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My Hensley Hitch Rebuild and Paint

In 2010, I posted a thread about the rebuilding and painting of my Hensley hitch. It contained much information and showed, via pictures, what the Hensley looked like and how it was constructed. The pictures in that post were hosted by Photobucket who decided to charge a lot of money for linked photos and shut down anyone who did not pay their “ransom”. I was one of those persons. Many have asked that I fix that thread which is in the archives now. Since I cannot edit that thread to fix the missing photos I have decided to post it again. Here is a rebuild of my old thread. Since my Hensley hitch was about 5 or 6 years old when that original thread was posted and was really starting to get "long in the tooth" looking, I decided to re-paint it that summer. Hensley is not known for their good paint jobs and mine was starting to chip and rust quite badly. I decided to not use the original orange "steal me" paint and went with basic black instead. Here is a picture of my hitch when it was new. The job was not hard at all. The Hensley is a very simple hitch to work on if you know how to take a wheel bearing assembly apart. Here is the process that I went through to get my Hensley looking as good as new. Hope it helps someone a bit. First, the hardest part of the job is removing the dust/dirt caps on the bearings. Mine fit VERY tightly and I used a large screwdriver and hammer to gently tap them off with the screwdriver tip wedged under the lip of the cap. As my old caps were quite ugly looking, I purchased new ones to replace them. Found out that was not necessary as the old ones cleaned very nicely. Here is the hitch, after dis-assembly. Notice the numerous rust spots and places where the paint had come loose or flaked off. Here are the bearing assemblies after removal and placed so I could re-assemble them in the same place they came from. I'm not sure if that is absolutely necessary in this case but didn't want to take the chance. Following the dis-assembly, I sent the two main parts of the hitch out to be sandblasted. I tried scraping but it would have taken me all summer and the local sand blaster only charged me $30 to do both pieces. He had them done in about an hour where it would have taken me a week or longer to get them clean. Here are the parts after being sandblasted and ready to get a coat of primer. Next, I masked off the openings where the bearings go and painted the top and bottom hitch assemblies with DupliColor engine paint. Not sure why I used that particular paint but hope it holds up for a while. I kind of wish I knew a good powder coat guy but don't. Put primer on and then several coats of paint on and then let it dry for about a week before I took the parts down. I decided to use black paint as mentioned earlier as it blends into the frame of the trailer much better than the original loud "steal me" orange. After about a week, I put the decals on and covered them with a clear plastic laminating material cut slightly larger than the decal. The original serial number sticker and orange/yellow company sticker had a clear covering over them so I tried to stick with that idea. I then sprayed the whole thing again with about three coats of clear coat paint. During the week that the paint was drying, I re-packed the bearings with grease. The old grease looked to be fine but I wanted to make sure all the bearing surfaces were covered and lubed. I used Mobile 1 synthetic bearing grease. Lots of fun getting all gooey and messy with that stuff! I probably should have worn rubber gloves during this process for safety reasons but didn't. I kind of doubt if my life will be shortened too much by doing it that way as I have lived a good many years already and by the time that grease has done anything to me I will most likely not be around to care! I also use that week to polish up the parts I did not paint and to polish up the dust/dirt bearing covers What fun!!! Putting the new seals back into place was a piece of cake! I just used a short flat board and taped them gently into place. I was kind of dreading this step as I had heard of others having a problem but everything went very easily. The HARD part was, again, getting those dust/dirt covers back on without destroying or denting them. I had to tap them on with a hammer but couldn't use "gentle" strokes. Had to hit them pretty good. Fortunately, not any damage but it was kind of dicey. Here is the finished hitch. Notice the nice black/silver serial number decal Hensley sent me. It goes very well with the black color of the hitch. All in all, this was a very easy maintenance project that could be done by anybody. There were not even any large or special tools needed for the job. Barney
BarneyS 07/18/18 06:44pm Towing
RE: Verizon $5/mo renew method has changed?

My wife had a Casio GzOne 3g flip phone that she loved registered initially on Verizon then on Tracfone/Verizon network. She got a message that the phone would no longer be supported and that she could not renew her monthly subscription with that phone. I tried every phone company I could find and there was no one that would accept her phone. It was an expensive flip phone that was only about 4 years old. It now sits in a drawer so she is using a Jitterbug phone on the Great Call network and she loves it. I don't know if that is a 3g phone or not - don't care as long as it works well for her and she is happy. :) I would say Yes, the end is near for 3g phone service if it has not arrived already. Barney
BarneyS 07/18/18 01:59pm Technology Corner
RE: How to calculate turn radius of fifth wheel for new driveway

Roundabouts are no problem if you go slow and watch. Barney
BarneyS 07/18/18 01:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air Bags or Not for My Truck--- already sits level

Based on the way my new 2019 Ram rides with the air suspension, I would go with the bags. Barney
BarneyS 07/17/18 12:22pm Towing
RE: Ideas on Not Losing the 2-1/2" Hitch Adapter

I did the same as DutchmenSport above for the past several years when my truck came with the 2.5 inch receiver. Barney
BarneyS 07/17/18 12:20pm Towing
RE: Hitch Extender

OK, you win.
BarneyS 07/17/18 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Too Much Trailer for the TV???

On a buckboard conrete interstate, you seriously can't tell the difference in ride between an F550 and your F150? You can't understand that the harsh ride of the F550 gets transmitted to the tongue of the trailer? We can't always predict the road's surface nor can we creep down the interstate to ease over rough concrete expansion joints or dips in the road. If that ball that the travel trailer is hooked to is jerking up and down with the stiff suspension of the F550, the A frame is going to flex as it absorbs the shock and will eventually fail. Hogwash. The entire trailer frame is simply going to rock on it's own springs. It isn't going to flex/stress or damage the A frame.
BarneyS 07/17/18 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Extender

I had the time, so I read. I remember decades ago as a young man long before I ever owned a TT hearing the hitch referred to as a load equalizing hitch. Would that not be more accurate terminology than weight distributing hitch? And wouldn't that be less confusing right from the get-go? Why did that term go out of fashion? In my opinion, the term "weight distributing hitch" is much more accurate than the old "load equalizing hitch" because it does re-distribute the tongue weight forces to the front of the truck and back to the trailer axles. It does NOT equalize the weight. It restores the weight lost from the front axle when the trailer is hooked up to the ball and in the process it also puts some of that weight on to the trailer axles because of the downward pull of the chains located at the ends of the WD bars. That amount is not the same as the amount put back on the front therefore it is not "equalized". Just like a teetertotter, if you put weight behind the fulcrum you will raise the other end. In this case the trucks rear axle is the fulcrum and the WD hitch puts back the weight taken off the front axle when you hook up your trailer. Actually, I suspect the term "equalizing hitch" came about because it used to be that you tried to make the truck (or car in those days) settle evenly front and back by using the hitch. That is not the case now though. The goal now is to restore all or part of the weight lost off the front axle of the tow vehicle and let the rear of the tow vehicle take care of itself. The reason this change came about is because hitch testing determined that the old way contributed to understeer or oversteer in many cases and could lead to vehicles going out of control and crashing. This resulted in new hitch testing procedures and ratings for hitches. Barney
BarneyS 07/17/18 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Need to jack up the rear REALLY high to attach spring bars

Don't worry about the rear sag. It is the restoration of weight on the front axle that you are seeking. The rear will take care of itself. Barney
BarneyS 07/16/18 08:33pm Towing
RE: Maxxfan installtion video

Nice job! :) The only modification I would have done is add Eternabond tape around the flange in place of the self leveling sealant, or possibly on top of it. I did every penetration and seam on my whole roof about 13 years ago. It is still doing its' job today and we have never had any leaks whatsoever. Barney
BarneyS 07/16/18 05:40pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: shower leak

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 07/16/18 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Too Much Trailer for the TV???

Probably neither. I think he just wants to know how a bigger truck is harder on a trailer. I must admit, I'm curious too. Would I put less stress on my rather small TT if I ditched the 3/4 ton and bought a half ton? Or conversely, would I damage it if I went to an F450? Inquiring minds want to know... In my opinion, the bigger truck would be harder on the trailer because it has stiffer springs and rides "harder" than the lesser truck. This would transmit the road bumps and jolts to the trailer A frame instead of being absorbed by the trucks springs and shocks. Too much of that and I can easily see the frame or other parts of the trailer developing stress cracks and eventually failing. Barney
BarneyS 07/15/18 07:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Manual Awning Issue

Sounds like maybe the black knobs on the two rails that slide inside the main awning arms are not loosened up. If they are tight, they will allow the awning to unroll almost all the way and then stop. Barney
BarneyS 07/15/18 11:07am Travel Trailers
RE: destination trailer advice please

My sons trailer does have black, fresh, and grey water but is not designed for extensive travel. It is much taller than a normal travel trailer, has a very heavy tongue weight, has residential appliences, and a large sliding glass door for entrance. Although I towed it from Grand Rapids up to its present resting place near Traverse City I would not want to be towing it on a long trip. It is designed to be parked, hooked up, and enjoyed! :) Here is a picture of its home now - taken from under the awning of our own trailer. :) Barney
BarneyS 07/15/18 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Hot Tires?

BarneyS 07/14/18 05:45pm Towing
RE: Hot Tires?

Snip...Why do you think truckers take a club to the tires on the side of the road? Snip.... They do that to find a flat tire. It is not always obvious by looking. If I hit the desert in 115 degree temps I would just keep on rolling and not worry about my tires that are inflated to the max cold pressure. Barney
BarneyS 07/14/18 03:10pm Towing
RE: Need to jack up the rear REALLY high to attach spring bars

I don’t understand. You guys must be really using a lot tension on the bars to have to jack up a vehicle high. I only need a little height to swing my Equalizer bars over the brackets by hand. I was thinking the same thing. I raise the tongue just high enough to pick the slop out of the receiver and push the Equalizer bars into their L brackets. Then lower it back down to run. With my previous Reese HP trunnion style, I set the coupler on the ball and reach to the first link that the bracket would reach and lift them up with the cheater bar. Depends on how much tilt is on the hitch head when you begin. Barney edit: Sorry for the "edit by mod" comment in Hannibals post above. I hit "edit" by mistake instead of "reply". :o
BarneyS 07/14/18 03:04pm Towing
RE: destination trailer advice please

My son and his wife bought a Cedar Creek Cottage 40CRS last year and have found it to be very comfortable and well made. It is a bit longer than you want but the added length makes a huge difference in livability IMO. Might be worth your while to investigate. Barney
BarneyS 07/14/18 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jerky while towing

You can buy a clamp that clamps the receiver and hitch together to eliminate all play. It eliminates the noise too. I have been using one for years and wouldn't be without it. I also have used a Hitch Vise when carrying my bike in a carrier on the back of my truck or pulling a utility trailer. They do not work with a weight distributing hitch however and they are not needed there as the WD spring bars keep the shank pulled to the top of the receiver almost all the time. The only exception would be where you go over a RR crossing or other "bump" that causes the spring bars to unload. The Hitch Vise or shims probably would not help the OP as I don't think shank movement is causing his situation. It sounds to me more like trailer tongue weight, not enought WD, or just bouncy pavement. Pushing the "tow button" on the truck would have nothing to do with the problem IMO. If the problem is occuring only when stopping or starting, I would check the small bolt under the ball on the bottom, trailer side of the hitch between the WD bar sockets. This helps keep the hitch head locked in the proper tilt position and tends to loosen up after a bit of time. It should be checked every time time you tow. Barney
BarneyS 07/14/18 12:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing

Airbags or Timbrens are not going to change the load on the rear axle and will not help with his overload situation. All they will do is pick up the bed of the truck. The axle loads will remain the same. Barney
BarneyS 07/14/18 12:30pm Towing
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