to another participating C2C resort? Any place where I can read the details / terms and conditions of the C2C membership? Thanks Mike By the next time you renew it, you have to have a new home park that is part of the C2C network.
BarbaraOK 12/11/20 04:02pm Coast to Coast
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

I've been following along reading peoples responses to this question. I am 60 years old and can't believe what I have seen in the last 10 months. All I can say is uh.... yeah. I am not a product of this culture and neither are the majority of you. I personally would rather die on my feet than beg on my knees to pursue my God given rights to live freely and make my own decisions in my life. And I agree - up to the point that your actions can kill me. At 75 & 76 we take this virus very seriously. And if you drive, you have seatbelts that you wear because it is the law to protect you and your passengers in case of a crash. You don't walk into a store that has a sign saying "no shirt, no shoes, no service" do you? I don't need anyone to think for me or speak for me. I believe in what people do, not what they say. Everyone of you has the same right or at least I was raised to believe you do, to pursue whatever path you feel is best for you. Yes we do - again, my 'rights' end when my actions could cause harm to another individual. Reason we don't condone drunk drivers - they kill other people! ........ I love the freedom of our RV We all do. Do you not understand how infectious this virus is, how there are so many things we don't yet know about long-term effects (long-haulers might be in for a terrible time down the road) and the need to do SIMPLE things like wearing a mask when out, washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use sanitizer, wipe down surfaces that might be contaminate, closing establishments that foster close contact with large transmission rates (bars, churches, indoor rallies, weddings, meals with others not in your bubble), and stay away from others for a few more weeks. IF we had all done this starting last March, none of this would be necessary now!
BarbaraOK 12/05/20 09:03am Snowbirds
RE: What kind of RV

People full time in A-line Pop Up trailers to 45'+ Prevost Buses. Can full-time in anything.
BarbaraOK 12/03/20 02:00pm Full-time RVing
RE: Virus and RGV Rv parks

....We have elected not to go near a dentist, till a "vaccine" is well distributed. No doctor's appointments, no hospital visits, ZERO family visits. Sounds great, but if you have, like a lot of us, a chronic condition that requires monitoring by physicians on routine basis, then you have to go to a lab to get blood draws, and to the offices because things like 12-lead EKGs, carotid artery ultrasound, etc., con't be done via tele-a-med visits. Have to put fuel in the car every 2 months (hybrid getting 50+mpg) so that means a 'limited' exposure. It is possible to be very careful when moving in an RV. A lot of RV parks now do everything over the phone, you pull in, go to your assigned spot, hook up, pull out in the morning all without every interacting with anyone in the park. You've stocked your rig with appropriate food and water before leaving for your trip, you are just doing fuel stops/RV parks, no human interactions, arrive at your winter destination, isolate, go grocery curbside pickup, etc., same as you would at home. But it is warm. And for those who are full-timing, they have no choice but to be very careful. They have no "home" to stay put in, though a lot of them are doing much longer stays.
BarbaraOK 11/30/20 10:31am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

After all these posts, we have changed our mines and figure we'll get out of "Dodge" some time either just before or just after Christmas. Last week we had a few nights below freezing and thinking of what's to come in the high country here of NC at elev 3000. We are going to gamble, head to our paradise in Key Largo and spend the days in our hidden in the mangroves salt water jacuzzi with it's sandy bottom and crystal clear water Guy Wear your masks, physical distancing, wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, same as you would a home only in warmer conditions.
BarbaraOK 11/13/20 02:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

The Pfizer one is looking promising but don't assume it will happen. They have tentative data but as of now it only shows 7 days of immunity. Hopefully that lengthens, but I wouldn't plan my year around it being available. Just go one and plan as if it won't be and if it is great.
BarbaraOK 11/10/20 10:27am Snowbirds
RE: banking when full timing

B of A? Hahahahaha. Use US Bank. They were solvent enough to not need to be bailed out. BoA didn't 't need the bailout - they took the money so that everyone was covered. They bought Merrill Lynch when it collapsed. Can find branches just about everywhere. 16+ yrs with them, never a problem with coverage. We have 2 CCs with them as well as a Chase and Discover Card, plus our Apple Card. Get and use the wallets on your smartphone, reduces a lot of hassle. Really essential to have extra credit cards because you can assume every once in a while one will be compromised. We even had one compromised when we went from Maine into Canada and the Maritimes. BOA froze it, we had other cards to use for fuel, etc., plus the BOA debit card worked at Scotia Bank for ATM withdrawals of cash. When we got back, we called BOA and told them we were in Bangor - next day went into the local BOA branch and our new card was waiting for us.
BarbaraOK 11/10/20 10:24am Full-time RVing
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