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RE: Durango, Colorado or Shiprock, New Mexico.????

Best scenery route I think would be 191 south out of Moab to 46 (La Sal) to 90 (road name changes as you cross the Utah Colorado border) to 141 in Naturita to 145 just east of Naturita to 62 at Placerville to 550 in Ridgeway then 550 through Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Aztec, Bloomfield, Cuba into Bernalillo and into Albq. 46,90,141, 145 is going to be pretty remote stuff but iirc correctly road is lightly traveled but ok. 62/550 puts you out just north of Ouray in Ridgewaythen the infamous US 550 Million Dollar Highway that many people are scared of but the road is fine the speed is slow. You will not beat that route for scenery, though there are other routes that are scenic
BarryG20 02/02/21 02:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: vallecito res. colorado

South western colorado north ofDurango about 20 miles is location though I am of no help for nfcg’s in that area
BarryG20 01/30/21 06:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bryce to Cortez, Co area

Easiest is probably backtrack on 12 to 89 then south to Kanab on across southern Utah northern Arizona to 160 on into Cortez. Probably the least scenic route but probably the fastest. Next easiest would be out of Bryce head north up 62 to koosharem then hit 24 to loa and then take 72 up to 70 east to 191 at crescent junction south to Moab and down to Monticello then 491down into Cortez pretty scenic route even the I 70 portion going across the San Rafael swell is very scenic. My favorite, though it is the longest by an additional 45 minutes to hour is to take 12 out of Bryce through escalante up and over boulder mountain, catching 24 in Torrey heading east on 24 to Hanksville then 95 to the south to 191 then in blanding you can take the back roads into canyon of the ancients or into Cortez or head north a bit more on 191 to Monticello and hit 491 down into Cortez. It would be my personal favorite route but it is the slowest
BarryG20 01/14/21 08:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Looking for I70 alterantives Colorado trip in February - .

Where are you trying to end up? 285 does not go anywhere near Utah goes down into New Mexico and heads south east down to Roswell and then on into Texas. However I drive 160 to the Durango/Mancos area many times a year from the Denver area. Depending on where I am coming from in Denver I take 285 or 25 down to Walsenberg. I personally prefer 285 down past saguache to center and 112 go right come out in del Norte save you 10- 15 miles. Hit 160 the rest of the way into mancos. Wolf creek pass at least for me is a ho hum pass nothing crazy at all a couple hairpins on the west side but lanes are plenty wide 160 heads on into cortez and beyond pretty much right to the 4 corners so depending on exactly where you are headed you have some choices to make in Cortez as far as route. I would take that route over 50 to grand junction and then south at least if you are heading down to northern Arizona save ton of miles
BarryG20 01/14/21 07:40pm Roads and Routes

Keep an eye out for Vortex on sale. Pretty good glass. Been very happy with mine and got them on sale for 50% off at Cabelas no less a couple years ago. They are their diamond back series 10x42. I have found that Vortex whether binos or scopes are a pretty good value not the best out there but pretty darn good for the price and you can find them on sale and typically better sale prices as a % off than most other brands. Nikon also has some decent value optics and they also can be on a decent sale savings occasionally. Their prostate line is on the cheaper side but ok. Their monarch line is pretty decent.
BarryG20 12/20/20 01:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Grand Canyon RV parks

I love the Grand Canyon. Have hiked most of the trails many times never get tired of going there. However with that being said a week there is quite a while unless you are going to do some backpacking. Day one - do the pull offs starting or ending at desert view, even stop at the museum/ruins west of desert view. Day two- get on the shuttle and head to hermits rest hike back to the village about 7 miles. It for the most part runs along the rim. You can always bail on it and catch the shuttle back to the village at one of the numerous stops. Day three -hike down into the canyon via bright angel (down to Indian gardens campground or perhaps even plateau point 4.5 & 6 miles each way but obviously you can go for as long or short as you like. Personally I prefer the south kaibab trail go down to skeleton point or tipping point or again as long or as short as you like. Bright angel more crowded but more services ie water south kaibab a bit steeper less water access but you have better views of the canyon for sure. Bright angel you hike down a side canyon and can barely see the main canyon until you get several miles down. South kaibab you can see the main canyon shortly after starting. June can be hot but start early or very late take plenty of water and rest when needed. You can check out the village in the evenings, make sure and take a good look at Hopi house in the village yes it is a gift shop but really look at the architecture inside and out, same with desert tower and the kolb studio. Beyond that it is just more hiking or biking(on the rim) North rim really to far for a day trip but is possible however over 200 miles each way I would blast up to Bryce a few days there or the general area. Bryce has some good hiking, is higher in elevation (ie cooler) can be mostly seen in a single day or dang near every bit of it in two Very scenic if you do make sure and go to one of the view points for some stargazing at night
BarryG20 12/02/20 09:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Don’t Use TSD Fuel Card In Oregon

Planned Unit Development That seems really odd that the state of Oregon applies that across the state as it is usually within a very specific and limited geographic area such as a new housing development, Shopping center or along those lines and generally relates to the development plan about what can and cant happen within the PUD and even then I personally have never seen a PUD tax. I have seen a PIF (Public Improvement Fee) to help pay for infrastructure in a very specific area. Say a new shopping center that required some additional infrastructure then all retail business in that area charge a PIF (which is not a tax) so if you also have to pay sales tax the PIF gets taxed as well. They are usually for a very specific boundary area and for a very specific time period. This does not make sense are you sure it was a PUD tax, if so must mean something different than the normal definition of a PUD
BarryG20 11/17/20 01:11pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Problem with outside taps in my Cougar 5th

On mine I have had to get a screw driver or similar and push in the plunger on the trailer side(while holding the collar back) and seems like the first time of the year I have to hit the driver with the palm of my hand. It seems to get stuck for some reason. However once unstuck it goes in just fine. Seems to need it every time I use it though it is not used often. Really only at winterizing time and on occasion when I want to rinse something off at camp that I am not willing to take inside and use the sink.
BarryG20 11/09/20 10:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can this weight be right?!?!

That's about what my 2017 3500 srw, diesel, long bed, crewcab weighs
BarryG20 10/29/20 11:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mosca CG aka San Luis State Park CO

Here is an excerpt from their website ATTENTION: A portion of San Luis that had formerly been a state park changed to a state wildlife area on May 1, 2017. What does this mean for camping? CPW is no longer accepting reservations as the rules for camping have changed. Camping sites in the campground are now walk-in only (first come, first served). ? Campers will need to plan to bring their own potable water, ice, and firewood. CPW provides free electrical hook-ups at some sites and will continue to do so until costs become prohibitive. Please be judicious in your use of electricity so that we can continue to provide this service for no additional cost. Please call the CPW Office at Monte Vista for more information at 719-587-6900. ? A valid hunting or fishing license is required for everyone 18 or older accessing any State Wildlife Area or CPW-leased State Trust Land, effective July 1, 2020. For more information, read the frequently asked questions. An annual hunting or annual fishing license can be purchased through CPW authorized sales agents, by phone (1-800-244-5613), or online at CPWShop. So to stay there you need a Colorado hunting or fishing license (both of which include a fee for state wildlife areas access, on my fishing license the habitat stamp cost $10 no opting out of it in addition to the fishing license, extra rod stamps etc. I thought previously that you could buy a wildlife area pass separately from the hunting and fishing license but I couldn't find one and if they did that previously it is no longer offered. The state wildlife areas in Colorado are not funded by taxpayers but solely from part of the proceeds from hunting and fishing licenses. Bummer for an out of stater(nonhunter/fisher) for sure as the out of state licenses aren't exactly cheap however as a resident I have no issue with it since out of staters without a hunting or fishing license aren't putting anything into the kitty for the places. I realize that a camping charge of say $10 per night would overcome that easily. However the state wildlife areas here are setup in such a way as they are specifically set aside for hunters and fishers. While they allow hiking, birdwatching etc at times (based on the wildlife needs) their real purpose is specifically for hunting and fishing.
BarryG20 09/10/20 10:16am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: RPMs dropping uphill, Ford f-450

Not trying to be smart Alec here and not saying there may not be something wrong with the vehicle as there may very well be but hard to say from the minimal description of slight noise and vibration If that didn't happen every vehicle that tows (or otherwise for that matter) would not have a problem going up hill, hauling a load etc. Those dual cooling fans, expelling heat from the engine and or transmission whether through oil, water or air all take their toll on horsepower (dont get me wrong not implying a lot of horsepower but a couple here or there start to add up). The work (in regards to physics) required to move a large load uphill is significantly more than on the flat. Even though you say the truck should be able to handle much more you still have a very heavy trailer. Dry weight 14500, loaded light perhaps it is only 15500 maybe more. Not to mention the frontal area of the toy hauler not quite as good as a sail but not far from it. That is going to put a lot of load on that engine 400 hp or not. You might try downshifting to direct drive and see how it goes (not that familiar with fords so unsure which gear that would be on my ram it would be 4th gear). You may not be flying up at 65 or 70 but you may be able to hold speed and rpms. When in top gear in overdrive or even double overdrive that puts additional stress on the engine and transmission for sure when it starts to struggle and will lose speed and rpms. Diesels are great but they do have their limitations. The f450 power wise is not any more capable than the 250 or 350 assuming the same engine. 400hp is 400 hp it can only do so much. How much rpm loss is there, corresponding speed loss how much, the noise when does it start, where does it seem to be coming from, the vibration when does it start, where does it seem to be coming from (engine bay, underneath truck, rear of truck etc), what speed and rpms are we talking about?
BarryG20 09/09/20 03:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Colorado Fires

I just got back last night from a week in Creede and Silverton did not make it up to Lake City but feel it would be the same. The first couple days were not bad smoke wise. From Monday on it was significantly worse some days better than others. Wind direction will play a pivotal role in the smoke plume distribution. As Busskipper mentioned the cdot cameras can be your friend to see real world. While there is no camera in Leadville there is a multitude of them in the area. Grand lake has a camera and a couple others in the vicinity. Unfortunately the Lake City area has few cameras and the ones in the area are not positioned that well to show what you would look for but still worth looking at for sure. As Tom mentioned a bit early in a couple weeks for color but as he also mentioned tough to say at this point totally weather dependent. I know last week I saw literately a tree or two in full color surrounded by aspen green with no other hint of color in that stand or any other stand of trees for that matter. I did notice on a couple south facing hillsides that some stands of bushes (whatever they may have been way to far away to even begin to know) were dull red or dull yellow. I rode my ATV over 200 miles last week and did not run across any dull red or dull yellow bushes on my rides just a few spots far off in the distance.
BarryG20 08/24/20 09:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Back to the '70s!!!!

I also would be down with it here or really anywhere for that matter. You are so right I have no idea how it is in other states but I have almost given up trying to camp here in CO on the weekend here. As you said if you don't reserve a spot as soon as they are available you can't hardly get a site in a state park or NF campground here. And at least in my experience just hoping to find a spot doesn't always work out I know there have been several times where I thought oh I can get a spot and then spend half the night trying to find one and end up settling for some side of the road spot which really bites. It gets a bit easier if you are willing to travel 200 miles from the front range but that is a bit far for the weekend. Even way west Silverton, Ouray, Gunnison is packed with out of staters. Silverton maybe it is Lake City area I think it is is nicknamed little Texas do to the huge amount of Texicans who frequent the area.No offense meant to them, just not enough facilities here for years out there for the demand.
BarryG20 08/07/20 04:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Onboard Air System Planning - Components Suggestions?

I am not Moomba but outback extreme does sell tanks. I bought mine local many years ago. As far as a blow down valve. They also sell those but they are not automatic. It is spring loaded, has a ring on the end of it that you can just pull on and it empties the air. I placed my valve on the bottom of the tank and while I don't really do it that often I can just reach up under the truck and pull it. What I do on a more regular basis is when I disconnect my air chuck from the quick connect is as I start to pull it apart I let a pretty fair amount of air out which also expels some moisture certainly not all of it but probably the majority. My tank is at least 15 years old and still hasn't rusted through yet from the inside and the outside still has plenty of original paint on it after living its life under the truck (though I do not live in a salt state)
BarryG20 08/04/20 01:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Onboard Air System Planning - Components Suggestions?

I have been using an extremeaire from Outback Extreme for the last 15 years or so. It has been great. Even moved it to my new truck a year or two ago. This thing has not hiccuped once in that time frame and well over 300k miles on it under the truck/s. It is 100% duty cycle. On my previous and now current truck I had/have it mounted behind the pass side of the cab under the bed up as high as I can get it. I do have a sort of box (sheet metal) around it. The top is open. I run horns up front with it and have a quick connect at the rear bumper as well. I also have a 2.5 gallon tank up under the bed. I use one of those coil hoses and it will reach any of my truck tires as well as any trailer tires. Many folks go with Viar but I have no personal experience with them I would just make sure and get one of their 100% duty cycle ones Extreme Outback several years ago came out with their magnum extremeaire and if I had to buy a new one I would go with that one.
BarryG20 08/03/20 02:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Montrose or Glenwood Springs area

A place I like in the area is in Ouray called Ouray Rv Park and Cabins. Full hookups several types of sites. I prefer the extra wide riverfront ones but have stayed in others. The facilities are nice. Walking distance to the hot springs and town. Not connected with the rv park is a nice river walkway on both sides of the river a couple bridges to get across to the other side if wanted that runs along the river behind the park literally out your door if you are on a river front site otherwise 200ft max to get to it
BarryG20 08/03/20 12:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Montrose or Glenwood Springs area

I would choose Montrose over Glenwood personally. However both are at just over 5k elevation so it isnt going to be real cool during the day. For Montrose you might head south just a bit to Ridgeway State Park (less than 20 miles) they have many sites with full hookups assuming it isn't booked solid and it is about 7k elevation so should be cooler than Montrose or Glenwood. Ridgeway is close enough for day trips to Ouray, Silverton, Telluride, Black Canyon. Plenty of hiking and fishing in the area. I know there is golf around just not sure how much or how good. Previous poster mentioned Pagosa Springs probably the coolest of the areas brought up so far, certainly fishing and hiking around they do have a course never played it so cant say if it is good or not, not to mention the hot springs.
BarryG20 08/03/20 08:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 350/3500 trucks, engine weight gas vs diesel

My biggest issue off-roading is the size of the truck. To long for some of the super sharp narrow hairpins here in the mountains and just can’t quite see well enough on some of the narrow shelf roads only other real issue is sometimes the length going up and over steep uphill section going into a steep downhill can high center. The engine weight has never been an issue for me
BarryG20 07/11/20 08:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Monument Valley

No cost to drive through. It does cost to go in the park if you choose too. I do not know the current status but the reservation was closed a while back. They discouraged travel had a curfew but you could still drive through though but you may not have been able to stop. May very well be different by now and certainly y the time you go. The Navajo nation has a website that will have any restrictions posted
BarryG20 07/08/20 09:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip to granby

That might depend on where you are coming from. 24 to 9 would tell me coming from the south or maybe east and if so then no significant pass until you get to Hoosier pass between Alma and Breckenridge. 24 while not freeway is pretty good road After that no big deal and you would save yourself the majority of Colorado Springs traffic as well as Denver traffic 70 to 40 is obviously good road but you will have to deal with Denver traffic and then Berthoud Pass on 40. The pass is not a huge deal but it is a bit of slog and for my money longer than Hoosier pass. While both are about the same height you are already at about 9900' elevation in Fairplay and Empire is at 8600' (40 and 70 intersection). if I was coming from the south I would do 24/9
BarryG20 07/02/20 04:04pm Roads and Routes
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