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RE: 12v rv freezer difficult to open,,,suction

The air cools and creates a vacuum. Some freezers do have an equalization valve to help prevent this some don't. You might be able to use your finger to lift the door gasket enough to break the seal and relieve the vacuum (as mentioned above a screwdriver would work but you may risk damaging the gasket with it). That wooshing sound could also be air leakage from the gasket not sealing very well sucking in warm air and then condensing and freezing the gasket to the freezer making it hard to open. As soon as you open it look for ice or even moisture along the gasket and opening. That might give you an idea of where the gasket is potentially bad. If there is an equalization valve it could be frozen, damaged or otherwise inoperable.
BarryG20 05/02/23 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: B&W flatbed hitch RVK 3050

While I don't use their flatbed hitch I do use their gooseneck/turnover ball with their companion hitch. As previous poster stated tough to do better.
BarryG20 05/01/23 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: road surface going through Denver?

Which Interstate? They have been working on I70 for a couple years now redoing the stretch from I25 to more or less I225. They are still working on it but the parts they have finished are decent, it really needed the work badly. It still has some areas that aren't the best. I470/e470 the one that circles the metro area is pretty decent as well(e470 is toll and is really pretty good). I225 is mostly good. The short stretch of I270 leaves a lot to be desired as does I76. I25 just depends on where you are at but for the most part north of town not bad, in town say from I70 south to Colfax some spots not so great south of there relatively decent
BarryG20 04/19/23 12:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Guanella Pass from Georgetown CO

I don’t recall there being a length limit. I seem to recall there being sign about trailers not being a good idea though It has been a while since I have been there but I don’t think you will have any real issues with your length
BarryG20 03/11/23 08:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Need tire inflation by weight for Sunitomo 719 tire

Well I may be reading to much into it but yes I think the table applies to your tires. Why would they provide a load inflation table and have a specific set of tires listed and the load inflation table not be for them. It appears on the second chart that all the tires in that chart are for their "S" series of tires(I have no idea if Sumitomo has other lines of tires that are not part of their "S" series) Many of the load inflation tables I have seen encompass multiple tires. I have seen them broken out by specific type tires, or under specific categories ie rv tires, or truck and bus tires before or just by size for their entire line. The Tire and Rim Association I think and I may be wrong has set standards that size and load rating and psi requirements for that are standard across all tires regardless of brand. Load range A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H in a specific size should have the same load inflation pressures. I mean what good would the rating be if a load range E tire didn't mean the same thing across different tires in the same load range and in the same size. Are there exceptions probably there seems to be in everything else but they certainly aren't going to be way different. Remember the tables are a starting point. I would not go under the recommended inflation for a given weight but you can certainly go higher as you may find handling, wear and or performance is better on a specific vehicle at a higher pressure than stated due to specific characteristics of that vehicle. A perfect example would be the highly likely situation where an rv is not really properly balanced from one side to the other. Yes you get an axle weigh of say 7000lbs so you divide by two to get 3500lbs a tire. That works as long as the axle weight is evenly split between the two tires but it is not that uncommon for an rv to have one side heavier than the other. In which case it could be enough to increase the inflation pressure on both tires to cover the lopsided weight. Sorry, getting longwinded bottom line is I would have no issue whatsoever in using that load inflation table for your tires based on what I read in that link.
BarryG20 02/02/23 09:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need tire inflation by weight for Sunitomo 719 tire

I must be missing something. Some one posted a load inflation table from Sumitomo tires The link is talking about their S tires and in the chart below the load inflation table it has the 719's specifically in that chart. Why would you think that the load inflation table does not apply to them? It also states in the linked "book" as they called it under the section titled Proper Tire Inflation "Consult the air pressure guidelines in this book, or refer to the tire sidewall or pressure charts from the Tire and Rim Association. When speeds are constantly above 70 m.p.h., it is recommended to use maximum air pressure for good wear and performance." Again perhaps I am missing something and very well may be, but it looks clear to me
BarryG20 02/01/23 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1" to 3/8" thread adapter?

While I have not looked what about using two fittings reduce to one size then another one to reduce again. What you have is a pretty substantial reduction/increase depending on which way you are looking at it. Option B go to a machine shop and have them make one for you.
BarryG20 01/26/23 01:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Shopping new tires - is my shop confused or am I?

Well I would say 3000lbs for that size in E load is a bit short should be more like 3680. And in fact the Michelin Defender m/s tire in that size is 3680lbs @ 80psi with a speed rating of R (106 mph). I would suspect that if you looked up your oem tires you would find the same perhaps different speed rating You are not confused he is and if you hadn't used them in the past I would be moving along to the next salesperson or tire store. I personally am not sure I could hold a straight face or not make some sort of snarky comment while walking out the door based on his comments about rubber quality vs load rating. Both are important but doesn't matter how high of quality the rubber is if it cant handle the load. I am looking at new tires as well and was also surprised at the cost, they have certainly gone up since my last set about 2 years ago. My tire needs are probably different than yours but looking at some Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs same size and load range are in that range. However at Tire rack those duratracs are 338ea those michelins I looked up are 281ea. so I would say it may be worth your while to shop around and or at the least find a more competent salesperson.
BarryG20 10/13/22 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Playa del Carmen and Majahual safe

The bus from Cancun to Playa is no issue. I have never been to Manahaul so I cant speak specifically to that bus or location. I can say however that at least on the buses (the local collectivo's) I have taken there you best know where you need to get off. If no one speaks up or if no one is at the bus stop waiting to get on they don't stop. They don't really announce what the stop is or that you are coming up to a stop for "x" location. Again that is my experience on the "collectivo" in and around Playa heading north towards Cancun or heading south to Tulum etc. If it is more like a greyhound bus it may be different. In that area my only fear has been getting lost, wrong stop etc and not knowing the language well enough to be able to effectively communicate my dilemma, which is entirely on me.
BarryG20 10/11/22 08:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Owl Creek pass

It is an awesome area. Heading in from the north side (hwy 50).is much more forgiving than the southern/ western approach from 550. As previous poster mentioned rain can make the approach from the sw a chore been there done that several times we used to go up there quite a bit. The res is pretty low last time I was up there.
BarryG20 09/29/22 08:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Durango, CO to Baggs, WY

I have driven 550 enough times that it doesn't phase me at all, never really did so my view may be jaded a bit compared to others. Yes there are some pulls over it for sure Coal Bank, Molas and Red Mountain passes. Yes there are some twisty curveys on it. Yes there are some areas where there are no guardrails and it is a long way down. However that road is not a seasonal road it is open year round for the most part, an occasional big snowstorm may close it for a day or two while they clear snow. Those guardrails aren't there so that they have a place to push the snow off the road in the winter. Nothing I personally consider any worse than many other mountain passes. Yes you have to pay attention to the road and your driving but you should be anyway. As has been mentioned multiple times already there are quite a few pullouts and places to stop. Take your time Durango to Ouray is about 70 miles. The picture above while accurate for sure is not representative of the road in general. There is only a mile two at the most like that just south of Ouray and in that section there is no place to pull over except at one end or the other. It is one of the more beautiful routes in the state without question. However going around it over to Cortez and up 145 to 62 I think is also a very beautiful drive. In fact sometimes I will go up one way and come back the other if I have the time as it will definitely add time. It certainly comes down to your personal comfort level and I for one while in this post am pretty much saying it is not that big of a deal would prefer less people take it might free up some camping spaces over there that are hard enough to come by as it is these days. Perhaps I should be saying how terrible it is and avoid it all costs instead.
BarryG20 08/10/22 09:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Stalls While Driving

While it can happen it certainly isn't a normal thing especially these days in fact it is virtually unheard of in todays modern injected vehicles but remember this is a 30 year old injection system on a rv no less that probably lagged behind the rest of the auto industry technology to begin with, it is probably nothing more than throttle body injection which was in its heyday at that time period and those ran on about 9psi or so unlike todays that are running 40-60psi. I know this is apples to bananas but my 01 diesel fuel injection pressure was 4-5k no rail now they are pushing 27+K rail pressure. Injectors and injector technology have come a very long way since 1991.
BarryG20 08/05/22 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stalls While Driving

Fuel injected engines can still experience vapor lock but it is much less prevalent than on carbureted vehicles. You can try taking off the gas cap to help at the moment. That certainly wont keep it from happening again and again though. Trying to figure out where it is getting hot and trying to due some temperature mitigation in that area would be helpful. Putting in some sort of heat shield in the problem area might work, adding a fuel cooler just prior to the problem area might help as well. Some insulated reflective heat tape wrapped around the fuel line in the engine compartment might also help. It might be worth checking the engine cooling system to make sure it is up to snuff. You said it isn't overheating which is good but is it performing as it should running 10-20 degrees warm might be the tipping point for the fuel but it still not overheat the engine. The above should help if it is in fact vapor lock and as was mentioned by a previous poster if it is not vapor lock as he mentioned could be several other items including the ignition control, fuel pump etc
BarryG20 08/05/22 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Route from Cortez Colorado to Gunnison

Unless you want to go out of your way that is one of only a couple of options and the other is 550 up from Durango/Silverton/Ouray/ Ridgeway/Montrose. Which is even prettier but depending on who you are you may feel it is not a safe road to travel on at least to read about from some on here (it is totally fine by the way). Otherwise go into Utah and head north, go east on 160 to South fork and head north on 149 to 50 or head east on 160 to Del Norte and hit 285 north to Saguache on 114 (which is probably the easiest ie flattest) but also farthest.
BarryG20 06/16/22 03:12pm Roads and Routes
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