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RE: Break Away Cable

Don't worry about finding a match for the old one. They all do the same thing and are simply a switch. Just purchase a whole new unit. They are cheap. Hopkins Breakaway switch Bargeman breakaway switch Barney
BarneyS 05/25/21 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: intermittent brakes

Check out this post by forum member JBarca that has complete directions on wiring your brakes, complete with pictures. Also embedded early in his post is a link to another thread by former Travel Trailer moderator LAdams on the same subject and also contains a lot of excellent pictures to help explain what is going on. I think both of these old threads will be a big help to you in re-wiring your brakes - which by the way I think is the best route to go.:) Barney
BarneyS 05/25/21 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: old topics

Anyway, the thread remains because it still applies, and people are still interested in that topic. Barney If we applied thought that to every thread with usable info, every thread would be a sticky. Delta, Every sticky is there because the moderator of that forum thought it needed to be there. You have no idea how many inquiries both Les Adams (former TT forum moderator) and I received concerning the Hensley hitch and how it works. We both spent considerable time and effort answering e-mails and PM's about the Hensley hitch so we decided to make that thread a sticky. Most threads run their course and then people lose interest and move on or start a new thread about the topic so there is no need for a sticky. That is not the case with that thread. The Hensely hitch has a very small following, and even less people will actually buy one due to the extreme cost. If someone wants to find info on it, they can search for it just like they are expected to do with other threads and topics. Please see my original reply to this topic. Also, whether someone buys one or not has no bearing. Selling is not the purpose of that, or any other thread. The thread would probably be of more relevance to be classified as a sticky if it wasn't a locked thread, or 10 years old. I don't see why being a locked thread or age has anything to do with it. Everything in that thread applies as much today as it did 10 years ago and I still refer people to it from time to time to help them understand the hitch. P.S. All forum threads are locked automatically after one year. Barney
BarneyS 05/25/21 07:09am Travel Trailers
RE: old topics

It may be an ancient thread but it applies just as much today as it did back then. Also, since when is intelligent discussion considered bs? Actually, the Hensley hitch is the same now as it was back then also. Fantastic piece of metal. I know because I used one for many years until just recently. Anyway, the thread remains because it still applies, and people are still interested in that topic. Barney
BarneyS 05/24/21 02:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue Jack Needed

Snip... So my question is do all the aforementioned jacks have crank back up? Yes
BarneyS 05/22/21 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: ace 27.1 rear sumo

Move to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 05/21/21 06:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Want your opinion

We are in the same situation. Our trailer is 17 years old, sits permanently now in our sons beautiful family campground, and it is fine shape except for needing a new roof and the fiberglass is quite dull all around from the sun beating on it. It has never leaked however. We have just about decided to do a complete tear-off/replace of the roof covering and also do a full body paint. The total cost of this will be a bit less than $20,000 but will give us a new looking RV that we will be proud to give to our son when we are done using it for our summer getaways. With the cost of new RV's and the quality problems, it is my feeling that we are much better off keeping what we have rather than replacing it. We really love the trailer and it fits us perfectly. The large appliances (fridge and air conditioner) have already been replaced a few years ago and everything else still looks and functions perfectly. Barney
BarneyS 05/20/21 08:16am Travel Trailers

No not a virus. If you run Chrome Developer Tools, it flags the issue and suggests the solution. What did they offer for solution> Here is a copy/paste of a post made by moderator 1492 on another forum. It solved the problem on my MacBook Pro using Chrome. Barney "If you cannot 'Log-in' to the Forums using Chrome browser, you can try this workaround: width=800 "border=1" 1. Copy and paste the following (bold) into Chrome's address bar and press ENTER: chrome://flags/#cookies-without-same-site-must-be-secure 2. In 'Cookies without SameSite must be secure', click the Default button, and select Disabled. 3.EXIT and re-start Chrome browser. Try to 'Login' to the Forums."
BarneyS 05/16/21 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Thoughts on WD hitch need

I have to chuckle at the weight police. I've been on the forum a few years and all you read is you need a bigger truck, blah, blah, blah. The OP has a 1-TON DUALLY ONLY towing a 10,000 trailer and suddenly it's not enough truck? You guys crack me up. Safe travels, hitch up and never look back at the forum. Who said he needed a bigger truck? I noticed a lot of questions about the receiver on the truck but not the "blah, blah, blah" that you talk about.:R Barney
BarneyS 05/11/21 05:31pm Towing
RE: Quad Bike mounted to ladder?

How about a headache rack at the front of the bed and stand the bike on the back wheels and strap it to the rack? This sounds like the best idea to me.:) Barney
BarneyS 05/11/21 04:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quad Bike mounted to ladder?

Vier Bike
BarneyS 05/11/21 12:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Thoughts on WD hitch need

That trailer, when loaded and ready for a camping trip, will probably have a tongue weight in excess of 1500lbs. In addition, that is a very long trailer that will be able to manhandle even your nice truck if the conditions are right. I would use a weight distributing hitch and some type of sway control for sure! :) Barney
BarneyS 05/11/21 12:01pm Towing
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Personally, I would set the WD to the heaviest tongue weight (no toys in your case) and call it good unless the handling of the vehicle deteriorated too much with the toys loaded. Of course, each person uses their rig differently and if you always tow with the toys loaded then you should probably set the WD for the loaded condition.:) I would not try to compromise and set it for somewhere in the middle. Doing that will give you a "never right" situation which, in my opinion, is not good. Barney
BarneyS 05/11/21 08:50am Towing
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Keep in mind that toy hauler trailers usually have the heaviest tongue weights when they are EMPTY of the toys. Adding them makes the tongue weight lighter because the toys are normally loaded behind the trailers axles and all the living quarters are mostly in front of the axles. This gives them the heaviest tongue weights when they are not carrying toys back there. Barney
BarneyS 05/11/21 08:12am Towing
RE: Fuel tank electrolosis rust removal

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 05/10/21 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Here is a post that I made quite a few years ago but it fits right in with this topic today. Today, my wife and I were traveling home from our winter stay in Florida to Michigan. This was the 2nd day of the trip. We started out the morning South of Atlanta GA, and the winds all morning were out of the NW but not too bad. While going through southern Tennessee, we were passed by a smaller GM sport utility truck towing about a 20-21ft dual axle travel trailer. The trailer was swaying back and forth quite a bit, especially as he passed us quite rapidly (we were driving 62mph). I also noticed as he passed a MH in front of us that he started swaying again. I thought to myself,"I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the ditch later". Sure enough, just as we got over the top of Jellico Mountain right at the Kentucky border, there was a strong gust of wind that tried to move us over but our Hensley kept us going straight. The whole truck and trailer rocked quite severly though. Just a few hundred yards past the summit, there he was. His trailer was on its' side and the truck was in a jacknife position and partly on its' side also. I could not see what type of hitch or even if he had sway control but I am sure it was the wind that got him, given what I had seen before the way his trailer was acting at the speed he was going. After that incident, the wind kept up blowing VERY hard and causing many vehicles to wander back and forth, including many semi trucks. Our rig remained very stable throughout the day and we only experienced some minor buffeting but nothing to be concerned about. My wife even commented today on how few RV's we saw on the road. Perhaps the wind was the reason or perhaps everybody was just enjoying the weekend in a campground. As I sit in a campground now just South of Cincinnati for the night, I am thanking Mr. Hensley today for inventing that hitch, and that I had the means and will to purchase it. Our trailer tows very well with a standard type hitch but I would probably have parked it today if it were not for the Hensley! Barney
BarneyS 05/07/21 07:20am Towing
RE: New Full Body Paint Job

I received an estimate from Mike based on description and photos of my 30 foot trailer. He estimates the cost would be around $9500 for full body paint. I imagine this does not include custom colors and graphics like the OP had done on his. I am thinking I probably will have it done, either by him or someone closer to where the trailer is now. After watching his video and seeing the OP's trailer pictures I really like his work so it may well be worth the drive there and back. I agree that it is a whole lot of money but as already mentioned, you cannot purchase a new trailer these days that is anywhere near the quality of mine and some others for that kind of money. By the way, in all my years of traveling, I have only been asked once, at check-in, what the age of my rig was. That age rule is just used to keep obviously run down rigs out of the campground. If your rig looks good and is well cared for I don't know of any campground owner who will turn down your business.:) Barney
BarneyS 05/07/21 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Full Body Paint Job

That really looks beautiful!:) I have contacted them for an estimate on our 30 foot travel trailer. I'll let you know what that turns out to be. Like many of you, our trailer is in great shape even though it is 17 years old. I would like to keep it that way so my son can use it in his campground when we are done or gone. Barney
BarneyS 05/06/21 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide-out topper replacement

I replaced the awning material in both my main awning and slideout awning last summer. It was an easy job but had the help of two of my sons. You will need at least one pair of extra hands the first time you do it. After that, I would not hesitate to do it myself - would just take longer. I agree with the posts above that recommend watching a couple of U-tube videos on the subject.:) Barney
BarneyS 05/05/21 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is this hitch wrong?

You are incorrect in you thinking. The hitch can be used either way - up or down. Whoever told you you couldn't is mistaken. Barney
BarneyS 05/05/21 07:12am Towing
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