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RE: Jan-Feb-March in Mesa, AZ- few questions about heat sources

I've stayed in Mesa several times. The parks had a truck that came around and filled propane tanks but I didn't use it because it was cheaper to take it / them down to the local Chevron station. The trucks swap out propane tanks, they can not fill in the parks. It is a Mesa Fire Marshall rule. If you are in Mesa, electricity is cheap compared to the cost of propane and we never used the propane much - - only a couple of times when it got really cold (like freezing), otherwise we just used the space heaters and maybe the propane furnace for a little in the morning to take the chill off.
BarbaraOK 04/26/22 09:04am Snowbirds
RE: Jan-Feb-March in Mesa, AZ- few questions about heat sources

Mesa does not allow for refilling any propane tank in parks. You either have a replacement delivered and attached, or you go and get refills. In our case, that would mean unhooking motorhome, etc. So, we always tried to make sure we had a full propane tank when setting down and then used electric space heaters and very, very, very seldom did we ever run the furnace. It has been a few years since we hit the freezing point as a low around here.
BarbaraOK 04/11/22 08:32am Snowbirds
RE: Dr visits on the road

What if full timer is on Medicare? See where FL maybe only state will cover you on the road. Gold Star widow wants to full time but WA state health insurance won’t follow her guess like Medicaid. Medicare covers you anywhere. Now if you have an Advantage Plan (Part C) then you might have trouble which is why most full timers don't have Advantage plans. With regular Medicare and a G Plan Supplemental, you would be good to go.
BarbaraOK 02/04/22 03:58pm Full-time RVing
RE: Heading back to Michigan from Quartzsite mid-March?

US 70 has a pretty good climb east of Las Cruses. You have to climb, it’s the Rockies you are crossing. BTW, did you mean US 54, instead of US 52? If you really want to avoid climbs stay on I-10 to I-20 until you get to Big Springs, then head north to Amarillo.
BarbaraOK 01/27/22 09:22am Snowbirds
RE: Heading back to Michigan from Quartzsite mid-March?

Why do you avoid Albuquerque? I was wondering the same thing. It really isn't a problem driving through there. Maybe during Ballon Festival it gets a tiny bit more crowded, but really nothing that should give anyone problems.
BarbaraOK 01/26/22 08:49am Snowbirds
RE: When do Snow Birds head south??

10/8 Left early to avoid winter weather and campground closures. Currently thinking that a summer cabin in northern Arizona and winter home in the valley might allow us to become full time AZ residents. We are moving into a home in the Mesa area at the end of December and will keep the RV for a couple more years (stored during the winter) and then looking at the cabin up high for the summers.
BarbaraOK 11/09/21 08:03am Snowbirds
RE: When do Snow Birds head south??

We spend the month of September traveling down the West Coast (picking up wines for the winter) and arrive in Mesa, AZ on October 1st. Will be here until the first of April, then off again trying to find somewhere cooler. ??
BarbaraOK 11/02/21 07:50am Snowbirds
RE: Newly Retired

Besides be extremely expensive CA is choked with rules, laws and regs. I'm not sure if most businesses are open. We avoid the place if possible. What rules would affect someone spending 3 months in a rental used for snowbirds would cause problems for them? These people will be tourists, and there are no rules that say one can not be a tourist provided you understand that you will need your masks, and need your vaccination cards for a lot of businesses. Wish we could get more businesses to do that in Arizona. And we spend all of September in California, never had a problem going any place we wanted, but then we always have our masks with us and can show our vaccination cards.
BarbaraOK 10/25/21 09:10pm Snowbirds
RE: Newly Retired

One thing you will notice going into CA on I-10, The eastern lanes are clogged with people leaving and the western lanes are nearly empty. I sneaked in at a length of 70ft+ to Pamona and sneaked back out at 55mph. That place is hard to defend with so many people leaving. There are plenty of condos for short term rent in the South East in the winter especially in the beach areas. Have a good time. The traffic coming across I-10 right now is full of people who are coming east for a wide variety of reasons because I-10 is open ALL YEAR LONG. And if it is full of trucks coming east the speed limit is 55 mph for 3 axles or more, which includes 18 wheelers, RVs towing cars, or trucks/5th wheels or trailers. Of course only people like us will travel at 58 or so, with most truckers doing 60-63 or so. Some will be going faster, but not all. We spent all of September in California, never couldn't go somewhere, but we did wear masks indoors unless eating, and we can gladly show our vaccination cards.
BarbaraOK 10/25/21 09:04pm Snowbirds
RE: Newly Retired

In Arizona, especially the Phoenix and Tucson areas, a lot of the RV parks have PARK MODELS (sitting in one as I type) and several of those are available for rent either from the park itself, or from a private person. You could call several of them to get an idea of what is available. We are in a Cal-Am park, there are several in the Phoenix area, and they have a lot for rent. And some of the Park Models for rent are those owned by Canadians who aren't coming south this year.
BarbaraOK 10/25/21 08:15am Snowbirds
RE: Where is everybody?

Well we made the run across the desert last week, got to Mesa on Friday, Oct. 1st. Temps fall into the 60s at night, having rain right now! A few people starting to trickle in. Have an appointment this morning to get our booster shot plus flu shot! After a month seeing California fuel prices, almost had sticker shock at "low" fuel prices again.
BarbaraOK 10/05/21 08:04am Snowbirds
RE: Land border closed to Canada

I really doubt it has anything to do with handling the tourists at the border. I drive long haul in the summer and our crossings are always slower than a tourist. There is paperwork that has to be examined and sometimes have to use a credit card to pay for the crossing. Rarely do you spend more than 10 minutes at the booth. They read the truck plate and all your data comes up on the computer screen. Tourists entering Canada are not held up as we have an app where all the Covid test data is uploaded before you reach the border. The USA has been working on a similar app. BarbaraOK: Traveling in an airplane is certainly more risky than driving. Crowded airport lines as well as being squeezed into a shuttle van. Besides Canadians would be double vaccinated unlike the millions in the USA who are unprotected. Imagine a plane load of Texans or Floridians visiting your state! I am convinced it is political. Every border state official ( mayors, Governors, Congressmen and senators have been applying pressure on the administration to no avail. The scientists have stated that the Canadians pose no risk. Certainly allowing visitors from India and some almost 3rd world countries pose a much larger risk. Logic does not apply!! I'm not saying the decision on not to admit was based on logic. The problem is that the US is also dealing with two borders and I think there might be some language in NFTA that says what you do for one, you do for the other. The discussion on the driving I saw was the fact that they assumed that those coming across driving would be stopping at restaurants all the way to their destination as well as using motels, etc. The idea of RVers being self-contained does not compute with these people.
BarbaraOK 10/02/21 09:39am Snowbirds
RE: Land border closed to Canada

The original rationale was that if flying, you get to your destination and then quartile for 2 weeks and if you are carrying the virus, the physical area in which you have contact is limited. In contrast, drive across the border, you are stopping every night (and remember, this is originally projected as people in CARS, not RVs) in a different place, going into restaurants along the way, so that you might spread the virus in several states as you wander to your destination. Yes, things are different now, but also Canada only has one border they are having to deal with, we also have 2, so that adds another layer of complexity. Not saying I agree with what they have in place, because I don't, but that is how it came about.
BarbaraOK 10/01/21 08:17am Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birding

We spent several years in Arizona doing a couple of weeks here, a couple of weeks there, trying to find an area that hit all of our must haves for a place to spend several months each winter. That really is the best way to do it since everyone has different likes/dislikes (I can't imagine being in Yuma for the whole winter, others love it) and each area has different advantages/disadvantages. We settled on the Mesa, AZ area and then spent several winters doing longer stays at different parks before we settled on our current one where we bought a Park Model for the winter. Put the motorhome to bed in a storage area, and spread out for the winter. When it starts to get hot, motorhome comes out and we hit the road again!
BarbaraOK 09/10/21 09:22am Snowbirds
RE: Where is everybody?

We're already on the move towards Arizona. We are in the Bay Area today for the next three weeks before making the run across the desert to Mesa on October 1st.
BarbaraOK 09/09/21 10:33am Snowbirds
RE: Down Sizing

Do you have to leave the area right away. I'd suggest seeing if you can get a month's space at a park in the general area. Just move your clothes, dishes, etc. over and start living. Whenever you want something, first see if there is something already in the coach you can use instead, if not go get it. We've been out since 2006 and until we got our park model, in 2015, we got ride of stuff every year. All pans should be multiple use - a larger pan can cook smaller amounts, but not vice-versa. Bet you have 2x or more the number of clothes you really need. Get rid of heavy parkas, etc., and think layers. Remember, that your car can hold some stuff in it. We didn't have the worry because we had over 5000 lbs we could file - never came close to it. Plus, we've got a 10K hitch, so we've never had to worry about how much our car weighed. We tow 4-down, makes life so much easier. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/05/21 04:47pm Full-time RVing
RE: Rio Grande Valley

Don't bet on it. At some point the shear number of infections will necessitate drastic measures again unless people wake up and get vaccinated. And even then, I am not sure that we haven't missed the golden opportunity to shut the virus down and the variants after Delta are going to require development of new vaccines to stop.
BarbaraOK 07/31/21 08:52am Snowbirds
RE: Future Canadian Snowbird questions

Since you aren't a resident of Montana, I take it you are going to form an LLC? How much will that cost - up front and yearly maintenance fees to keep the LLC going. If you aren't going to move the trailer, why not buy a Park Model in whatever park you choose - - thousands of them are bought and sold every year, a lot owned by Canadians.
BarbaraOK 07/22/21 10:35am Full-time RVing
Happy Birthday Canada

To all of our northern neighbors, Happy Birthday and hope we see you this winter!
BarbaraOK 07/01/21 02:02pm Snowbirds
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